Previous Life Talent

42 Series 6 Comments 9343 Views 89 Follows Oct 4, 2022 takame
mermaid / nightinggales / guide / AO and the like; usually fixing mental riots, pheromone disorder and other mental problems. Not literal physical illness but may be connected. Mostly exclusive between the couples/partners but some can do it for  other people. there's no specific novel tag for this so I just created a list to collate titles the time I got addicted with these kinds. I've read a lot over the years but forgotten some LOL. ... more>>
27 Series 1 Comments 8704 Views 26 Follows Jul 20, 2022 BlackHoundXyn
Acting, painting, singing, cooking, writing,...... more>>
56 Series 4 Comments 18463 Views 96 Follows Jul 4, 2022 solar_eclipsxx
7 Series 2 Comments 1848 Views 5 Follows Jul 5, 2021 chuunietsun
my fave cooking bl novels! mc either was a chef in their past life or has some abilities which lean towards food/vegetables and plants.
93 Series 2 Comments 16298 Views 39 Follows May 24, 2021 Ahhhhhhhhhhhh
Continuation of the first one. Will try to update until it reaches 100 again. Feel free to leave any suggestions in the comments and I'll... more>>
78 Series 0 Comments 8345 Views 21 Follows May 23, 2021 Lala-Chan
Hello!!!... more>>
4 Series 0 Comments 1514 Views 0 Follows Apr 14, 2021 yfndsh
Interstellar era... more>>
51 Series 1 Comments 14106 Views 39 Follows Apr 11, 2021 erynalu
Where the FL has talent(s) or skill(s) that sets them apart from the others, and was built through experience, not shortcuts. This list also includes the ones I haven't read so some wrong ones might be included.... more>>
6 Series 0 Comments 4323 Views 5 Follows Apr 2, 2021 Konzenkoryuu
"If I had my life to live over, knowing what I know now..." ... more>>
17 Series 1 Comments 7978 Views 27 Follows Mar 18, 2021 mya04
This list mainly regroupe novels about FL with strong caracter, smart brain and an independent personality that doesn't need the ML to save her or solve her problems at every turn. In some of this novels you might also find ones were the FL help/protect the ML or his family.... more>>
74 Series 0 Comments 42077 Views 77 Follows Mar 16, 2021 Fairooz
It's a list of all my favourite Korean novels with male protagonist that I'm recommending you for reading . So I hope you like it!!! 
90 Series 2 Comments 62054 Views 70 Follows Mar 10, 2021 Ahhhhhhhhhhhh
Just some rebirth novels I find interesting. Feel free to leave suggestions!
19 Series 1 Comments 7074 Views 23 Follows Mar 5, 2021 i_gojou_satorou
This list contains recommended books to read when you are into fluffy, heart-warming, lots of “UwU(s)”, and sickeningly sweet—- to the point where not only your teeth will hurt, but also your heart —- stories. Help! Too freakin’ cute!!! The characters in these novels are just too damn precious!... more>>
100 Series 37 Comments 46129 Views 139 Follows Feb 27, 2021 Jewellia97
(There's a second list, just add a 2 to the name of this list and you'll find it) ... more>>
21 Series 0 Comments 3520 Views 3 Follows Jan 23, 2021 BlackHoundXyn
Chinese Novels with action, romance, fantasy, comedy, xianxia, xuanhuan and especially with NO HAREM!!!
14 Series 0 Comments 4239 Views 8 Follows Jan 14, 2021 pimni
First thing, don't read these books on an empty stomach; the descriptions and often the food picture given by the translator is sure to send... more>>
44 Series 0 Comments 15384 Views 46 Follows Jan 13, 2021 Inari
A list of BL stories centered around the entertainment circle and modern day. 
45 Series 4 Comments 9408 Views 28 Follows Oct 26, 2020 Scarletsky
My absolute fave - entertainment industry au *sparkling eyes* 'Cause no one is more brighter than those who struggle for the brightest stage.... more>>
52 Series 0 Comments 18214 Views 37 Follows Oct 21, 2020 prongsletaelin
All the stories which have a cute and fluffy love story between a heterosexual couple.
10 Series 0 Comments 2626 Views 2 Follows Aug 1, 2020 Sneakykitty7
Romance, More Modern, will make a historical romances list if I have enough to sort into it, Transmigration, Reincarnation. (These are in no particular order,... more>>
11 Series 0 Comments 2873 Views 4 Follows May 8, 2020 GreenTeaBag
Transmigration/ reincarnation novels with a plot about MC going back in time or into a world that's far less advanced. 
99 Series 3 Comments 7559 Views 25 Follows Apr 29, 2020 qpzmal
Cream of the crop novels I've finished (translations and mlts) with modern day, interstellar, survival, world hopping, some rare xinxia, and comedic school life BL's... more>>
15 Series 0 Comments 1519 Views 2 Follows Mar 27, 2020 jasmin1028
I love all these novels even the ones with less rating are really good.
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