39 Series 0 Comments 410 Views 0 Follows Jun 13, 2024 tyanka2
Not read yet or still ongoing or on hold
38 Series 0 Comments 1194 Views 7 Follows Jun 10, 2024 tyanka2
Novels/Series i've read so far
73 Series 0 Comments 946 Views 6 Follows Jun 5, 2024 AsliT
BL novels I'm waiting for the translations to be completed
Must Be An Orchid Child
3 Series 0 Comments 189 Views 0 Follows May 30, 2024 Must Be An Orchid Child
No description.
44 Series 0 Comments 1367 Views 7 Follows May 15, 2024 Lotus_Skiies
This are some of entertainment industry bl with ratings 3.7 and above..
17 Series 0 Comments 2457 Views 9 Follows May 9, 2024 rain-mitsuki
Idol novels that I really liked! ... more>>
22 Series 0 Comments 609 Views 2 Follows May 7, 2024 wkhekwjewkej
Who doesn't love a lil bit of celebrity life.. (personally I love netizen drama it's so damn funny.)  Not going to include anything BORING and repetitive though if you're wondering~... more>>
16 Series 0 Comments 366 Views 3 Follows May 6, 2024 Lotus_Skiies
This are only sports bl without e sports cause I hav seen many people searching only for sports bl novel without e sports that why... more>>
32 Series 2 Comments 2502 Views 29 Follows May 6, 2024 talkingtothestars
List of some underrated but great novels I've read that aren't talked about enough~ Based on number of ratings on novel updates (<200) and number... more>>
7 Series 0 Comments 582 Views 0 Follows Apr 30, 2024 talkingtothestars
A list of novels I would recommend along with my thoughts on them, in no particular order or rank. These are all novels I rated... more>>
50 Series 1 Comments 3659 Views 15 Follows Apr 29, 2024 blup96
List for novels that focused on men and women who pursued the art of acting in movies, TV shows or stage shows. 
74 Series 0 Comments 4368 Views 45 Follows Apr 27, 2024 Misqua
Everything to do with Entertainment world, celebrities, actors etc. Also has rebirth stories with mc/ml in entertainment world (there are a lot of them)... more>>
88 Series 0 Comments 23123 Views 98 Follows Apr 23, 2024 blup96
A collection of Korean novels with male protagonist that I enjoyed reading, with absolutely no harem. 
14 Series 0 Comments 384 Views 1 Follows Apr 21, 2024 Lotus_Skiies
These are novels which I thought are good or thought the synopsis  was interesting and worth giving it a try...
2 Series 0 Comments 300 Views 1 Follows Apr 20, 2024 nomnyanning
Don’t think too much!Don’t expect too much! Be lackluster! Enjoy the ride! It’s pretty fun!! 
29 Series 0 Comments 1224 Views 4 Follows Apr 19, 2024 lanchella
I made this list to help me remember the danmei novels I've read. Just so you know, I stick to completed translated novels, so everything... more>>
100 Series 0 Comments 4098 Views 16 Follows Apr 19, 2024 lanchella
I made this list to help me remember the danmei novels I've read. Just so you know, I stick to completed translated novels, so everything... more>>
19 Series 0 Comments 3210 Views 9 Follows Apr 11, 2024 Meow316
My favorite Idols novels (No romance) (*^^*)
Local Omnipotent Reader
11 Series 0 Comments 2350 Views 6 Follows Apr 6, 2024 Local Omnipotent Reader
Pretty boys trying to survive life as idols.
10 Series 0 Comments 1891 Views 6 Follows Apr 5, 2024 Blithe
Heartwarming novels to soothe your soul 
35 Series 0 Comments 1222 Views 2 Follows Apr 4, 2024 jsdhwdmaXandQuestionKing
Everything I’ve read (excluding novels I hated)... more>>
59 Series 0 Comments 3643 Views 29 Follows Apr 4, 2024 wkhekwjewkej
Top-tier romance danmeis that I still occasionally think about, it’s not just about two guys falling in love but two people who wish to do their best for each other and grow up to be the best versions of themselves.... more>>
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