4 Series 0 Comments 109 Views 0 Follows Aug 2, 2021 yujeenn
all bl danmei i've read part 2
22 Series 0 Comments 541 Views 2 Follows Jul 30, 2021 Amatullah
Mostly BL (because that's what I usually read), but with 3 or 5 BG relationships. I've completed all the novels that'll be listed. All the... more>>
9 Series 0 Comments 954 Views 1 Follows Jul 28, 2021 Jamieee
BL novels set in the Entertainment Industry that I finished reading and had a favourable impression.
6 Series 0 Comments 525 Views 1 Follows Jul 18, 2021 looongdogs
Romance novels that make my heart go DOKI DOKI lol
36 Series 0 Comments 4146 Views 24 Follows Jul 11, 2021 Devrai
So this is a list of all my BL I rated with 5 stars. I honestly don't even remember all of them completely but for... more>>
19 Series 1 Comments 1819 Views 15 Follows Jul 10, 2021 Selcouth
嗯, it's all completely translated, 放心吧. I'm one of the picky ones when choosing a novel, so anything that I finish will natural be a goooood read. I will also recommend for others to read too.... more>>
26 Series 0 Comments 1018 Views 2 Follows Jul 10, 2021 VickyS
Basically created to help me organize and find faster the novels I've read. Don't know if it happens to anyone else, but I sometimes have... more>>
5 Series 0 Comments 524 Views 1 Follows Jul 9, 2021 Nahira
Showbiz BL (Boys Love) Novels
16 Series 0 Comments 734 Views 4 Follows Jul 8, 2021 Devrai
You know there are stories that might not be "the best" out there but for some reason  they resonate with you or just blow your mind or just tickle a fancy.  This is a list of my favorite BL stories that make me go back over and over again. This list contains only series i reread at least once and that left a long lasting impression on me.... more>>
40 Series 0 Comments 716 Views 1 Follows Jul 4, 2021 xxinyang_
compilation of the novels i have read XDDD
9 Series 0 Comments 322 Views 0 Follows Jun 24, 2021 CJB20
This is just a way to easily manage my TO READ list. After reading a historical novel I tend to need a break afterwards, so here's a list of modern ones that I'd like to read or have read.... more>>
75 Series 0 Comments 15119 Views 63 Follows Jun 24, 2021 Tuzi
These are the showbiz novels I've read so far. I might have mtled the novels. Dropped some midway. And waiting for some to finish 
5 Series 0 Comments 279 Views 0 Follows Jun 21, 2021 Yaoiholic
The main things that I extremely like in these novels are the gongs, they're not problematic, they love the shous so much, they hold no unnecessary doubts towards the shous, and as much as I like them possessive, they're not really the problematic possessive types, but the cute ones lol (doesn't apply on other novels LOL) ... more>>
4 Series 0 Comments 728 Views 0 Follows Jun 19, 2021 lilkaleidos
showbiz danmei novels i would like to recommend
15 Series 0 Comments 4523 Views 9 Follows Jun 13, 2021 Amirateez_09
Here are my favorites list for Mpreg, Childcare or Cute Children novel that I've been reading so far with randomly main genre. If you fall in love with those cute childrens then you'll enjoy it, finger crossed (^o^)/ hehe... more>>
33 Series 0 Comments 4299 Views 12 Follows Jun 11, 2021 Amirateez_09
Here are my favorite novel genre Showbiz that I've been reading so far with randomly side genre such as Omegaverse, System Transmigration, Business Industry, etc. If you enjoy reading genre Showbiz then you'll love it, finger crossed (^o^)/ hehe... more>>
15 Series 0 Comments 1096 Views 2 Follows Jun 10, 2021 xxinyang_
༉‧☼ not ranked / not added based on their ratings ~... more>>
34 Series 2 Comments 965 Views 2 Follows Jun 10, 2021 xxinyang_
if u are tired from waiting in on going novels, this one’s for u ! ෆ╹ .̮ ╹ෆ... more>>
45 Series 0 Comments 5442 Views 24 Follows Jun 7, 2021 Reiiin
List of novels that I have read, be it from proper translation or MTL. And just, loved it. The genre is, well mixed. It's mostly... more>>
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