Mature Protagonist

15 Series 0 Comments 45 Views 0 Follows 13 hours ago FunnyDesire
No description.
25 Series 0 Comments 1537 Views 13 Follows Dec 29, 2021 traipsing
novels i binged and met my HIGH standards, basically, books that deserve to be on the second shelf.
5 Series 0 Comments 956 Views 2 Follows Nov 11, 2021 niriaia
No description.
77 Series 0 Comments 4872 Views 28 Follows Nov 11, 2021 twobada
Stories where the timeline is the present as we know it, the setting is the modern-day world and culture, and the protagonists are adults who... more>>
13 Series 2 Comments 1903 Views 10 Follows Nov 11, 2021 LookingforanotherPIT
No toxicity and no frustrating 'lack of communication' and even if it's not talked about right away it's solved maturely. Feeling that goes both ways. Couples that actually Communicate with each other, instead of dragging simple problems out. Mature and developed romances. And this also applies to friends, families, and jobs. (This can basically be the description for all the novels)... more>>
11 Series 0 Comments 574 Views 8 Follows Nov 7, 2021 solangelo
this list will mainly include BL because there is literally no GL in this godforsaken site. Most of these will be transmigration because it's my guilty pleasure LOL... more>>
67 Series 21 Comments 40906 Views 57 Follows Nov 1, 2021 bakaemon
Caution: this is for your own good. Upon look into this list because you may not be able to enjoy normal web novels ever again,... more>>
5 Series 0 Comments 1477 Views 8 Follows Oct 4, 2021 riida
A list of worthwhile titles with at least one brilliant aspect, making them far more memorable than almost everything else around here, but at the... more>>
12 Series 2 Comments 4798 Views 6 Follows Oct 4, 2021 tekow0628
This list is based on my enjoyment levels. These novels separate themselves from the rest. (Mostly Action-Fantasy)
20 Series 4 Comments 6792 Views 23 Follows Sep 16, 2021 Loneous
I am a fan of Harem Novels and especially one with adult stuff in it. Here are some of the good ones I found during my endeavor! I enjoyed all of them and if you like similar genre novels you should try the ones you haven't already from this list. Enjoy!... more>>
9 Series 0 Comments 1020 Views 7 Follows Sep 6, 2021 sapiojia
'At the end of the day, I would cook the food and eat with u'... more>>
71 Series 0 Comments 29626 Views 45 Follows Aug 9, 2021 thisisyourlost
WARNING ! FOR ADULTS ONLY not suitable for young ones.... more>>
100 Series 0 Comments 59523 Views 79 Follows Aug 9, 2021 thisisyourlost
WARNING ! FOR ADULTS ONLY not suitable for young ones.... more>>
100 Series 1 Comments 95384 Views 123 Follows Aug 8, 2021 thisisyourlost
[HAPPY 29K VIEWS!!] WARNING ! FOR ADULTS ONLY not suitable for young ones.... more>>
7 Series 0 Comments 2885 Views 2 Follows Aug 1, 2021
( ꈍᴗꈍ)
34 Series 0 Comments 7083 Views 26 Follows Jul 30, 2021 cloudymin
These are just my personal favorites, something you can binge when you have time to kill. Some of them are completed and some are still ongoing. ... more>>
25 Series 1 Comments 5632 Views 27 Follows Jul 14, 2021 GentleSnow
Novels where the protagonist (uke/seme) are very intelligent , cool and have badass moments . ... more>>
68 Series 0 Comments 11276 Views 11 Follows Jun 22, 2021 Ahhhhhhhhhhhh
Novels that involve E-Sports or gaming (even though some might only include a little bit/something related). Includes, BL, BG, or no romance. The novels here... more>>
10 Series 0 Comments 929 Views 6 Follows Jun 22, 2021 twobada
Cliched, but not toxic pairings. Couples where both parties get the respect and dignity they deserve.... more>>
7 Series 0 Comments 3618 Views 14 Follows Jun 15, 2021 Ochads
I have completed the stories on this list and are very memorable even for a long time.  Huft, really made my standards in finding readings... more>>
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