Couple Growth

30 Series 0 Comments 1487 Views 8 Follows Jul 30, 2020 Black_Pit
-Good chemnistry and mutual tacit understanding between MC & ML
-Good couple growth & character development
60 Series 0 Comments 5003 Views 24 Follows Jul 27, 2020 hrididi
All the good romance books I've read and wish someone suggested when I was new here. Mostly completed. I hear by declare that this list is 100% tr*sh free ;) 
Ok so on the list after like 50 or 55 no. The quality decreases. I mean it's arguable whether it's good or not. But honestly I liked it. I would say read the latters after you got nothing to read.... more>>
15 Series 0 Comments 1195 Views 4 Follows Jul 24, 2020 BlackTeaAndMallows
Stories that makes you go UwU... more>>
26 Series 0 Comments 4412 Views 15 Follows Jul 11, 2020 Saintessally
BG, no harem or reverse harem, mostly fluff not much dogblood drama
Calla lily
8 Series 0 Comments 1292 Views 5 Follows Jul 11, 2020 Calla lily
Modern love novels. Include classic CEO love, Bossy wife and even cute husbands. The couples give a lot of dog food.\("_")°/... more>>
22 Series 0 Comments 4082 Views 15 Follows Jun 30, 2020 HouMi
I am waiting for the updates of these novels religiously, that I pray and hope for the translantor-nim's strength and motivation to finish it. Consist... more>>
33 Series 0 Comments 5186 Views 33 Follows Jun 13, 2020 HouMi
For those who like to binge read historical romance novel (Josei & BL). The list order is not by rank. Will add commentary on each... more>>
15 Series 4 Comments 5423 Views 15 Follows Jun 12, 2020 Eshya06
Recommendation for reader that looking for protagonist that devoted to one fmc . Not shoujo or jousei and not looking for harem ending
13 Series 0 Comments 1061 Views 0 Follows Jun 7, 2020 Pinku3B
I like balanced stories that make you feel an amplitude of emotions, where the characters grow, where there is devoted love and where the writer... more>>
26 Series 1 Comments 2542 Views 4 Follows May 30, 2020 Saintessally
And some ancient men aren't scum.... more>>
32 Series 4 Comments 6933 Views 30 Follows May 23, 2020 mariaflora1208
Listed are my favorite stories that are really good and makes me want to reread again. All are HE since I love HEs, and are highly recommended. Also added my comments and (attempted) reviews.... more>>
3 Series 0 Comments 414 Views 2 Follows May 15, 2020 kitsunespirit
Established boyfriends/married and they tried to solve problem in their relationship/mess with other people together, and scattering dog food
7 Series 0 Comments 379 Views 2 Follows May 12, 2020 Anagnorizien
Favourite MLs of all time. Mostly the devoted and doting husbands with fluffy storylines. Love that warms the heart.
16 Series 4 Comments 4191 Views 28 Follows May 12, 2020 kaesiy
My all time favorite bl novels that I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone! It’s a list with small self written synopses and my VERY LENGTHY opinions/me trying to convince you to read the novels lol. This list includes both modern and historical novels! Remember to come back and thank me later once you’ve finished reading any of them cause I have faith in how good my recommendations are LMAO ;)... more>>
50 Series 1 Comments 9039 Views 28 Follows May 1, 2020 Arrange
When you feel down why not enjoy some cute fluff with a funny twist? ... more>>
16 Series 0 Comments 1333 Views 3 Follows Apr 28, 2020 Loffy01
These novels stand out from the usual copy paste novels on this site. I refer to them as somewhat because they are at least more creative and original than other novels with similar plots.... more>>
20 Series 0 Comments 7286 Views 16 Follows Apr 19, 2020 lazyp0tato
Novels where the MC is transmigrated into a novel. They're all CN and GB
usagi - chan
100 Series 5 Comments 35680 Views 150 Follows Apr 15, 2020 usagi - chan
CN, KRN, and JPN I only got to know, read and love when NU came to my life... As well as MLs I need in my life because of their infinite love and care for their FLs... sana ol... more>>
17 Series 0 Comments 3346 Views 8 Follows Apr 3, 2020 SorchaNY
My list of men from ancient times who had only our FL as their only beloved woman and wife. There are no other women. If... more>>
31 Series 0 Comments 1143 Views 5 Follows Apr 1, 2020 SorchaNY
Contemporary romance / Modern romance.... more>>
16 Series 0 Comments 1642 Views 4 Follows Mar 3, 2020 Soysauce
Favorite novels that I will read more than once. Mostly BL
16 Series 0 Comments 890 Views 4 Follows Mar 3, 2020 Soysauce
BL!!! Favorite fun and simple romance stories with no drama or complicated settings, easy to digest and a good laugh.
87 Series 20 Comments 19771 Views 157 Follows Feb 18, 2020 IndusEla
The title says it all. BLs with a healthy power dynamic (mostly, since those are pretty rare), well-developed leads, great storylines, almost no unhealthy and unrealistic characterisations like yandere MLs or MCs with questionable IQs. Some exceptions are there, though; I've added the novels I liked despite them having somewhat yandere character(s).... more>>
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