Loyal Subordinates

8 Series 4 Comments 801 Views 3 Follows Jul 15, 2021 Selcouth
There was a period of time where I just CRAVE Interstellar Novels! I wanted anything and I hunted for eons. ... more>>
37 Series 0 Comments 7010 Views 29 Follows Jul 14, 2021 nitrogenio
MCs that are already OP from the start, or that become OP in very, very few chapters. They may or may not know about their own capabilities, but are feared and/or respected by those around them. Also, this is a simp-free zone, no NTR, no cucks. Waifus, though, are allowed. ... more>>
14 Series 2 Comments 692 Views 2 Follows Jun 29, 2021 Kedluben
For people with developed brain.
9 Series 0 Comments 398 Views 0 Follows Jun 20, 2021 MichealArmonda
Hello there everyone . the light novels presented in this list are by no means perfect, each one of them has its flaws and i... more>>
42 Series 4 Comments 16941 Views 86 Follows Jun 4, 2021 Storyfairy
*please recommended more like this to me*... more>>
8 Series 2 Comments 2508 Views 13 Follows May 28, 2021 Pamey
Mainly (but not only) with male protagonists and without romance or with romance sub-plot (without harems). Fantasy and action oriented. As of now, not that many novels, because I'm quite picky with them so oof,,... more>>
4 Series 0 Comments 1121 Views 1 Follows May 26, 2021 Louwella
List of male lead mcs  novels that I like
17 Series 0 Comments 5849 Views 29 Follows May 11, 2021 alternate_ann
Essentially, either a weak or strong protagonist has subordinates or people who are all very loyal and protective of him. Most of them are stronger than the MC. There is mainly male protagonists, but female protagonist are included.... more>>
38 Series 0 Comments 4137 Views 16 Follows May 8, 2021 BanniNotBunny
These are my favorite BL novels.... more>>
17 Series 18 Comments 2725 Views 32 Follows May 3, 2021 lavendidi
I'm gonna sort this list from gaeey-est to straight-est/ "brotherhood" level lol (except of course those novels which I haven't read yet, just recommended by many . I will just put them on the bottom, in accordance with their NU ratings) - you may also recommend some below if I ever missed one or anything. This is all for our quest on finding these types of novels anyway lmao.... more>>
7 Series 2 Comments 2446 Views 17 Follows May 2, 2021 Tangshu
Novels that are in this list mainly have to do with some sort of territory management or kingdom building. The BL romance in these novels might be a subplot or play a bigger role in the story. If I find some novels that have these things outside of NU I will include them here.... more>>
3 Series 0 Comments 673 Views 1 Follows Apr 28, 2021 Teralope
People like them and they help other people. They are literally benefactors and patrons. Grateful and thankful feelings all around.
6 Series 0 Comments 4135 Views 1 Follows Apr 20, 2021 Maugus
I love to read the genre of Kingdom/Army building novels. I like to see loyal subordinates, plot development, army formation, character development, kingdom building elements... more>>
5 Series 0 Comments 1340 Views 2 Follows Mar 24, 2021 Kenb
Male protagonist with slightly better moral compast. Without unnecessary killing innocent human. Attack after being attacked. Really like how protagonist's morale is, he didnt kill/attack others... more>>
11 Series 0 Comments 158 Views 0 Follows Mar 16, 2021 tomr1
 Solid/Comedic/Fanciful plot, likeable characters, substantial character development, good translations, and some misc factors,—making these stories extremely immersing and immensely enjoyable. Slowly updated, consider reading with me!
70 Series 0 Comments 24348 Views 53 Follows Mar 16, 2021 Fairooz
It's a list of all my favourite Korean novels with male protagonist that I'm recommending you for reading . So I hope you like it!!! 
48 Series 5 Comments 27452 Views 86 Follows Mar 1, 2021 DDosGaming
goldmine of misunderstanding novels. mostly focus on comedy stuffs... more>>
7 Series 0 Comments 3846 Views 8 Follows Jan 16, 2021 judeiiro
Romance is not the main focus, or even in sight sometimes! Let's focus on our goals and perhaps level up too! 
26 Series 0 Comments 3898 Views 10 Follows Dec 26, 2020 churanfairy
levelling up along with an adventure | mc becomes op sooner or later on | i'll put some signs for each story and read if... more>>
21 Series 0 Comments 1405 Views 1 Follows Dec 5, 2020 the-legendary-sword-the-mightiest goddess
Let's continue the treasure hunt for novel not ordinary ones but the fantasy ones! 
7 Series 0 Comments 600 Views 1 Follows Dec 1, 2020 SheRead
Novels that I have read who had left a strong impression.
3 Series 0 Comments 103 Views 0 Follows Nov 29, 2020 Peachy101
No description.
17 Series 8 Comments 6556 Views 39 Follows Oct 18, 2020 RAON7
(Mostly) no harem no BL, male lead on fantasy novel setting with his (over) protective companions.... more>>
13 Series 1 Comments 4325 Views 4 Follows Oct 16, 2020 kouks_heire
Novels Ive read (or am reading) mostly focused on the action-adventure aspect with hints of kingdom building and business ... more>>
17 Series 3 Comments 8407 Views 5 Follows Oct 16, 2020 kouks_heire
Novels Ive read (or am reading) pertaining to stretegies, leadership, kingdoms, wars, etc... more>>
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