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The reading list consists of Korean and Chinese novels about people rising to stardom, making a name for themselves as behind-the-scene contributers, or talented traditional painting artists who strive for pure beauty of art.... more>>
17 Series 0 Comments 984 Views 5 Follows Mar 5, 2022 Yoongiggles
BL I like that is related to acting, Idol, showbiz, modeling, etc. route!!... more>>
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↷ ·˚ ༘ s e t t i n g : modern : ancient times .°୭ ˎˊ˗... more>>
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Mc (or ML) as actor, idol, model, singer, producer. No QT. No harem
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No description.
42 Series 0 Comments 2642 Views 16 Follows Nov 8, 2021 Sugarysuga
Can't get enough eating dog food? No worries (。•̀ᴗ-)✧ Here are some Chinese BL Novels that I love and recommend to you <3 These novels are my personal faves and the ones that I truly enjoy reading. ... more>>
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I already finished reading these novels and I adore all of them. We may have different perception and taste but I am hoping that you'll also love them. ... more>>
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These are a list of noteworthy danmeis I've sacrificed my sleep for. I spent sleepless nights reading them without a pause because they're just that good. The majority of the translations are completed, and the majority (I believe all) of the MCs are shous. ... more>>
Licht Heiter
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Basically just any novels that involves the public audience/spectators (as in e-sports, livestreams, acting/singing/voice acting/modelling/famous business or wealthy families etc.) I’ll also add notes soon
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I love a good celebrity romance. BL & straight romances included. I haven't included the famously handsome CEOs, they're a whole other kettle of fish.
BL Tea Cafe
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Our recommendations of BL|Yaoi novels that revolve around the entertainment circle and Showbiz world. Film emperors and 1st tier models, we've got them all! 
11 Series 0 Comments 1595 Views 7 Follows Jan 5, 2021 etsuhun
BL novels where either MC or ML have a "knack" for talents in the artistic side of things. Dancing, playing instruments, singing, acting, painting- these boys can do it all.... more>>
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all the novels that have a special place in my heart - in no particular order. Keep in mind that I am a very very... more>>
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My absolute fave - entertainment industry au *sparkling eyes* 'Cause no one is more brighter than those who struggle for the brightest stage.... more>>
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★★~(꒪꒫꒪ )... more>>
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Genre : Yaoi and Josei... more>>
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It all about the Showbiz Girls this will contain BG  novels absolutely  amazing entertainment novels I guarantee.... more>>
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Rated on % Showbiz, meta fan commentary, quality of relationship, and characterization of MC, ML, and side characters... more>>
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In no particular, BLs that take place within the entertainment circle. Quick Transmigrations have their Arcs indicated at the end of the list... more>>