Protagonist Strong from the Start

3 Series 0 Comments 320 Views 0 Follows Jul 24, 2021 shioramen
I enjoy reading novels that has a touch of comedy, action/fantasy (OP MC), romance (I don't mind if it's slow burn as long as there... more>>
waiting for it to rain
33 Series 6 Comments 3683 Views 42 Follows Jul 23, 2021 waiting for it to rain
BL novels which i found very well written. no non-con stuff and relatively~super healthy dynamics. probably includes gripping plots and 3 dimensional characters that doesn’t seem shallow.
this list has a myriad of genres, following my fluctuating tastes 0.o, including: wuxia/xianxia/historical, school-life, supernatural, mystery, horror, survival, unlimited flow, and transmigration!!... more>>
26 Series 0 Comments 2027 Views 14 Follows Jul 15, 2021 veeazaa
Female Lead (Heroine) is extremely strong, wielded the sword beautifully and ignorant to other things. The Male Lead (ML) got attracted by the strong willed FL and then fall in love with her.... more>>
9 Series 0 Comments 749 Views 1 Follows Jul 15, 2021 veeazaa
Female Leads (FL) disguised as a man and hide their real gender in order to protect their life, and soon attract the Male Lead (ML)'s... more>>
8 Series 0 Comments 363 Views 0 Follows Jul 13, 2021 Jewellia97
Since I can only add 100 books per list, I'll continue here. I can't believe that I could even find so many books, I didn't... more>>
22 Series 3 Comments 1201 Views 12 Follows Jul 7, 2021 woozer
some unlimited flow danmei novels i am currently reading or have read. 
16 Series 0 Comments 897 Views 8 Follows Jul 7, 2021 Kla93
When it comes to novels on-going translation I like to start them when they're about at the Ch.60-70 mark as I feel that's when most... more>>
92 Series 0 Comments 6657 Views 32 Follows Jul 4, 2021 mangojelly
[not in order]... more>>
6 Series 0 Comments 506 Views 1 Follows Jun 30, 2021 Kitkatbats
Palate cleansers for after bad days or heavy angst series. ... more>>
9 Series 0 Comments 3288 Views 15 Follows Jun 17, 2021 ronniesage
My very favorite novels ❤(っ^▿^) most are romance with a strong female protagonist, a good amount of chapters, and organized in order of my favs.... more>>
82 Series 0 Comments 13581 Views 28 Follows Jun 13, 2021 driedtears
This is the list of novels that I've read and I think suit my tastes. ... more>>
47 Series 0 Comments 1770 Views 2 Follows Jun 2, 2021 XiaoXueQiu
I have heard about these ones, but for a reason or another I haven't read them ... more>>
50 Series 0 Comments 5250 Views 8 Follows May 26, 2021 Thrax
A collection of good novels I've been reading over the past 5 years, these are generally well written, with good worldbuilding, plot, and a decent... more>>
57 Series 0 Comments 23212 Views 30 Follows May 20, 2021 peterkxm
A collection of isekai novels that are centered around an overpowered main character!... more>>
30 Series 0 Comments 7050 Views 26 Follows May 19, 2021 Yexhixhi
Some unlimited flow // survival game danmeis I have read!!
28 Series 1 Comments 5091 Views 13 Follows Apr 30, 2021 mikicosmos
Tired of the passive plots where ML is always the one only chasing the naive and dense MC? ... more>>
33 Series 0 Comments 3908 Views 8 Follows Apr 25, 2021 solivagantsoul
BxG romance with fantasy/sci-fi settings eg -cultivation world/interstellar/european ambience/apocalypse/non-humanoid mc etc...
100 Series 1 Comments 1660 Views 3 Follows Apr 24, 2021 DaADDICT
Great novels that I've read, the top three are all must reads. The rest are in no particular order. If you were wondering why a veteran like me places LMS in top 3 its because that was my gateway to fantasy. Lord of the Mysteries is good to the level that it could be worshipped. The rest are just different genres that I checked out at different points in time. ... more>>
35 Series 0 Comments 952 Views 1 Follows Apr 19, 2021 Cough
QT/Transmigrating.....easy to mtl... more>>
25 Series 0 Comments 3269 Views 16 Follows Apr 12, 2021 tn011
I love when writers write the mc as a strong character that doesn't always need their ML to save. They are independent on their own,... more>>
38 Series 0 Comments 4637 Views 17 Follows Apr 11, 2021 Sentinelorion
Other lists... more>>
33 Series 0 Comments 4300 Views 17 Follows Apr 6, 2021 Pikiliu first I just threw whatever I read into the fluffy list but I read more josei than fluff so...
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