Transported to Another World

24 Series 0 Comments 328 Views 0 Follows Jul 7, 2020 HouMi
Will update commentary on each list later on~
71 Series 0 Comments 2776 Views 2 Follows Jul 6, 2020 Duval
It's what you think it is.... more>>
2 Series 0 Comments 224 Views 1 Follows Jul 4, 2020 PerseusRed
No description.
20 Series 0 Comments 1280 Views 11 Follows Jul 2, 2020 SpicySugar
These novels focuses on world building, fighting enemies, bonds, families, kingdom building, hierarchy, adventure and action and a little bit of romance.
7 Series 1 Comments 995 Views 3 Follows Jun 28, 2020 FlufflyLittleRabbit
Do you like human-nonhuman relationship but you don't know how to find it? Look no more, here's the list of novel that you might like.... more>>
12 Series 0 Comments 1880 Views 4 Follows Jun 20, 2020 ObnoxiousLizard
Some of the novels I enjoyed with a reincarnation/transmigration theme; either the character has reincarnated into their own past, or into an alternate reality of... more>>
25 Series 0 Comments 1455 Views 0 Follows Jun 19, 2020 Azuru
Exactly what the title entails. Most of these are slightly different compared to the ordinary Isekai troupes, or sometimes they're highly generic. Oh well
49 Series 0 Comments 5106 Views 24 Follows Jun 17, 2020 WhiteLotusIsAFujo
No description.
30 Series 0 Comments 1232 Views 1 Follows Jun 15, 2020 WhyDidIDoThis
Don't fit the bl or villainess category, they go here... more>>
48 Series 0 Comments 11035 Views 46 Follows Jun 10, 2020 DeyDey
Nah I just like Korean romance novels and feel need to make a list of it so I can read them anytime without searching them one by one again.... more>>
20 Series 0 Comments 196 Views 1 Follows Jun 3, 2020 please_smile_for_me
- Completely finished reading ... more>>
30 Series 0 Comments 6777 Views 31 Follows Jun 2, 2020 Orenge
Mainly transmigration novels where MC has to try and avoid death or following the fate of the previous body, BxG and BxB w/ 1x1 romance. Most novels I have tried/read and enjoy reading (which is hard for me).... more>>
10 Series 0 Comments 1374 Views 2 Follows Jun 2, 2020 misterpegu
They should all be transport or reincarnation recommendations. Most of these are harems.  If you like these types, feel free to enjoy because I have.
44 Series 0 Comments 4115 Views 6 Follows Jun 1, 2020 Miki_Sawa
Transmigration/Rebirth novels with female lead, most of these are reborn with medical skills, new skills or martial arts. ... more>>
10 Series 3 Comments 4943 Views 12 Follows May 26, 2020 SAMqwerty
Looking for novels with good development and pace.... more>>
22 Series 0 Comments 2069 Views 6 Follows May 24, 2020 SunnyShim
It's yuri, what else do you need to know? Most of it's isekai stuff but some aren't. Some of them have Yuri as the main... more>>
25 Series 0 Comments 4546 Views 7 Follows May 23, 2020 Lehiye
Mix of novels I would recommend reading with male MC... more>>
7 Series 0 Comments 1054 Views 0 Follows May 23, 2020 Lehiye
Novels with Badass٫cold female protagonist from really good to readable quality 
22 Series 1 Comments 1705 Views 5 Follows May 15, 2020 Kaung2240
This one is my currently reading and completed list. This is not my favorite list so you will find either good ones or bad ones.... more>>
52 Series 1 Comments 13994 Views 40 Follows May 12, 2020 seasonheartz
CN and KR novels. BxG. Not all are romance because some are just family fluff (some KR novels). Completed/On-going. Could be thousands of chapters long or literally under 100 chapters. May vary from modern age to historical setting, realistic to rebirth/transmigration. With many schemes to just pure fluff or lack of common sense. Basically all novels I've read dbxvshshbsbs.... more>>
42 Series 8 Comments 12947 Views 78 Follows May 7, 2020 ponkansuits
don't you just hate it whenever you got transmigrate in a novel? especially a bl one? the feeling of adapting to a foreign place, with a golden finger- a whiny useless system? with your top notch acting skills, trying to not get killed but everyone falls in love with you suddenly? every single damn time, you just wanna go home but some hot pancakes tries to do you?! ah ah ah! what to do! this laozi just wanna go home!! send help uwu... more>>
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