World Travel

7 Series 0 Comments 117 Views 0 Follows Nov 29, 2023 Qiaoyishanren
World Hoppers/ transmigration/ time travel/ Rebirth. Let's give a round of applause to all of our dearest opportunist in this list. Good Job!
3 Series 0 Comments 59 Views 0 Follows Nov 19, 2023 Rikarin
No description.
38 Series 1 Comments 5067 Views 37 Follows Nov 8, 2023 eeeee
I had bought all these stories with real money and read from beginning to end in the krn raw. The list is not in any type of order. I just add stories I really loved here. ... more>>
4 Series 0 Comments 1002 Views 3 Follows Oct 26, 2023 Sahara_exe
Novels that make you question if they were actually writen by a human
68 Series 0 Comments 11012 Views 46 Follows Aug 3, 2023 yixiaonaihe
No description.
7 Series 1 Comments 3330 Views 8 Follows Jun 9, 2023 AlthaKhalee
Here's a list of awesome novels about showbiz, entertainment, idols, celebrities, acting, and music, all with male protagonist. I've ranked them based on my personal faves. There won't be any romance, but if there happens to be any, it will only be of minor significance. ... more>>
22 Series 2 Comments 9291 Views 39 Follows May 7, 2023 PerfectPanda02
When you get real bored of female mc QT novel and the cliche worlds and plots, male mc QT BG novels are the best and a nice change for once.... more>>
100 Series 0 Comments 20684 Views 50 Follows Mar 16, 2023 Mixxy
7 Series 0 Comments 5529 Views 4 Follows Mar 2, 2023 LovelyOrthez
This is the list of novel with quick transmigration tag. I think these novel very interesting and not boring. Even it have so many chapter,... more>>
11 Series 0 Comments 1452 Views 1 Follows Feb 27, 2023 dreamlike
Completed romance novels taking place in modern world  that I've read
20 Series 0 Comments 2455 Views 6 Follows Dec 21, 2022 GhostTreasure
No description.
5 Series 0 Comments 617 Views 0 Follows Oct 9, 2022 Purplerules
this novels you can get to listen to them @ | AudioBook
24 Series 0 Comments 12596 Views 42 Follows Aug 3, 2022 FlufflyLittleRabbit
Are you interested in reading novels with a great plot and have no romance or harem? ... more>>
27 Series 0 Comments 1724 Views 1 Follows Jun 30, 2022 breadgangrookie
Bread-listed picks from NU that I have much loafed either for the laughs or comfort or plot. ... more>>
49 Series 0 Comments 1583 Views 10 Follows May 23, 2022 trash_generalist
BL Novels with a Transmigration! Includes both transmigration stories or one-time transmigration stories. Often involves time travel (modern day to ancient times, modern day to... more>>
30 Series 0 Comments 2422 Views 2 Follows May 19, 2022 OliOs0042
fanfic that I liked a lot, it is varied.
11 Series 0 Comments 480 Views 1 Follows Apr 14, 2022 J.A.M.
Quick transmigration Boy's love novel.
Thousand Vangs
72 Series 2 Comments 14445 Views 19 Follows Apr 6, 2022 Thousand Vangs
Big world, many races, crafting, and travelling. There are exciting moments, funny moments,  even boring moments, finding hidden treasures in a side road shop, heart thumping moments when you met with formidable foes, feeling the vastness of the world as you gaze at the world map, feeling the cultures of locals, fortunate encounters.... more>>
10 Series 0 Comments 1507 Views 1 Follows Apr 6, 2022 JustlyKT
Contains different genres and styles, only have novels that i have read and like. Mostly QT or World Hopping welp thats my fav genre at... more>>
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