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If you don't have a home, then I'll give you a home. If you don't have any relatives, then I'll give you plenty of children. We'll have lots of kids and when they grow up and have family of their own, we'll have even more children. That way, you'll have a big family and plenty of loved ones.... more>>
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There has been a slew of 'men in uniform' style Chinese dramas coming out recently so I thought I'd make a list of novels where... more>>
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A man in full combat uniform especially a good looking one, is a must-see combination. And if the man is smoking so badassly, then that's deadly. If the FL can fight and save her own a** then that's even deadlier.... more>>
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At what age does a person have to be before his love can be justified?... more>>
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ABO: AlphaxAlpha, AlphaxOmega, BetaxBeta... more>>
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Just what the title reads- "Gems"... more>>
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for the people who are tired of face-slapping actresses, miracle medical geniuses, and gamer girls, aka the typical "novel" occupations 
most are 4+ stars; ordered by my read completion date (some are to-reads)... more>>
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List of my fav novels with protagonists (both or either one) are soldiers, firefighters, cops, doctors, war correspondents, and other jobs that require them to save... more>>
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List is not in ranking order!!!... more>>