Manly Gay Couple

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A master-list for QT, transmigration, rebirth BL novels I've read + my thoughts & ratings on them. Mainly has powerful & cunning MCs and power couples with a good power balance~ You might find a lot of Gary-Stus here but hey that's the flair of it, you know?
Not all of the novels in here are worth reading. I will warn you when I drop a novel (usually at least after chapter 35), if the MC is weak/naive, or if the ML/MC relationship is problematic (but is advertised/portrayed as a healthy relationship in the novel itself). feel free to suggest more novels!... more>>
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Collating and sharing titles I'm interested in for easy reference
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My favourite Pretty gay Books I’ve read. Might have some comments Bt might not cause it’s 3AM  Cute,/fluffy and new faves ones more toward end... more>>
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Here are the list of Completed Novels that I have read and I can tell you that all of it were worthy of your time!!!... more>>
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Here are the list of BL novels that I am currently waiting to be completed. NOTE: PLEASE MESSAGE ME WHAT TO READ NEXT
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Shounen ai/Yaoi novels that I finished reading or that I'm currently readingI can't handle angst, when it's problems between the main couple, so if that happens in a novel I'm just dropping it before my anxiety gets too bad. I like possessive type MLs, even though it's a cliché at this point, I enjoy it. ... more>>
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Just a collection of BL's where the romances are of a slower and quieter variety. Winds and rain may buffet them on all sides, but... more>>
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Different types of BL <3... more>>
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Some of the BL that I have continued reading/liked. Will get around to describing and organising fully eventually. Enjoy~
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semes who deserves all love and hugs!