Alternate World

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Alternative world where women want s*x just like men in our world
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The BL novels with the excellent plot. To the point it is sad that it is BL, because you can't just force everyone you know... more>>
August Moelski
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Here are some Titles that I just really enjoyed reading as well as catching up to whenever they update. I suppose this is less thematic... more>>
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All men beware! The effeminate main characters have invaded our masculine paradises. This list is the start of my attempts to help readers discover good, mostly mature, and masculine male protagonists. Only stories about the manliest, yet well-written male main characters may be found here.... more>>
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Mostly modern or post- apocalypse, world hopping, alternate world 
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Just keeping everything in order. Most novels don't involve super scary horror.
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- Not romance centred, can't wait to read, mostly cultivation based, apocalyptic or fantasy, involves time travel.
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These are the novels that I personally enjoyed, though some of them might not be my favorites, they still had enough influence stay in my heart as a decent novel at the very least... well, most of them.... more>>
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The best novels that I have read, better than the top novels in Series Ranking. The stories are great and I always immediately read them when they get updated.... more>>
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Who says all BL novels are PWP?  Who says BL means no character development, no plot, no world-building?... more>>
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My absolute favourite titles and definitely my most recommended ones.... more>>
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This is a list of the stories I read that I felt could be recommended, be it for comedy or interesting plot reasons.I find these... more>>
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these are the high-quality BL translations that i've read from the Yaoi/Shounen Ai categories; the ones that I go back to re-read again and again~... more>>