Parallel Worlds

10 Series 0 Comments 907 Views 3 Follows Apr 18, 2021 CryWhenFrustrated
Doesn't matter if it's quick transmigration, reincarnation, or transmigration, imma put it all here. I also find that a lot of the stuff I read is yaoi / shounen-ai  ...... more>>
21 Series 0 Comments 1569 Views 4 Follows Apr 18, 2021 CryWhenFrustrated
Doesn't matter if it's rebirth, transmigration, quick transmigration, or reincarnation, it's all in here. I'm even adding the ones that I don't really like that... more>>
46 Series 0 Comments 8281 Views 18 Follows Apr 4, 2021 orpheus_rm
This will contain every isekai-esque novel that scratches that wish fulfillment itch. No matter how utter sh*t the plot is, as long as a novel... more>>
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No description.
18 Series 6 Comments 1428 Views 16 Follows Dec 10, 2020 Aachiin0914
I love Rainbowturtle's works. She picks novels really well. More so, her translation is really good. ... more>>
10 Series 10 Comments 4465 Views 5 Follows May 22, 2020 CaptainButtshark
Basically where the MC travels between worlds/planes with different species, civilizations and the like. More importantly the worlds have different species, cultures and paths to... more>>
2 Series 0 Comments 1637 Views 4 Follows May 10, 2020 Smatrick47
Novels where the MC (Protagonist) change the world with a system or Books 
86 Series 3 Comments 22412 Views 57 Follows Apr 19, 2020 Kaylee
The isekai here is pointed to another world, but not only to the usual Jpn isekai with reincarnation/rebirth/transmigrate MC. It can be the world that's totally not in the earth, and maybe it's not a reincarnation/transmigration and MC is from that world. ... more>>
3 Series 0 Comments 75 Views 0 Follows Apr 9, 2020 UPTOWN
I'll be the first to admit that sometimes I need a classic weak to strong MC to cleanse my mood. Whether or not the MC... more>>
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Estórias curtas
41 Series 0 Comments 8961 Views 24 Follows Mar 25, 2020 Yuina28
I am a sucker for world-hopping yaoi novels. They are full of faceslapping and dog blood dramas. There may also be a few BxGs, with... more>>
38 Series 0 Comments 3903 Views 11 Follows Jan 2, 2020 yukitsune
For the past 10 years I have read all kinds of genre, especially webnovel. Some have me bored in the middle of the story and left forgotten, but there are lots of gems that I still remembered until now. ... more>>
14 Series 0 Comments 3824 Views 3 Follows Oct 23, 2019 Isabelle
Sometimes I feel like missing good stories with a considerable number of chapters. They make you confortable to read as fast as you like to,... more>>