Charming Protagonist

Sulfuric Acid
17 Series 0 Comments 3188 Views 11 Follows Oct 23, 2022 Sulfuric Acid
Literally a list i made for MCs that are super super badass, have made me cry from laughing or I just really like, they deserve... more>>
3 Series 0 Comments 514 Views 1 Follows Aug 29, 2022 yayitsme
Lists for some C-Novels that I love to read (repeatedly) and would like to recommend to others. Most of the novels here suit my personal taste and might be unsuitable for your personal read but still, I would like others to read some of these gems and spread the love ❤️... more>>
48 Series 1 Comments 11848 Views 51 Follows May 21, 2022 kingeddie
fls that i love so much because they are so dumb that it's so cute. ... more>>
17 Series 1 Comments 2179 Views 12 Follows May 13, 2022 HeenaReadNovels
Strong calculative Mc & ML.... more>>
9 Series 0 Comments 6335 Views 13 Follows May 6, 2022 Kimchi759
Female protags that know how to charm & manipulate. Some are transmigrators, some are world hoppers. But all know how to go fishing. ... more>>
87 Series 0 Comments 8440 Views 33 Follows Apr 20, 2022 SJi
Some Modern BL’s that beginners or even some of you could enjoy. (strictly ONLY based on my own preferences in plot, pacing and type of characters)... more>>
32 Series 4 Comments 9750 Views 19 Follows Mar 20, 2022 Ichigom
Different & uniqe female leads.
9 Series 0 Comments 3021 Views 6 Follows Mar 7, 2022 impastas
may or may not rank, depends on mood, but without further ado, heres my fav cn novels (that i can find since 3/6 cause my old acc isn't working and idk all my old stories i've read)... more>>
45 Series 3 Comments 15055 Views 149 Follows Jan 28, 2022 monokumoo
MC: I didn't know you were like this! (っ °Д °;)っ... more>>
38 Series 0 Comments 8742 Views 28 Follows Jan 25, 2022 Hoouuujae60
Don't you just love confident and charming female leads who doesn't let anyone trample on them?... more>>
66 Series 4 Comments 5494 Views 10 Follows Jan 14, 2022 Salomeh
Highly rated BG stories that have caught my eye. This is mostly my TBR list, it isn't in any particular order, I just add them as I find them. I will update this list as I finish reading novels and mark the ones that have been finished. Will also include review when done. ... more>>
15 Series 0 Comments 2958 Views 16 Follows Jan 14, 2022 sakuraluck
good binge read novels where mc cruises along to achieve their goals and amazes everyone with their power/talent/charisma along the way. ... more>>
11 Series 0 Comments 428 Views 0 Follows Jan 1, 2022 bbingcake
List of how much I have read danmei novels this 2022. Wish me luck.... more>>
14 Series 0 Comments 2112 Views 9 Follows Nov 14, 2021 Eustasia
The list name literally says it all. Enjoy~! (Can anyone recommend me something to read based on what I've read so far?) T^T... more>>
17 Series 1 Comments 1426 Views 12 Follows Nov 8, 2021 LookingforanotherPIT
#1-10 are BL novels,   #11-15 are BG novels Thrillers, Time Travel, E-sports, and Acting/Entertainment Industry are all included in here. This includes Reincarnation or Transmigration.I will... more>>
Chan yibo-85
33 Series 2 Comments 13209 Views 56 Follows Sep 29, 2021 Chan yibo-85
No description.
25 Series 5 Comments 5699 Views 64 Follows Sep 4, 2021 ApolloAresZues
They won't all have something in common with each other, they're not all badass, but they are all likeable and lovely people in some way... more>>
Sue Shie
59 Series 2 Comments 14837 Views 34 Follows Aug 14, 2021 Sue Shie
here's a list of korean novels that i've been bent on reading again and again, right from the start, as i wait for updates (or... more>>
100 Series 0 Comments 3845 Views 21 Follows Aug 4, 2021 SJi
Several Modern BL’s i absolutely love. (strictly ONLY based on my own preferences in plot, pacing and type of characters.
98 Series 0 Comments 5156 Views 3 Follows Jul 22, 2021 dwejitoki07
Here are lists of novels I wanted to read as the plot is interesting. Some are completed in translation, some still on going.... more>>
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