Returned as the Obsessive Duke’s Wife Once Again


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Death came to him and her at the same time. Since then, everything has been turned upside down.

Kristin Edith is the daughter of a failing Viscount family.

She thought she would be happy as the wife of Duke Raphael Rodney.
But then life took a turn for the worse.

Her marriage to him was met with countless opposition,
And everywhere she went, there were only people who hated her.
Even Raphael, whom she believed she married for love, has left her alone…

*** ***.

Kristin was killed in a carriage accident and left for dead by a faceless man.
And so began her second life.

An elegant life as a young lady?
Marriage to the Lord of a good family?

Kristin chose to throw them away.

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또다시 집착 공작의 부인으로 돌아왔다
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2 Reviews

New AkaneApples
Jul 19, 2024
Status: c5 part1
I'm getting a headache trying to wrap my brain around the plot.

Both the ML & MC are kind of dumb, and I can't feel anything positive for their relationship. ML is a jerk just trying to use MC, first to break his rivals heart, then to investigate the mystery of their mu*ders. MC is much more likeable but also doesn't have much of a plan other than to humiliate ML by leaving him at the altar. How is she going to deal with the consequences of her actions? Eh, she'll... more>> figure it all out by taking a walk.

It's fine if you like seeing the regretful ML trope, but I'm getting really stressed about the MC jumping into things like she's invincible. What if the abusive family hit you or lock you up? What if the as*hole ML kidnaps you? Maybe the author just wants a lighthearted story where nothing bad happens, but that also tones down the stakes so much that I don't care if she stays with her family or gets out, it seems like she'll be fine either way because they can't do anything to her except break some more of her mother's heirlooms. Seriously, why is everyone breaking or destroying her mother's stuff so much, and how many more handkerchiefs & cups & whatever else does the mom have?? <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jun 05, 2024
Status: c2 part5
Well, since I only read up to here, what I can say is:

Plot, for now, good flow.

Characters, ML is an a**hole, FL is my cup of tea, especially the last thing I read she did, that was so satisfying.

I have my suspicions on who killed them but time will tell.

The rest of her family are just common greedy nobles, so there isn't much to say.

I'm looking forward to how it continues.
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