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Lion’s Empire
KR Lion’s Empire
The Absolute, Hyo-won, called Grim File Reaper, came to the realm of God, but at that moment he lost her beloved wife. And he tried to kill himself to return to nothing.... more>>

However, by the energy of the necklace which he had hung on his wife’s neck, the door of the dimension was opened, and he found that his wife was still alive. So, through the door, he moved to the strange world to find her who was his all.

There, he started a new life with his sworn brothers who had decided to share his destiny and accompanied him, and began to run like a storm to find the missing woman. <<less
Releases: 1
Max Level His Majesty in Moorim
KR Max Level His Majesty in Moorim
Action Adventure
The level-up system that has been visible since being kidnapped during the childhood.... more>>

He challenges Max Level through all kinds of quests covering RPG, dating simulation, strategy simulation, fighting action, and AOS game.

It is a story that Nam Chun-hui reaches Max Level and becomes His Majesty in Moorim. <<less
Releases: 2
Imperial Chef Rookie
CN Imperial Chef Rookie
Comedy Historical Romance Shoujo Ai Slice of Life
A novel from a first-person perspective about a woman who wanted to become an Imperial Chef and her adventures as she set out to achieve... more>> her dreams in the capital. This is a girl's love novel. <<less
Releases: 5
The Hero Cucked Me of My Childhood Friend, so I Think I’ll Steal His Fiancee
JP The Hero Cucked Me of My Childhood Friend, so I Think I’ll Steal His Fiancee
Drama Fantasy Slice of Life
The protagonist, Roush, spent every day happily with his beautiful childhood friend. One day at the age of fifteen, he attended the ceremony called the... more>> "judgement". There, Roush was bestowed a useless skill "Unimportant" while his childhood friend was bestowed the legendary skill "Sword Princess". The hero caught wind of that and pulled in Roush's childhood friend as his companion in the subjugation of the demon king. Roush was going to become separated from her, but they made an engagement promise at the time. He was earnestly waiting for his childhood friend to come home. And so, at last, his childhood friend had returned. Roush was overjoyed as he welcomed her home. However, it was already too late; she had already given her body and her mind to the hero... In despair, Roush vowed to have his revenge. <<less
Releases: 1
A Very Simple Survival Game
CN A Very Simple Survival Game
Adventure Comedy
Synopsis:... more>>

A somewhat chat room like structured story, that was causally written up. A very simple survival game, it impossible to be kicked out of the game.

This story is split into “chat room” and “chat history”. The problems are written in the “chat room; the answers are in the “chat history”.

(T/N: unless your looking for specific ends, there’s no need to go to the table of contents to find your choice, since there’s links to those choices in the acts.) <<less
Releases: 1
The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father
CN The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father
Fantasy Martial Arts Mature Romance Wuxia Xianxia Xuanhuan
In her past life, Jun MuYan had a hard life and died miserably. Her unborn child was ripped from her to be refined as an elixir, and even her own flesh was used as someone else’s stepping stone.... more>>

In this arduous life, she has an outwardly cold, adorable Bao (treasure/baby) beside her.

“Xiao Bao, that woman who wants to form a contract with the sacred beast is Mommy’s enemy.”

Thus, the top sacred beast becomes Xiao Bao’s pet.

“Xiao Bao, this God Musician’s inheritance is too powerful!”

Tiny hands move, and the place of inheritance opens. Jun MuYan becomes the only successor of the God Musician.

“Xiao Bao, this man is always pestering Mommy and doesn’t let go!”

Xiao Bao immediately strikes to drive said man away… hey, you can’t be driven away!?

You’re my father? What father? Can you even eat that? <<less
Releases: 4
Legged Mimic
JP Legged Mimic
Comedy Fantasy
When I noticed it, I was placed in a dungeon as a treasure box.... more>>

Yup. I don’t know what to say, because I really don’t know. When I was attacked by a human, I tried to flee in desperation, unknowingly I grew a leg. So now, what should I do !?

This is a story of a girl who has become a mimic, how she shakes the world with the power she acquired. <<less
Releases: 1
90 Days of Spring
CN 90 Days of Spring
Drama Fantasy Historical Romance Supernatural
Human body with fishtail was known as mermaid.... more>>

They were pretty and mysterious, their tears congealed to a pearl worth a city.

Miao Miao never thought that one day she would set foot on the lake shore as a human.

She had no desire, only wanted to be close to a man.

Even though she was seeking her own doom, but she gladly endured the hardship.

—— I like you, for ninety days. <<less
Releases: 1
Onee-chan Will Become a Hero, and Save the World!
JP Onee-chan Will Become a Hero, and Save the World!
Completed Fantasy Tragedy
I became a hero in the world I was forcibly summoned to. Defeating the demons even while being injured, bringing peace to the world, and... more>> what I wantedー only the small wish of returning to our original world. And yet, I... <<less
Releases: 1
Later On, I Was Known As A Fake Actor!
CN Later On, I Was Known As A Fake Actor!
Comedy Romance Shounen Ai Yaoi
Chu Yun Tian who was trapped in a scandal, was forced to end his singer career. The president of the new company told him to... more>> go act. He originally thought he would just be acting once, but he didn’t expect that he would actually be particularly talented in this area, almost entering the play in seconds. This couldn’t help but make Chu Yun Tian think perhaps he was a fake singer before. But very soon he found out that he was actually also a fake actor, because what he really was, was the president’s wife. <<less
Releases: 6
Immortal Tomb
CN Immortal Tomb
Ten thousand years ago, all the immortal wars were destroyed and the Immortals were cut off.
One hundred thousand years later, Touching the Gold... more>> School took the “Study of Life and Death” to the fairy world.
"Tombs are an art, and Ge came to tell you the correct way of operating the Tomb."
Lu Yun looked at the immortals in the immortal tomb and said that he was arrogant.... <<less
Releases: 1
Why Did You Summon Me?
CN Why Did You Summon Me?
Adventure Comedy Fantasy Harem Romance
Imagine being forced to live, after death, as incorporeal bodies trapped in a vast space of nothingness for thousands of years, with nothing to do but exchanging past memories with other cohabitants (read: weirdos). Everybody wanted out, but there was no way to leave the Void… ... more>>

Until one day, a young man was finally summoned, as a powerful but reluctant mentor, by a bubbly and motivated but completely naive young girl. Baiyi, finally out of the Void, was the only one who could save all of the other 32 souls from their prison and his summoner might just be The Key to their freedom.

However, Baiyi had to use the techniques and abilities the other souls had taught him throughout the years, and together with his own extensive knowledge of anime and game tropes from his shady and dangerous past as an otaku, to face the biggest challenge of them all: training the clumsy young girl he was forced to partner up with… into a competent sorcerer!

This is a story of heroic adventures, cunning strategies and romantic tales. How will our MC thrive in a world completely strange to him? Where will his ambitions and abilities take him in the palace? <<less
Releases: 15
So What If You’ve Been Reborn?
CN So What If You’ve Been Reborn?
Adventure Fantasy Mystery Xianxia Yaoi
The main protagonist Chen He often meets crazy people in his life, and all these people have very deep prejudices against him. They often do weird things.... more>>


Once, Chen He polished off a bunch of hired killers (who seemed to be after him?), and eventually found the mastermind.

Chen He: You and I are complete strangers, so why are you doing this to me?

Mastermind: You’re gonna kill me after ten years! Of course I’ve got to make a preemptive strike.

Chen He: …


Chen He: Sir, we have had no bad blood between us, and I have not done anything to offend you. Why are you being so threatening?

Taoist priest: Hmph! In the future, you’ll be offending me to no end. Haven’t you been looking down on me all your life?

Chen He: …but I still have my entire life ahead of me!


Antagonist A: Chen He! Because of your master, I was rejected by XX Sect, and so I was forced to become a demonic cultivator!

Chen He: Who…who are you?

Antagonist B: My future lover’s meridians and good looks were ruined by you, and I’m definitely not gonna let you do it this time!

Chen He could not help but think: There is definitely something wrong with my life! <<less
Releases: 1
The Empress’ Poor Quality Special Effects
CN The Empress’ Poor Quality Special Effects
Comrade Wu Sheyue, someone who excels in special effects makeup, makes movie props….and the logistics of a strong assassination organization. ... more>>

One day, killed by the organization to be silenced and transmigrated into LongFu Country’s Prime Minister Manor’s silly and stupid Third Miss’s body.

Once she woke up, she finds out the mother of the body’s original owner has died and as a result the body’s original owner does not speak. Additionally, the legitimate and illegitimate sisters of hers everyday appears to have eaten gunpowder, and also the prince who comes to find fault with her, the black bellied wangye……. every one of them needs to be dealt with!

Doesn’t matter if in one's own Prime Minister Manor there suddenly occurs a miracle, there’s still a bunch of green tea b*tches and white lotuses outside.

If there are no props I will make them, if there is no manpower I will make the move myself.

Don’t assume those evil-doers are fake, they really want a person’s life~ <<less
Releases: 1
ID unExpected
Adventure Fantasy
There is nothing perfect in this world even though God has created humans as a living thing who is nearly perfect. The desire to fix the deficiencies is a common thing.... more>>

But, there are some points where the desire can inflict destruction. Those points have to be changed... <<less
Releases: 2
Trait Order
ID Trait Order
Adventure Comedy Harem Romance School Life Sci-fi Shounen Slice of Life Tragedy
In year 20XX, the development of technology is growing rapidly. The most popular thing in this year is Full Dive Virtual Reality (FDVR). This FDVR... more>> is at first used in medical treatment. but now FDVR has been implemented in social feed in daily life. In the middle of this development, there is a person called Azmi. Azmi (former name is Kazura Okuno) is a 17 years old casual gamer with a dark past. his past made him expressionless. One day, when he surfs the internet, he found a website filled with games that will be coming produced by a company named Kraon LC. Among the games mentioned in the site, he found the game he was interested the most called Trait Order. <<less
Releases: 1
The Frog Prince and the Witch
CN The Frog Prince and the Witch
Fantasy Romance Shoujo
He lost everything.... more>>

No name, no body, no voice.

Finally he received his redemption.

But he was still unsatisfied, because of his greed….he still wanted more!

It doesn’t matter if he’s treated as a madman.

He’s got nothing to lose anyways.

She was the only one he had left. <<less
Releases: 17
Hokage: Ryo’s Path
CN Hokage: Ryo’s Path
Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Martial Arts Shounen
Surgeon Guan Ryo Is reborn in Naruto’s world! Enjoy his trip as he uses his knowledge of the story to find his path in this... more>> troubled world and eventually stand at the top of Konoha! <<less
Releases: 13
Give Me Up, Hold Me Tight
CN Give Me Up, Hold Me Tight
Comedy Drama Romance
This is the novel that shares the same name as the annual fashion romance drama《Stay With Me》, starring Joe Chen, Wang Kai, and Qiao Renliang.... more>>

There are many different wedding dress designs. Princess-style, fishtail-style, strapless-style......

There are also many different kinds of love. Romantic, heart-pounding, sad......

On this Earth, the most beautiful wedding dress is the one when I marry you. That love that's the best on this Earth that you wear is that which I still tightly hold in my palm after I gave everything up.


Once she unexpectedly drowned, part of her brain lacked oxygen for a long time, making the famous clothing designer Li Weiwei lose parts of her memory. Thus, her memories stopped at when she was 23 years old. The boyfriend who she was mutually passionately in love with in her memories had unexpectedly become her rival, and a stranger even became her fiancé. Li Weiwei wasn't convinced that she would break up with her ex-boyfriend Chen Yidu, so she tried hard to to investigate previous events. In order to protect Weiwei and get his own fiancée back, her fiancé thwarted Weiwei's investigations by every possible means, keeping watch over her surroundings. Li Weiwei recalled the past and discovered that she and the person beside her had gradually forgotten their first dream while they were busying themselves. The reason that Weiwei and Chen Yidu broke up was also because as the two of them were in the middle of the process of chasing after their occupations, they neglected their love and their bond and walked even farther down the path of grudges and misunderstandings. Chen Yidu misunderstood the relationship between Weiwei and his parent and broke up with her in the end. The 30-year-old Li Weiwei decided to change her current situation, and step by step, she untangled past misunderstandings and forgot her previous differences with her rival, not only retrieving her romance, but also regaining her first heart and her dreams. <<less
Releases: 1
In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure
CN In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure
Comedy Fantasy Romance Sci-fi Shounen Ai Yaoi
When Ren Sheng is being hunted, in order to not fall into the hands of his enemies he decides to jump into the crack of space and time. Unexpectedly, he crossed into the future and was forced to substitute as Luo Yi while he was still in coma. ... more>>

When he wakes up, he actually has a husband ...... Ren Sheng is extremely satisfied.

Such a delicious nourishment, this is his first time seeing it! Really want to root up ah ah ah!

As a result Lord Marshal, who was paralyzed in bed, had a "little wife" who has been touching him all day and drooling over him. <<less
Releases: 2
Ore ga Suki nano wa Imouto dakedo Imouto ja Nai
JP Ore ga Suki nano wa Imouto dakedo Imouto ja Nai
Comedy Romance School Life
Nagami Suzuka is a beautiful third-year middle school student who has excellent grades and is the student council president. She wrote a novel about a... more>> little sister who dotes on her big brother, and the novel wins a light novel award. After they discuss the matter, Yuu, her big brother, is the one who debuts as a proxy light novel author instead of Suzuka under the pen name Towano Chikai (Eternal Promise). <<less
Releases: 3
CN Olympus
Action Adventure Fantasy Historical Romance
“I saw sol bathed in sunlight, exposing the world with shades of truth, revealing the flaws of beings and deities; I saw luna bathed in moonlight, lessening the sins and darkness of the night; I saw the ethereal cherub of day and night become the incarnation of light, a manifestation of purity; I saw leaders of Olympus; I saw a shepherd watching over in guidance; I saw our protector. I saw our crown of hope, our light in times of darkness—I saw power and beauty.”... more>>

The thread of fate and destiny prophesied the birth of a god paving a new era of gods and bringing glory to all. <<less
Releases: 2
The Demon’s Unobtainable Kiss
CN The Demon’s Unobtainable Kiss
Fantasy Romance School Life
Under a demon's contract that lasted for 30 days, Liang Canlan officially began the painful life that was forced onto her. On the first day... more>> of school, she had been forcefully kissed by a member of a heavenly group. Soon after that, she was also suddenly signed on by a management company. Even still, she was arranged to live together with five idol celebrities! These are the hot-blooded youthful records of an unsophisticated girl's counterattack! Watch as she is about to somehow turn around Heaven and Earth, recapture men's hearts, and stand at the world's summit! <<less
Releases: 1
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