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The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife
CN The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife
"Missus, time to fulfil your duties!" Mu Yuchen demanded as he pulled Xi Xiaye closer with his arms intimately wrapped around her waist.... more>>

It was a meticulously planned feast for the powerful. Her fiancé had knelt down on one knee and proposed to her sister instead. Robbed of her right to her inheritance, she was prepared for the Xi family to throw her to the wolves.
As she slipped away from her family that had turned their backs on her, she found him — Mu Yuchen, the low-profile and reserved noble that ruled City Z and led Glory World Corporation.

"Mu Yuchen, let's get married!" He looked up at her, then suddenly stood up.

"Where are you going?"

"Let's go. Any later and the civil affairs bureau will be closed." <<less
Releases: 50
The Healer Who Wants To Be Healed
JP The Healer Who Wants To Be Healed
Fantasy Romance Yaoi
Nikola, a magic manipulation surgeon who runs a treatment center in the city, is asked to treat a colleague of a childhood friend from the royal palace. It was Aldo, the well sought out healer, who was brought here. Aldo has a surprising slump in the purification of the magic element, and Aldo is gradually attracted to Nikola who works hard to cure him….... more>>

A/N: (Older) sincere man who has a line of work x (younger).

It is a sweet story of heartwarming youth.

It is a world with magic and swords, but there is no particular battle scene.

It is scheduled to be completed by 9 chapters. The erotic development is at the end. <<less
Releases: 4
History’s Strongest Husband
CN History’s Strongest Husband
Action Adventure Ecchi Fantasy Harem Martial Arts Mature Romance Seinen Xuanhuan
The little handsome son-in-law passed through a world as a waste material and the husband of a wealthy family. But because of his aptitude lacking, the wealthy family had driven him out. So he worked hard and found a more powerful family's thighs to hold onto. Soon enough, he became the strongest son-in-law and husband in history.... more>>

In this world, it was impossible to practice martial arts. It was futile so he might as well take advantage of his wife's thighs and maintain a comfortable and leisure lifestyle.

He'll train his wife to become the strongest and best person in the world.

"Whoever dares to provoke me, let my wife kill you!" <<less
Releases: 13
There Was Once a Person, Who Loved Me with His Life
CN There Was Once a Person, Who Loved Me with His Life
Releases: 1
Qingye Supernatural Office
CN Qingye Supernatural Office
Action Horror Mystery
My name is Lin Qi and I work as a demolition contractor. At the beginning of the year, I was responsible for the demolition of an old community. ... more>>

There is an old house in the community and on the door hanged a strange sign “Qingye Supernatural Office.” The house was transformed into an office and was abandoned for a long time and filled with dust. There was a large amount of documents and materials stored and displayed neatly.

I was curious, so I sorted everything out and discovered a hidden grotesque and terrifying world.

The events recorded in the files have gradually happened in life… <<less
Releases: 9
The Companions I Trusted in Were All Assassins Planted by Corrupt Heroes
JP The Companions I Trusted in Were All Assassins Planted by Corrupt Heroes
Completed Action Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy Supernatural
The Hero of darkness Shion was suffering mentally while being at the position of the strongest on the land.  It was his companions who completely... more>> saved him when he became distrustful towards other people. Although Shion decided to trust people again because of the girls――a tragedy occurred just then. There was a cruel betrayal from those companions he believed the most in the world. Shion barely escaped with his life, but he had come to lose ninety percent of his strength. And then above all, he received serious damage to his heart. Shion gave up living and wandered in a forest to try dying, and then one monster appeared in front of him. “Will you not kill me?” The monster made the request to Shion, who was strong even when having lost strength, to kill it. However the action that the not yet dead Shion took is------ <<less
Releases: 1
Quick Transmigration The Prodigal Son
CN Quick Transmigration The Prodigal Son
Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy Historical Romance Sci-fi Shoujo
The people who know Jiang Zhe all say that he is handsome and elegant, with impeccable character. Only the system knows, that this man is... more>> a scum; a beast in human clothing. <<less
Releases: 34
Those Years In Quest Of Honour Mine
CN Those Years In Quest Of Honour Mine
Action Comedy Drama Historical Romance Shounen Ai Yaoi
Yu Ziyou and Zhong Wan served different masters.... more>>

They had once been the closest of souls, and were the bitterest of enemies.

After losing the fight for the throne, Zhong Wan brought his two young masters with him far toward the borders for the sake of survival. He relied on the little friendship that existed between him and Yu Ziyou when they were young. He borrowed some of his personal belongings while also dropping various hints around which made everyone think that there was something intimate going on between them.

Given the Yu Clan’s powerful authoritative presence in the imperial court, this appearance of a close tie allowed Zhong Wan to live a much better life than before. As such, the stories he cooked up began to carry more and more weight.

As rumors of their lovely romance spread a thousand miles into the horizon, Yu Ziyou, who was located in the distant capital city, eventually caught wind of his deeply moving and epic love affair. In a trance, Yu Ziyou, who had been completely brainwashed for seven years, believed in them. He guessed something special really did happen between them back in those years… <<less
Releases: 1
You Boys Play Games Very Well
CN You Boys Play Games Very Well
Comedy Romance School Life Shounen Ai
When he defeats them, he leaves hospice care: A father’s love is like a mountain! Are your shoulders are heavy?
When he is defeated, he leaves backhanded compliments: You boys play games very well~... more>>

Ling Meng is a high-ranked casual gamer playing "The Legend of the Galaxy". Infamous for his poison tongue, he's known in the forums as Lemon Dad and he carefully cultivates a following of black powder fans over time. The trajectory of his fate completely changes the day he plays a match against the popular god-tier live stream anchor, Mangosteen. A meme created out of his dying words makes him a countrywide laughingstock and he begins to stalk Mangosteen to determine his rival's beat him in a match for revenge!

They fight with each other, stream with each other, and even exchange a naked photo with each other.

This is the love story of a lemon and a mangosteen. <<less
Releases: 17
A President’s Out-of-Body Experience
CN A President’s Out-of-Body Experience
Comedy Romance Shounen Ai Yaoi
Our straight (?) bottom woke up ten years into the future and found himself on the bed of his childhood friend… At the start, the bottom was shocked to his very bones, but he soon quickly accepted this premise and found the whole situation to be rather amusing. Precisely then, the bottom once again went back to his timeline — back to when he and the top were just platonic childhood friends.... more>>

Landmines include but are not limited to: Sweet & naive bottom, a president story, logic is dead, slow-progressing romance, the protagonist’s name has too many character strokes, the names are hard to pronounce, too many gay characters… <<less
Releases: 1
Haikei Heika, Nidome no Ouhii wa Okotowari!
JP Haikei Heika, Nidome no Ouhii wa Okotowari!
Alicia is a duke’s daughter who is meant to be the second wife for the young king. However, the king and his wife passed away... more>> so suddenly and left the throne to his younger brother, Julian.
So, she promise to stay with Julian, who is younger than her until the kingdom recovered, but courteous Julian is actually mean, and planning to take her as his wife!? <<less
Releases: 2
Tadashi Tanaka (41) Birth of a Kingdom – ‘Medieval Europe is too harsh!’
JP Tadashi Tanaka (41) Birth of a Kingdom – ‘Medieval Europe is too harsh!’
Action Adventure Fantasy Seinen
Tanaka was a salaryman who lived an average life.... more>>

That life came to an end when he was 41 years old…or it was supposed to.

But when he came to, he was standing in a world that resembled ‘Medieval Europe.’

There was no heating system, and food was eaten with your hands. On top of all that, pigs ran wild in the city…and what did the pigs eat? Shit.

And in this harsh world, Tanaka would live his second life as ‘Balian De Lioncourt.’

Will this average salaryman be able to survive? <<less
Releases: 2
The Script is Not Like This!
CN The Script is Not Like This!
Comedy Yaoi
This novel can be summarized in three sentences:... more>>

Scum top abuses trash bottom.

Trash bottom loses his heart completely and leaves scum top.

All of a sudden, the scum top comes to his senses: Oh, I’ll look for the next one then, bye.

Hold on — Where’s the agreed abuse for the scum top? What happened to the promised transformation of scum top into a loyal dog? This isn’t how the script is supposed to be!

This novel is especially made as a reversal of the slag top and trash bottom tropes. There will be no three-views, no integrity, no limits and no logic.

Beware of intentional landmines, slag top and revenge against society! <<less
Releases: 4
His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light
CN His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light
After a delirious first night together, Shi Guang found herself waking up to a cruel reality… a breakup initiated by him, ending their relationship! What?... more>> Why? How? These were the questions that bugged Shi Guang’s mind in the two years after he left without a trace. Just as she thought that she had finally managed to get over him, Lu Yanchen suddenly appeared before her and before she knew it, she had to get married to this man who had dumped her two years ago?! What? Why? How? These were the questions that Shi Guang was faced with after his mysterious appearance once more. Just what are Young Master Lu’s motives? Why is he always watching out for her even though he was the one that had dumped her? And worst still… What’s with that tsundere attitude of his…?! <<less
Releases: 109
Dungeon Hallow
ID Dungeon Hallow
Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Romance
1300 years after Gilgamesh sealed the Demon King by sacrificing his life, new King of Heroes would come, inheriting King of Camelot’s name. The story... more>> about Erix and his servant who were trying to escape from their mad world, then a girl summoned them to a different world called Leavgard, a fantasy world full of mystery and dangerous dungeon. A little did he knew; he was a destined king that would led peoples to fight the demon. <<less
Releases: 2
CN Peerless
Action Adventure Historical Martial Arts Mystery Shounen Ai Wuxia Yaoi
In the third year of the Kaihuang era, as the Great Sui began to unfold between the fall of the Northern Dynasties and the rise of the glorious Tang Dynasty, Emperor Yang Jian created the House of Blades – an intelligence agency for strategies and conspiracies – in preparation to unify the world.... more>>

On a snowy night, a convoy of tribute from the Kingdom of Khotan was raided. Not one soul survived the attack. Feng Xiao, Second Commandant of the House of Blades, was ordered by the Emperor to investigate the matter in person.

On the distant border, a storm brewed as major forces gathered from all sides in Liugong town. The strong rubbed shoulders with the strong; the skilled crossed paths with the skilled.

Here, the ever-successful Second Commandant Feng ran into a wall for the first time – all because of a feeble Taoist priest with ailing health.

Some things would never be known if no fights were ever picked. Only through their skirmishes did Feng Xiao realise that this sick bastard seemed to have way more aliases and personas than he himself ever did. <<less
Releases: 1
Head Over Heels from the Scarf I Lent Her
JP Head Over Heels from the Scarf I Lent Her
Drama Romance School Life Seinen Slice of Life
Having just finished his midterms on a snowy day, Yamanaka Tooru encountered Miyamoto Satsuki—a girl said to be the cutest in town—at the front gates of his school.... more>>

Satsuki was standing there alone without so much a scarf or even a coat.

Tooru wanted to simply slip by, but gave in and wrapped his scarf around her.

Days camly past by after that incident.

That was until Satsuki entered Tooru's high school and then his home uninvited.

“I have to return the favor you showed me.”

“I didn’t really do much though…”

This is the tale between the awkwardly blunt Tooru and the misfortunate and meddlesome Satsuki. <<less
Releases: 6
Ace of the Dragon Division
CN Ace of the Dragon Division
Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Harem Romance Supernatural
There’s SIS in great Britain, CIA in the US. In Huaxia, there’s Dragon Division, known as the mysterious power of the East.... more>>

When a soldier that originally failed to be selected to join, appeared on the Dragon Division’s list again, no one noticed, that this inconspicuous and humble looking guy was actually the Dragon King of the division, the one that’s most difficult to deal with.

He was a man, whose appearance gave every one existential crisis, including a fly that was consecutively caught by him with a pair of chopsticks.

Of course, this story is hilarious as well.
[Shen Yao laughed. “You think I would help you? For what reason?”

Xu Cheng sighed. “Shen Yao, to be honest, you are really pretty.”

“Humph.” Shen Yao snorted coldly, “Can you elaborate on that for me?”

“I don’t know how to get into details, but I can only say that when I accidentally tore your skirt today, I got a boner.” ] <<less
Releases: 43
Cheat Pharmicist’s Slow Life ~Making a Drug Store in Another World~
JP Cheat Pharmicist’s Slow Life ~Making a Drug Store in Another World~
Comedy Fantasy Slice of Life
Corporate slave Reiji went to another world one day, made one rank higher potions, and li~ghtly made a killer profit!... more>>

He used that money to open a drug store, and troubled people who heard the rumors came over…

Eyedrops for an elf troubled over his failing bow aim!

Cough syrup for the dragon that unintentionally releases his dragon breath!

Reiji makes medicine for troubled people, enjoying his leisurely slow life in a rural city. <<less
Releases: 4
The Black Cat Prince
JP The Black Cat Prince
Comedy Fantasy Romance
A story that started with an “I hate you,” and ends with a gentle “I like you”–... more>>

I’m Fiorentina Caramellat, an orphaned 16-year-old girl.

I pride myself in my ability to heal any injury.

I’m a little insecure about my red hair and eyes.

Right now, the Kingdom of Istrada, where I currently live, is in the middle of war.

Being gravely injured, I helped the enemy soldier, Louis, and set the wheels of fate turning.

Yes. All because I met him.

Bewitching, and capricious — like a cat.

Black-hearted, that person–

Oblivious do-M girl x wicked do-S prince, a seemingly serious love-comedy fantasy– <<less
Releases: 5
On a Godless Planet
JP On a Godless Planet
Before Horizon, humanity ascended to the heavens, but how exactly did that happen? Kawakami's new series explores the Edge era in which legends must be... more>> recreated to reshape a distant planet. <<less
Releases: 14
Story of a Foolish Virgin and a Doctor
CN Story of a Foolish Virgin and a Doctor
Completed Adult Ecchi Mature Smut
Releases: 1
The Best Actor’s Courtship: Miss Scriptwriter, Please Love Me!
CN The Best Actor’s Courtship: Miss Scriptwriter, Please Love Me!
Drama Romance Slice of Life
“Director Zhao, you are really have good taste this time. This script is really interesting. One can do everything at will when he crosses time and space. Just like sitting in a time machine. The scriptwriter is really amazing, with a really great imagination!”... more>>

“Actually, this script is a real adaptation.”

“Hey? Director Zhao, what the hell? You actually told me that the story is really true?”


“Mr. Gong, behave yourself!” <<less
Releases: 28
Peerless Martial Arts
KR Peerless Martial Arts
Completed Action Adventure Comedy Martial Arts
A cultivator known as Superstrong looks for various experts to fight.... more>>

Note: One of the seven forbidden texts of Korea.

Quote from Ensj:

A wuxia novel written by a middle schooler who became inspired by the writing style of invisible dragon. Apparently the entire plot of the novel was created in a mere 12 minutes. <<less
Releases: 1
Devouring Heaven Sword God
CN Devouring Heaven Sword God
Action Xuanhuan
The Heavenly Emperor of a generation was betrayed by his closest friends. With the Devouring Heavens Sword Technique that he obtained in the Taixu Secret... more>> Realm, he reincarnated thousands of years later. Cultivating the Devouring Heavens Technique, he devoured all kinds of spirits, he defied the heavens. He reigned supreme over the nine firmaments after extinguishing ancient gods and killing sages. Treading on the corpses of his enemies, he became a Supreme Sword God! <<less
Releases: 22
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