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What has returned as a reward for loyalty was a desperate and insignificant death.... more>>

The century's genius magic swordsman, the monster of Lunteubel, the treasure of Lunteubel—and Lunteubel's faithful dog.

Charmaine Noelle Kenders was loyal to her country,
But what she got back was the betrayal of her lord and death.


After facing death without shedding a drop of tears, she opened her eyes again to find herself in an old shop deep in the middle of the enemy country.

Moreover, it was just as peaceful as it had been before the war broke out.


'I'm supposed to run this shop? All I can do is kill people!'

Besides, what's with this harmless-looking creature?

Unaware of her original body's whereabouts, she's in another person's body, also bearing the name Charmaine.

Furthermore, this mysterious shop is a regular haunt for the magic tower lord that Charmaine had defeated, and even a talking raccoon comes to visit.

'But they are just enemies. I have their blood on my hands. I'm a sinner. I will only be poisonous to them if I get close.'

So I tried to keep my distance from them...
but what returned was abundant warmth.

I don't understand.
These people were just enemies.

I'm worried that the enemy country is too warm. <<less
Language: Korean
Drama Fantasy Romance
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