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Saturday, February 23, 2019
Title Release Group
Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait...c62.2Misty Cloud Translations
Deposed Empress Generalc55LanguidTranslations
Eroge Reincarnation ~Please Don’t Collect...c20DominantProgrammer
Nine Star Hegemon Body Artc334Wuxiaworld
Nine Star Hegemon Body Artc333Wuxiaworld
Riaru de Reberu Age Shitara Hobo Chītona Jinsei...c213Light Novels Translations
Elf Tensei Kara no Cheat Kenkoku-kiv1c3 part2Light Novels Translations
The King of The Worldsv1c87translatin_Otaku
My Wife Always Thought I Did Not Love Himc55Exiled Rebels Scanlations
Those Years I Operated a Zooc4rrrrhexia-translations
Elf Tensei Kara no Cheat Kenkoku-kiv1c3 part1Light Novels Translations
Beloved Marriage in High Societyc29.2Crescent Moon
I Favor the Villainessc105Jingle Translations
Saijaku Muhai no Bahamutv17 afterwordbakapervert
Saijaku Muhai no Bahamutv17 epiloguebakapervert
Saijaku Muhai no Bahamutv17c5bakapervert
She Professed Herself The Pupil Of The Wiseman...v3c4Krytyk’s Translations
The Human Emperorc732Gravity Tales
Starlight Has No Pastc20 part2DHH Translations
I’m Not a Villainess!! Just Because I Can...c5Do Machines Dream Of Better...
Rise of Humanityv2c634Gravity Tales
Who Dares Slander My Senior Brotherc39SilverNekoScanlations
Peerless Martial God 2c172Totally Translations
Peerless Martial God 2c171Totally Translations
Peerless Martial God 2c170Totally Translations
Heavenly Cursec67Totally Translations
Kawaikereba Hentai demo Suki ni Natte Kuremasu ka?v1c1CClaw Translations
The City of Terrorc255Gravity Tales
Hokage: Ryo’s Pathc165translatin_Otaku
Lonely Loser, I’ll Become Blonde Frivolous...c46Prophet’s Word
The Great Rulerc955Wuxiaworld
Rock Sugar And Pear Stewc39Tea Fragrance
Overlord (WN)v2c9frostfire10
A Will Eternalc1196Wuxiaworld
Upgrade Specialist in Another Worldc939Wuxiaworld
Who Touched My Tail!c83Chrysanthemum Garden
Kuishinbo Elfc79Garbage Truck
Skirt-Chasing Young Monarch: City Lady-Killerc160Creative Novels

Saturday, February 23, 2019
Title Release Group
Books to Dominate Married Womenc23Jeronovel
I Am Troubled That My Fiance Is a Villainc15CrappyAss Translations
Black Summonerc50Fmtranslations
Devouring Heaven Sword Godc24Creative Novels
Dragon-Marked War Godc1657LiberSpark
Dragon-Marked War Godc1656LiberSpark
Perfect Worldc1112Wuxiaworld
Empress with no Virtuec87PlainlyBored
Bao Bao Won’t Die Easilyc6Iluska & Maelani...
Sovereign of the Three Realmsc1541Wuxiaworld
Mouichido Aeta Nara, Ippai no Egao oc10Aeon Garden
Sha Po Langv2c55Northwest Flower
Two Saints Wander off into a Different Worldc31Tiger Translations
The Human Emperorc731Gravity Tales
Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivationc1037Gravity Tales
Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Beingc63DMlations
Poison Genius Consortc703volarenovels
Martial Peakc596Divine Dao Library
Although I Am Only Level 1, but with This Unique...c214ShiroKun’s Translation
Perfect Worldc1111Wuxiaworld
Across the Stunning Beast Princess: Phoenix...c285Cookies ‘N Cream...
Cohen of the Rebellionv12c1WuxiaNation TL
Monarch of the Dark Nightsc110 part-7Verdant Lore
President Wife is A Manc57.1YuanShu
Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o!v15 ss 2CGTranslations
Altina the Sword Princessv14c3Skythewood
Black Iron’s Gloryc98LiberSpark
Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja~ Sekai Saikyou no...c255Sousetsuka
Reincarnation – Lord is Extremely Hardcorec22The Novelst
Age Of Worldwide Monstersc13Creative Novels
Pampered Poisonous Royal Wifec74Silversnow translations
Pampered Poisonous Royal Wifec73Silversnow translations
Pampered Poisonous Royal Wifec72Silversnow translations
The Sword and The Shadowv4c317volarenovels
Womanizing Magec574Creative Novels
The Two-Faced Venerate Emperorc725Creative Novels
Mai Kitsune Waifuc612Fuji Translation
Fairy Tale Chroniclesv1 prologue...Light Novels Translations
Quickly Wear the Face of the Devilc2.4Vanilla Muse
I Became the Demon Lord and my Territory is an...c50Nono no Sanctuary
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