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Thursday, December 08, 2022
Title Release Group
The Gold Masterc10Tuziyiyi Scans
Juboc319Closed Window Translations
Resetting Ladyc122woopread translations
Rise of Apocalyptic Talentc2Dimwitch
Yuri x Roboc8Foxaholic
I’m Really Not The Demon God’s Lackeyc348Hosted Novel
The Green Tea’s Crushing Victories in the...c267Fringe Capybara
My Iyashikei Gamec663Lonelytree Translations
Seducing the Student Council Presidentc1Dimwitch
Born As The Hidden Daughter Of A Villainess And...c7Moonlight Novels
Expelled From a Black Magic Item Craftsman Guild,...c61Tiger Translations
Ossan Boukensha no Jimichi na Isekai Tabic61Tiger Translations
The Healer is Fine, so Go Save the World!c16Foxaholic
Starting a Night Shift Part-time Job at a...c8 part9SaintHatterTranslation
I Am the Fated Villainc296Divine Dao Library
Ossan Boukensha no Jimichi na Isekai Tabic60Tiger Translations
I’m Being Raised by Villainsc8Gourmet Scans
Show Off Once in Every Worldc404Boba Tea Translations
Smash All Pots and Pans To Go to Schoolc146Boba Tea Translations
After an Infinite Flow Player Retiresc104-107 (end)KK Translates
If You Train Them Up, Even Trash Skills Are...v1c17Trash In The Ocean
The Exiled First-born of the Noble House. Rising...c106Shikkaku Translations
Do You Think Someone Like You Can Defeat the...c41wysi translations
Married to the Male Lead’s Brotherc336Fringe Capybara
Little Tyrant Doesn’t Want to Meet with a...c542 part2Hosted Novel
Wait For Me After Schoolc4KK Translates
Half-elves Fall in Lovec401Machine Sliced Bread
Martial Peakc3984Divine Dao Library
The Sickly CEO Asks For Hugs Everyday After...c28Dummy Novels
The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wifec1298Steambun
Demon’s Diaryc1133Steambun
Devil’s Son-in-Lawc1048Steambun
The Righteous Player(s)c463Steambun
Akuyaku Reijou no Naka no Hitoc21 part3Travis Translations
Story About Buying My Classmate Once A Weekc102Travis Translations
I Was Dumped by My Childhood Friend, but Somehow...c96DasuiTL
My Childhood Friend, Who Made Her High School...c25DasuiTL
Perfect Encounterc16.2Cats Translations
Perfect Encounterc16.1Cats Translations
Perfect Encounterc16 part2Cats Translations

Thursday, December 08, 2022
Title Release Group
Perfect Encounterc16 part1Cats Translations
The Foolish Gong was Rebornc53KK Translates
Legend of the Asurac217DXHaseoXD
The Goddess and the Ugly Ducklingc37CN Translations
As Earth Turned Into a Fantasy World, I Was the...c44Nyan Translates
The Grand Duke’s Fox Princessc54Bluebells in Bloom
Poisonous Flowers are Beautifulc9 part2Bluebells in Bloom
Divorce is the Conditionside story 2Bluebells in Bloom
My Childhood Friend, Whom I Have a Crush On, Was...v1c6DasuiTL
The Divine Hunterc297Reaper Scans
Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never...c2534DXHaseoXD
Ring Ringc34KnoxT
Love Comedy Of Regrets~When It Was Announced That...c30DasuiTL
Regression Of The Dating Sim Playerc44Tamago
The Goddess and the Ugly Ducklingc36CN Translations
The Goddess and the Ugly Ducklingc35CN Translations
I Teleported Into the Academy of a S*xy Gamec19MyAcademyTLs
Starring in a Dating Game as a Tokyo Villainc27MyAcademyTLs
I Treat You as a Brotherc19Dummy Novels
Wealthy Supporting Actress Tore the Scriptc72 part3Second Life Translations
What Happens When the Second Male Lead Powers Upc105EatApplePies
Remarried Empressc406NovelUtopia
Of All Things, I Became a Crowc127PolterGlast
The Magician Kunon Sees Everythingc12Simplyrical
The Ultimate Romantic Comedy In Which The...c26Zetro Translation
Martial King’s Retired Lifev13c117Wu Jizun
Flower Stealing Masterc254Goblinslate
Because I’ve Been Reincarnated As A Girl I...c146Foxaholic
Binding the Dragon for the Empressc113From the Angel Translations
North x Northwestc110Bell Rock Translations
The Case When I Created A Secret Society of...c217Zetro Translation
Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder’s Record...c2141Butterfly’s Curse
Kill This Marriagec4guavaread
An S-ranked Party’s Burden Tamer, I Awoke...c17GalaxyTL
Power and Wealthc936Translation Noob
A Nest of Snakes Inside an Old Tombc107Foxaholic
The Unbound World’s “Normal” is...v2c3 part1GalaxyTL
Seducing the Student Council PresidentprologueAcoustrick
Dungeon Exploration with Absolute Accuracy ~...c64GalaxyTL
The Frontier Alchemist ~ I Can’t Go Back to...c253Hidamarisou
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