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Friday, April 12, 2024
Title Release Group
Alchemy? Nope, It’s Called Item Synthesis!v1c18 part3CraneAnime Translation
I Became the Villainess’ Guardian Knight...c7StoneScape
Why are the Protagonist Gong and Shou Fighting...c90Midnightrambles
Disaster Strikesc56AdirTranslations
Disaster Strikesc55AdirTranslations
The Villainess’s Daughter Is Getting an...c111Moonlight Novels
I’m Trying to End This Possessionc23Moonlight Novels
I Became the Master of the Devilc88Moonlight Novels
My Little Grand Duchessc28KariMTL
Amorous S*ave Girlc19Perfecto Translation
I Am the Fated Villainc745Divine Dao Library
The Husband is a Cowardc6Shanghai Fantasy
Love is Hidden in the Windc20Shanghai Fantasy
The Husband is a Cowardc5 part2Shanghai Fantasy
Eternities Still Unsaid Till You Love Mec83Chrysanthemum Garden
The Taoist Boss Is Dominating The Horror Worldc106Fans Translations
Although She’s Only a Level 1 Noob,...c14 part1Wook’s Teahouse
After Having an AI Boyfriend, I Will Never Be...c21Wanderer Translations
I‘m the Only Stabilizer for the Yandere Male...c123That1villainess
We Monsters Are Not Allowed to Be Singlec56 part1Midnightrambles
The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Yearsc554woopread translations
The God of Sky & Earthc567Gravity Tales
Aggrieved Fish Spritec163Cha’s Spoilerish...
Tyrant Meets Paranoid [Quick Transmigration]c36Wanderer Translations
The Origin of Speciesc11 part8Decoded Novels
Absolute Dwellerc53NovelSama
My Alter Ego’s Path to Greatnessc85Ego Readers
I Am Average and Unremarkablec34carpreads
I Became the Legendary Emperor Throughout the...c286 part1Hiraeth Translations
The Weakest Summoner’s School Conquest –...c189Awebstories
Martial Peakc5739Divine Dao Library
I Really Am Just A Substitute [E-Sports]c88KnoxT
After I Stole The Male Lead, The Female Lead Criedc65Cherry Blossom TLs
The Boyfriend Who Never Meetsc16 part2All Things Fluff
The Boyfriend Who Never Meetsc16 part1All Things Fluff
Girl, There’s Something Wrong With Youc12Hiraeth Translations
Rebirth Begins with Rejecting my Childhood Friendc68Hiraeth Translations
Marriage Againc32Hiraeth Translations
Surviving as the Sacheon Dang Clan’s Servantc44Wook’s Teahouse
Welcome to Dungeon Hotelc141Readhive

Friday, April 12, 2024
Title Release Group
Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group?v6c70Hosted Novel
After Rebirth, I Became the Scum Gong’s...c58Chrysanthemum Garden
Accidentally Having a Baby with the Enemy Princec108KnoxT
Be a Female War Goddess in a Strange Worldc7KnoxT
The Doll and The Princev2c43Novelonomicon
The Doll and The Princev2c42Novelonomicon
Transmigrated into a Wealthy Family, Acting as...c50 part1Shanghai Fantasy
After Becoming Enemies With the Lord Godc37littlegremlintranslate
Divine Talisman Grandmasterc24Titan Translation
Divine Talisman Grandmasterc23Titan Translation
I Can See the Route of Evolutionc24Titan Translation
I Can See the Route of Evolutionc23Titan Translation
Reborn: The First Rank “Madam”c242Titan Translation
Reborn: The First Rank “Madam”c241Titan Translation
The Billion-Value Lands Are Just For Farmingc252Titan Translation
The Billion-Value Lands Are Just For Farmingc251Titan Translation
Transmigrated into a Stepmother of Male Lead and...c37Shanghai Fantasy
Only After I Was Reborn Did I Realize That I Had...c156Gem Novels
Transmigrated into a Stepmother of Male Lead and...c36Shanghai Fantasy
Transmigrated into a Biological Mother of a...c20 part3Shanghai Fantasy
Transmigrated into a Biological Mother of a...c20 part2Shanghai Fantasy
Rebirth in 1979: Conquering the Worldc89Shanghai Fantasy
Chronicles of Misunderstanding in Ancient Timesc24Shanghai Fantasy
The Three Years When I Was Forced To Wear...c41Midnightrambles
After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasyv1c26Ether Reads
The Cannon Fodder Turns His Sister Into A Soaring...c270Ether Reads
Shut Up, Malevolent Dragon! I Don’t Want to...v1c64Ether Reads
None of These Witches Are Decentv2c32Ether Reads
Cannon Fodder and the Villain Are True Lovec177Chrysanthemum Garden
Purple Heartc42Chrysanthemum Garden
She is a Great Demon Hunterc104 part2Midnightrambles
Doomsday Divine Seed Cultivatorc43Isohungry Translations
The Deities of Hellc42 part1Isohungry Translations
Rushing Towards The Flamec8Shanghai Fantasy
Farming for Survival in the Apocalypsec65Shanghai Fantasy
What is an Otaku? Why the Gyaru Hating Men Get...v2c3 part2PlebianTranslation
The Magic of “Analysis” Sees Through...c152Awebstories
Limited Time, Kitchen Maid of the Fourth Knight...c162Awebstories
Subscriber of the Godsc104Readhive
Slow Life in Another World Through Compounding,...c82SpiralBaka
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