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Saturday, June 10, 2023
Title Release Group
The Knight King Who Returned with a Godc8PolterGlast
The Knight King Who Returned with a Godc7PolterGlast
Silent Kohinata-San Headbutts My Chest for Some...side story 54DasuiTL
My Soulmate is a Liberoc25Tojoillust
Silent Kohinata-San Headbutts My Chest for Some...c54DasuiTL
I, an Ordinary Person With No Special Qualities,...c19DasuiTL
Profession, Merchantv3c8Stabbing with a Syringe
Rehabilitating the Villainessc39 part2Goblinslate
Power and Wealthc1120Translation Noob
Those Years When I Was a Dalaoc22 part2Travis Translations
Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder’s Record...c2350Butterfly’s Curse
Shoushaman no Isekai Survival ~Zettai Hito to wa...c208Shanghai Fantasy
One Can’t Judge by Appearancec75Assibuntulu’
I, Who Got Transported to Another World with the...c56Shanghai Fantasy
Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband,...c1281Ai Hrist Dream Translations
I’ll Quit Being a Godc194 part1XianXiaEngine
Mysterious Awakeningc13Bcat00
The Evil Man’s Lazy Ladyc42 part2willkissonyou
Offered Into Marriagec104Bambootriangle Translations
After Retiring from Marriage, I became the...c59Ai Hrist Dream Translations
I Became Popular in the Underworld After Live...c37 part2Ai Hrist Dream Translations
Doomsday is Onlinec73Ai Hrist Dream Translations
Princess Medical Doctorc865Ai Hrist Dream Translations
Mob Protagonist ~ Mob in the Novel But There Is A...c162 part1GalaxyTL
Language Cheat Reincarnation – Young Girl...c106GalaxyTL
After Breaking up With My Selfish Girlfriend, I...c21Zetro Translation
When My Younger Sister Enrolled in a Female...c46Zetro Translation
Mysterious Awakeningc12Bcat00
After Being Thrown Out by My Stepmother, My...c13Soafp
Evil As Humansc151Kinky Translations
Evil As Humansc150Kinky Translations
Bu Tian Gangc144Kinky Translations
Criminal Psychologyc218Kinky Translations
Criminal Psychologyc217Kinky Translations
Saving Unpermittedc71Kinky Translations
Saving Unpermittedc70Kinky Translations
The Queen of Villainsc6 part2Salmon Latte Translations
Because I’ve Been Reincarnated As A Girl I...c349Foxaholic
Because I’ve Been Reincarnated As A Girl I...c348Foxaholic
The Transmigrated Senior Martial Brotherc13Chrysanthemum Garden

Saturday, June 10, 2023
Title Release Group
After Rebirth, I was Entangled by a Second...c27Second Life Translations
Hello, Mr. Zhou (Love and Marriage Anecdotes)c12Second Life Translations
I Couldn’t Stop my Childhood Friend from...c54Salmon Latte Translations
I’m Just a Mob, but for Some Reason,...c15DasuiTL
After Pretending to Be Pure and Uninterested in...c2Rosie Cloud
I Was Hated by the Girls I Was Supposed To Have...c107DasuiTL
Serve as Contrast Team in a ‘Dad with...c8 part1Foxaholic
Everyday Life of a Dom Boyfriendc93Jie

Friday, June 09, 2023
Title Release Group
The Knight King Who Returned with a Godc6PolterGlast
The Knight King Who Returned with a Godc5PolterGlast
I’m Not Going to Be Bullied By a Girlc804SodaTranslations
The Extra’s Academy Survival Guidec80MattReading
The Extra’s Academy Survival Guidec79MattReading
The Extra’s Academy Survival Guidec78MattReading
The Extra’s Academy Survival Guidec77MattReading
The Extra’s Academy Survival Guidec76MattReading
The Extra’s Academy Survival Guidec75MattReading
The Extra’s Academy Survival Guidec74MattReading
The Extra’s Academy Survival Guidec73MattReading
The Extra’s Academy Survival Guidec72MattReading
The Extra’s Academy Survival Guidec71MattReading
Mob Protagonist ~ Mob in the Novel But There Is A...c161 part2GalaxyTL
Mob Protagonist ~ Mob in the Novel But There Is A...c161 part1GalaxyTL
Mysterious Awakeningc11Bcat00
The Steward Demonic Emperorc937Divine Dao Library
Mysterious Awakeningc10Bcat00
I’m The Vicious Cannon Fodder In The Bookc69 part3My Second Journey
I Will Eventually Become the Hero of Justicec141BCloud
Mysterious Awakeningc9Bcat00
The Exorcistv7c20Princess Capture Plan
The Neat and Pretty Girl at My New School Is a...c64Fufu Novel
This BL Novel Is Ruined Nowc100Belle Reservoir
I Became the Tutor of the Royal Twinsc187Belle Reservoir
Profession, Merchantv3c7Stabbing with a Syringe
The Villain Runs Wildc71Title In Progress
Please Have a Cup of Green Teac130 part2Pure Love Translations
Love Like the Galaxyc20Lady Kelpi Translations
Daughter’s Heartv2c1Universal Novel
Blank Chargec1KnoxT
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