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Saturday, May 28, 2022
Title Release Group
Love Ignites A Prairie Firec5Second Life Translations
I Really Like My Sisterc34Second Life Translations
The Green Tea’s Crushing Victories in the...c99Fringe Capybara
Martial Peakc3267Divine Dao Library
Ancient Land Convenience Storec16Moonlight Novels
The Random Passerby I Married is The Richest Man!c44Short Term Translations
Second Life Rankerside story 29Wuxiaworld
First (Campus H)c5-6Second Life Translations
Gaining A Husband After a Memory Lossc39 part3Hosted Novel
The Tang Family’s Seven Osc43KnoxT
Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushic58Kinokura
Smash All Pots and Pans To Go to Schoolc63Boba Tea Translations
Show Off Once in Every Worldc321Boba Tea Translations
Can’t Close My Legsc88MyTranslations
The Random Passerby I Married is The Richest Man!c43Short Term Translations
North x Northwestc43Bell Rock Translations
I Became The Servant Who Received The Crown...c22Travis Translations
The Marquis’ Daughter Wants to Do Nothingc26 part2Keopi translations
The Marquis’ Daughter Wants to Do Nothingc26 part1Keopi translations
Flower Stealing Masterc141 part1Goblinslate
I, The Dragon Overlordc290Hosted Novel
Divorce is the Conditionc34Bluebells in Bloom
The Obsessive Male Leads Want to Eat Me Alivec60Bluebells in Bloom
I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But...c41 part2Watashi wa Sugoi Desu
Refining the Mountains and Riversc1280 part1Wuxiaworld
Refining the Mountains and Riversc1279Wuxiaworld
Past Life Returnerc43Wuxiaworld
Transmigrated into a Parvenu’s Ex-wife in...c473Fringe Capybara
Cuckold Wizard’s Adventurec444TinyTL
The Rich Second Generation Villain’s Fatherc106Wonder Novels
I’m The Vicious Cannon Fodder In The Bookc35 part1My Second Journey
Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never...c2134DXHaseoXD
I Became Popular After Participating on a Dating...c20moqi-TL
Pawahara Seijo no Osananajimi to Zetsuen Shitara,...c149Zky Translates
The Abandoned Son Runs Rampantc106A Wandering Potato
Case File Compendiumc187Tea Novel
Become a Starc192Wuxiaworld
Tensei Shite Inaka de Slowlife wo Okuritaic211I Have Sinned Translation
Tensei Shite Inaka de Slowlife wo Okuritaic210I Have Sinned Translation
Never Saved Youc101woopread translations

Saturday, May 28, 2022
Title Release Group
Incurablec47 part2Hanamooi Translation
Black Moonlight Holds the BE Scriptc41 part2Second Life Translations
The Case When I Created A Secret Society of...c52Zetro Translation
The Villainess Wants to Marry a Commoner!! (WN)c61KnoxT
Strategy to Capture Menc41 part2Crystal
Immortal Destinyc11Moonlight Novels
Soen na Osananajimi to Isekai de wa Kekkon Shite...c47SeiRei Translations
Of All Things, I Became a Crowc34PolterGlast
Tyrannical Wang’s Beloved Wifec494 part4Broken Jinsei
The Prodigies Warc97Wuxiaworld
The Prodigies Warc96Wuxiaworld
Yama Risingc1237Wuxiaworld
Yama Risingc1236Wuxiaworld
I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation...c21XianXiaEngine
Dungeon Defense (WN)c283Shalvation Translations
Ankoku Kishi Monogatari ~Yuusha wo Taosu Tameni...c88 part1Foxaholic
Perfect Pampered Marriage: Good Morning, Hubbyc94Midnightrambles
Being an Extra Actor in an Escape Gamev7c113 part2Travis Translations
Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder’s Record...c1942Butterfly’s Curse
I Started As A Novel Villainc130Nakahara Translations
Power and Wealthc735Translation Noob
Fakes Don’t Want To Be Realc21Travis Translations
Waking up as Cinderella’s Stepsisterc6 part2Pink Grapes
The Player that Can’t Level Upc65Wuxiaworld
This Game Is Too Realisticc79 part2Otaku translation
Ihoujin, Dungeon ni Moguruc254FoxTeller
Breakthrough with the Forbidden Masterc210Sads Translates…
The Reincarnated Wizard Who Will Eventually...c95Travis Translations
Reincarnation Paradisec420translatin_Otaku
Reincarnation Paradisec419translatin_Otaku
Reincarnation Paradisec418translatin_Otaku
Reincarnation Paradisec417translatin_Otaku
Kono Sekai ga Game da to, Ore dake ga Shitte Iru...c114Reigokai: Isekai Translations
I Became a God in a Horror Gamec90Tea Novel
A Merchant With Zero Combat Power Who Was A...c77Rntl
Bu Tian Gangc79Kinky Translations
Strayc122Kinky Translations
Strayc119Kinky Translations
Strayc121Kinky Translations
Strayc120Kinky Translations
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