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Monday, January 17, 2022
Title Release Group
VRMMO: The Unrivaledc1359Wuxiaworld
I Am the Fated Villainc55Cyborg-tl
Plum Candy Lovev2c36Travis Translations
The Tyrant’s Tranquilizerc73Travis Translations
Free Life Fantasy Onlinec93Karu Translations
Heavenly Consortc7Jinz Translation
The Rise of Phoenixesc166Ninja Reflection
Eternal Reverencec893Jinz Translation
The Female Soldier Has Been Told to Infiltrate...c16Fans Translations
Rebirth After Being Abductedc3Foxaholic
Just Want To Be With Youc25 part3Foxaholic
The Grand Secretary’s Pampered Wifec97 part1FoxTeller
Haihara-kun’s Strong and Youthful New Gamev1 prologueTravis Translations
The Duke’s Daughter Trained a Wild Beastc12Travis Translations
I’m The Vicious Cannon Fodder In The Bookc11My Second Journey
Omega Allergyc4Otaku translation
Regina Rena – To the Unforgivenc37Travis Translations
In This Life, I Will Raise You Well, Your Majesty!c37Travis Translations
The Eldest Daughter was Rebornc1960Enchantress Translations
After Sleeping With My Childhood Friendc5Foxaholic
The Rise of History’s Most Powerful Empirec1Creative Novels
The Aftermath of Having Slept with the Villainc61Foxaholic
Super Scholar’s Japanese Girlfriendc39Tea Novel
This Damned Thirst for Survivalc65Tea Novel
The Escortc24Chrysanthemum Garden
Fierce “Husband”c10 part1Ontimestory
Makai Hongic253Tiger Translations
The Cave King Will Live a Paradise Life -Becoming...c202Tiger Translations
I Stopped Working Because I Was Expelled From the...c49Nocturne Translations
Sand Sculpture Demon King, Online Farmingc176A Wandering Potato
Supporting Role’s Aurac62KnoxT
I Became The Male Lead’s Female Friendc44Travis Translations
The Reason I Have To Be A Villainc16Pink Muffin Translations
How To Survive As a Villain on the Verge of Deathc15Pink Muffin Translations
Villain in the Kindergartenc45Shanghai Fantasy
Picked Up A Small Cannon Fodderc22Otaku translation
Chaotic Sword Godc3131Hosted Novel
I, the weakest of the Four Heavenly Monarchs,...c5Nyan Translates
It Starts With A Mountainc1Cyborg-tl

Monday, January 17, 2022
Title Release Group
Dongfang Bubai’s Reborn Yang Liantingc43Tsubaki
Dongfang Bubai’s Reborn Yang Liantingc42Tsubaki
Forces of Temptationc89Chrysanthemum Garden
Quick Transmigration: Snatching Golden Fingersv6c8Konila
A Boy Who Was Disowned Because He Was Second in...v17c3Valhalla TLs
Screaming Cycle (Infinite Flow)c45Chrysanthemum Garden
Almighty Sword Domainc1684Wuxiaworld
Almighty Sword Domainc1683Wuxiaworld
Genius Detectivec915Wuxiaworld
Necropolis Immortalc1211Wuxiaworld
Before I Knew It, The Woman Next Door Was Making...v1c6Travis Translations
The Foreigner on the Peripheryc85BrizzyNovel
Paintings of Terrorc147Chrysanthemum Garden
Futuristic Gourmet’s Spoiled Marriagec81Serena Love
My Evil Imperial Wife is Too Arrogantc177May Our Dreams Come True
Half Immortalc23Foxaholic
Omiai Shitakunakattanode, Muri Nandai na Jouken...v5c6Impatient MTL Reader
Close to Youc24Shanghai Fantasy
Second Marriage in the 1970sc50Shanghai Fantasy
The Entertainment Circle is Minec55 part2Kotranslation
Foreigner’s Mistakev3c17AM23 MTL
Shoujo Grand Summoningc1120Isohungry Translations
Eldest Miss’s Style Isn’t Rightc152Snowy Translations
The Villainess who Only Had 100 Days to Live Had...c26American Faux
Tearmoon Empire Storyv1 extra1 part2Mermaid Fish Translates
Legend of the Asurac126DXHaseoXD
I’m Just an Underling of an Evil...c10Foxaholic
I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment...c39 part2LittleBoatTranslation
Realize Online – A Gamer Who Loves to Play with...c4Bit Translation
If I Have You, What More Could I Ask For In This...c37 part2Fans Translations
My Daughter Grew Up to “Rank S”...c60 part1Fans Translations
Villainess Wants To Turn Over A New Leafc230Fans Translations
I Help the Richest Man Spend Money to Prevent...c328Fans Translations
Saving 80,000 Gold in an Another World for...c279Fans Translations
Maiden Galaxyc79The Sun is Cold Translations
Phoenix’s Requiemc477Wuxiaworld
Magic Industry Empirev7c27Veratales
Virus Tensei kara Hajimaru Isekai Kansen...c52Arachnid Translations
Martial God Asurac4985Wuxiaworld
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