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Monday, June 17, 2019
Title Release Group
Game Loadingc231Rainbow Turtle Translations
Dangerous Survival in the Apocalypsec15Rainbow Turtle Translations
Number One Lazy Merchant of the Beast Worldc35Chrysanthemum Garden
The Two-Faced Venerate Emperorc841Creative Novels
Ancient Strengthening Techniquec2303Wuxiaworld
Ancient Strengthening Techniquec2302Wuxiaworld
Skirt-Chasing Young Monarch: City Lady-Killerc194Creative Novels
My Mr.Mermaidc17ryuxenji
My Classmate is 200 Million Years Oldc47Zhan Lan Translations
Beloved Empressc116Creative Novels
Repugnant Gatewayc321TapRead
Return of the Net Gaming Monarchc321TapRead
Tranxending Visionc309TapRead
A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Luc134TapRead
The General’s Genius Daughterc113TapRead
My Wife is a Beautiful CEOc717Veratales
The Distinguished Cute Masterc13wordexcerpt
Love Among the Starsv2c24finalreads
Married to the Mermen Kingv1c29finalreads
Rebirth of a CV Starc43 part2Chocolate Milk Translations
Time-travelled to Japan’s Sengoku Erav1c33finalreads
Hubby, Your Fox Fairy Wants Everythingc80TapRead
Strongest Counterattackc113TapRead
Love You More Than I Canc12Flying Lines
After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasyc68Flying Lines
Fall in Love with Mr. Nian Slowlyc5Flying Lines
Escape from Marriage 100 Days: Sweet Wife Steals...c53Michtranslations
Escape from Marriage 100 Days: Sweet Wife Steals...c52Michtranslations
Crazy Leveling Systemc54System Translation
Reincarnated Devil Kingc20Wuxiaworld Forums
Reincarnated Devil Kingc19Wuxiaworld Forums
Reincarnated Devil Kingc18Wuxiaworld Forums
The Healer Banished From The Party, In Fact, Is...c24Strolling Rhea
The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Ladyc1688Rebirth Online World
The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Ladyc1687Rebirth Online World
The King’s Returnc25Oyen’s
To Be a Power in the Shadows!c184WangMama
Rebirth Junior High School: The Excelling Top...c70FishyTranslation
Second Life Rankerv2c15Wuxiaworld Forums

Monday, June 17, 2019
Title Release Group
Master of Trading Star Card Gamec18 part2WangMama
Blood Moon Huntersc94TapRead
Please Sign: Your Runaway Wife Has Been Capturedc89TapRead
The Doctress with Healing Hands: Your Highness,...c30Flying Lines
Yes, I’m Straight. But What Have I Done...c27Flying Lines
The Man Picked Up By the Gods (Reboot)v3c132 part1Neo Translations
The Lazy Swordmasterc206 part1DreamPotato
Remarried Empressc5wordexcerpt
Evil Wang Pampers His Ghost Doctor Feic100MayO
We Live in Dragon’s Peakc27American Faux
Aggrieved Fish Spritec6Peach Blossom Dreams...
My Roommate Probably Is Not an Omegac16-18IAmABanana
Who Moved My Mountainc4 part1Blooming Translation
Return of the Female Knightc82ShainaG Translations
Goblin Kingdomv3c230 part1Neo Translations
The Overlord of Blood and Ironc71-74Myoniyoni Translations
Stop, Friendly Fire!c46 part4Wuxiaworld
Phoenix Ascendingc288volarenovels
The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consortc109-110Isohungry Translations
Master Devil Don’t Kiss Mev2c26Meraki Translations
Perfect Worldc1329Wuxiaworld
The Male Lead’s Villainess Fiancéec76ShainaG Translations
Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed The Worldc665Wuxiaworld
Rebirth Of A Virtuous Wifec2Dreaming Palace
Luggage Carrier Who Abandoned by the Hero’s...c2yurikatrans
I Was Dismissed from the Hero’s Party...c3yurikatrans
Wang Ye is a Demonc12 part2Qiaoyi Meili’s Library
Good Morning, Mr. President!c60WangMama
Fields of Goldc26volarenovels
Wang Ye is a Demonc12 part1Qiaoyi Meili’s Library
My Nightclub Landladyc300MeeJee
Return of the Soldier Kingc327MeeJee
A Guest in a Ghost Housec262MeeJee
Yukine-chan’s Other World Reincarnationc4 part4yurikatrans
I Became a 《Dungeon Master》 In a Different...c6yurikatrans
Rebirth of the Famous Wife: Li Shao and the Thiefc4 part2BouncyCotton
Keizoku wa Maryoku Nari -Munou Mahou ga Benri...c5KaiToranslation
Why Are You Doing This, Duke?c1 part1Qiaoyi Meili’s Library
The Tutorial Is Too Hardc201 part2WangMama
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