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Sunday, March 03, 2024
Title Release Group
The Survival of the Wild Tribec33Tokki’s Archives
After the Stand-in Shou Faked His Deathc113Chrysanthemum Garden
After the Stand-in Shou Faked His Deathc112Chrysanthemum Garden
After the Villainous Supporting Male Had Raised...c62KnoxT
The Villainous Alpha Was Picked up by the...c14KnoxT
Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! ~ Fugusha tachi no Saino...c184Sousetsuka
Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big...c179Shanghai Fantasy
The Villainess’ Ending Was Deathc17Moonlight Novels
I Became the Mother of a Sub-Male Sonc56Moonlight Novels
The Female Villain Lost Her Memory After Rebirthc66akkNovel
What’s Wrong With a Snake That Just Wants to...c38DragonTL
In Another World, Even a Clumsy, Hungry Salaryman...c25Story Seedling
Reincarnated as Poor Baron’s Youngest:...v1c171Story Seedling
In Another World, Even a Clumsy, Hungry Salaryman...v3c29Story Seedling
The Bottom-Tier Adventurer Middle-Aged Guy:...c203Story Seedling
Programmer Reincarnated in Another World,...v3c140Story Seedling
I Was Kicked Out of My House, but I’m...c172Story Seedling
I Was Reincarnated in Another World, So...v3c72Story Seedling
Transmigrating into a Comic as a Rich Guyc57Story Seedling
I, Who Was Reincarnated as the Target of a Otome...v8c233Story Seedling
Reincarnation of the Single Noble in Another...c109Story Seedling
I Reincarnated Into Another World With the Theory...v11c226Story Seedling
Keizoku wa Maryoku Nari -Munou Mahou ga Benri...v2c4 part14Story Seedling
Hong Meiling Sleepwalks Through the Heavensc26Luminary Translations
Sword, Tiara and High Heelsc149Re:Library
Transmigrated into Substitute Bride ‘Fu...c82 part2KnoxT
Seventh Year Of Separationc67KnoxT
The Military Female Soldier With Unwavering...c2468Creative Novels
Ghost Story Clubc43Moonlight Novels
Doomsday Stewed Salted Fishc11 part1Assibuntulu’
A Wish to Grab Happinessv15c419TOMO Translations
You Cultivate, I Farmc87The Noble Farmer
Unspeakable Sectsc13asianovel
Game Maker 1975c61Game Maker
Grocery Store No.514c131Ms. Silk
The Counterattack Plan of A Villain With Ten...c36Mr.Translator
I Became the Academy’s Genius Shikigami...c2Akaza Translations
The Survival of the Wild Tribec32Tokki’s Archives
Traveling Through Ancient Times To Be a Shopkeeperc60 part2Tokki’s Archives
Descendants of the Godsc8Tokki’s Archives

Sunday, March 03, 2024
Title Release Group
Traveling Through Ancient Times To Be a Shopkeeperc61 part1Tokki’s Archives
Descendants of the Godsc7Tokki’s Archives
Chasing Gamec15Chrysanthemum Garden
Chasing Gamec14Chrysanthemum Garden
Reborn As The Villain President’s Loverc189Chrysanthemum Garden
Unaware That My Legitimate Sister Is My Husbandc111Fans Translations
After Being Kidnapped by the Crown Princec243Fans Translations
I Was Reincarnated as a Villainous Alchemist Who...c5kuro-kun
I, The Dragon Overlordc645Hosted Novel
The Magic of “Analysis” Sees Through...c112Awebstories
How to Safely Divorce an Obsessive Emperorc55Moonlight Novels
How Can You Pay Back The Kindness I Raised With...c124Moonlight Novels
I Became the Legendary Emperor Throughout the...c104 part2Hiraeth Translations
The Queen’s Rise to the Topc496akkNovel
The Daily Life of a Female Esper in Ancient Timesc18akkNovel
The Daily Life of a Female Esper in Ancient Timesc17akkNovel
Academy’s Genius Swordsmanc194Hel Scans
Sand Mage of the Burnt Desertc78Hel Scans
Supporting Characters in the Game are Obsessedc5Hel Scans
Supporting Characters in the Game are Obsessedc4Hel Scans
When an Adventurer Exits the Dungeon, They Become...v1c66-29Story Seedling
The Sword Saint Returned from Another World...c58Story Seedling
My Girlfriend is a Zombiec295Hoxionia
This Damned Thirst for Survivalc36sunnytranslations0
I Livestream Divination To The Worldc39 part4Foxaholic
After I Rescued a Beautiful Woman From a Stalker,...c1Zetro Translation
General Above I am Belowc68ladysheeptrsl
My Husband Comes from the Futurec30 part3Shanghai Fantasy
My Husband Comes from the Futurec30 part2Shanghai Fantasy
Seventh Year Of Separationc66KnoxT
My Blind Date Looked Fiercec23 part1Foxaholic
I Became a Druid in Another Worldc30Lorenovels
Welcome to Hell!c252Lorenovels
Pretending to be a Vase in Infinite Gamesc16asianovel
The Support Ate it Allc61Lorenovels
The Skeleton Magician’s Play Diaryc195Lorenovels
I Became a Genius Mage in the Cthulhu Gamec48Lorenovels
I Became the Dark Knight in the Gamec56Lorenovels
Ordinary I and Extraordinary Themc313BrutalBot TL
Ever Since I Was Tainted by a Eunuchc43A Rainy Bookshelf
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