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Wednesday, December 08, 2021
Title Release Group
I Played the Role of a Hated Hero, but for Some...c8Travis Translations
Maiden Galaxyc61The Sun is Cold Translations
Mobile Fortress Lady Cozette ~The Sounds Like the...c21yurikatrans
The Villainous Daughter’s Butler ~I Raised...v3c18Wintery
Almighty Sword Domainc1589Wuxiaworld
Almighty Sword Domainc1588Wuxiaworld
Genius Detectivec875Wuxiaworld
He Woke Up And Became The Actor’s Catc56Otaku translation
The Villain is Born with a Sweet Toothc6KnoxT
Transmigrating into a Demon Spirit to Blow up the...c161 part1Foxaholic
A Barbaric Proposalc72The Translating Mech
Necropolis Immortalc1139Wuxiaworld
Close to Youc15Shanghai Fantasy
Close to Youc14Shanghai Fantasy
Shoujo Grand Summoningc1086Isohungry Translations
My Evil Imperial Wife is Too Arrogantc114May Our Dreams Come True
Domineering CEO Is My Sonc3Konila
Now That I’m Dead, are you Satisfied?c2American Faux
The Green Lotus Peasant Girlc52Konila
Easy Survival Life in the Other World ~Everyone...c77Machine Sliced Bread
Waiting For The Wind Warming Up To Kiss Youc3Oyen’s
Against the Godsc1900Wuxiaworld
The Wife Wants A Divorce Every dayc9Otaku translation
Otherworldly Warrior with Erotic Skillsv20c5AM23 MTL
Little Sweetheartc29Whimsical Reads
I Should Have Just Diedc97Sleepy Translations
I Became the Black Swan Mother of the White Swan...c109Sleepy Translations
Duke, Please Stop Because it Hurtsc139Sleepy Translations
Duke’s Exclusive Painterc26Mesmerizing Memoirs
Explosive Pet Cute Foxc17baobao
I was Sold at the Lowest Price in My Class,...c300GalaxyTL
The Reincarnated Count’s Daughter Is the...v1c4Moon’s Tavern
Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never...c1766DXHaseoXD
Phoenix’s Requiemc437Wuxiaworld
Adopting and Raising the Male Lead and the Villainc330Sleepy Translations
A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a...c82Sleepy Translations
Chaotic Sword Godc3091Hosted Novel
The Tale of Hero Alice’s Social Deathc94Hosted Novel
The First Kindergarten in the Universec12 part1LittleBoatTranslation
Your Teacher I, am Hella Richextra 1Jyul’s MTL

Wednesday, December 08, 2021
Title Release Group
I Love You the Most in the World [Entertainment...c31 part1Snowy Translations
Eldest Miss’s Style Isn’t Rightc126Snowy Translations
The Story of an Ace Pilot Who Is the Only Man in...c118GraverobberTL
The Raven Dark Hero ~I Longed to Be a Hero but...c120peanuters
Emperor’s Dominationc4066Wuxiaworld
Emperor’s Dominationc4065Wuxiaworld
Yuru Fuwa Noka No Moji Bake Skillc40SHMTrans
Sand Sculpture Demon King, Online Farmingc137A Wandering Potato
Magic Industry Empirev6c152Veratales
What if My Brother is Too Good?c206Sleepy Translations
The Guidebook for Villainessesc110woopread translations
Red Packet Serverc1580volarenovels
Martial Peakc2580Divine Dao Library
That’s What You Call a Hardcore Gamer!extra 7Watashi wa Sugoi Desu
Why Fall in Love if You Can Attend Tsinghua...c323Boba Tea Translations
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Lastc1pocket bunny
Bringing The Farm To Live In Another Worldc1641-1646LightningFast BS
Absolute Resonancec278Wuxiaworld
The Correct Way Of Feeding The Sick And Delicate...c23Sleepy Translations
The Tamed Heiressc10Sleepy Translations
Chronicles of the Heavenly Demonc89Betterdays Translations
Survivor Saijaku no Ore wa Hazure skill...c12Otaku translation
Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never...c1765DXHaseoXD
Selling the Main Character’s Sharesc9mio’s corner
A Straight Guy’s Nightmarec35DL Scanlations
A Straight Guy’s Nightmarec34DL Scanlations
A Straight Guy’s Nightmarec33DL Scanlations
Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon...c191Sleepy Translations
My Wife is My Life!c242Sleepy Translations
Farmer Lady of Fortune, Imperial Concubine,...c451Instadoses
Believe It Or Not, I Already Caught Youc80 part2Instadoses
Believe It Or Not, I Already Caught Youc80 part1Instadoses
The Tragedy of The Villainessc121RainOfSnow
Half-elves Fall in Lovec284Machine Sliced Bread
I Will Return My New Brotherc25Sleepy Translations
Farmer Lady of Fortune, Imperial Concubine,...c450Instadoses
Interstellar Super Doctorc91IAmABanana
Siraishi Serina Great Erotic Adventuresv4c12AM23 MTL
The Duke’s Eldest Son Escaped to the...c118woopread translations
I’ll Make It a Bad Ending Like a Villainc32RainOfSnow
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