Although She’s Only a Level 1 Noob, She’s Still Incredibly Powerful


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Bai Qiuye has been trapped for thirteen years.

Thirteen years ago, she was caught up in the Infinite Game along with the others.

There was a bug in the system that prevented her from upgrading, and she was constantly cycling through newbie missions.

After thirteen years of horrific missions, Bai Qiuye finally escaped her copy.

She found out that time flowed differently between the copy and reality, and only half a year had passed outside.

The system told her that the lowest levelled people were already level 20.

She, on the other hand, had being doing tasks day and night for thirteen years longer than the others was still a level 1 rookie.


After the infinite game was made mandatory, countless copies appeared in the city.

The ghosts of the duplicates would not come down to reality, with the exception of one duplicate – the code name “Purgatory”.

The code name “Purgatory”.

Prying, approaching, and entering are forbidden.

Just next to the entrance, countless strange things have gathered, turning it into a dead city.

Even the strongest of men can never enter or leave alive.

There were rumours that it would be everyone’s nightmare, and possibly everyone’s hope.

Until one day, a loud noise pierced the sky and the entire city began to tremble.

The darkness that poured from it raged fast.

Countless ghosts and monsters wailed and crept and fled.

People in the distance were bewildered and terrified.

No one knew that a person had come out of the “Purgatory”.

Bai Qiuye looked at the empty city with a level 1 icon, as cautious as a small animal.

“Where is everyone? Is there any big brother can take me ah!”


Later, Bai Qiuye returned to her hometown.

It was only then that she realised that back then, in her rookie copy, Every NPC she encountered was a full level boss.

Every piece of junk she picked up was a full-level prop.

And she, long ago, was already a full-level boss.

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March 5, 2024
Status: c9 part2
Almost didn't read this because at the time of writing there are no reviews and only 11 chapters, so - here's a review.

If, from the synopsis, you're expecting the MC to be OP from the beginning, please adjust your expectations.

Firstly, she's been alone with no one to talk to but a system for 13 years and truly takes the Level 1 label to heart, so she has no idea of how OP she actually is lol

Secondly, (and imo this was a master stroke from the author) the instance she's... more>> been time looping in keeps changing this time, so she's as baffled and fearful as the other players. It's really nice to have a main character who's not omnipotent and who feels scared and panics.

I was expecting the series to start either after she'd left the instance, or to speed through it, but the author takes their time, and they don't hold back - you constantly feel that one or all of the characters could die at all points. New curses and different ghosts pop up, keeping the MC constantly on her toes (though of course, she's also happy because she might finally be able to leave).

In short, enjoyment of this series depends on your expectations. This series is not the next I Heard that I'm Super Fierce (great as it is), After Retiring from the Underworld, Scream Queen etc. With an OP MC - at least for the first arc. It has the makings of a good unlimited flow series and I'm excited to see where the following arcs take us.

(may update review if I remember) <<less
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