After the Little Crybaby Enters the Nightmare Cycle


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Chi Nan was the young man in one of the Top 10 forbidden paintings, the Crying Boy. It was said that he would bring disaster, so his memories were sealed and his soul was locked in the painting.

One day, Chi Nan entered the body of a blind young master who died accidentally. The young master was the owner of this forbidden painting. However, Chi Nan had stayed in the painting for a long time. He lost the happiness and sadness of human beings. The only emotion he could show on his face was: tears.

Chi Nan made three wishes to the gods: regain his vision, stop crying and get his memories back.

Thus, he was invited into the world of terror, the Nightmare Cycle. Break the nightmares to gain points and grant his wishes.

Ordinary players: Ahhh, it is terrible! I want to wake up!

Meanwhile, Chi Nan moved through the nightmares, grabbing small skeletons at the crane machine in the amusement park at midnight, building ice sculptures with corpses in a snowy country’s mass grave and dancing with a fierce ghost in a life-threatening waltz until dawn.

The dreams were really good. There were endless games, ghosts who tried to amuse him and a mysterious boss who sent him good medicine every day.

Chi Nan cried happily but when he cried, the ghosts of the world trembled.


The owner of the body was called You Yu and he suspected that he didn’t die accidentally. In order to understand the truth behind his death and be reborn in his body, he sold his soul to the world called the ‘Nightmare Cycle.’ He became the dream maker behind the scenes, conscientiously creating dreams of terror.

He didn’t expect that he would meet his body in the infinite nightmare he created with his own hands. The user of the body was a bigshot who loved to shed tears. This person was diligent in going through the instances to earn points and restore vision for him.

Thus, You Yu secretly added the sweetest honey to medicine and sent it to Chi Nan at midnight every day. So why did the little crybaby cry again after drinking it?

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Sau Khi Túi Khóc Nhỏ Tiến Vào Thế Giới Ác Mộng
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Shorng rated it
June 27, 2021
Status: Completed
Can't be more good. Things going according to what I thought it would be. There's no plot twist or anything because things were hinted at from start to finish. Can't be more clear lmao. I love how MC cry and how he change from no-feelings to have little feelings. Both MC and ML feelings develop just like how we predicted lol. Even though it's all going as we think it will but the process of going through it still make me want more arc but it's just wishful thinking.

The ending... more>> was sweet and heart-wrenching. I wouldn't say more because it's a mysterious story that need everyone to explore because the story itself worth because of the process toward the ending more than the ending itself (maybe?) Because I love every arc and especially some of the side characters are so lovely I wish for their own story too. <<less
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Heungbo rated it
August 18, 2021
Status: Completed
One of the best I've ever read. Everything is logical, well done and the characters are fleshed out. I just finished it and I'm a bit emotional so I can't really make a good organised and intricated review but I really recommend it.

Also, got a good surprise in the fourth dream world ... more>>

with a transgender person being portrayed. Tong Yu (or Tang Yu, don't remember which one she is - also who decided it was a good idea to have a Tang Yu and a Tong Yu in the same arc??) is a transgender girl whose wish is to have her body correspond to her mind. While there are some transphobic characters like there are transphobic people in real life; the system, Chi Nan and most people recognise TY as a girl w/o problem. We also got a bit of her pov and she even comes back later on in the last arc/dream world (when everyone has forgotten CN). Such a sweet girl who really gained some development in that arc.


And I really like the different arcs, they were pretty original.

So the first one is based on YY's life just before he 'died' (btw,


why is YY's mom always a horrible person? First life as Number 9, his mom sold him to traffickers for money and then as YY, he was supposed to be sacrificed to the evil spirits (with whom YY's mom made a pact to be popular) so the backlash of her actions wouldn't affect her)


, where the dreamers represent the people (the small sacrifices before the big one yeah) invited to act by YY's mom. YY is the dream maker and he plays himself (ma boi is a masochist).

Second world, CH is still with the anchor and this time they go on a cruise. YY appear as 'Ye Chang', a high schooler to observe the guy who stole his body. He discovers that CN's tears are effective against monsters. Jiang Yu (my smart girl hehe) first apparition. The horror stories said coming to life reminded me of another survival story but the outcome was different (here, only happens when you sleep and as long as you discover the way to solve the copy, the limit don't matter).


In that other novel (and I don't remember the title sob sob) you had to survive in that mansion for a week and the way the MC solved it (bc only the top 3 could survive (don't get me started on that point system)) gave me a such a headache. Btw if anyone remembers the title, hmu because I still remember that snake scene and the effect of the depression effect on the MC


Third act is candlelight city. No anchor guy but Old Liu (from dream 1) returns. Rui Rui and her mom appears. CN discovers that Yu Chang is a dream maker (thanks to his shadow). As the story enfolds, shows that the dreamers chosen are important. Also Rui Rui's mom best mom - finally a wholesome family omg. YY masochist part 2 with


that scene where he has CN kill him. Like really?? I mean obv he didn't really die but nothing was sure..


Still wonders that guy who got his arm transformed into wax has survived until then when he's such an airhead.

Fourth dream CN uses the candle that YY gave him in the last dream as a reward to enter a dream world made by YY. There's Tong Yu and Tang Yu. GX f u really. Some weird school with weird rules arc. Honestly that teacher was pretty wholesome lololol Shout out to the death by blanket from CN's story on the cruise, ma man YY never misses an opportunity lol also those subplots to get hints each day were nice, especially the last one when they go into a sort of sun-world based on a emotion (ofc CH chooses sorrow cuz he can cry on demand but surprise! His appearance changed a bit and he can't cry anymore whenever he wants!!) and that story was really interesting and honestly even if I didn't see it coming, I think the twist/the secret they're supposed to discover was pretty nice with hints here and there so it made sense AND that's the first time I see that trope being used like that lololol also-


ofc the mom is horrible person in that sub world bc when YY has a mom, she haaas to be the worst


Fifth dream not a YY made dream. Only four people - Pei Mo the coward, Lu Baixou, Jiang Yu the return and CN on a bus. No hint, they just know they have to finish their mission before the bus arrives at destination.


Got a bit dizzy at first with how CN figures out they have to let the ghosts of the people they 'killed' kill them in return. Especially since with CN and his twin brother storyline, he could have killed YY np but since he's so wholesome he just offs himself (which doesn't sound wholesome lmao)


The chase to find the corpses of the victims and those weird smiley people were pretty interesting. Lu Baixou is pretty interesting character who I hope gets her happy ending :)) also 207 is cool so ofc she gets paired with Jiang Yu hehe

Sixth dream world is a bit complicated - just before the end of fifth one, a bug appears and it leads to the resolution and the explanation of the whole story.

Am a bit tired rn cuz it's 9am and I haven't slept all night to read that but basically they do things, reappear in the train that leads to the main city but CN hears weird voices calling him and then they (CN and YY) go to the weird bug-made world base city where they find some people who are not supposed to be there: people who died in the dream world (GX f u again) and whose task is to kill those whose wishes are already fulfilled (also not supposed to be there) and then the system releases the task to kill the dream god (obvs CN) but that's not really the system bc of the bugs and since CN has obviously a connection to the state of the dream world (ex it snowed bc YY said to CN when he was a kid that he wanted to see snow) they go to where CN wanna go: room 206 where the system created a time loop that leads to the final dream world in 3 parts: part 1 = YY wakes up in a world where no one remembers CN/CN never existed but thanks to his constant belief, CN whose consciousness was just lost in the system takes 229 days (wink wink nudge nudge) to reassemble and connects to YY's mind -- leads to part 2, YY (with CN) go back in time in that weird wizard continent where they meet Number 9 and things happen, they save the children and I guess sacrifice the traffickers who tried to sacrifice them and when 9 and YY are about to leave to city, system who doesn't have a lot of energy left sends them to part 3 before they have the time to explain things to 9. Part 3= 9 is a teen, we find out CN was actually a god but because he was polluted by filthy nasty bad wishes, it causes backlash in the environment which caused a cursed on the people. 9 is actually YY's past life and the painter of the Crying Boy painting where CN went to be sealed on his own accord bc just before his death he saw the future and everything as he lost his 5 senses but his spiritual sense got stronger and basically it's a loop but I'm too tired to explain properly and trust me it makes sense but I really wanna sleep rn and they end up clearing the world and boom they go back to reality where only 3 days passed since the dream city got a bug and everything is fine, the system explains everything and YY is making breakfast for CN who finally gets back his body!!!! BTW he has silver hair and the same green eyes and moles and still cries when his emotion gets too strong bc he wasn't supposed to keep his emotions after being sealed and the system is all his spiritual/divine powers separated who pulled CN in the dream world 11 years after the fire cuz when the fire destroyed the painting, it allowed him to go in YY's body since their fate together makes him a great host but also freed the impurities that were sealed and formed the bugs in the dream world and I really don't know if I'm making sense anymore but to me it's logic and nice and why aren't there more extraaaaas


So yeah sorry for the rambling in the spoilers buy if someone didn't understand anything, you can contact me~~

Last spoiler on the dream world and what happens to those who die in it or those that made it


sooo people don't really die in real life when they die in the dream world. They just leave without having their wish fulfilled and forget everything about the dream world - it's just hidden from the dreamers to keep their fear value high (since fear value = energy) and to keep them motivated. Was a really nice surprise since the dream world continues. Also hints that those who reach their goals forget everything when they go back to reality but their wish ends up happening (how, tho, probably depends on the type of wish)


So yeah I liked the characters, and also the background for the world and CN's backstory. My only regret is that there are only 2 extras so we don't know what happens to the other secondary characters.

except dream maker 207 and her now girlfriend Jiang Yu who appear in the last extra lol. I was really happy to see they weren't forgotten, especially since 207's world was particularly interesting.


Since I used mtl, the names of the characters were sometimes confusing but it's totally understandable and while it's not totally horror-like, it stays interesting so I really recommend it :)

As for the romaaaaance, my bois stay respectful and it's nice and cute and not too much for that I'm so happy because sometimes, even if the story and mysteries are nice, the ML can get violent or pushy and that's a big no no that can ruin everything <<less
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Wouldnt say much about it, it's a good novel with a generic mix of horror, fluff and comedy.

And unlike most yaois, the Shou is the most OP.

I would describe the relationship between the ML and MC as devoted, gradual and sweet.

... more>> It's an office affair in survival mode.

I loved it as a quick read, definitely shed a tear or two towards the end and even though the side characters were mostly transparent

I definitely liked one or two.

I also likes that the author had a transgender person in one of the arcs.

PS: MTL is readable except for confusing names

8.5/10 as a final rating <<less
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Dragon_Reader rated it
September 28, 2021
Status: Completed
MTL is readable.

This novel is not as much 'horror' as it is 'mystery' solving. While horror elements do exists (gore, killings, ghosts etc), as readers reading from MC's perspective we won't feel much horror coz MC has a ... more>>

super special identity which will be slowly revealed as the novel progresses


MC is very very calm, has almost no emotions (fear, happiness, sorrow etc) and cries whenever he is touched or eats sweets (which is basically his fav food). His tears are strangely capable of driving away ghosts/ demons.

ML is playful and mischievous and quite the narcissist. He is interested in MC and up-front sticks to MC without shame lol.

Their mysterious past, MC's lost memories and reason why ML (as a child) got MC's painting is beautifully explained by the system in the final horror instance.

Overall, an excellent book <<less
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July 11, 2021
Status: c6
This book is sooo awesome. But I really wish someone could translate this. I highly recommend reading this even though there is only the teaser so far. I already love the ML and MC.😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
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Kassandra rated it
September 4, 2021
Status: Completed
5 starts for me. I love it!

I won't tell another description for the story because upstairs, it already tells you of what to expect of this novel.

The writing of quality of the novel is good. I finished it in the raws and it was understandable.

The plot is good too. In each arcs I'm like, oh that's it, I'm being wowed by Chi Nan's intelligence. At first it may start slow because of his blindness but after the first arc it'll be okay.

... more>>

After the first arc, he'll directly be able to realize his wish, Heal his blindness, because he got so many favorability in there.


I love the arcs of this novel. They're unique in their own. Not the usual arcs like modern, ancient, interstellar, etc. Though, I don't like some of Chi Nan's coincidence teammates in every arcs. Hmp.

The ending... I have the 'i expected this but I'mma still surprised' expression. I love how the Author made the ending.

For the characters, oh, how I love the side characters! I even hope that there's a fanwai for Hei Chan. And unexpectedly, the late ship that I shipped, sailed at the end!! Happy for them.

The chapters may just be in 100 but it's fulfilling reading this. You'll end it with a smile.


Just one spoiler. Maybe not one, ehe.

Chi Nan and You Yu are destined lovers. So inseparable!!

In the title, there was a word 'Cycle' in it, its not the usual Nightmare 'World' in other infinite flow novels.

Because it's really a cycle.

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Reichie rated it
November 28, 2021
Status: Completed
The author didn't waste any chapters or did any fillers in regards to advancing their plot. So it may seem short (the chapters are not) but it's a story filled to the brim. It's easy to read it in one sitting.

The horror aspect of this novel is bearable and I think it's more fitting to describe it as mystery solving with supernatural elements. The emotions may not be that pronounced but the last arc/ending definitely made up for some lacking romance.

... more>>

The story of 9th never meeting Chi Nan again except in dreams is heartbreaking. He waited for him all his life.


I was satisfied enough with the ending except for a few things: *big spoiler*


So basically, they're stuck in an endless loop of time cycle. Meaning, all of this already happened to them and will again happen to another them in another timeline. Which is frustrating and just plain headache. I hate time paradox. And also, I was hoping for Chi Nan to visit Hei Cha cause he said he will but author never delivered it so eh. And I thought this while reading but, although Hei Cha definitely only think about Chi Nan platonically, he has all the qualities of a puppy second male lead. He's so sweet and so nice!


Unrelated review:


Gahd. Aside from this, I tried reading the author's other works and gd they're frustrating and the MLs are just a bunch of walking and talking red flags 🤮

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May 3, 2022
Status: Completed
I enjoyed it! I think overall, this was a very relaxing experience for me to read. Although most of the arcs are forgettable, I think the main point is to build up the relationship between the CP as naturally as possible. So for that, work-line/adventurous arcs being very chill (to the point where I had a hard time even remembering the cruise arc, + had to go back to jog my memory) is a forgivable case. A.k.a. Here for the romance + how it turns out is the exciting part.... more>> The infinite flow arcs are more like vacation trips to take with the couple, so less focus on that is fine.

I'm really sold by their relationship at the end of the novel! I enjoyed the shift in power dynamics, from ML having the higher position at the beginning, to being equals to being ??? Whatever they ended up being at the end lol. I enjoy that the ML becomes progressively less cool and more like a little 'gege~' brat by the end of the story. Like a smug little boy who ended up with his crush. I like it!! I like it alot!! And I also like the MC's reversal charm

Also a warning for those who are interested but it's kind of a slow burn? They don't get together until like, the very end. But it's a very fulfilling ride!! And it's not sadistic at all, dont be fooled by the first arc!! It's a very simple, sweet, interesting story about two oblivious dudes who end up finding out they like each other way more than they realized. I had a good time reading, I enjoyed it alot. So 4* for this one!! <<less
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Giratina rated it
November 18, 2021
Status: Completed
Well I absolutely loved this story it was so good!

I was hoping that Chi Nan would see Hei Cha and Tang Yu again since Hei Cha was one of my favorite characters

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ShadowAscetic rated it
November 5, 2021
Status: Completed
I didn't know that an Unlimited Flow novel can be this... relaxing? Idk. It's not scary but it's a pass for me. The characters are not too 2D and there's no big villain or whatsoever, it has good missions and the system isn't too inhumane.

MC stay in his character throughout the novel - he can only cry, but that's it. Sadness? Sorrow? Nonexistent. He can only cry while feeling nothing. Even after he and ML confirmed their feelings he didn't know what was like or what was love, he only... more>> know that he would rather die than live in a world without ML.

Once in a mission he killed ML and he felt lonely for a while, but in another mission he chose to commit suicide rather than killing ML It shows that his feelings began to grow steadily.

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
MissFay rated it
November 2, 2021
Status: Completed
The book is good! I adore the MC and ML, including the side CP. The horror isn't at all scary because the book is written in the MC's POV. (MC is emotionless, meaning he can't feel fear)

All in all, It was worth reading!
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November 2, 2021
Status: Completed
There's a lot of wasted potential. I thought wow a blind MC ! I'm wondering how he will solve the instances and then ... more>>

his blindness was solved after arc 1


Oh well I guess it will be difficult to continue to write a story like that okay then. Hey the dream makers seems like a interesting concept ! I wonder how's the other dream makers than ML will be, I'm sure it will be interesting !

in general, all I want is a quirky group of dream makers and their personal instances 'style' to be introduced, yknow to make the story more colorful, but nope, there's only ML and his lesbian friend


Finally big spoiler ahead

the ending was soo rushed, it's such a lazy conclusion too. For one, they said it's just a dream but how are you going to explain the disappearance of the mom that are in the middle of funeral and the streamer that were streaming ? There's no more explanation about the real world heck, even we don't know how is MC's body and acquaintance in real life going to do after MC decided to stay in the nightmare world forever. MC being a god is predicable, but the magic are not. WTF there's magic apparently in the past ?? But we have no foreshadowing whatsoever before that and no further explanation about the magic other than it exist


Other than that, this is a decently good novel. Veteran players actually acts like veteran, by that I mean most of them don't help nor destroy other players everywhere and just minding their own business. Queer characters has personality and their own specialized ability, other character in general are too unless it's some of the few cannonfodders, but I personally think they too, has personality, just high ego and too conceited. MC is a chill guy who has no goal other than enjoying the instances puzzle. Some said it's boring, others like me said it's relaxing. If you want to read a unlimited flow novel with little to no drama, here you go. The instances has a rule to go with that is it must be solvable by anyone, no luck bullsh*t nor specialized knowledge/abilities/talents/items that are needed to clear it, only brains and wits. Which is great cuz I don't like a**pull kind of situation. There's many deaths here too

I'm pretty sure there's no instances here with no casualties

Instances designs are wonderful, the dream makers element really helps with it. So give it a try ? <<less
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ylial rated it
September 17, 2021
Status: c26
The story is okay but I find it a little bland. I find this novel lacking. I agree with that the story isn't scary but it has gruesome scenes. Due to ratings, I expected it to be really good. Anyway, readers have different tastes in novels. I tried to read up to arc 2 to see if the reviews are justified,.. But it's not for me

What is good is that the characters have different personalities. But I don't agree much in the "characters are fleshed out" since some chara has... more>> this "pre-conditioned" personality and u can expect their next actions <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
August 28, 2021
Status: Completed
Incredibly interesting plots per Nightmare. The side characters are not similar at all and they have different quirks and personality. I was a bit reluctant to read it at first because I hate horror genre but I manage to finish this one. Not scary at all, maybe gruesome but luckily I got a poor imagination.

QAQ Cute moments with You Yu and Chi Nan. Their relationship was not established quickly as they only acknowledged and realized feelings towards near end.

"Chi Nan, you are my future." Chi Nan bb!!!

Can I just say... more>> I love Hei Cha, Rui Rui and Rui Rui's mom? Freaking great, you guys!!!

Lmaoo, You Yu's so dumbb with Jiu. 😂 Poor Jiu, don't worry! You Yu will make up for the lost years! <<less
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ReiMinu rated it
November 20, 2021
Status: c19
As you can see. I'm only on ch 19 rn, so I'm not gonna start judging stuff. NAd I can't handle mtl so, nope to that too.

First thing first, the synopsis. It draws one's interest. Well written. And the premise is nice and simple, yet hides a lot of mystery to unpack. And, the cover's pretty so that's a plus.

What I can say rn is that I definitely want more. The obviously 1v1 couple, the cheeky yet helpful in time ML, and the cute, cute, cute, adorable MC with proper... more>> brains. What adds to the plus is the, umm, author's note at the end of chapters, which are, quite yellow.


f*ck this sh*t I'm not good with words. I love their cute interaction! Chi Nan x Squid (could I expect some tentacle play? No? Ok.)

Chi Nan x You Yu ftw. And Hei Cha is pretty dope for a friend. It was really a pity for Cheng Xu tho. Go read this! It is quite good with the horror, cheers to the translator for that, it is creepy yet doesn't leave you scared.

But obviously if you wanted some real horror, as far as I read, this isn't the story for you.

Tldr. This is a story of Chi Nan steamrolling through the Nightmare Cycle and having fun with his boyfriends!

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