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Xie Chi is a patient with multiple personality disorder. On the surface, he is educated and gentle but the secondary personality is cold, ruthless, and powerful, with explosive strength.

Xie Chi can never fall in love with others because the secondary personality is his boyfriend.

Xie Chi’s only dream is to one day embrace his lover.

In order to realize his dream, Xie Chi willingly binded with the Horror Movie Actor App. The app regularly releases horror movie notices such as Spirit in Red Clothes, Zombie Lovers, 1552 Haunted House, etc…

Selected actors will be placed in a real horror environment to survive.

On the first day of filming, the first male lead with a dirty personality blocked Xie Chi in the corner. “Follow me and I’ll help you be the second male lead.”

Xie Chi smiled softly and shook his head. “That isn’t enough.”

The first male lead was dumbfounded.

Xie Chi smiled slightly. “Brother, help me beat him up.”

The secondary personality gave a cold smile to the first male lead.

End of the shoot, the first male lead: Xie Chi.

Others: Struggling to survive.

Xie Chi: Defy the natural order to change fate.

A combination of absolute wisdom and absolute force.

Starting from the 18th tier, Xie Chi will eventually become… the horror movie emperor.

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Diễn Viên App Phim Thần Quái
Língyì piàn yǎnyuán app
Надприродний застосунок для акторів
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166 Reviews

Tee jay
New Tee jay
Dec 05, 2023
Status: Completed
Omg! This is an absolutely fantastic, thrilling, wonderful, scintillating - I've run out of adjectives - read. Simply brilliant.

First of all, thank you to the translating team for a wonderful job.

Thank you to the writer for this brilliant novel.

... more>> When one reads the synopsis, you go like whaa... But after reading it, it just comes together and makes sense.

It's got everything, intrigue, mystery, thrilling fights, revelation after revelation. Just when you think that's all, there's a new plot twist.

Everything was rounded up nicely and there's no leaving the reader hanging or filling out some parts in their head.

Finally the MC and ML's love story is really beautiful, a love that spans lifetimes.

I couldn't put this novel down, truly a satisfying read. <<less
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New EnhArmy
Nov 28, 2023
Status: c184
I really enjoyed reading this one. The relationship was really interesting and unexpected, and it was a really fun read. If you want a lot of romance, then I probably would not recommend this one, but if you're looking for a novel that has unique relationships and lots of action, then this one is a good choice. What I particularly liked was the fact that the MCs were not the typical kind and generous characters who would sacrifice themselves for the "greater good". Both of them are morally grey and... more>> can be brutal when they want to be so. Another major pro of this novel is the amazing characterization. All of the characters are really fleshed out and it's easy to differentiate between them (very impressive considering the type of relationship they have..) <<less
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Apr 21, 2020
Status: --
I can't be the only one who read the synopsis and sorta just paused... and thought... how... do they smash?


I couldn't control myself and read the few translated chapters by the wonderful Chrysanthem Garden Team~

... more>> Needless to say it's suuuper interesting.

I enjoy how the author addresses the same weird phenomenon that's happened with different people that can be classified as "miracles".

Additionally, you're basically acting to level up so it's fresh and interesting for the BL genre. Basically, you act in the instance and the please the audience.

Very unsettling Yes? I'm pretty sure everyone can relate to the similar elements presented in the novel aka the red room.

Anyways, here are the highlights!

The MC/ML! They're super great and ahhh I love it!

ML's "s*upid f*ck"

MC's "s*upid f*ck"

You know it's gonna be a fun ride ;)

Come back once the author has finished~ then wait for translation or mtl~~ <<less
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Jun 04, 2020
Status: Completed

(edited on 28th August as I completed the MTL version.)

I was artbaited by the cover and I kid you not, the cover is so pretty and intrigued me A LOT!!! I was like, hmmm, two personalities in love and I wondered how it goes on, definitely not disappointed, it was something I didn't expect, given it's a first novel I read with /coughs/ multiple personality disorder /coughs/

The plot is well written, for the first... more>> arc as only it has been translated. I couldn't stop wanting more so I read the mtl version, which was very poor as compared to the translators' works (YOU SHOULD REALLY APPRECIATE THEM MORE!!!) You can definitely get the gist from mtl though /winkwonk/

Plot: 10 stars

CP: 1000 stars

The MC, some may find him too OP, however, it is explained why he's super powerful, so no worries for loopholes~ He's smart, no one can compare to this thoughts!! The MC and ML share such a loving and sweet relationship, the ML isn't overbearing, he's perfect: compromising, doting, caring, loving, sugar and spice and everything nice!!!! You can't ask for more!!! REALLY!!

Turns out that Xie Chi was molded out of a demigod and his wish before was to fall in love with himself, cause he didn't trust anyone. That's how Xie Xinglan came into existence and why they can communicate without any barriers.


Both of them together are very powerful one with brain, schemes, ideas, while the other with physical fitness and strength!!! Both of them are confident, calm and ruthless!!! Truly a powerful couple *starry eyes*

Shen Yi calls Xie Chi his son, and I really liked ShenSu CP~

but Xie Chi is his DAD HAHAHHA


All the arcs are well written, the element of horror is right there gripping at your neck or right behind your back, I couldn't go to the bathroom at night, it made me THAT scared lol. Every arc has so many twists and turns that I once felt s*upid as my thinking of the solutions were too simple. Loved the way every arc turned out!!! My review might seem too biased, but I definitely recommend this, the translation is AMAZING!!! No surprise cause it's from Chrysanthemum Garden~ Thank you so much for translating this amazing story!!! <<less
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Aug 28, 2020
Status: c46 part2
3.5 stars. This is good if you consider it as a pure survival novel. Good worldbuilding, good and unique CP. All check. Honeslty the CP in the synopsis just seemed fishy lmao but guys it works, dating your split personality works.

But if you're stepping into this for the mindgames and horror (like how it's kind of marketed), it'll be pretty mediocre. The MC is smart, certainly, but also partly luck-smart. Nothing rly makes you blow your mind. And first off the horror just isn't scary. Also no good/disgusting gore, so... more>> it doesn't leave much else. So the horror itself isn't even that scary to begin with, and now the MC is also OP. Idk which horror writer needs to hear this but THERE'S NO HORROR LEFT IF YOUR MC IS OP. Like what's there to fear? Just ride along with our wonderful MC and there's nothing to fear uwu.

So, well, if you just like horror themes but not the effect of horror, this'll be a perfect cheat. <<less
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Apr 24, 2020
Status: c117
Highly recommended ?

The author is really ingenious. The MC/ML response is different from the usual of the episodic arcs/infinite flow. Also, Every arc is different from the proceeding instance/movie. And you won't get bored.

the 5th arc becomes a little boring, but the story is still good since there are new elements and some twists but not exciting enough. I'm excited to know who is behind the pet organization and shenyi's role aside from being the MC's father (sperm donor)


There are lots of scenarios which I didn't expect. Hopefully, the succeeding arcs are good as well

Probably, the downside for me is the MC-ML talk. Since some dog food scenes are out of place. They are negligible anyway.

Still waiting for another 50 chapters since I don't like cliffhangers
20 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Apr 12, 2020
Status: c1
Good start. The personality of MC is very interesting plus the fact that his lover is his second personality. I really want to see how they interact, like taking turns to speak with the body or they talk in the mind.

Another pearl from RainbowTurtle-sama!!!!

Let's hope I can mtl it without headaches TvT.
18 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nov 24, 2020
Status: c1
Omg how can ppl write so good?. I dont know how to explain but the author and (translator) managed to literally make me feel what was happening was 3D and not 2D.

And all those twists and turns were not what I was expecting like hahaha 2 personalities in one body who are in a relationship with each other? Bomb ass combo

... more>>

Also I am still confused cuz it said MC was a pet and had an unremovable chip inside him so his 'mother' who doesnt rly care about him will know where he is at all times... but sike to that mom person cuz he got it out in the game haha anyway he got ML (coping mechanism when he was small cuz he was traumatized) ? Was it like human trafficking? Anyway haha gives me a reason to read this all over again to figure out the situation.


Another thing for ppl who are gonna say typical ML who is possessive?

    • This ML has a reason for it. When u are in a relationship you can maybe tend to feel insecure about things (even if he has told MC about what he is feeling, he would still feel that way it's ugly but often times it's difficult to control) and wanna have your partners reassurance and for ML he is probably more insecure then others because he doesnt have a body so he cant kiss or look out for MC. Obvious he can share mc's body but over time as a lover he would want to touch MC more ya know and care for him without hurting MC if he gets hurt. Because if defending MC, ML may get hurt so those wounds would travel to MC cuz it's his body. And letting ur lover have those injuries... is just.. it feels very bad that's all ima say. Also I think ML knows MC would never cheat but in the back of his mind he still thinks that it's prob better for MC to not date him? Because of their situation.
Also the fact where you can see the relationship of other's who are friends with MC get their 3world views broken or they have a character development is nice lol. The interactions also weren't the irritating types where you wanna start shipping the ppl who MC talks too cuz its more 'flirty ?' smh idk how to explain. Anywayy aside from all the comedy... cuz yes there is alot of comedy that had me scrunchin myself in a little round ball cuz I couldn't stop laughing, the horror had me not that afraid like sure my imaginative mind made up terrifying scenarios but some horror scenes are not new and u can expect what to see when u read a certain para. But for those u cant those were interesting.

The MC also goes in other genre's in the game. Like for example an apocalyptic genre but MC occasionally does do the other genre's as well. They are all good tho so no worries hahhaa

Another thing is that for ppl who wanna know how does MC feel about ML sharing a one body or the 'brother' 'brother' thing

    • Basically u can kinda see that MC was satisfied with having only a platonic relationship with ML in the early stages but when he was ready. Yes when he was ready to move more further than that he kinda tried to look for options so he could rly talk to his partner and have kisses, hugs or maybe even smex? I am sure that many times he did feel frustrated sharing a body with ML tho hahaha. Imagine MC going through puberty omgg ahahaha
    • Anyway for the brother thing I'm sure that when ML first appeared or was 'born' in mc's head per say it was a 'you are my brother' and 'i am your brother' kinda situation because ppl where MC live just call ppl brother regardless if they are familiar or not thats what I noticed anyway.
    • they called each other that until they started dating but they still stuck to the their way of calling because it was familiar to them and honestly they were in the same body so they were probably like 'no one can even see or hear what I call u so ima not change it..? ' Idk but I hope that u understood what I was tryna say hahah cuz english is nott my main language lmao so ignore my mistakes
And to the reader's who may have been deterred by reading something above me. Um pls read this book. Its great. BUT BEFORE U ARE GONNA READ THIS BOOK READ THE TAGS WITHOUT COMING BACK CRYING ABOUT HOW IT WAS NOT WHAT YOU EXPECTED.

Its a great book and if u cant handle reading it then dont? Thank you <<less
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Jul 30, 2020
Status: c120
Trust me. It will blow your mind... like literally. All arcs are written so well and unique that you wil keep reading and reading.

MC is a smart guy. ML is a smash guy. Their combo is invincible. Interactions are sweet. Scattering dog food left and right. Some scenes are nauseating that you will want to vomit. The story is still ongoing. I have high expectations.

MC past is also unique but we will still need find out more as it keeps us hanging. Twists are so twisted that you will feel... more>> like it can't be more twisting lol.

Anyway, it's an exciting and thrilling ride with occasional dog food.

I love it alot. <<less
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Aug 11, 2021
Status: Completed
I can't believe...I had the audacity to be skeptical about this novel and just stalled reading it--only to binge it right after I started it. Wow. So here were my skepticisms that rudely but rightfully face slapped me after I read the novel.

  1. My first concern was about self-cest. Like how is any part of the relationship going to work out? But then in the early chapters (ok, first chapter) it is confirmed that our MC's final goal is to get his ML a body. Also, you'll be really aware of them as two separate identities. I would rather think of it as MC with a tenant in his mind with his own traits that is part of the MC but at the same time not. So like basically you are you, but a hot person is occupying your body temporarily until he gets his own body. Confusing, but whatever apprehension you have about the "personalities" falling in love with each other, just drop it and think no more. Trust me.
  2. My second concern was that the beginning of the novel seemed like a classic ride to OPness for the MC. Logic seemed relatively simple. Yes, seemed. Because I was totally wrong. The novel is simple at first glance but as you explore f*cking everything becomes mindblowing. You think the first two horror movies were good but not outstanding enough for such a high rated novel? You could probably do that? Well! Think no more! Oh you poor thing--you really thought that appetizers were the main dish... If this was an invincible laptop I would've flung it across the room several times by now...
  3. My third concern: isn't this going to be a boring horror movie where the clues aren't even fully presented in front of you so you just rely on the MC to reveal seemingly nonexistent clues that just popped up out of nowhere to conduct his face slapping? Or maybe these clues will come from the tiniest detail and our MC will the make the weirdest jumps to get to his logic and NO ONE questions it. Meet number 4 for your face slapping of the day!
  4. My fourth concern was how dumb I was. I was so ass dung frolicky wrong it's hilarious. ALL the clues are presented to you just as all the clues are presented to the MC. For example, MC won't just spot a clue where you will have no idea about said crucial clue until he starts spouting his face slapping gimmicks. NOPE. If he sees the clue, you see the clue too. Everything is shown to you, from beginning to end. You will be solving the mystery with MC. But here is the terrifying thing--even when you are given extra omniscient perspectives, the MC will unlock a heaven-defying chain of logic that connects all the clues given to both you and him and it is never a far jump. Nope. It is right there in front of you. The only difference is--he was able to connect the clues and you were unable to. THAT IS SO GODDAMN FUN EVEN THO MY IQ's EGO TAKES SUCH A BAD HIT. And you'll get better at following his train of logic--my sixth sense came out so many times and I was pretty proud in guessing before the MC (of course, that was all before sh*t actually started hitting the fan... my poor IQ doesn't stretch that far *sniff*). Anyways, I loved that I could also solve stuff along with the MC. I wasn't just in the dark waiting for his move, but at the same time I couldn't get ahead of him. Now that's excellent writing. Keeps you at the height of engagement.
  5. Finally, my fifth concern was that I just wanted a good novel. One that gets my blood so pumped up and my eyes glued to the screen and gasping even at the "peaceful" moments and feeling SOMETHING from a novel. And this novel delivered. Full deserving of the 5 stars given to it. God, I feel blessed to read this TT
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Mar 20, 2021
Status: Completed
A novel that made me lose brain cells but in turn also grew me a whole new brain!

I'm typing this at 3am because I'm a fool who refused to sleep until I finished the last arc & extra chapters. No regrets! If you love spooks, horror-themed instances, an enticing premise starring a memorable power couple- you've come to the right novel! The premise should be a no-brainer: MC falls in love with his split personality & he enters a horror movie actor app to fulfill his wish of creating... more>> a separate body for his lover. The idea screams intrigue with a hint of taboo- cuz c'mon... falling in love with yourself is such a narcissus thing to do.

If you've enjoyed Surprise! Talent Show.. & Earth Online, you'll be pleased to know that you'll definitely be using your brain with this novel. The instances, personally for me, get increasingly more difficult to follow as the story progresses. Now it could be because my pea-sized brain can't comprehend as quickly & extensively as MC... ah let's face it, that's definitely the reason. Like Earth Online, I'm gonna shut my eyes to any details that may seem too incredulous or plot-holey. It's unlimited flow anyways... they could destroy the universe & I wouldn't even bat an eyelash as long as they end up with a HE.

My biggest mistake has to be choosing to read this novel at night. My preference for novels tend to lean on the fluffier side, so it's been quite a while since I've picked up a spooky story. But I dug myself a pit with this one because some arcs wouldn't let me sleep in peace!


Yes, I'm talking about the Haunted Mansion arc. That made me lose my appetite & refueled my forgotten fear of the dark & ghosts. Plus, I just have a fervent hatred & disgust for cannibalism


Main CP is HOT. Don't worry about dog-food, you will be served plenty. The dynamics between the two main characters had me drooling. MC is described as coldhearted, cruel even, but he actually is pretty passionate with the things he's interested in. He's like a cute horror-dork, not to mention he's the brains of this entire novel. ML is your brawn, MC's unrelenting strength, & just quite the opposite in nature. They're fire & water in one body, which makes the ship-dynamics-obssessed me swoon. Truly, their interactions are pretty hilarious to read, some are even too embarrassing to say aloud.

My favorite line:


"In fact, people aren't afraid of failure. They are most afraid of getting no result or feedback. Every time people do something, they hope to get results within a short period of time. Once they don't get it, they will quickly lose interest."—c94

Possibly my favorite quote only because I resonated with it so much. This novel surprisingly throws out some really good philosophical dingers & I'm more than pleased to have had my brain wrung out through the entirety of the arcs.

Most memorable arc.. again for terrible reasons: haunted mansion.

The one that made me think hard: tarot game

The one that screwed up my 3 worldviews: Living Hell

The one that I could not follow AT ALL: horror skewers (specifically hide & seek)

In short, this novel has successfully slapped me with yet again another painful realization that I would most likely die first if I ever entered a setting like this.


TL;DR super worthwhile action horror novel! Plenty of spooks, good dog-food, big brainy instances! <<less
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Sep 24, 2020
Status: Completed
*kneels to the author*

The way that the plots are intricately designed and written is simply *chef's kiss* my gosh! I love it.

The MC is really smart.

... more>> The great reveal at the end and everything else is so womderful! I'm unable to form coherent sentences since I'm still amazed by everything that I've read.

I'm so happy at the ending.

This novel is a really great read and the MTL is also easy to understand.

Waaaahhhhh!! This novel is really awesome. Plot twist after plot twist!

Btw, the audience are quite cute. Especially at the last arc. I can really relate. <<less
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Mar 24, 2021
Status: Completed
Really smart MC.

Read if you like:

  • Thriller (with a touch of gruesome ghost/horror elements)
  • Moral main characters who are also ruthless (not Holy Mother type, but also not evil/selfish/random killing)
  • Very very OP MC (each villain progressively jump in power, but MC is able to keep up)
  • Mastermind/genius/Sherlock-Holmes type MC
  • Leveling-up type (main character goes from strong to stronger)
  • Mystery-solving, well thought out overarching plot, and interesting philosophical ideas
    • such as existentialism, nihilism, hell/heaven, etc.
    • pretty good worldbuilding, a sense of continuity and intersection with real life (unlike some other infinite flow stories which seem to take place in a totally alternate fantasy dimension)
Overall an excellent read and very well-foreshadowed and interconnected plot.

Translation is pretty good as well.
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Apr 22, 2020
Status: c1
The moment I read that multiple personality disorder patient that falls in love with his other personality I got hooked! Haha, such an interesting characters. Wonder what will happen in their ending~

Thank you for always bringing us awesome stories to read, Rainbowturtle-saaaaan! ?❤
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jun 09, 2020
Status: c117
What the heck I’m absolutely blown away by the plot that the author has come up with.. It’s so amazing how she manages to piece everything together especially for the Haunted Mansion instance. ? also I read to the latest update and wtf she just casually drops the fact that

Shenyi is Xiechi’s father

like ????????? Can any of y’all feel me HAHAH

if you don’t read this ure missing out
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dec 16, 2020
Status: Completed
A cute, slightly terrifying, and unique read. I really like the whole plot design since everything actually makes sense, something that other infinite flow novels don't do. I also like how the MC and ML are pretty realistic, but I do admit that they do have their OP moments. Their interactions are really cute and it's really funny whenever the MC laughs or blushes when he is alone. One piece of advice though: do not search up the dishes in the horror movie arc, especially Three Squeaks Mice. I'm still... more>> scarred from it. Actually do it, I want to drag everyone else down with me. Make sure to watch the videos. They are very 'exquisite.' Also find something to eat. It helps a lot.

Also another unnerving aspect of the romance is the fact that dog food scenes happen at the weirdest times. Like an important character is hanging between life and death and the MC and ML would be flirting with each other. Please have some respect for the dead and dying.

Edit: I just finished and this is amazing. The author really is trying to give me a heart attack from all those close calls. OMFSJDJKH ITS SO GOOD. READ IT.

Their relationship is similar to Global Entrance Exam, like the whole losing their memories part after being at the top and reentering the game.

6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nov 10, 2020
Status: Completed
Even Though there are already a lot of reviews stating how good this novel is, I want tell it myself too.

This is a really good novel. I love the MC just the way he is, cool and calm. MC and ML make an OP pair

The plot is 5 stars. The translation is 5 stars. Basically among the best novels for me. The arcs are good and the horror element of the novel is spot on.

I definitely recommend this to those who wanna read BL horror qts.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sep 01, 2020
Status: Completed
Tbh I wanted to give this more of 4.5 stars.

Each movie was interesting and this is one of the best choices if ur in the mood for an op MC who basically solves everything on their own then this is a pretty good choice.

Personally, I dont think people who also want to try and understand what is happening will have such a fun time reading this because he goes about it in a very Sherlock Holmes way where you always follow MC and can be sort of a brain dead... more>> reader LOL.

MC + ML dynamic was entertaining. I liked them together but then I read the ending and maybe since its mtl something got lost in translation but I didnt like the ending. Big spoiler below...


I mean I saw it coming... abt how ML rlly is just a split personality but rlly? U couldnt find anyone to love, so the app made u love urself??? Like narcissism brought to another lvl... Id rather ML just be some other person who got thrown into his body than that but oh well. It makes sense in the end so thats okay


Theres only two things I wish for was author writing more abt how MC n ML first met, how MC felt abt having this 2nd personality, and how they went from a brother relationship to a “brother relationship” Gimme the backstory (ノ-_-) ノ ~┻━┻

and near the end of the book for author to

write just 1 world where MC n ML r in different bodies, like frim MC having his wish fulfilled not cuz of world settings

so yea those r my only desires for this book otherwise itz a fun read! <<less
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May 09, 2020
Status: c71
I am absolutely in love with this novel. MC and ML being split personalities is an incredibly interesting concept which is also greatly helped by just how sweet and loving they are. They are also the typical OP power couple, with MC being the brains and ML being the brawns. But although they are OP, the author still manages to put them in challenging situations.

But the absolute best part is definitely the audience. There is an audience always watching the movies MC acts in and their comments are the absolute... more>> best. So far each movie is also different and unique, which helps keep things fresh and interesting.

The only con is that the original work is still ongoing. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aug 28, 2021
Status: Completed
Wow!!! Just wow!!! I have no words to express my appreciation for this story. The storyline - BRILLIANT, characters - SUPERB, theme - AWESOME. The author is amazing. The way their brain worked is simply astounding. I sincerely thank the author and the translator for bringing us this piece of rare gem💎🙌. SIMPLY AMAZING.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aug 20, 2020
Status: Completed
This is a distinctive horror/suspense/comedy/mystery/gore/romance/supernatural series that's not ashamed to play with evil. Although the original idea provided is that the main character has dissociative identity disorder, the writing continues dropping hints that this may not be entirely true. In fact, it is suggested that, although the ML is contained within the MC's body, he may have different origins altogether. Mysteries surround the two main characters, and they have background histories in the real world and with other characters they encounter, leaving me thirsting for more information.

One thing that makes... more>> these series stand out against its competitors is the overarching plot development that is guiding the plot in a standard direction instead of having just a bunch of random games appearing. Another important detail is that all of the characters are fleshed out, including all of the secondary characters, and they each have their own backgrounds, personalities, and motivations. One is blind. They really bring the plot together and make the MC more likeable.

The MC has a combination of both good and evil traits, feeling more like a real person. He's loyal to his friends, even though he pretends he doesn't care about them, and he's ruthless toward his enemies. He does not care at all about people he doesn't know. He's a successful horror artist. I'm not sure what the ML is yet. His friends have their own personalities, innocence, and ferosity unique to their own characters instead of just acting the same.

Excellent world background. Excellent character design. Excellent follow-through with the plots. The romance is oddly creepy, weird, and bizarre, which is an excellent choice for this genre. Overall, I strongly recommend this series. <<less
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May 27, 2020
Status: Completed
Definately recommend!

I just finished the first arc and can confirm that this is the best of best in the horror category.

The MC is clever and he and ML are already a power couple, and not to mention the plot is well written and thought out as well.

... more>> plus !! It's translated by rainbowturtle so you already know the translation is of great quality, and that it'll a good novel because practically everything rainbowturtle picks up is worth reading

edit: I just reread it all again. It's so f*cking good omg, the ending is flawless. Every single arc is amazing. Definitely will reread again numerous times in the future <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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