I Became a God in a Horror Game


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After losing his job Bai Liu became involved with an unstoppable horror live streaming game full of various monsters and players with killer intent.

Initially, everyone thought Bai Liu was just an ordinary person who strayed into the game.

Later, they realized it was this game that welcomed its god with victory and a laurel crown saying, “Welcome home.”

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45 Reviews

New conniefights
May 12, 2022
Status: Completed
The writing is very good. But it is extremely plot driven so if you want romance most of it will be from your imagination until later chapters. MC is cool, smart, and ruthless even towards himself but it’s refreshing. TBH I shipped MC w the side characters cuz the romance is sooo slow burn and there are plenty of moments that make you think “yea they’d be good together”.
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New KichiX
Apr 30, 2022
Status: c78
This is one that stayed with me due to the rage-inducing first arc:

(this spoils the entire pay-off for the first arc)

... more>>

So he buys the alcohol and the water bubble or whatever when it's super cheap, right? And then he uses it the most efficient, effective and incredibly innovative way later, right? BUT HOW DID HE KNOW THAT HE WOULD BE ABLE TO DO ANY OF THAT???

It makes LITERALLY NO SENSE when you stop and think about it. Unless he could predict the future, he would have NO WAY to know that he would end up on the lifeboat or whatever at night surrounded by the fish creatures who fear fire and hence buying the alcohol would be useful. The water bubble is somewhat more forgivable because at least it was recommended as a useful item, but everything else?

The author wanted him to pull a clever one but forgot that it's not clever if it's literally just the hand of the author.


Likewise, his "plans" in later arcs are mapped out to an impossible degree - he predicts what everyone is going to do down to the slightest action and then... the characters do exactly what he predicts. Again, it's not clever - it just feels like the hand of the author. High Energy QR Code suffers from this a little, but it's pulled off much better and the MC in that has to adapt his plans due to unforeseen circumstances etc.

The mystery of how the game world and reality are connected is what kept me reading this - the arcs are fun to read if you disengage your brain and don't think too hard (or you'll have a melt down about the wonky logic - see above).

Overall, a series that's easy to get swept away in while you're reading it, but if you stop to think, you'll find the flaws very quickly. <<less
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Nov 05, 2020
Status: c158
this became my novel of choice to lie in bed and procrastinate on studying for my midterm for 9 hours. was it worth it? objectively, no. subjectively.... also no.... im gonna fail my midterm.......

but this is a really good plot with great worldbuilding and a diverse cast of characters. like, god, where was this gem hiding in a sea of horror system novels? probably one of the best ive read yet, and its still ongoing.

might elaborate further later but am kind of in a pickle regarding my, uh, midterm.
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Nov 26, 2020
Status: c179
This novel is beautiful.

If you want an infinite flow novel that has a cute-ass MC and an overpowered ' i'll carry you through all instances' gong, then this is not for you.

This novel's MC is assertive, deranged, and calculating.

He's not one of those ice-cold manipulators from the back that just watches you jump like a clown. He's a madman greedy enough to take everything with the necessary skills to back it up. He'll make you believe that a thing's 100% sure even if it's just 50%. As long as it's... more>> worth it, he'll dare risk his life.

There's something with this leader of the Wandering Circus that's different from the other infinite flow mc's.

He's a devil.

He didn't solve the instances because he wanted to save his life with his friends along the way. Neither did he solve it to get his destined lover. He did it for himself. His own fixations. His own greed. His own obsession. His desire to hoard for wealth is what keeps him going and I find it really nice to see him succeed. Even if he does evil things that'll hurt mankind. There's just a unique charisma present by following the actions of a madman.

Bai Liu's a broken character. And he never pretended otherwise.

Other than this novel's charismatic MC, it also has the instances going for it. The setting of the world is intricate and well-founded. I read it till the latest arc which is the 'Rose Factory' arc and I can say that every outcome is foreshadowed one way or another. The first main antagonist also comes in before the arc and I can just say I'm impressed even though I am very much annoyed at the antagonist. The author managed to create an antagonist where it doesn't feel wrong for him to know the mc's actions and read the mc's moves. It is also in line with the world's settings.

Although the romance bit is very much missing for a BL novel, (I swear even in the latest chapters the ML is just so rare to see) the side characters are more than enough to make up for that. The relationships among the characters in this world are very amusing to speculate on and keep me hanging to see what'll come.

I'll probably change my rating if there are any drastic changes to where this novel is headed but I really like it the way it is right now. If you feel that the translations are slow you can probably decide to support the author buy buying the chapters for the novel in advance just like what I did, although it'll be in chinese text. <<less
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May 15, 2021
Status: c161
i read until chapter 161 (rose factory starting arc).
... more>>

my status right now: DROPPED

I'm very disappointed. the 1st two arc were really really good. 5 star to both. 3rd arc is getting downhill. too many deux ex machina. so many repeated scenes that were like, "actually this thing happened at previous scene but just wasn't revealed to the reader" and it left a bad taste on my mouth. once or twice are acceptable but it was done several time throughout the arc. 2 star for 3rd arc.

and then come the "reality" interlude titled Dangerous Heresy/Heretic, and it just get off the rail. suddenly there was a parallel time-line hunter that want to capture/kill Bai Liu based on future crimes that Bai Liu apparently destined to commit. the hunter even mol*sted Bai Liu during interrogation (he fingerf*ck Bai Liu's mouth ewww) and Bai Liu just doesn't resist. tf? I'm so mad. I also really HATE the hunter's conceited presumptuous holier-than-thou attitude while being a drunkard and Bai Liu wants to recruit him into his team? tf?!

and don't get me started on the illustrious ML. he is only mentioned on the author note. the actual character barely appeared. but it was indicated that ML is a cthulhu-like entity and hey, "actually" Bai Liu might be one as well. I'm rolling my eyes so hard right now.

in conclusion, only the 1st two arc are actually unlimited flow story. the rest are just nonsense from the left field the author shoe in as cash grab from their gained "angels" aka cash cow.

and I'm super disappointed because arc 1 (siren town) and arc 2 (exploding train) are really good & interesting. unfortunately, all the good things that were inferred there were just tossed aside by arc 3. it all goes, "actually, it was like this so whatever said in arc 1 & 2 are rendered null & void". ugh... so sad & mad. to think I found a good unlimited flow but was left hanging. well, I'm off to find other story to read.

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Nov 01, 2020
Status: c154
It's really good. Took the whole day to read the the novel. Mtl-ed till the current chapter.

Chrysanthemumgarden really doesn't let me down with their selections of bl.

Looking forward for the translations of CG so that I can read this novel again at CG till the ending of the novel.
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Feb 16, 2021
Status: c144
I have to temporarily drop this novel here due to the introduction of the main antagonist literally giving me a headache.

I absolutely love MC to death. He is the devil you sell your soul to, but he will always upkeep his end of the deal too. He is 100% manipulative and cunning and I love it.

ML rarely appears but its so sweet when he does. It does make it worth the scarce few times he appears.

The side characters are also amazing. They are humorous yet capable, and each have their... more>> own strength and flaws.

Although the arcs are kind of getting ridiculously long since by chapter 144 it is only between arc 3 and 4.

But what made me drop it temporarily is the main antagonist. He is absolutely annoying and the author gave him wayyyy too much screen time. He is annoying in an over-confident justice-obssessed idiot kind of way, so it get incredibly grating when the author gave him 2+ chapters of monologue! Why author why. Then after those chapters just when I think I can move on it starts a flashback into his past. Why!!!! I really don't give a crap about him at this point. If the author needs the flashback then put more of his monologue into the flashback! But 2+ chapters of monologue and 1+ chapter of past flashback is long for any character, not to mention one so annoying he gave me a literal headache. <<less
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Mar 22, 2021
Status: c326
Rating 4.5/5

Unlike any other novel of its genre. Unique world building, amazing characters and developments, romance done beautifully, MC that can stand up for himself without ML ✓

My only complaints are: each arc is really long, and it can get quite boring sometimes. However, they always end in amazing ways. Also, the feels. Author did not warn me of the feels. I cried quite a lot. (Or maybe I'm just a crybaby)

The story starts normally like any other unlimited flow genre with a physically weak but smart MC. What makes me stay and read this despite how normal it looks is the MC's way of thinking. He thinks in such a unique and crazy way that any other people wouldn't've thought of and dared to try. He's a money loving gambler! The plot starts to pick up at the third arc, and just gets more and more amazing. Everything starts to unravel slowly, and you realize everything has been foreshadowed from the beginning and there's more than what is shown. Like, so much more.

The horror part is also good. Some of the description is just pure grotesque. But what really gets me is that some of them are just disturbing in a way it can actually happen in real life. Characters are really fleshed out. Especially so for the main cast. None of them are perfect, and you might think they're useless or selfish or hateful, but once you get their backstory and see their growth, it's just.. Wow. Character development is real. One thing to note about the characters, none of them are good or evil. They're all grey characters with their own moral standards and circumstances. This is especially so for the MC.

The MC is:


Manipulative and ruthless, even to himself! How many times did he come out of the instance almost dead :') But you'll get to see more of him throughout the story.


As for the romance, it's superrr slow burn. In fact, ML rarely appeared in the beginning. I think in the first 100 ch. It's at one point, I actually ship MC with one of his teammate lol. But there's a reason why MC and ML are the CP! Each of their meeting, short as it was, are always so precious! All in all, this is a really great novel. If you like unlimited flow genre this is a must!
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Nov 02, 2020
Status: c227
I read this novel from the raws, and I quite like it so far.

I liked how it goes so far and the game plots, mainly in the first two arcs (The Siren Town and The Last Bus).

MC schemes/tricks are very satisfying. His tactics revolve around him and his cooperation with his teammates trusting in him.
Each character in the story has a distinct personality and trait, with some characters have something in common.

The MC
... more>>

Bai Lu is a wise-maniac that goes beyond human limits. He's greedy because of money and spends on cheap products because he doesn't want to spend lavishly. He is a keeper to his promises IF he got something in return or the person trusts him in their life.

For example, he is severely injured, to the point that he has one life left, yet, he still wants to court himself to death and lived.
If someone wants him to do something and their price is valuable, he does not fail their expectations.

And you know what is more incredible? He treats the horror game like a JOB. Even I could not believe it.

He also has the worst luck of them all, like goddamn! (And this is just my theory, but I think the reason why his luck is zero is due to our ML. Who is- !)


I'm looking forward to ML and MCs relationship. They are very cute together. Though, It may take longer because:


ML rarely shows up. He mostly shows up at a critical time.

Xie ta/Sheta/Taville is a being that has been put to slumber until MC appeared in the game world. Originally, he's related to MC's past and MC's weakness.

I can say that he's not an overbearing character from the way he interacts with MC. He's an aloof person with an aura that could make anyone think differently, blaming him. I think he likes poetry or philosophy due to his words.

In the game, he subtly helps MC. However, he has limits to doing so.

Interactions from Ch. 215
(My Favorite Part from the Rose Factory Arc)


Italic sentences are Tavielle talking to Bai Lu.

"My future? What about you? Your summer will not wither, right?" Bai Lu joked.

"I don't have summer.

I only... shared your summer.

This summer is pleasantly beautiful. It's the most beautiful summer I've ever seen, but these... don't belong to me.

I will always leave."
"You're leaving again, aren't you?" Bai Lu asked.

"We will meet again.

This place is not your rosy summer. I won't stay here, and you should not stay here.

When the sun disappears in three quarters, there will be people looking for you. Don't be afraid of the difference brought by death. Don't be scared of the damaged inverted cross in the middle of a snowfield

Don't be afraid of living or dying.
Don't be afraid that I will leave your summer.

I am a *Spoiler* without summer, but I have the whole winter waiting for you."


Ps. Chrysanthemum Garden is the best! I like most of their translations. Their selection of BL's is top-notch! <<less
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Jul 19, 2021
Status: --
This novel deserves a 5++ rating for its first two arcs. It was so good and engaging. You have an MC who is a madman who doesn't care about anything else other than money. I just loved his character. But after those two arcs the story goes downhill faster than a slide. The repeated and dragging arcs that follow the first two has become so unbearable to read. If the first two arcs were just ordinary then reading the rest of the story would have been fine but the first... more>> two arcs just makes the expectations sky high so when it is not met afterwards the disappointment become huge. <<less
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Nov 28, 2020
Status: c158
Really love this!! 💕 I'm a fan of plot-focused novel and horror/survival infinite flow. This one suits my taste. MC is really calculative and I like the first 3 stances, however the heretic bureau chapters (reality) really pisses me off. Will wait for rose factory arc to be finished before reading

Not recommended for those who like novels with fluff, and focuses on omance bet MC and ML.
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Nov 07, 2020
Status: latest
Everything below is a SPOILER! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! (Also, this is just an outburst from reading the novel for 2 straight days)

It is very slow romance. Slow in terms that the ML is appearing almost at the end of the copy. Well, it wasn't still explained in the novel as to why he was weak (sleepy after being awaken) but powerful. (One thing is... He is an evil God.)

But I was really absorbed in reading this novel that I bought it from jjwxc and read it... more>> there. (This way I can support the author, hehe) And in there, I was really impress how MC's brain works!! He's too awesome! He is very impressive in terms of how he solves and always one step ahead of the enemy. And wondering why he's intelligence is only 89 when he more looks like 100! He could turn over everything even if his luck is 0. Very amazing!!

"This is my transaction and cooperation with him, and compliance with the transaction, is my basic ethics as a wanderer." -Bai Liu

Ahhhhhhhh!!! I love him very much! That's why, I was truly irritated when someone from the Bureau who is a time traveller or so he said, came. He's super annoying! I want to proceed with the storyline! But because of his interruption, the latest chapter is the beginning of the third copy! Ahhhh!!!! He's super duper annoying! I want to smoke his face! I hope his appearance doesn't interrupt the storyline anymore huhuhuhu.

Oh oh! And I want to see Spade! The first in the game. As he didn't appear as of yet in front of the MC. I suspect his identity somehow heheh.

That would be all for now.^^ <<less
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Aug 26, 2021
Status: c80
Agreed with most ppl here, first 2 arcs were good. I liked horror and suspense there, otherwise, it's too f*cking Mary Sue-ish for my liking.

After savoring the first 2 arcs, you realize there's nothing much more this novel can give ya. You know he always gonna survive 'cause the god-level NPC took a liking to him, he always gonna be the 1st, gonna break record after record, become the best out best... Feels like the "weak to strong" tag is there just for show.

Most don't, but I like it when... more>> the protag loses once in a while lmao. It breaks the immersion when you know that he's gonna beat everyones' asses and come on top every damn time.

Anyways, I guess ya get the point. Liking Mary Sue protags is all good, but writing a Mary Sue protag in a f*cking horror novel is a sin deserving a one-way ticket to hell.

P.s: 3 stars for good translation and first 2 arcs. <<less
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Oct 25, 2021
Status: c55 part2
Too much deux ex machina.

The resolution of the first arc was incredibly eye rolling for me.

... more>>

He survives an attack from the boss villain by having 0.5 health points or some decimal number. Just plain ridiculous. There's no rhyme or reason.


For a character who allegedly has objectively 0 luck (according to his stats), he sure is damned lucky.

But I decided to stick with it and the second arc doubled down on the MC having some masterful plan or surviving due to plot armor when no other character can. It's hard to describe it, but basically the character doesn't feel smart, just every other character feels dumb. <<less
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Jan 19, 2021
Status: c226
This book has a really interesting premise and I really like it at first but every single instance felt like it lasted a lifetime and slowly got more and more boring. I’m not too into books about horror but I tried this and I like it but it just wasn’t interesting enough to read over 100 chapters especially when I was so done with the book and was only there to see where the relationship would go only for it to not even really be mentioned. I don’t mind books... more>> without romance but this was just sort of boring. <<less
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Nov 08, 2020
Status: --
I really like MC!!!

The arc / games is really good! I love it very much. Every game is creative and interesting.

... more>>

Will author really give us 50 minimum games or will they skipped the games? I will be dissapointed if they skip the game progress to the fighting arc.


For me, personally.. I don't think the romance itself necessary.. I think without romance the story itself still be good.


MC met ML end of arc 1, in the end he ask for kiss.

Then many more ambiguous request which is kinda abrupt.

They meet every ending games and he always ask for flirtatious request

I get it he appreciate boss design, but.. Like ???

I ship MC with his police friend, because without the police friend he will went astray, too bad the police has girlfriend, and author seems to 'forced' MC too the bug npc..


Even though I don't like the romance part, I still feel this story is great!! I love MC's personality, bottom line, his relationship with his comrade, police friend, and creative game! I think I know where this will lead to.


He was caught and asked, why he dont have the coin, and was judged as the game maker.

He was confused why MC is different in this timeline

Which make me THIS IS BECAUSE OF POLICEEE FRIEEEND, he protect MC to not lead into astray!!

sigh too bad my ship will sink I think..

I will read for games, horror vibe, not romance.



  1. I read for MC's personality, moral, bottom line, relationship with his friend
  2. I read for horror, and each arc / games
  3. I do not read for romance, cause I feel it isn't necessary to couple MC with him
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Jul 06, 2021
Status: chp451
Finally, I've read until the latest chp! It was a bit boring in the beginning due to too many chps in an arc, but I was so engrossed upon reading all of the plot twists. MC is calculative, manipulative, yet he keeps his promise, unlike the past replica.

I always thought that MC at least had normal friends among his group, but he does not have at all! I'm quite conflicted towards Lu Yizhan, MC's best friend. His identity is well-hidden unless you realised it. I find that the person who... more>> suffered the most is him; when u read his backstory. Sometimes, I find he is too kind to MC, yet this kindness changes MC to be a person who follows the rules and regulations, unlike his countless past replica. ML provides a chance to Lu Yizhan, which maybe can win the final game set by the evil god.


ML have previous identities that he doesn't remember; 1) when he was 14 years old 2) god-level NPC

The best moments in the 7th game. ML is so innocent, that sometimes I feel so embarrassed for MC. The best part was MC and ML was talking about g-spot, while the NPC is having their good times and was caught. So, ML talks about it, which makes MC feels awkward and embarrassed. Moreover, on the wedding night, he thought cond*ms were to blow balloons, and blow so many that he even need to borrow and buy new ones. 😂

chp426 are the best (like side stories) about their daily life with kisses and ftb scenes (FINALLY, got some actions)

Now, I'm so excited for the current game world, since MC and ML are battling to win in a life and death situation. <<less
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Mar 16, 2021
Status: c300
WARNING: For people who search for fluff and lovey dovey romance, then this novel is really not suitable, so please don't come and ruin the ground and insulting this novel full of high intensity plots because you can't find CUTE MC, OP ML, and lovey dovey scenes here *rolled eyes*.

This novel has one of the best MC, because he does everything by his own (not being carried through games by OP ML like other novels). The MC is very charming, his personality is really bewitching, he is a true born... more>> leader and tactician, able to nurture his subordinate, understand their strength and weakness and draw the best of their abilities.

Note to the reviewer before me, PYONYAN.

The content that the reviewer said above is absolutely not correct, about the things that say; "main antagonist" wasting flashback for 2 chapter, that's a BIG NO! The guy who appeared in the arcs around chapter 140 is:


That guy is the future older brother for the MC!!!!!! That's one of the most loyal supporter for the MC in the future chapters damn it QAQ It's f*cking big misunderstanding to say he is an antagonist, and even saying he is wasting two chapters QAQ His flashback is very important to the whole plot in the novel, and also very important towards the MC. The guy himself will become a very important character who stand beside the MC...


This novel is still ongoing as of March 2021, so many of the novel contents are very different. What happened in chapter 140 is very different when it comes to chapter 200. And what happened in chapter 200 will be very different in chapter 300. And this novel is not even half finished (I guess, from the timeline and the main plot). The antagonist in chapter 100 can become a brother in chapter 200. The passerby in chapter 200 can become a secret boss in chapter 300. This is the way this novel work, LOL.

But I have to say, this novel is really unlike Unlimited Flow! THE PLOT AND THE ENTANGLEMENT BETWEEN CHARACTERS IS THICKER THAN BLOOD!

I mean, this novel's plot really is not simple at all. The plot is not as simple, and the character's development is also well drawn. For people who love detailed plot and no plotholes, this novel is really the best. For people who don't really care about romance, this novel is really the best.

The MC and ML are very lovable. The MC is not the most genius guy in the novel, but he's the best tactician who understood his own and his comrades' strength and weakness the best, able to draw the best of their ability in a match. The romance in this novel is a subplot. The ML even rarely appear (poor ML QAQ), but once he appears he's super sweet and good. Until chapter 240, there's still not enough information about the ML's complete background and his resolution of romance with the MC. I actually like this novel that is thicker in plot than the romance, so I still enjoy it a lot. <<less
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Feb 14, 2021
Status: c100
not bad. The MC is different enough to hold my interest but only to a point as it's yet another story with a penny-pinching, money-grubbing MC focused on making money (at least this one doesn't have debt and a sick family member). So far he's not an idiot, which is good, and the game system and world building are OK. Not much romance, but I wasn't expecting any at this point (usually IF novels seem to have it much later in the story).

there's already a lot of padding in this... more>> story and after the second copy the chapters take a steep jump from 27 (train) to 55 (orphanage) and then on to even longer. Some people will love all the detail and minutiae, and some will get impatient and find it drags. I found it dragged at times. gonna leave it at a 4 for now but honestly it dropped to 3.5 after the orphanage copy. Between the copy length and the inclusion of a game league as though this were LoL and not a survival/death game, I'm not in a hurry to read ahead anymore. Think I'll drop it for now and come back when it's been properly translated. <<less
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Nov 30, 2021
Status: c31
I can't believe this is rated so highly

At first, I enjoyed the sense of humor and the eccentric behavior of the MC, I had high hope especially because of the high rating, I thought it would continue and get better. Then I feel the tense and spooky atmosphere and like it a lot, the first encounter was pretty well done, but... it goes downhill from there.

... more>>

The MC was portrayed as a rare genius who is very bold and reckless because he loves money more than his life, but other than a few instances where he is rather observant, most of the time it was luck and deus ex machina at work despite his luck supposed to be 0. It is a common tactic that inexperienced writers use, to put a little bit of hint here and there so that the MC could deduce very specific information or situation that is well beyond common sense to make them looks smart because the less information you have the higher your IQ, BIG BRAIN!!! It is a similar mindset to mary sue where the protagonist can do everything and anything on their first try without learning or practice and have no flaws, that means they are strong and likable right?

But that wasn't the worst part, I enjoy misunderstanding and comedy genre where nothing makes sense as long as it is funny and interesting but after the first few chapters the comedy is gone and the tone has been mostly serious so the author expects us to take it seriously which I cannot. But even then it didn't bother me too much, I'm used to reading garbage and the story and world-building are interesting enough that I could continue reading however, the worst part of it all is the goddamn peanut gallery aka backseat gamer that would appear once in a while and more and more often as the story reach its peak, they are the viewer/spectator that is supposed to be the veteran that has at least cleared the first mission and watching the MC for fun or gain information and their comments are pure cringes, it is so painful I have to take a lot of effort to continue reading until at least I finish the first arc/mission because I'm so curious as to why people love this mediocre novel so much. If it was only one or two then it won't be so bad, it makes sense for some people to be spiteful ironically or not but it was ALL of them with one exception and he is supposed to be the voice of reason in this insane asylum.

The dynamic goes like this, the MC does something unorthodox that doesn't seem to make sense so the peanut gallery steps on MC calling him s*upid and leaves his stream but then the MC is actually a genius and actually do really well against the challenge and and and the peanut gallery praise him and his viewer count rise and he gets thumbs up but then MC does something unorthodox and rinse and repeat FOR OVER 10 TIMES IN 20 CHAPTERS goddamn it was beyond annoying. They exist solely to make the mediocre MC seems like a genius because if everyone has a negative IQ then even a normal person seems extraordinary indeed, especially if that normal person has bulletproof plot armor and the blessing of deus ex machina God who is also his boyfriend.

Shonen Ai/Yaoi is nice and all but how the f*ck does this get an 80% 5-star rating?

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Oct 28, 2021
Status: c257
Arc 1 is underwhelming and honestly I don't include it in any kind of tier list for this novel because how different it is from other arcs. It's because this arc main intention is to introduce the world/game, how it works, and what MC's personality is. Now this novel heavily focused of teamwork, and by teamwork I mean MC's sl*ve doing whatever his command is no matter how outrageous it is, even if it will kill him. It main plot point is how MC will strategize no matter how desperate... more>> the situation is, and how he will absolutely takes a much harder path just to increase his final reward with his seemingly crazy solutions. Which is why arc 1 stick out like a sore thumb in my mind cuz it's a solo instance (and the economic manipulation can't be used anymore after this) + in this arc it really shows how the author confused/haven't decided how their story will be (imagine, at first bai liu will be a herbivore like those mainstream BL MC lol, makes me laugh for weeks).

MC is a charming devil, you know he's dangerous but willingly wants to get close to him. He's obsessed with money even it will cost him his life. He's a genius, an expert manipulator, and will do whatever he can to get that $$$. You may think with a MC like that he will be a ruthless monster, but no, he has some restrain

though the him (s) in the other world are not

that were put by his childhood friend. Though it's is implicitly said that bai liu is a bit autistic, nothing but money can drive him to work, if it doesn't interest him he will not do it (unless they give money), to the extent that his teammates (sl*ve) has to give him salary whether they got into an instance with physical work involved. The MC final goal is not to escape nor abolish the system and release all of the players in from it's hand. He wants to get rich and he put his eyes on a prize which is the tournament. The tournament will fill the rest of the stories after bai liu collect all the teammates he wants.

Now his dream teammates, are f*cking hard to get

there's the one that hate him for his entire being, the one that already in other guild's team and many more


and MC being an infamous master manipulator doesn't help. It's hard to get the trust of even the easiest person on his list. Which will lead us to well, conflict, and this is the good stuff that makes this novel interesting and pretty innovative with their plot. Side character are well written, some of their backstory and motivation even gave me goosebumps on how fascinating it is. It will also linked to the reasons why they *insert negative feeling for MC here*, and may even be used by bai liu to won over them. You may think with the rest of bai liu teammates is his sl*ve, only MC will shine in every instance, but no. This is as I said teamwork focused, they need to be flexible, and that's why in his team there's 1 or 2 vice commander. Non commander team member also has brain and can move independently even after they were separated so no, there's no one man show trope here, all member are important, the only question is which is more suitable in which instances. And uh, there's like, A LOT of inhuman geniuses other than MC. Some of them are even smarter than MC (stats wise), but this doesn't automatically mean they can outwit the MC. While their stats are higher, you see, MC utilize his manipulation and element of surprise while other geniuses


use their godly memory, deep wisdom, and there's even a guy so smart, it evolved into divination

though it also doesn't mean that MC will win against them for most of the time. So yeah, balance, is not just the usual strong vs smarts that were easy to predict.

For those who want to read this, please read it until the end of rose factory arc or at least finish arc 3/loveware institute, because man, that's where the enlightenment will came and where you will realize the entire-ty AKA the actual theme that the author strive to makes, though it might be a bit hard to read for some because of the numerous reversal and deceit. It's a hard recommend to readers that likes brain burning types of novel, and beware cuz other than arc 1, the (temporary) irritation caused by MC hidden strategy and acting is innumerable. It even felt like I'm reading angst not caused by dogblood drama, but by dogblood strategy lol. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention about the ML, so uh, he's already there from arc 1, but has no sense of existence until like, 250 ish chapter. Before that just view it as a harem between bai liu and his teammates (hell, I even ships bai liu with one of the 'male lead' rather than the actual male lead lol).

In conclusion the themes for this novel are : manipulation, dogblood strategy, chaotic team with 3 brains that can somehow work, evil gods, mental illness, stockholm syndrome, trauma, conspiracy and deceit, lots of character with dark past but end up not edgy, revenge?, important past, multiple timeline, important multiple timeline, technically e-sport with the whole tournament thing in later arc ?, depiction of cruelty, allies but somehow also enemies at the same time (the reversal also works), healthy but still deadly sportsmanship, and the most common one, enemies to allies/lover

every allies that MC gets are all enemies to allies, even MC an ML relation ship of full of gunpowder smell when they already dating, they are fighting but the next thing you know, they already making out in front of everyone lol, there also 1 or 2 allies to enemies later though not like, turned into extremely hostile enemies

And damn, this novel still going on strong even with 550+ chapter, a novel with good plot AND 200+ chapter ? That just a guaranteed quality right there. No rushed ending definitely, usually BL with 200+ chapter is just dogblood drama or e-sport. <<less
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Apr 25, 2021
Status: c129
I would literally die for Bai Liu.

... more>>

Yes, he's absolutely unhinged, but he's so smart that it becomes super hard not to want to just bask in his presence. His intelligence helps to facilitate his money hungriness and, at this point, I say just hand over the dollars (yuan?). Every time he enters an instance there's no tension of 'will he or won't he make it out'. He will and he'll take every good thing/reward the system gives without a backward glance (as he should, absolute king).

Still, even though he's probably a sociopath, he's pretty good to the people around him even if he's just using them. It sends me the way they're willing to be used because he's so sure and steady all the time. It's a mood though. Even as a reader who KNOWS that he makes gambles on low chances, I get excited and fully believe in what he's saying every time he opens his mouth just to be slapped in the face with the fact that he's kinda just winging it based on like a 60% chance of success. It's fantastic!

The ML hasn't come up too much so far but the glimpses we've gotten of him gives me good vibes so I'm excited to meet him fully. I'm sure his interactions with Bai Liu will be fun.

Oh BTW, Xiao Bai Liu is at once the cutest and most annoying character I've had the pleasure of reading recently so have fun with that.

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