To Be a Heartthrob in a Horror Movie


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Holographic viewing technology allowed audience members to enter a movie and personally experience it for themselves. Naturally, romance movies were the most popular and well-received, while nobody was interested in horror movies.

Su Min was the first of the viewers to experience a horror movie.


Malicious Spirit: I dare not scare nor frighten my sweetheart…

Su Min: Actually, horror movies aren’t scary at all.

Audience: No, no, no, you are playing in a romance movie! (Loudly)

The audience suddenly discovered that the recent rerelease of the horror movie was much better than the original. Furthermore, to everyone’s surprise, the ghost was very sweet…

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Бути серцеїдом у фільмі жахів
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Efu-sama rated it
November 30, 2019
Status: Completed
It's a baffling novel. While other reviewers mainly pointed out the cute or sweet or fluff romance between MC and ML, I could not find even a single reviewer who pointed out the dissatisfying side of this novel.

I'll write my opinion here so that new readers will not only see the review about how fluffy the romance is but also how there's something you might find dissatisfied about (by my point of view).

A lot of reviewers before me always said that this novel is good, and it also has a... more>> high rating (4.6 at the time I read this), so I expect something amazing from this one. But, even from the first arc I read (university horror), I've already felt the story is a bit confusing. Forgive me and don't get me wrong, I was confused about the very basic set of this novel! the basic idea of this novel! The background of this novel.

To sum it up, the author wants to present a new way how a world-hopping story was played out, with the use of high-end technology, that is experiencing a movie with Virtual Reality. But, the author failed to build up or explain the very basic setting for this novel to how this Virtual Reality movie hopping were made up, abandoning the tiny detail about the basic setting and directly leaving and making up many horror story arcs instead.

While many people said, "just forget it, this is just a novel after all", I could not bring myself to ignore it. After all, with this being a novel then shouldn't the author has the greater advantage to explain or describe more things, even unscientific become scientific as long as it was explained and senseful.

This is a new way of world-hopping instead of system-host, and other unexplained supernatural world-hopping, so I as a reader am looking forward to how different and how this new way is played out. But I got no answer. The author wrote this novel no different than other unexplained supernatural world hopping. This is what disappointed me.

I don't need a complicated science-based explanation, even a futuristic fantasy will be accepted, at least there's some logic and would be more reasonable, or at least will be understandable by the reader. SADLY, there's none! So, even from the very idea, the main plot of this novel, there's a plot hole as big as Tokyo Dome left hanging up.

It's confusing. I could understand if what the MC and other characters experiencing is a virtual world where the actors/actresses are also man-made or virtual characters. It's like you're playing MMORPG with other characters being NPC, with their activities being the corresponding result of how the data about them was set up, thus the reason why they could adapt with the MC who infiltrate the Virtual World. But NO! the case is in this novel the actor and actresses were supposed to be a real-life person, a real actor, playing real-time along with the MC.

That's what makes me confused as hell! How could you interact with them??? Didn't the movie already been shot??? Or wait, did the movie is manually shot at all? There's no explanation, I am so bewildered over it. so how could MC interact with the movie characters? and even changing the plot? I don't understand at all!

Even though it was with the help of VR, HOW??? Was the movie being played LIVE? like you know, all the actors also used a VR, and so that's why MC can interact, just like how in Virtual Game one character can interact with other characters when they played together.

But then again, what about the other movie, there are so many people experiencing one movie, so that possibility actors played LIVE and could actively interact with the audience personally will be crossed out, cause there are so many audiences and how could actors play LIVE with so many different situations among the audiences. SO, HOW EXACTLY? I scratched my head in confusion.

Even the very basic setting as to how the "experiencing movie-thing" in this novel worked out was not explained at all! Like, why did the author has to boast about a scientific background for supernatural world-hopping, but ended up abandoning it?

I would rather accept it and not be confused and dissatisfied if the world-hopping thing did not use a VR technology set, but instead just a supernatural phenomenon! In that case, everything will be dumped to supernatural things, and more reasonable. Technology is something using logic as the basis, thus as a reader if there's a setting about technology I wanted to know the chain of logic even if it's sci-fi.

But in the end, I can only hope as such, while the real novel is far from what I expected. This is the first time I was baffled by the basic idea of a novel...

Even more unrealistic was, when the first movie (1st Arc) of the MC was completed, and then got re-released, the audiences immediately clamoured to discuss the romance between MC and ML-ghost in the movie. Even saying it's sweet sugary.

I was like, WTF???

The ML was supposed unable to be seen by the audiences, right? And other people were supposed unable to hear the ML's voice right? Then how could the people who watch the re-released movie say there was a romance and it was sweet sugary??? THAT WAS WAY TOO EXAGGERATED! Even though they could see the shadow or could see the MC was conversing to thin air, people would only think it was a bit weird, or at most people would feel warmhearted knowing there was a ghost who'd want to help the MC.

I know the author wanted to make a hype within the audience, but can you please wait until a few more arcs until the audiences notice the strangeness and then understand that there's always a ghost in the movie who helped the MC, thus creating a CP??? You're too impatient to make up a public CP in your plot, aren't you? It felt like you only met someone and shake hands with them, yet the people around you already clapping and whistling in teasing. Like, bruh??

For opening the novel, the arc is disappointing.

As for the ending of the whole story, it is also disappointing and baffling.


The ML is actually the first person receiving VR technology to enter a movie world or something, and then somehow he was in a coma, and his soul wandering out there and met the MC in the past. Also, he has super brain powers or whatever, he's also the one directing VR movies, while he's also a director in a mental hospital (????).

CONFUSING RIGHT? YEAH! f*ckkk with those overpowering identities of ML! I mean there's no actual sense between the connection of every ML's identity! I would rather accept it if the author just make it simple with ML's being the director of VR movies..... No need to have so many complicated occupations. Does the ML suppose to have high mental power, thus he can be a director in a hospital? Then, he was also directing VR movies because of it, like ehhh... Are you a doctor or are you a scientist? Please do pick one. Don't make it to be too complicated just for the sake to have an OP identity.


Under the pretext of "this is only novel, a fiction, so bear with it", the author just randomly dump a characterization on the ML and the world setting.....

While the basic setting disappoints me, the plot of every ARC also has so many plotholes. Other reviewers were saying that many plotholes are understandable since those arcs (movies) are a cliche horror movie that even the MC ridiculed. But then again, why didn't the author fill those plotholes outside the movie scene.... because after all, the reader of this novel still want to know a complete and fulfilled plot of the story, or are we supposed to bear with those incomplete and those blatant weak horror arcs that the MC already ridiculed at? So, what's the difference between our satisfaction with the satisfaction of the audiences inside the book when we were both oblivious and left hanging by those plot holes? I don't know... among the other supernatural world-hopping the arcs in this novel is the more incomplete and full of plot holes.

Another thing is, while every arc has many plotholes, the way the author described the scenes was also lacking. I could confidently say that I'm good at immersing myself in a story, imagining, portraying the scene in the novel in my mind, the better an author write their story the more I could draw myself into the world they built. BUT, surprisingly I find it hard when I read the arc here. There are many scenes I find it baffling to portray, and sometimes I also could not get a clear spatial recognition in the background setting in the scenes of every arc.

Overall, I really can't help my frustration here. <<less
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Cian-Chan rated it
March 3, 2019
Status: Completed
This is my opinion on this novel and have nothing to do with the translation:

I love this novel! I actually hate horror a lot but since this is a BL novel, I decided to give it a try. I saw MC say in the synopsis that: "Actually, horror movies aren’t scary at all." and that he turned the horror movie into a love movie.

I actually read this novel when it was night, thinking that it's alright and it's not that scary at all but I was scared and my heart... more>> keeps beating so fast that I had to continue reading until the ending 'cause the end is supposed to be a happy ending (according to my reading experience). What's good about it is that it doesn't only mainly focus on the romance part of the story but also the horror parts of the "movies" he took part in. Although it doesn't exactly have too detailed descriptions on the gory parts but it made my imagination run wild. The plot is an intertwine of both horror and romance that I thought that I am starting to think that I have some masochist part of me because I was clearly scared so much but I still kept going. It makes me feel scared and feel sweet at the same time.

By the way, I recommend that when people read this, they must read the whole arc (a whole movie plot for the MC) at a time to have the best experience. If you keep stopping at every chapter, you might not experience the emotional roller coaster of the "movie" plot. And also, this review is my opinion. I easily get influenced by emotions so there are people who might not have the same experience as me. I had never watched horror movies and I easily get nightmares from horror movie trailers. If you are a person who don't get scared that easily in horror, you might find this boring. If you usually only watch horror movies and not horror novels, this might be a fresh experience for you and have your imagination work wonders in your mind. I don't know about the others but it might've been because I watch less horror movies or I read less horror novels (and mystery novels) but my mind run wild with this novel.

About their romance part, it might seem abrupt with ML seemingly fall for MC right away but that's the sweet part of it. It's like saying to a reader like me at the start that: "It's alright, ML is here. You don't have to worry about the horror. You have the protector here." Actually, I almost forgot the romance plot of this novel now but the horror parts of the novel is more vivid in my mind. It's like the horror movie plot parts are the main dish while the romance part is the dessert. The appetizer is the connection between MC and ML in real life and in the movie parts. <<less
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GoldenTiger0 rated it
March 7, 2019
Status: Completed
In fact this novel is quite good.

The horror movies can be seen as a plot in which I feel that the first one had the least participation of MC.

I mean that although MC helped in search of clues, he had less paranormal activities. Only the staircase and the seventh floor. Less interaction with ghosts or monsters.


All the arcs are still interesting.

1st Arc:- University Thriller

2nd Arc:- Desperate Island

3rd Arc:- Death Show

4th Arc:- Last Meal

5th Arc:- In the Prison

6th Arc:- Ghost Ship

7th Arc:- In My Surname


About the big misconception that ML fell in love at first sight, it is totally wrong. Only when you reach the last arc (or the 3rd arc, if you noticed ML's dialogues), do you come to know that ML was a part of MC's past.

Arcs such as the Ghost Ship and Last Meal are very well written. Makes sense to me as well as that the MC has an important part in it (he interacts with ghosts or monsters and seems to take limelight of Protag in Ghost Ship). I'm very supportive of his cousin also. She clearly is a fan of ML-MC cp.
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amruta rated it
April 22, 2020
Status: Completed
The horror arcs were good. I liked how Su Min (the MC) was calm and cool and solved the mysteries by using logic and deduction instead of watching the non-holographic version. However, his golden finger lies in the fact that Chen Su (the ML) saves him just in the nick of time. After 2/3 movies, Su Min is confident that nothing will happen to him thanks to Chen Su. This bugged me a lot.

Su Min is described as cool and intelligent with excellent memory. However, his reactions are so lacking... more>> that he comes across as EQ deficit. Su Min's life is a routine and he is very asocial.

Chen Su is the typical OP ML. Obsessively focused on MC. We have seen this type of ML a hundred times.

The romance is meh. ML already loves MC. So fine. Su Min on the other hand, seems to just accept the ML as a habit.

The main problem with the story is that the romance is lacking but so are the story arcs. A couple of arcs were really good but there are too many plot-holes and unexplained things. The MC acts more like a protagonist than the actual protagonists in the movie. They just go along with whatever Su Min says......... Unbelievable.

This novel is decent but it failed to evoke any sort of eagerness in me while reading. The kind of "what happens next" impatience a good story creates. Its a bland read. <<less
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HaiRyuuKi rated it
December 8, 2019
Status: c49
Five stars since this is one of my favorited and always waiting for this everyday. Even if this will end I will reread this over and over again ????

I feel like I need to leave a review, not because I want to show support to the author and the translator, but just that I want to share how I feel towards this novel.

First and foremost, I saw both positive and negative reviews. I know this is cliche and a basic sentence, and also I shouldn't contradict your review since it... more>> was your opinion, thus I also respect it, and that the point of this review of mine is also to give my opinion and share what I feel in this novel.

Everyone has his or her own satisfaction, and different tastes or cup of tea. To those who felt good in this novel, I share the same feeling with you. To those who felt bad, I respect you and your opinion.

I also found some plotholes in this novel, felt some things were left unexplained, and somewhat thought some happenings here are too fast-paced. Even the MC felt indifferent towards the facts shown in his face, he didn't pursue the reason or meaning behind it.

like when he asked his parents if they knew someone named Chen Su and he saw his parents' reaction seemed off yet he didn't ask anymore.

also, he felt like king cool with all those ghosts pasting themself on his face yet he is still calm. Even inside the movie he was obviously off yet the characters with him seemed blind.

---> for that review where there was a question how can the audience participant act with the actors inside the movie.

I think that while the audience participant is 'acting' inside the movie, I think the actors were also live acting thus their realistic reaction to the audience participant's actions towards the scene. The actors, despite live acting, were acting based on their own characters' description no matter what and act it out till the end no matter how the audience participant does things in the movie.

Yes, some plot in the movies were also unscientific and confusing, and the explanation behind were really unscientific and confusing, too. However, was there such a thing called 'scientific' in fiction? Fiction is unscientific itself. No matter how much you find the reason behind this unscientific things, not find explanation behind the confusion, if the author won't give it, then it will be left as it is or left to your imagination. If you really felt dissatisfied, then you can only search those things by yourself if you won't ask the author. I experienced this many times, but only tried to search things few times since I am lazy. ??? Yep. As i've said, we all have different levels of satisfaction. ???? Anyways, I don't want to explain other things anymore since I am not the author. If you want to ask me, then you can just comment on the chapter's page of the novel's translation and @me. ????? Ok. Why I felt this novel is good? One, because personally I like the plot. For someone who is bored in life, I find this one interesting. (Pls note I may have a different level of satisfaction from you) This is mixed horror, mystery, supernatural, celebrities, and my most favorite sub genres - world hopping and VR! I also personally like celebrities/ showbiz sub-genre. So this is one of treasures for me ??????? (Like Kiss to Clear Survival Games)

Two, I like the way the author writes. I also like the translation. Even though it wasn't 100, but the translation is still above 90 (for me - half-grammar nazi half-indulging).

Three, I really really want to recommend this to other readers. If you want fluff, teasing between MC and ML mixed in with mystery and slowburn in their relationship, this one is for you.

I dunno how will you react on the first arc but I liked it, but still don't want to make your hopes up but still want you to try this, since I think the first arc is better compared to

the second arc! ??????? But the third arc is really, really nice - so far

since I'm still at the latest translated chapter ???????

Anyways, you won't get hurt just by reading right? No harm done in reading ?????

Last reminder: everyone has different level of satisfaction and different cup of tea. Enjoy reading! ????? <<less
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holizshit rated it
June 3, 2020
Status: Completed
As much as I don't want to put down others, I can't fathom how one would give this confusing novel a whopping 5 star. While the premise is interesting, the execution was mediocre. There are some shortcomings that mustn't be ignored that I'm happy to point out. Efu-sama has already written a great review and I agree with most parts, but I'd like to add some things based on my take on things. I'll make it brief.

First and foremost, the world-building is very lacking. This novel introduces the use of... more>> an ultra-advanced movie viewing technology which allows the viewers to get into the movie and become one of the side characters fitting their personalities. After each session, the viewers who successfully completed experiencing the movie will get an individual scoring. If one exceeds the minimum score, then their version of the movie will get rereleased and the public will be able to watch it.

While I think it is an interesting concept, there are many questions left unanswered regarding the details behind it. True, if you overlook it, you might proceed reading the story just fine. I, however, being a naturally curious and skeptical person, couldn't overlook it. The author should've dedicated a few chapters to explain this technology first and also the world around the MC. We don't really get to see much depth on the world around him such as his family and friends. They're just like characters whose purpose is to fill the story, but if they don't pop up in the story it would be fine too.

For the romance, it didn't make much sense to me. I just couldn't see the chemistry between the MC and the ML. The romance happened too quickly and too forced. It made me feel confused rather than giddy. Also, there are many details that were forced to work out, but in turn, it causes more plot holes than making things clear. This might be one of the few novels where I enjoy the horror elements more than the romance. While I enjoy the horror and mystery bits, the romance was wack.

Towards the ending, I thought the story will come to a satisfying closure. But I was wrong. While it certainly ends with a good ending, it ended very abruptly even with the extras. It was horrible. I feel cheated. It's more fitting to say that the extras are actually the final chapters of the main story and there should be the 'real' extras. In short, I was and am disappointed. Of course I am, I went through all the arcs and had to make do with that kind of ending??

All in all, this wasn't horrible to the point that it's unreadable. The horror is okay, but if you came for the romance I won't encourage you to read this one since better romance novels exist out there. Give it a chance, but don't expect too much or you'll be disappointed. <<less
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vhiffy rated it
April 1, 2020
Status: c48
2.5 stars.

There's something about this novel that put me off. It's not scary enough, not gripping enough, not romantic enough, not clever enough, just not..... enough. It was kind of flat and boring, even in the parts that were supposed to be horrifying. I think it's because of the dialogues and the reactions of the characters. While the MC is supposed to be a calm person who solves the mysteries in a methodical and intelligent manner, his emotions are just lacking. While the author writes about how he gets scared... more>> or nervous in certain situations, there's nothing in his outward behavior or his internal dialogue that leads the reader to experience the level of fear he is feeling. It's the same with the other characters. There's no real, gripping emotion that comes across. They're supposed to be terrified, but it doesn't come through. It's like trying to move your hand fast under water... Everything is slow and gentle, there's no intensity to the movement.


An excerpt from arc 3 (kind of the last straw that made me admit that I'm wasting my time) :

Su Min heard this and walked over from the pool. He looked more carefully and saw a corpse above the aquatic plants. From afar, it looked like a fish.

Su Min observed it for a while and confirmed: “It’s a corpse.” Le Ling added: “We saw him this morning.” Very deadpan. If it's a horror comedy, maybe it would work.

It was that bald man. He wanted to leave the hotel but, in the end, he came over to the top floor and his body was now inside the fish tank.

Su Min still didn’t understand. How did the body get put in there?

The bald man had interacted with the headless ghost for such a long time and he didn’t die yet he ended up dying like this in a fish tank. It was just too strange. How the body got into the tank is the only thing that's strange to you??

The two people who had gone missing were now found to be dead.

Su Min felt that, based on their method of death, it was likely for revenge. Either that, or the mu*derer didn’t have an intention to hide a body because he wanted to let others see. Revenge? By who? For what?

Li Chi Yu turned around and saw Su Min deep in thought. He waved and asked with concern: “Su Min, you okay?” Dude, you all just saw a dead body floating in a fish tank.... How could he be ok after seeing a corpse in a fish tank??? For that matter, how are you ok?

It's these kinds of inane dialogues that don't make any sense, kind of like putting it in there for the sake of increasing word count, or forcing the characters to make some conversation with each other, that made me quit reading this.


The MC's interactions with the ML take on the same flavor - bland.

Maybe some day I might come back and finish reading this. But I'm not in a hurry, as there's a lot more good ones that I haven't read yet. <<less
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idlehands rated it
April 7, 2020
Status: c149
It's hard to give this a rating, it does have some charm but, there aren't many appealing aspects – I give it well-meant three stars for the rather unique idea.

The setting
While, obviously, set in a technologically highly developed future, nothing else seems to be really different, apart from the convenient social change that gay relationships are quite common so there's zero discrimination.
We learn nothing else about the world they live in, the few things that are mentioned seem to be identical to our time. Considering that they developed such a complicated technology, that makes their world seem very inconsistent, I would even say empty; the author wasted the futuristic setting, I for one am very dissatisfied with it.
If we look at the technical side of the helmets that lets you insert your mind into the films, nothing is explained, you don't know how it works, it just does.
While some readers will see this as a negative point, I personally don't, the main character doesn't know how it works, and he's the one we follow around, so it makes sense not to explain it - we have to keep in mind that this isn't hard-sci-fi - I prefer no details over senseless ones.

The films
Arc one still makes more or less sense, every one after that has gaping plot-holes, later ones go so far as to give our MC plot armour.
One aspect could be used to justify the messy stories – even the MC sees that there are a lot of inconsistencies/missing details.
For me it looks like the author was too focused on writing interesting horror stories that they paid no attention to logic, the only way out of that was, to let the MC be confused by it as well.
That's lazy writing to the extreme.

Well, MC doesn't have much personality, we can attribute this to his constant starring in films, there are very little interactions between him and other real people, neither do we really see him doing anything else but watching films or reading reviews.
He's limited to one characteristic – being intelligent. There's nothing else.
The ML is even worse, we know nothing about him as a person, only that he's really into MC.
Side characters play little to no role, naturally, they have even less personality.
What the novel really lacks are meaningful, detailed emotional expressions, it goes for “tell, don't show” instead of “show, don't tell”, and while that might be okay for inexperienced writers who are still struggling with how to show emotions through body language and thought processes, this shouldn't be the case for a publishing author, it makes the characters seem very artificial.

There's not really any romance, it's just ML hitting on MC, and MC occasionally going along with the mood. Mutual feelings can be seen during the last arc, which is quite questionable, he has no idea who ML even is and all their interactions were limited to shameless advances from the other party.

The ending

I was really disappointed. Why did the author choose the most cliché route of having ML being a human experiment, which turned him into a living soul, coincidentally linked to the film technology the whole story is based on?
There are so many ways to do it better, less ridicules, more down-to-earth and believable.
ML could have been in an accident as a child, fell into a coma, met MC, woke up after MC could no longer see him, decided to become someone who's powerful enough to find MC and repay his kindness, working his way up to be the CEO of the most advanced technological research and manufacturing firm, ultimately using the technology his company developed to meet MC in the films because he hoped that way he might remember him. For how he knew that MC will be watching these films? He's probably shadowing him for years, just like the author mentioned as well, it would have been consistent with the rest of the story.
The way the author did it only highlighted the lack of explanation for how the helmets actually work and, personally, I think it's very unlikely that someone who has gone through human experimentation would want to become the big boss of the very same project that ruined his childhood. He doesn't seem to be psychologically affected by it at all, another aspect that makes it even less believable and more shallow.


I will leave it at that regarding the story as a whole, there isn't much else to say, it's just very mediocre and quite generic apart from the insert-your-mind-into-films aspect, which was wasted on a lacklustre romance setup.

Would I recommend this novel? Not really but, let's go over the points that could make you (less) interested in it.

  • It's pretty light-hearted and easy to understand, you can read it when your brain works at 1% capacity, like after a long day at work or a stressful holiday.
  • Horror tropes, including the tr*shiest tr*sh. If you are a fan, you will spot a lot of classics, it's fun to see it in such a way.
  • No drama, everything is fluffy and harmonious, nothing really bad happens, no annoying misunderstandings or love rivals.
  • There is no s*x, if you are more into romance than into smut, then this might be what you are looking for.
  • Gore, lots of gruesome deaths, relatively detailed. Perfect for those who are a fan of gory horror.
As always, I only look over the main story, extras are optional content the reader shouldn't be forced to know in order to understand the novel, therefore they play no part in my reviews.
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chiakiss rated it
May 1, 2020
Status: c70
I think I will give the story a 2.5 in my book, and drop the story. I mean it was not BAD.... there was nothing problematic so far, and it didn't have a bad translation or horrible writing and grammar or smt, but it was just very underwhelming. I was excited in the begining (first arc) becauseit was straightforward, which caught my attention. The setting was intriguing enough, and ML piked my interest. It raised a lot of questions, ok so far so good.

But then the plot didnt... more>> advance for 50 chapters?? It was just this "horror movie+ scenes with the ML". None of the questions that were raised like "who is ML? how is he talking to MC?" were answered, and for no reason other than the protagonist simply didnt ask? like the ML was right there he could talk to him and he would probably answer, and if he didnt want ppl to know the things they talked about he could just quit the movie halfway and it wouldnt get rre-released. Worst case scenario, ML doesnt answer for some reason, and then nothing happens but at least it doesnt seem like the MC is dumb, and this actually advances the plot a bit. The romance scenes were kinda cute but instead of building up, their interactions became stale. And the horror movie plot wasnt good enough to carry the story and make you forget about those other elements of the story; I would not even say the movie's stories were bad, but they werent written with gusto... were's the drama? the suspense? the big revelation? It almost felt like you were reading a bullet list of succeding events. Arc 4 was a bit better so I don't know if i'll hold on to hope and continue or drop it

Those are problems that I just don't see getting better. Weird pacing, bland characters, interactions between the couple are not fluffy enough, horror movie scenarios are not well writing enough... Just a not enough story

It's not a story that you get excited reading, or angry or emotional. Not a story that you will hate reading, but not one that you will enjoy reading either. It's just a story that you will read. It's the novel equivalent of a chayote. <<less
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teagsho rated it
February 28, 2020
Status: 149 (Main Story end)
It's good, try it.

Honestly it's scary, but the plot is great so I keep reading it.
I will give you spoiler about MC and ML past. Let me give you a hint : ML isn't a ghost.


ML' name is Chen Su, he's Su Min childhood friend. He's a psychiatric. So, when Su Min was younger, he can see ghost, the ghost is Chen Su, but Chen Su isn't a ghost, he's a living soul, meaning he's not dead, just his soul wandering away, his body still alive. Chen Su is an experimental's material for holographic cinema. One day he's rebelled and destroyed the lab then got the hang of the VR cinema, that's why he can find Su Min easily wherever is it. When Su Min was a child his parent got scared by the fact that Su Min got a friend with ghost, they thought Chen Su is an evil that sucking SM's Yin energy so Su Min became thinner and low spirited. The parent is going to the shaman, and shaman said just hypnotized Su Min to cover his memories so SM can't remember Chen Su anymore and close his ghost's eyes (i guess).


Recomended! 4.9/5
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May 21, 2019
Status: Completed
Oh my goodness I'm so soft for the ML.

When I first started reading this the immediate question is, "who is the ML" and "what's the relationship with the MC".

All questions are answered in due time but the ML knows the MC way back when.

... more>> This is such a fluffy gem and when you get to the end you realize all the arcs is just one big movie.

Character development is very good and the arcs are well written but some of the endings made me confused but I attributed that to the mtl.

As a horror fan, some of the arcs plots were good, especially the psychological ones. But I do wish it was a but more detailed byt eh, my personal opinion.

My favorite arc is probably the ghost ship because I just fell in love with the Mc's cousin and her prank on the ML.

Everything is extremely well written and the story flows nicely


Enjoi <<less
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rhianirory rated it
March 1, 2019
Status: Completed
New way to blend the real world and the quick wear/ world hopping genre. There's a nice mystery going on behind the scenes as he tries to figure out who Chen Su is. On top of that the mysteries involved in each movie are entertaining enough and if your a horror fan you'll recognize lots of cliched tropes.

In the prison one it mentions how some foreign prisons have stadiums and amus**ent parks attached and all I can say is not in my country. I've never heard of a prison like... more>> that. And the sudden insertion of a 2 chapter Halloween short story in the middle of the haunted cruise movie was jarring. The ending was alright.

the relationship was fairly shallow and there mostly for laughs at the beginning, and I admit I found it strange that the MC would fall in love with the stranger that groped and mol*sted him from the start. I put it down to Chinese romance tropes I don't understand as the same thing happens all the time in bg Chinese romance novels. There's not much smut so if you're looking for papapa than you're in the wrong place. The one thing that really bothered me was

the lengths the MC parents (mom) went to to force the MC to forget his childhood friend just because she was scared of ghosts. Then she tried to make him feel guilty when he wanted his memories back.

of course you have to take the whole hypnotism thing with a grain of salt to begin with because it doesn't work that way. The brain is a very complex organ and wiping away a single persons existence like that just isn't possible IRL. Me personally, if the act was possible and my mom did that to me, I would never be able to trust her again. I don't get the MC shrugging it off like that huge violation was no big deal. Maybe it's cultural differences.


In some very small ways this reminds me of misplacement game, where the MC is playing a dating game while everyone else is stuck in a horror/ survival game but the scenario the same. Of course, this novel is different, but there are small similarities and if you haven't read it and don't mind naive MC than go for it.

final score is 3.5, mostly because I ended up with a ton of B horror movie nostalgia. <<less
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glitteryjoon rated it
August 6, 2021
Status: --
I hve some qualms with this novel and while it was overall okay the many plot holes and anti climatic endings with the movies kinda of annoyed me. all of the movies could have been much more interesting, but there were a couple that really stuck out to me so I'll just label it as spoilers and explain them a bit.

The Orphanage:

... more>>

The overall premise of it was that it was supposedly like the last supper because after the last supper they were supposed to die. tbh, it was a good thing they changed the name but I feel like they should have continued to called it "shocking orphanage" throughout the entire story when referring to it instead of trying to tie it to the last supper they could have left the Last Supper out of it completely because left me feeling like the whole story line was lacking.

that movie was probably the scariest one overall just because children can make anything scary as hell. so I had come up with plenty theories based off of the inner thinking of su min and the title of "The Last Supper" ranging from Su min being who they deemed as Jesus (because of how his meals were the only normal ones and how the director doted on him) and Ming Ming being the equivalent to Judas. I figured that maybe it was a way to pass on the director spot which would give command over the orphanage and it's ghost to the "Jesus." Then I figured maybe Mingming was seen as Jesus but in reality he'd be the antichrist and that would explain his abilities and the crosses and what not. but ultimately I guess that was too western a thought process and it completely missed the mark.

that's fine, the ending was still pretty interesting. However the explaintion throughly pissed me off. It would have been fine if my other theory worked out, that being the little girl Su Min met was the sister and she died falling out of the window trying to get her dress from off the window. it would be the fault of the kids because as they lead you to believe based off what su min saw during dinner, the kids seemed jealous of her and disliked her so it could be a case of bullying gone wrong and that being the reason behind his revenge on all of them..

Instead.. the sister dies outside of the orphanage so her soul wasn't stuck there... yet he has a grudge against the whole orphanage instead of just the director who could be seen as more at fault than the kids, since the kids have nothing to do with adoption processes.


mu*der Island:


With this arc... honestly it was just super dull. Okay maybe not completely cause it was somewhat interesting once they finally got into it but it wasn't really a horror movie. a thriller maybe

The problem however is ghosts weren't really necessary in the grand scheme of things and even if they helped move along the plot, they could have been used better.

The thought alone of an entire island of people being killed and skinned was enough of a scare tactic, but the reason behind why they change skins could have had a better explanation. From what I understood, it seemed like they changed skins just to change them because eating human flesh made their own skin unsightly. which, fine I guess, that may make sense for the mu*ders, but if it was something done by the islanders in the first place then the question becomes: "did the islanders eat human flesh too? if not, then why did they learn / have such a skill?"

Had the skill been a way to explain immortality and show that in shedding their old skin they could continue to live on as their age and body would acclimate to that of the skins then it would make sense (much like the ghost ship arc.) but otherwise it doesn't really make sense and just seems like something written up to further push along another movie.


The Prision:


I feel like this whole arc would have been much more thrilling if it was just a laboratory using prisoners as research subjects. That alone is a terrifying thought and I'm almost certain is something real enough to to make others terrified.

This whole arc thoroughly pissed me off because it was just a mesh of things that don't naturally go together. the prison would have been fine alone but adding ghosts, failed mutations, and a mass grave all on top of that? yeah it was the worse arc yet. so I can't even continue because I'll get worked up all over again.

Just know this is the arc I ended up skipping most of because it was just so dumb like??? idk it was terrible couldn't even sit through it


My second problem with this novel is the dullness you experience when Su Min isn't in the movies. initially I thought it was kind of interesting since they go over the movie and explain what happened and share what we couldn't see from his pov within the movies, but after the second arc it just became a fujoshi ship fest and the movies were completely forgotten.

Not that the movies seemed any good anyway since it seems like the author wanted to add ghosts into everything when in actuality most of the movies barring the first, 4th and final movie arcs, didn't need ghosts. especially the prison one, but I digress.

Anyway, overall the ending was rushed, the couple was cute enough if nothing else, but I hated the way they portrayed psych hospitals like only insane people out of their minds could be found when in actuality not everyone there will act like 3 year old children running around. bleh anyway anyway.

I'm giving this novel a 3.5 that ill round down to a 3. it's okay, enough to blindly read when there's nothing better to do, but if you're like me and you can't always turn your logic off to read things then this probably will piss you off more than it'll make you smile. <<less
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Blueraven rated it
April 10, 2020
Status: Completed
Meh. The plot of the horror movies were very entertaining and fun to read; I quite enjoyed the MC unravel the mysteries of the movies and complete them. However, the chemistry of MC and ML was pretty much non-existing and their pairing was hella forced. I had a hard time believing they were in love with eachother. Somehow I felt that this romance novel would have been better without the romantic plot. What a huge f*cking shame.

MC was good but I seriously- for the life me- can't figure out when... more>> he fell in love with the ML. This is why I gave it such a low rating; a romance novel where I felt the romance was superfluous, what an epic fail. <<less
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Sceer rated it
July 20, 2019
Status: v1
I easily get scared watching horror movies so this made me feel scared and my heart was beating fast. But the dog food moments tho. Scary and sweet at the same time, what kind of horror movie is this?

One user said, "This horror movie is so good, it makes me believe in love again".

The translation is really well done. I'm looking forward to Arc 2 ^_^
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yueer rated it
June 8, 2020
Status: Completed
Honestly, I had really high hopes for this one but end up being mildly disappointed. Basically, this novel has a fairly promising premise but the execution was not as good.

I've read a fair share of world-hopping novel before, and they were all pretty good. As I have come here based on many recommendation lists, I expected this novel to be of mostly similar pattern. The first arcs was very interesting, to be fair. But the arcs after that was so bland that it practically bored me to death. There was... more>> zero interest factor, nothing that keeps me in suspense and wanting to know what happened next. Honestly, I almost dropped this novel several times (if it had been longer, I probably would have dropped it). The only thing I can honestly say I enjoy is the creepy-horror setting. That was very well-written. But the horror also get old and repetitive a few arcs in and everything was basically super predictable.

Some arcs had resolutions so convoluted it didn’t even make any sense

I think it would have helped if the author cut down several arcs and made this novel shorter.

The MC was bland. A hundred chapters in and I don't even find him remotely interesting. He's just meh. The ML was also pretty bland, to be honest. I was not really into his whole setting or background. I couldn't even care less about his identity and and that finale was so abrupt and bland. The author should've probably just spent their time writing an epilogue instead of some of those totally needless arc.

I wouldn't really recommend this one. But if you have some time to kill, maybe go ahead? <<less
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ylial rated it
April 2, 2019
Status: c59
I really love the first arc but I get annoyed eventually by the ML. The idea/concept of every arc is really good, I like the suspense it brings to me. I only get pissed every time the ML appears, it feels like the story is suddenly ruined. Seems the author suddenly remember that it is not only a horror but a danmei.. So to me it feels the MC-ML interaction is kinda off

Overall 4.5⭐
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KichiX rated it
January 7, 2022
Status: c65
Unusually, I'm writing this novel half way through reading, because I don't foresee myself finishing this anytime soon.

+ I actually liked the set-up where the MC can go inside the movie to experience it first hand. I find a lot of unlimited flow novels have MCs that act crazy and unless there's a very good reason, I just find it hard to rationalise a normal person being able to act like that when they know they could die the very next second. This novel gives the MC a set-up where... more>> he can pursue the creepy stuff in the films without feeling like he's fool-hardy because we all know he's not going to die. (And in response to having high-tech VR but no elevators in the MCs university, that isn't a loophole; we've had escalator for who knows how long, but you don't find them in houses or dormitories do you? If the university was built a while ago and/or didn't have the funds, it's easy to see how they would not have an elevator. I agree that the tech-aspect of the VR is above and beyond what you could actually achieve, and it would've made more sense for them to have a "pod type" simulator, but how the technology works is rather incidental to the plot).

- At the same time, I agree that it lowers the stakes. I think it would have been more interesting if they MC was compelled to try and finish the movies (he had no money and he needed the revenue or something) because that would raise the stakes and there would be consequences if he failed to complete the movie.

- The "movie plots" get worse as the novel goes on, they get less logical and less scary (the Death Show arc made no sense with the random deaths happening in the hotel). The MLs involvement in the first two arcs when he saved the MC were tolerable, because the MC could have saved himself and the ML just provided a shortcut, but in the third and fourth arcs, it killed the tension.

Especially in the orphanage arc, when the kid wants to play a game at night and leads the MC away in the dark, I really wanted to know how the MC was going to get out of there alive, but then the ML showed up and just directly ended the whole thing before anything could happen. What was the point of even including it?!


This had potential, but the ML interfered too much and removed all threats, the movie plots became exceedingly illogical and the tension took a nose-dive so I'm going to be dropping it for the time being. Would recommend I Heard that I'm Super Fierce if you're looking for something somewhat similar. <<less
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dday0425 rated it
April 7, 2020
Status: c156
Well, I didn't expect the ending and the extras to be so bland. I must say I really had high hopes for this novel at first based on the synopsis, however, the story turned out to be just... um, mediocre.

As a novel with "horror" in the title, the horror factor is way too low, and it feels more like a mystery-solving genre. I was disappointed, but never mind that; as long as it's good, I still enjoyed reading it. However, the romance between the main couple is really putting me... more>> off, and I feel sick.

Su Min is very handsome, yes, I agree, but isn't Chen Su's behavior too shameless?

Logically speaking, no matter how attractive your lover is, under the circumstances that there are other people watching, it's hard to believe that anyone would be so thoughtless as to engage in such explicitly intimate actions in public (even when the scenes were to be cut off, there are still reviewers and staffs responsible for the re-releases who definitely watch them). Except for the exhibitionists, no one does that to their lovers. That is disrespectful. This part of the story makes me cringe as hell. Even if the whole point of it is meant to showcase the romance between the protagonists, I still feel uncomfortable. It's a big no! 🙅🏻‍♀️ <<less
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periperi rated it
July 6, 2019
Status: Completed
This is a unique take on "transmigration" where the MC goes to a movie theatre and basically gets inserted into the story as a side character to experience the movie first hand. Technically doesn't sound feasible but well, it's just a story I suppose. Each arc is different and interesting and there's that overarching arc linking MC to ML. I don't consider this a horror story as it's not particularly scary but interesting nonetheless. I like the characters and even the movie characters in each arc. Though...

... more>>

I wanted to know MC's parents reaction to ML tbh. Too bad that part isn't covered. Also, what exactly happened between MC's roommate and his online friend?

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