Death[ ]

CN (4.2)
65 Chapters Every 3.3 Day(s) 873 Readers 11 Reviews 05-09-2021
At his best friend’s memorial service, Bai Yan burst out laughing and was almost beaten to death.... more>>
CN (3.8)
85 Chapters Every 4.3 Day(s) 7854 Readers 60 Reviews 05-09-2021
Ye Xiao was a superior cultivator in his previous life. The three factions of the realm kill millions of people every time they attempt to seize cultivation resources. Wealthy towns turn to wastelands in just a single night. They cover up their crime with an assertion that the towns were suffering from pestilence and disasters.... more>>
CN (3.8)
1419 Chapters Every 0.5 Day(s) 6544 Readers 33 Reviews 05-09-2021
The Age of Gods has long since ended, their voices no longer heard on the continent of Douluo. Humanity, standing on the shoulders of legends from its history, advanced soul technology to inconceivable heights. The humans of Douluo invented weapons of mass destruction, mechanized armor, and living metals. With these advancements, they went on to conquer the oceans and discovered two new continents. To fuel these new technologies, humanity hunted the soul beasts to the very brink of extinction. ... more>>
KR (3.8)
128 Chapters Every 1.1 Day(s) 1914 Readers 11 Reviews 05-08-2021
"If you had E-class or F-class skills, history would have changed."... more>>
CN (3.9)
1795 Chapters Every 1 Day(s) 22068 Readers 375 Reviews 05-08-2021
Mythical Abode Mountain, Cloud’s End Cliff, the most dangerous of Azure Cloud Continent’s four deadly areas. Cloud’s End Cliff’s base is known as the Grim Reaper’s Cemetery. ... more>>
CN (3.7)
68 Chapters Every 2.2 Day(s) 1329 Readers 7 Reviews 05-08-2021
Song Jinxi really likes the abstinence overlord villain in a novel about a sadomasochistic president.... more>>
CN (4.4)
27 Chapters Every 3.3 Day(s) 785 Readers 2 Reviews 05-08-2021
Ancient texts in cinders; the Dao unexpectedly collapsed; when deer crystal appeared, the world flourished, and all vied for it.... more>>
JP (3.7)
4 Chapters Every 14 Day(s) 81 Readers 0 Reviews 05-08-2021
The protagonist Yuki is afflicted by insomnia due to the recurring nightmares in which she is killed. Although she did consult Natsumura, a counsellor who... more>>
CN (3.9)
3638 Chapters Every 0.5 Day(s) 17679 Readers 293 Reviews 05-08-2021
A boy that was imprisoned for millions of years has regained a mortal body.... more>>
CN (4.3)
25 Chapters Every 18.7 Day(s) 1667 Readers 8 Reviews 05-08-2021
Being showered with a hot tea like it was a bowl of dog’s blood.... more>>
CN (4.3)
70 Chapters Every 6.1 Day(s) 2308 Readers 16 Reviews 05-08-2021
Xiao He casually filled out an online questionnaire and unexpectedly got a job out of it. As long as he perfectly fulfilled the employer’s requests, he could receive 30 million RMB in remuneration. The cash-strapped Xiao He’s eyes lit up, and he took the task immediately.... more>>
KR (4.2)
141 Chapters Every 0.9 Day(s) 1755 Readers 29 Reviews 05-08-2021
“It’s finally here,” said the man with the sword in an echoing whisper.... more>>
JP (3.9)
173 Chapters Every 7.1 Day(s) 4442 Readers 34 Reviews 05-08-2021
On that day, due to the outbreak of an unprecedented and abnormal event, 41 students from class 2-7 of Shiromine Academy are summoned to a different world, one full of magic.... more>>
CN (3.2)
1976 Chapters Every 0.5 Day(s) 4741 Readers 76 Reviews 05-08-2021
Long Chen, a crippled youth who cannot cultivate, is constantly targeted and bullied by his fellow noble heirs. After a particularly vicious beating, he wakes up and realizes a Pill God’s soul has somehow merged with him, giving him some additional memories. Within those memories is the mysterious Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, a cultivation technique that even he can train in, but whose secrets and origin are still a mystery to him. Relying on his improved instincts as he finally begins to cultivate, he realizes a huge conspiracy is underfoot within the Phoenix Cry Empire, one involving his father, members of the imperial family, and even the Emperor himself.... more>>
CN (4.6)
74 Chapters Every 6.8 Day(s) 1768 Readers 11 Reviews 05-08-2021
If Ke Xun could do it again, he would have never left his house to go out and flirt with guys, even if it would mean getting beaten to death.... more>>
CN (4.2)
12 Chapters Every 22.8 Day(s) 620 Readers 1 Reviews 05-08-2021
Humanity was inexplicably involved in a supernatural escape game.... more>>
KR (3.8)
18 Chapters Every 9.8 Day(s) 1917 Readers 2 Reviews 05-08-2021
I'm Selena, a daughter born to a family well-known for their fertile women. I was sold off in a marriage to a sickly duke whose life hung in the balance, for the sake of producing an heir of his family. They provided me a medicine purported to aid in pregnancy, and the astrologist even advised me about good days to sleep together, but...there was no child.... more>>
KR (4)
143 Chapters Every 0.9 Day(s) 914 Readers 6 Reviews 05-08-2021
Ryu Han-bin, the main character who fell into a new world after being chosen as a ‘suitable person’.... more>>
KR (4.3)
681 Chapters Every 7.3 Day(s) 20560 Readers 159 Reviews 05-08-2021
The man forsaken by the world, the man a s*ave to money and the man known as the legendary God of War in the highly popular MMORPG Continent of Magic. With the coming of age, he decides to say goodbye, but the feeble attempt to earn a little something for his time and effort ripples into an effect none could ever have imagined.... more>>
CN (4.4)
153 Chapters Every 2.3 Day(s) 5454 Readers 59 Reviews 05-08-2021
In the spirit of humanitarian aid, to help his ex-boyfriends walk out from the shadow of heartbreak as soon as possible, every time before Ye Ming leaves a world after filling up the favorability value, he initiates a (heart) amicable (less) breakup with his boyfriend.... more>>
KR (4.2)
22 Chapters Every 12.7 Day(s) 3948 Readers 16 Reviews 05-07-2021
I was forced to live in captivity for the rest of my life because I happened to be aware of the fact that I was a saint. I was truly a 'real' saint, but that didn't matter, because there was already a designated saint in the temple.... more>>
CN (3.8)
49 Chapters Every 3.8 Day(s) 1137 Readers 4 Reviews 05-07-2021
In the novel “Wealthy Ghost Young Master”, the male lead Shi Qi was ruthless. After Ning Meng died, she kept transmigrating into the people near to him.... more>>
CN (4.6)
97 Chapters Every 2.8 Day(s) 3015 Readers 20 Reviews 05-07-2021
After losing his job Bai Liu became involved with an unstoppable horror live streaming game full of various monsters and players with killer intent.... more>>
CN (4.5)
96 Chapters Every 1.1 Day(s) 1557 Readers 8 Reviews 05-07-2021
Shen Si was an ordinary person, living an ordinary life, until one day, the unlimited flow world collapses and all the Survivors returned to reality, setting off a ripple.... more>>
CN (4.7)
130 Chapters Every 0.8 Day(s) 4914 Readers 53 Reviews 05-07-2021
It started off peculiarly; first, his domestic cat refused to let him cuddle it.... more>>
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