Global Examination


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The whole world is subjected to a highly dangerous standardised exam called the Global Examination. Answering questions by putting their lives at stake, they would live if they passed the test. Every month the exam will undergo reformation while, occasionally, it is random.

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Examen Global
Global Examination (manhua)
Global University Entrance Examination
Quan Qiu Gao Kao
Thi đại học toàn cầu
Ujian Global
เกมปริศนา สอบมรณะ
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264 Reviews

Apr 27, 2020
Status: Completed
Edit: this review was made as the translation was still ongoing, so I apologize if y'all will be kind of be put off by this, but still your own choice matters most.

I suggest to others to read the whole novel first before making a fuss about it. You cannot just base your ratings by just reading a few chapters. Give it a try guys. (Edit: Haha altho I ate my words as I was also kind of disappointed.)

So global university entrance examination is an entrance exam where you have... more>> to pass to get to the next exam. There are different subjects covered. Mathematics, English, History, well anything that normal exams cover.

You have to get at least 100 credits to pass the exam. And while taking the exam, you must abide by the system's rules. Rule violations have punishments issued by the system. In the 1st to 2nd violations, examinees will be confined to the confinement room where it is a room where anything you fear will come true. From 3rd violation onwards, examinees will be monitored by the invigilators for 36 hours.

Our MC is You Huo an examinee who is cold, calm, cool, but sometimes loses his patience because of a certain invigilator. He breaks the system's rules and doesn't give a two $hits about the punishment. In contrary, he welcomes it.

Our main male god, Qin Jiu also known as invigilator 001 is the leading invigilator as per the no. 1. Witty, charming, and teasing. He likes to make fun of a certain examinee and often butts heads with him.

These two share a certain past as these two also loses their memory from a few years ago.

The plot is great, the world building not so much at the moment because we do not have the full details yet of the system and the exam. The mystery is heavy, yes. But it is what makes the plot as it is. (EDIT: WELL WASN'T EXPECTING THAT KIND OF WORLD BUILDING OMO. BUT IT ACTUALLY EXPLAINED THE REASON WHY THE SYSTEM EXISTS AND WHATNOT)


Like the system is that kind of evil entity and has its own consciousness lol


Do not compare this novel to others as they each have their own stories and own plots. Just take it with a grain of salt and don't go expecting too much about how the novel should go. As it goes, hope you all give this novel a try. (EDIT: ACTUALLY KIND OF AGREE WITH SOME OF THE NEGATIVE REVIEWS. SOME OF THE EXAMINATIONS MAKE NO SENSE AT ALL AND THERE IS NO LOGICAL EXPLANATION FOR THEIR ACTIONS EITHER.

LIKE YOU SHOULD KILL ALL INFECTED EXAMINEES TO PASS THE TEST? THESE 2 MCs ALWAYS BREAK RULES BUT THEY GET AWAY WITH IT BECAUSE THEIR SOO GREAT. AND THESE 2 ARE EXTREMELY OVERPOWERED THEY CAN FIX ANY PROBLEMS THAT COME THEIR WAY *rolls eyes edit: I expect MC halo but not this mess I really can't ignore it lmao, my filter was already turned off when I read it again. The MC apparently is unlucky but escapes anytime. As one reviewer said, pick a side lmao






Thanks translator for the superb quality translation~

5 STARS √√

Today if I would rate it, it's like 2.5 for the novel but still 5 to the translation :))

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Dec 17, 2020
Status: Completed
I mostly write reviews for novels that have less reviews, bad ratings so people can know whether its good or not. So there's no need for me to write a detailed review on this one, because as most of the reviews have stated, this is one hell of an AMAZING novel!Clearly one of the best ones!

Idk why I didn't even know about it, maybe its because the name didn't sound anything too good so I didn't pay it any heed but y'all it needs more recognition!

I'm just gonna address this... more>> sister who gave it 2 stars and her review is 2nd highest ranked. Sister, will you please even tell me what mystery in this wasn't answered? How the ML and MC used their luck as OPness? Which time did the MC get lucky? And you don't get the reason for this survival game? Duh sister, what would you even freakin get if you drop it at chapter 38 and then mindlessly write a review? I really love mystery novels and before starting this, I read this sister's review and was constantly worried throught out the novel thinking it might be bad just as this sister said and nothing would be explained. But colour me surprised! Everything was explained! And for 1 or 2 questions that weren't explained duh man they were literally elementary level questions that even I who's a med student now and has long forgotten physics/maths could answer! Later, the questions were most based on uncover the mystery or do this task rather the write the answer so you can't even complain that nothing was explained! The MC was OP but not due to his luck! Never once it was due to his luck! It was all because of the preparation he made, the observations he had and his own strength! And the reason for this exam being impossible to pass ofc it will be revealed in the future chapters so why don't you wait??? This is exactly why I don't write reviews for novels I drop because I don't have full knowledge and can't just mindlessly spout nonsense!

Besides that, Like others who wrote the review i'll just say the main couple is literally the best thing about this. The dynamic, the sparks, the confrontation, the passion between them is just *chef's kiss*. Their love is so passionate that even though I praise every couple in novels I like, I'll happily admit that they are the best and have the best passionate love story! No matter the circumstances, if you can fall in love once, then you can fall in love again and again with the same spark!Their interactions had so much tension in them. They started out as opponents everytime but as they say the line between love and hate is a thin one, they themselves didn't know when but they fell in love and crossed the line everytime. The dialogues exchanged were so freakin good that I literally saved them all as screenshots. The dialogues even made me cry and again made me feel so single. They were both of equal standings, had the best tactic understanding and were both madmen. Seeing their relationship just made me think "yeah! That exactly is love. That passion is exactly what love is" There is no need for calm in love. Calm is for when they are old and sick as the ML said. There wasn't smut but some vague snippets were here and there and they were really hot *coughs*.

Unlike, typical MCs our MC was the cold and cool one in this. He was so freakin cool and strong!i loved him a lot!Ofc! There was a reason why he was cold but he was soft inside just like the ML one in the novel said. Throughout the novel, you can see that even if he looks cold and acts cold, he acts to ensure everyone's survival and was never rude or cruel to anyone.I won't spoil about his past but his past literally makes me want to give him lots of hugs!Our ML was unruly, lazy and unrestrained and he just loved to give the MC nicknames and tease him.I loved it whenever he lovingly teased the MC just so he could talk with the MC more and see more of his expressions. He was also cool and strong. Both of them were equals, something rarely seen in most novels! I literally screamed when they got together and had their first kiss!oof the s*xual tension between them was palpable everytime! When they got together it was just like "the boyfriend of a demon king is another demon king" as quoted by Yu Wen xD

Can I really talk about how good the side characters were too? Like they weren't helpless damsels in distress who couldn't do anything without ML and MC, rather they were strong people who knew they had to do smth to fight for themselves.I thought MCs family will be typical useless or scheming one but both his uncle and cousin were so nice and constantly worried for the MC and helped him out.I absolutely loved Yu Wen! This teenager who loved his brother so much! And constantly went "my brother" here and there.


I was so happy that their last rebellion was a joint effort with all the invigilators and examinees and it was so exciting!


They mystery element was really nice in this novel. It made me keep guessing on the MC's and ML's past so much and I was so anxious and always on the edge of my seat to know more and more! And finally when it happened in bits and pieces, it left me so emotional! The plot twists in it were totally unexpected! Like the author totally gave us a surprise and I was so stunned at every turn!

The examination part is just like the instances of other unlimited flow horror BLs with have to figure out what really happened and do some task to answer the question and earn points. But the story is not about survival. Its about Rebellion! Yes! A freakin Rebellion against the system! And the action does not disappoint!

The ending really ended everything on a good note. We got to know everyone's future. And hopes for reunions.

Even though I said I wasn't gonna go in detail, I still ranted quite a lot but please bare with me!This novel is so amazing that it made me rant! I really recommend this all to you! Don't hesitate and just read it! This is one of the few gems in which action and romance go hand in hand and you don't feel like one is too much in any part of the novel! 10/10 loved it! <<less
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Mar 31, 2020
Status: c38
I honestly don't get why ppl would give it 5 stars. The title should be changed into Global Plot Holes. This way some Shen Qingqiu might just come and fill them up.

So this is a mystery, survival game, question solving novel. The problem with this mystery story, is that it is too mysterious *rolls eyes*:

So the characters receive points by solving questions, and they will pass if they have enough points at the end.
They only receive 2 of the 5 points for a question? Why? No explanation.
The answer is x? Why? No explanation.
They couldn't solve a question. What was the correct answer then? No explanation.
Like bro wtf. The author is basically telling us to go f*ck ourselves.

I doubt the author even knows the correct answers to all those questions.

Ofc there are times when there is an explanation, but there are too many times when there isn't one.
It's not even about being realistic anymore. This is just plain s*upid. We read mystery to be mindblown BY the mystery solving, NOT to be wrapped up in the mystery of NOT KNOWING A THING ABOUT WHAT'S GOING ON.

Also, too much luck. I HATE it when characters in a survival game are winning mostly by relying on luck. "LuCk iS AlSo a sTreNgHT" yes, I know. But in this case there is too much luck involved. We want to see the characters slaying bc of their strength, not to see them win by lying down. The MC and ML are OP, so please let them use that OP. The author prob doesn't even know how those questions can be solved besides getting lucky.
The only acceptable luck is with drawing cards or something, and the MC even has bad luck with drawing cards. I'm dead. Author-sama, is this guy lucky or not? Choose a side.

There are even some questions/situations which are impossible to solve. But the MC is ofc able to solve it, because he is lucky.
For example, the MC encountered a situation where any other player would die no matter which option they choose, but the MC didn't die bc one of his teammembers had a "special condition". And I want to emphasize that this "special condition" is not something you can get by working hard or being smart. That person just had it, and is the only person in this world who has it.
Author-sama, is that situation even solvable without being lucky to have that teammember? What is the use of this whole survival game at this point, if it is actually impossible to pass? This is just plain s*upid.

The only plus points of this novel, are the questions that ARE answered by the book. Also the relationship between MC and ML is pretty interesting. Yeah that's it.
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Dec 15, 2019
Status: Completed

One day because of an accident, You Huo was pulled into a system that made him, his uncle, and his cousin undergo life-or-death exams with a bunch of unlucky participants.

So, he does what every student wished they could do and just. Rips. The. Exam. Apart.

... more>> Then, he meets the Examiner 001.

(Without memories, could we fall for each other again?)


The story follows You Huo, a silent guy who seems like he sleeps every five seconds as he undergoes every student's worse nightmare.

Exams that decide your life and death.

Don't get fooled by the tags, this story isn't a horror, it's more of a thriller + mystery + survival game. With added comedy in bits and pieces.

This story asks an important question: will the physics you learnt in school actually play a part in your future?

(It's a joke. Well, not really.)

This is a very plot heavy story, and although there's romance, the plot and the mystery solving continues throughout the entire novel.

The main characters, You Huo and 001, are cool, calm, and collected in different ways. And although they seemed very different at first, they're actually very compatible in many different areas.

The side characters are wonderful, from You Huo's cousin who's the type of student that threw everything back to the teachers after finishing his exams, to 152 and 922 who are done with their boss' acts, to the pregnant lady Shu Xue who seems really out of place in a life-or-death exam.

The author drops a lot of hints through the whole story about the Very Mysterious Past, as well as the mysteries covering the pasts of the side characters. But those doesn't take away anything from the story, instead, it adds to it because a lot of bits aren't obvious at the start, but ends up making a lot of sense in the end.

Ending wise:

1v1, HE. Most plot points wrapped up nicely, side characters get their closure.


Very good read with badass main characters and lovable side characters. Good and engaging plot with an overarching mystery. However, there isn't a lot of killing, and the main characters are so badass some parts of the life-or-death exam becomes almost a joke. <<less
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Jan 12, 2021
Status: Completed
Global University Entrance Exam holds a special place in my heart for making me absolutely livid that I couldn't read faster. From the very first page it had me by the throat and I was hooked on every arc, every mystery. I needed to find out You Huo's backstory immediately, I had to know his connection to Qin Jiu. What the hell is GI (N) ? Or A? How long has You Huo been in this system? And please, for the love of God, what's going on with that pregnant... more>> lady? These questions bounced around in my head like a hamster generating energy on a wheel forcing me to read faster. If you get s**ked into mysteries, non-chronological storytelling and too-cool-for-school protagonists I almost don't want to recommend this novel to you, because it will take over your life for a good few days and, if you're anything like me, you're going to lock yourself up in a room in order to finish it ASAP and get all those delicious answers Mu Su Li mercilessly dangles just out of reach.

I was obsessed with You Huo and Qin Jiu. They were brilliant on their own but together they were like fire and gasoline. This book was 166 tragically short chapters but I would've gladly kept reading if the author wanted to turn this into some kind of 500 chapter monstrosity where the arcs just keep going and going. I was begging the system to hold them back more so I could read more ridiculous arcs where they come up with the most wild solutions to tear everything apart from the inside. It's vogue right now to call your favorite characters unhinged but oh boy, these two are mad. Almost immediately we're shown how aloof, devil-may-care these two are, from You Huo being taken to a solitary confinement room that will recreate his deepest fear and using that to take a nap to Mr. Invigilator 001 seeing him break the rules three (3) times and deciding to flirt with him about it. From the other invigilators responses to both of them getting repeatedly hauled in for punishment to NPC reactions to their interrogation techniques, they've never been on the hinge. At one point they're hauled away by a killer kraken and they come back an hour later bearing kalamari for dinner. An alternative name for the novel could be "It's Rough Out There For Villains, " a joke the brilliant translator made more than once and it's just so, so apt. 166 chapters and my biggest critique is that it isn't long enough, I wanted 500 more chapters of Jiuhuo torturing the system that had the misfortune of being stuck in there with them.

The tone of the novel is so much fun. Really, the whole novel is just fun, but I want to talk about the horror elements a little, because it's not something I see too often but sure wish I saw more because the author pulls together such disturbing imagery so effortlessly. From the overwhelming oppressive force of the system, always monitoring, to the point where all you need to do to draw an invigilator's attention is write their name to the bloody confinement rooms, the dark stories the system cooks up as exam flavor, and the body horror regarding the poor (?) souls trapped inside the system. Remember the pregnant lady I mentioned earlier? Uh, stick a pin in that! And oh, just stick a pin in everything, because I don't know how this novel managed to pull together all the threads it set up in the beginning but it feels like even tiny little details came back in the end in some profoundly significant way.

Speaking of profoundly significant... by now you know how it goes, a book starts hilarious and then slowly unravels to pick apart your heart in such a precise way the moment your guard is down, and Global University is no exception to the rule. Everything tragic, even hints, is a massive spoiler that's best seen for yourself, but this novel hit me hard in a way that I wasn't expecting from such a seemingly ridiculous setup. Oh yeah, okay, they're in a magic system that gives them exam questions. This might be asking me to suspend my disbelief a little too much to really feel it, but I'm laughing so I'll keep going. God, I was a fool. If you're like me and you like to screenshot lines that punched you in the gut as you read, make sure you have sufficient space cleared out on your device's image library. I'll give you one of my favorites, out of context: "My dear, if I left myself by your ear, would you be able to hear me? May we meet again in a world where the smoke is gone."

I guess it's my luck it's only 166 chapters, because after all the plot twists and mysteries unveiled I have to turn around and reread it to catch everything that I missed. Once, maybe twice. And after that's done I guess I'll read everything Mu Su Li has written because if her other books are half as good as this, I'm in for a treat. Just rereading the first few chapters in manhua form is already enlightening (and the manhua is gorgeous, by the way. Go read that but save it for after you finish the novel).

This review is incoherent because this novel made me incoherent, but I had to write something because I feel like it's my duty to inform as many people about this as I can. Please give it a shot. This novel is a brilliant and grand place. Welcome home.

5 stars. I'm obsessed. <<less
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Apr 16, 2020
Status: c58
Plot: 4.7/5, rounded up to 5

Translation: 5/5

This story is really fun to read. Both the MC and ML are my favorite types of characters. They're both very calm and collected despite the horrific situations they end up in. They're also very cunning and perceptive, allowing them to find loopholes within the system that allows them to break the exams (literally). Their relationship dynamic is also very endearing. They bicker to and fro, but work together surprisingly well.

The story itself has a lot of mysteries going on, but that's to be... more>> expected from a novel with a "mystery" genre. At first I was quite confused about what was going on, but most of my questions were answered as the story progressed. All in all, I like this story. The horror aspect is definitely there, and there were many times where I felt chills run down my spine. The MC's and ML's reactions to these events made it all the better.

The translation is splendid. I adore this translator to death. They translate each chapter extremely quickly, yet all the chapters are of high quality. Thank you to the translator for their consistent, amazing work ^^ <<less
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Mar 13, 2021
Status: --
If you're like me and you can't get past the horror elements at first, PERSEVERE. Because what awaits you is a breathtakingly exhilirating masterpiece.

  1. The end chapter was so satisfying. It wasn't too much or too little. It was soooo just right, your first reaction will be *chef's kiss* instead of looking for extras. I was squealing in the end because of how pleasantly cathartic it was.
  2. The prose, character development, world-building... everything is so tight and just so well-written. Most importantly, all the Chekhov's guns scattered here and there went off crisp and clear, always with a connection with each other like an underlying orchestra playing in the background while you go through the action while sometimes forgetting they exist, only to get caught unawares and surprised when they are revealed. Truly *chef's kiss*.
  3. The exams... wow. I'm not like others who tried to figure it out (too s*upid for that). I was busy appreciating the author's creativity and craftiness, and getting carried away by the horror vibes. If there's a novel that can compare with this level of intricacy, it would be "Surprise! The Talent Show Is...". The exam arcs are not dragged out either, and even if I was already getting scared, I still could not skip because the author was good in "show, not tell". Plus, the interactions between the characters are always so entertaining.
In short, just read this. Throwaway whatever misgivings you have and just read. Even homophobes, if forced to read this, can only be blame themselves for being unable to enjoy it because they're homophobic.
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Nov 24, 2019
Status: c1
Wow wow Wow! This is so interesting to read despite it only being the first chapter!

The title instantly attracted my attention because I'd be one of the first ones to die in such an exam. ? I'm the "when you try your best but you don't succeed" kind of test taker.

Well, I'm off to go read the raws because I don't have a clue if the character who stands out the most is our MC or ML.

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Dec 03, 2020
Status: c166
I really, really love this novel.

If you don't like OP character (MC and ML basically trump the exam), or worldbuilding that will come pretty late in the novel (it's not gradual, and for me not the main point of this novel) then this one isn't for you.

That said, so let's see.

First, the plot--as I've said before the worldbuilding do play some part, but it's not the main point. For me, the main point of this novel is the relationship between MC and ML, and the circumstances that lead them to... more>> lose their memories. Regarding the worldbuilding, included in this the exam scenario themselves--all I will say is that, while the mystery is there, it wasn't the main point. I think, for some exam the answer is pretty obvious. The question became, "Can you hold to your bottom line, to your morality, in the face of danger to your life?". And, I really really love MC and ML attitude that basically saying "f*ck the exam" and do an elaborately hard and infuriating way (for the system, that is) to solve those. And yes, the Plot Twist is just *chef's kiss*

Second, the character--I love MC and ML so much ahhh. Both are smart and strong, there's no power imbalance, their understanding with each other are great, the connection between them is just :). The banter, the bickering, is just sooooo good. There's so many humorous lines in this novel, my review will be too long if I included all of them. My favorite, ofc, it's when the ML teased the MC (and the subsequent banter, or teasing back, or loving gesture AHH). And my god Qin Jiu teased the MC a lot so I am very <3

Their relationship can be so f*cking sweet and so laugh inducing and so tear inducing. It can be summed in a, "Regardless of the circumstances in which we met, I'll always fall in love with you" trope which is my favorite trope and very sweet and angst-y. But, god, their character make me laughed a lot as well. So, all is balanced.

Here's my favourite quote, no context; :)


Once this key is activated, his memory would be restored.

In it was his past, his beliefs, and his love.

All of that made up a complete Qin Jiu.

My dear, if I left myself by your ear, would you be able to hear me?

May we meet again in a world where the smoke is gone.

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Shadow of Aljani
Shadow of Al
Dec 26, 2022
Status: Completed
This is less of a review and more of a rebuttal, if I'm being honest. Because the absolute slander that this novel is getting is completely unfounded and I would like to clarify a few things.

Let's start with those reviews whose chapter counts are not even a quarter of the way into the book. I'm certain this has been said, and many times at that, but this is a mystery novel. You're not supposed to be able to guess everything that comes your way, and you're supposed to feel confused.... more>> It's not cliche enough for you to straight-up guess the plot, guys. It's not riddled with plot holes just because you didn't bother finishing the novel.

First Arc Droppers:

So first of all, it's the very first arc. Which naturally means you have no information at all, which in turn means you have no idea what's going on. You're confused? Yeah, no, it would be weird if you weren't confused.

You're given questions in a weird scenario with a high school subject because that's what this entire system is based off of. It's called Global Examination, the 'examination' in fact referring to the infamous nation-wide Gao Kao (end of high school/university entrance exams). Which are based on school subjects. The first arc is basically a demo of the system scenarios— what did you expect?

I know the solutions confused quite a number of people, but they're actually valid, real life solutions. For exams (at least in China, in the past), if you literally cannot think of any answers at all but are desperate for that sweet, sweet partial credit, you can write 'answer' on the exam paper and pray your teacher is a lenient marker. It's a real thing— plenty of people have scored tiny marks from this tactic. So no, it's not nonsensical. It makes sense that a system based on Uni Entrance exams would be a convoluted, deadly version of said exams.

As for the questions the author never gives you answers to? The ones that you don't know why only so and so marks were received, why this, why is it all so nonsensical? Well... spoilers. Although I will explain later on— with a spoiler bracket, of course.

I don't think I can say much about the rest of the solutions for Arc One because spoilers, but it's basically standard escape room procedure? Find the clues, solve the riddle, try not to die. Again, it's not underdeveloped or whatever. It's a mysterious system out to kill everyone with ridiculous questions and deadly instances.

On the general complaints and plot holes:

Plot holes first.

So, the whole thing with the unanswerable questions comes up again and again in complaints, and let me just tell you that they're not unanswerable because the author is dumb, they're meant to be unanswerable. Why? That's part of the mystery! (Again, you'll get your explanations, just not right at this moment.)

Mystery solving! Again, it takes a while. Y'know, because there's an actual plot. Because things happen as the story advances. Also, the mystery solving is very intertwined with the whole memory-amnesia thing (not a spoiler it's in the tags) so obviously it's going to take a while to get there.

Next comes the whole 'OP' main characters thing, along with their luck. *Deep breath* here we go.

First! They're not strong because they're strong, they're strong because


they've received military training for a long time even before this whole system, so their skills don't come from nowhere. Furthermore, these people are the ones who, at some time, were the very heart of the system. The topmost invigilators, acknowledged to be the strongest of them all. If it's not these people, who are equipped with both skills and knowledge to take down the very thing they were once a fundamental part of, who would be more fitting than them?


Also, you're... You're reading the novel because you want to read the entire story, right? You don't want to be cut off in the middle because the main character was too weak and died, right? Like, imagine being cut off at "Chapter 72— The NPCs got to us at last" or something with the mystery barely unraveled. Obviously, we're reading the story of the ones who succeed? So why are you pissed that they, y'know, succeeded?

Next is their whole luck thing. They're unlucky, they're really unlucky with probability things. No clue why some people believe the lucky just because they succeeded.

(If they're lucky with anything, it's the friends and found family they made along the way.)

Honestly? I don't even know where the whole 'they only lived because they're lucky' came from. Because it's nonsense. The first Arc was mostly logic mixed with a bit of rule-breaking, and from there we tumble down the cliff of tearing the entire rule system apart. They win because they're lucky? Ha. They win because they're smart enough and strong enough that they don't need to play by the corrupt and shoddy rules, where you can't win by being a model student but you certainly can win by being just a little crazy.

Some examples I've seen complaints about:

Arc Two Defence:


(For the character with the 'special condition'— it wasn't luck. She didn't prevent team mates from dying either; one guy did die, one guy targeted was the invigilator himself and the last was the main character who used a bit of smarts but mostly his own strength to not die. Her 'special condition' was a very specific, caused-by-logical-factors (massive, massive spoiler I'm not going to reveal) glitch in a broken system. And she got it because she was literally brutalized and killed and revived and had a parasite shoved into her stomach by a crazy old lady so she didn't 'just have it', she suffered very much.)


Arc Four Defence:


So first of all, I would like to reiterate that the main characters aren't strong because of plot armor or whatever. They're strong because they're trained, they were acknowledged as the strongest of the strong since long before the story timeline AND they're not afraid to break all the rules. The characters don't 'get away' with breaking rules because they're the main characters, have you read the book? They don't really get away with it at all, it's just that the only punishments the system can come up with aren't nearly enough to deter them from breaking the rules again.



Why aren't the questions/exams solvable? Why is this survival game practically impossible, and why do the main characters literally have to resort to breaking the system just to live?

Biggest spoiler of them all, guys. I'd say you'll understand as long as you read the novel through but apparently some people don't? Apparently the biggest, clearest mystery reveal just flew over their heads? The author isn't going to hold your hand and spell out ABC for you, it's obvious enough as it is. So if you THINK, for even a MOMENT—

Ugh. Makes me so frustrated.

All right, here it is:


It's not a survival game. It's a broken system gone haywire, one that doesn't want anyone to win and wants them to stay in the world of the system forever. The stuff from the arcs seems unbeatable? Yes, it's not supposed to be possible unless you do something incredibly difficult/disgusting/et cetera. Because. Because this random system that came from a flawed design isn't and will never be fair. It's not supposed to be possible. So the main characters break rules and break the system all together, because they were never going to live otherwise. Get it? The system itself was broken, and thus all the exams were never MEANT to be possible.

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Oct 09, 2020
Status: Completed
A string of coincidences? A bad joke of fate? Who knows...

An epic depiction of "the mind forgets but the heart remembers" story. Simply beautiful.

I'm offering my humble 5/5 rating to this masterpiece~

... more>> STORY:

Alright, I'm gonna be honest and say it's very hard to make a spoiler-free review for this novel since I feel like almost every key elements constructing it is a mystery which incites curiosity and requiring the readers to patiently wait and see how everything gets unfolded and revealed one by one. I guess the description provided here in NU is enough to get the general sense on how the entire story will flow. This is like a survival game in some sense. But unlike other stories with similar themes, they don't necessarily have to kill each other to 'pass'—that is, if they're not 'greedy' enough. Anyway, the main point of the plot here is for the protagonists to successfully 'destroy the exam' (lol... why 'exam'? I don't want to spill spoiler so I'm leaving it as is xD).

This is a 160+ chaptered novel offering a plate of fiery action, puzzling mystery, hearty comedy, and a diabetes-inducing romance. I usually stay away from novels exceeding hundred chapters because based on experience, these types would only drag the story on, especially if it's not a slowburn romance or plot-driven. For the likes of me, if the story is not plot-centered and the couple already got together very early on, that's the end of it for me. I usually stop there and just read the conclusion. I'm a single dog but not dying to eat dog food all the time, you know. Believe me, some authors just really slap cliché tooth-aching cheesy stuffs just for the fluff to their story but you won't find it sweet even one bit. Anyway, as for this one, I wouldn't call it a slow romance. Maybe a little..? I mean, there's a special circumstance surrounding their epic love story (no, I'm not exaggerating), and if I remember correctly, about in the middle part of the story they 'officially' got together. To avoid spoilers, I won't say more since the "romance" part of this one is really so 'special' and tear-jerkingly bittersweet so... *sigh* Oww... my heart wound is opening again...

... Oh no, no. This is definitely a happy ending. Don't be discouraged by my sentimental nonsense above. It's just that, aside from the interesting plot and conspiracy-like vibe, one of the best selling points of this novel is its romance element for me. It is just so frickin' beautiful! You know, it will make you think "if theirs is not true love, I don't know what that is!". The author's selection of words and way of delivering feelings and emotions that runs across the characters straight to the readers is something to be praised about. Very poetic. Effectively pulls your heartstring.

And another "no". Of course, this is not just drama. The comedy here is not a joke. From start to finish, every chapter is entertaining—which I very much love about this author's writing style. Just my type. And once you reached chapter 43—where everything starts to get more exciting—you won't be able to stop.

Overall, story-wise, there's nothing much to criticize about. The 'aim' is pretty much straightforward and achieved in the end. Some say there are 'plot holes' about the examination part on how absurd it is. Well, it is absurd. And even getting crazier and crazier, and needed to be attended to. Why else the MC and ML was dragged 'there', right? Surely not to be a top student! (lol). This part is explained as you reach the climax. Again, I'm not gonna give spoilers.

The pacing is good, I enjoyed every chapter. I love the author's approach of giving us a 'consolation and assurance' first that everything is going well, and then break our hearts in the middle (haha). There's some part I got a little confused though, but it's very minor. It's just my usual 'logic' and 'realistic' sceptic part butting in once in a while. I just need some re-reading, I guess (actually, I'm planning to re-read it after writing this review to alleviate the 'withdrawal' caused by this novel, lol) .

... Oh yeah, I'd like to thank the translator for an excellent job. I appreciate the effort very much and very grateful for sharing this wonderful novel with us ^^ *kowtow*


"Gods of misfortune", "demon lords", "two madmen"—what a very 'honourable' title for the amnesiac MC and ML, right? Well, who can blame those people who bestow them that? It's very much true in a sense, but let me tell you that this 'crazy' pair possesses a noble heart.

The MC, You Huo, is a handsome guy with a kind of aloof personality. A man who always wear a cold gaze, speaks very little but when he does, it's sharp as blade. But beneath that cold façade, a soft heart can be found. I wouldn't call his personality a tsundere. He's just bad at communicating xD

And the ML, Qin Jiu... Oh shit, this ML won the MVP! Who made him so handsome, so badass, so shameless, so playful, so hot, so gentle, so sweet, and so damn romantic!?! Like it's a mix of Xing Zhi, Lan Wangji, Hua Cheng, Wen Kexing, Chu Kong and He Ching Lu personified. Laid-back and carefree, arrogant and playful, but definitely cares and loves the MC to bits. Most of the cause of my heartbreaks were from reading ML's POV, revealing their heart-wrenching 'history'. Ah, just so sad and painful...

I liked how the author didn't make the MC and ML sound too OP, unlike in other novels I know who were like so but didn't supplement ample justification. Here, both are strong, yeah, but definitely not OP. If you think they are, well, they have their military background to explain their technical knowledge and physical ability to back it all up. I also liked how the author described and revealed the two's background, explaining how their characteristics and personalities came to be. It's like telling us "they're not arrogant and looked cold and expressionless just to act cool, ya know". A very, very nice approach from the author. And this is not only on the main characters, but also on the minor ones. I'd like to praise how the author managed to generously put a well-described but not too overwhelming set of side of characters and successfully make a 'connection' to a reader like me despite not being the major ones. I'm glad the author was not stingy on this part.


A very, very good read!

I may sound exaggerating, but I really love this novel to bits. One solid but intangible proof is: I'm currently experiencing a 'withdrawal syndrome'. Definitely one of the best warm and touching love story I've read so far. It will take a while before I recover...

So, if you feel like reading a modern sci-fi-ish novel with a touch of mystery, lots of comedy, sweet romance, a little drama (... little? An understatement, maybe. My heart didn't break and bleed just once, if you must know), this novel is for you. And since this is tagged as shounen-ai, don't expect explicit sexy time. But rest assured, just the kisses and brief description of their 'intimate moments' is enough for your imagination to run wild. I mean, two handsome military men doing hot stuffs... what a fierce battle!

Finally, my only tip would be: don't rush and just enjoy the ride~ <<less
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Apr 01, 2021
Status: Completed
to readers who are thinking of dropping this novel: please only consider this after reading 40+ chapters! The first 30/40 chapters are rather focussed on the examination aspects and not so much on the MC and ML interactions so it may be dry for some

i've never written a review before but I just had to do so after reading GUEE. Where do I start..

1) world building is excellent. Translator did a great job of conveying what the author was writing. Every examination centre was written in great detail and I... more>> could visualise it very clearly; almost like I was an examinee in there. Certain centres were so creepy and gave me the shivers but that's how realistic and good it is!

the shirley/mirror humans examination centre was really so creepy lol


2) the plot unravelling is really *chefs kiss* everything related to the MC and ML's past was all interrelated and was nicely linked. Throughout the chapters I was so excited and curious to know the full story and the way everything was uncovered was extremely satisfying. Qiu jin and you huo have such a deep history and it really made my heart ache. The interactions between them may not have occurred as often as i'd like as the main focus of the story is making their true objective a reality. However, I loved the dog food. Both express their feelings in different ways and every interaction had me squealing with joy. If you are looking for a novel with 24/7 fluff, this is not for you

3) the pacing of the novel was rather good. Not too fast not too slow. The first 30 chapters may have been rather dry and that is why I see 2 star reviews from people after reading until chapter 30+. There is an interesting main plot going on and as mentioned in the earlier plot the unravelling of each detail of the plot is really what keeps you hooked. (In my personal opinion, chapter 159-164 went by rather fast)

4) i've seen another review that stated how this novel was rather confusing yet easy to get. I wholeheartedly agree! There were some parts of the plot that I had to reread as I didn't quite catch what was going on. But I understood the main gist the first time reading and it was enough to make me excited. 5) I loved the attention and focus on the other characters. You will definitely get attached to all the other characters especially the characters that follow ML and MC through various examinations. The author also tied up things nicely, never forgetting to shine the spotlight on the characters when necessary. The ending was great as I knew that each character was living a good life

it was good that author did not forget 154


definitely recommend this novel to anyone who loves complete plots and power couples who have great history between them:D

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Oct 22, 2020
Status: Completed
so I got art-baited into reading this and it did not disappoint! it was a little slow to get to my attention, but I enjoyed the spooky vibes and the MC and ML interactions, so I chose to continue on, and then arc 4 came and it completely captured my attention to the point I COULD NOT STOP READING AND ENDED UP BINGE READING THE ENTIRE THING!!

ok so to sum up, this series is a set of horror-esque survival games. the plot goes like this: the protagonist You Huo, along... more>> with his uncle and cousin, were dragged to another dimension/world, where they are forced to take a set of exams under the rules accompanying it (but it's not regular paper/pencil exams, it's one where their lives are at stake with each question given), enforced by an Artificial Intelligence system, whose consequently the primary antagonist of the novel. During these exams, You Huo meets Invigilator 001.

The exams are monitored by the Invigilators, and Invigilator 001/Qin Jiu, is our main lead. You Huo's narrations are unreliable as it's quickly revealed that he missing a portion of his memories, however our main lead, Qin Jiu seems to be the key to his lost memories. You Huo and Qin Jiu, along with other examiners, end up going on the path to destroy the system that is enforcing these life-threatening exams, all the while You Huo's lost memories are slowly uncovered.

moving on to the romance dynamics and first let me just say this, it's sensationally good. You Huo and Qin Jiu are both so CHAOTIC that you'll never get bored watching them. I almost pity the villains in this novel who go against them, they never stood a chance lol. jiuhuo has everything you could want when reading a romance: a slow burn, mysterious intertwined pasts, intellectuals, sexy aesthetics, s*xual tension both unresolved and later resolved ;), bickering, tenderness, UGHH THE TENDERNESS IS JUST SOMETHING ELSE WITH THESE TWO!!!!! the two of them are both so feral that when you witness them slowly falling in love with each other and being soft with each other, it's just... so ENDEARING!!!!! anyway I could word vomit all day about these two and it's still not going to get close to explaining how great they are together, so read it for jiuhuo.

the side characters are also really great, and they all serve a purpose in the plot. plus, really great plot twists.

10/10 would recommend! <<less
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Jan 10, 2021
Status: c12
uhhh ok so I understand that its a bit early for reviews but I feel that in this point in time, I can see where the praises for this novel from the reviews come from, and I honestly can't exactly agree with them. I've decided to drop this series after acknowledging this fact lol, seeing that there isn't anything else that catches my interest. But first, a review:

I usually really like reading this genre because it excels at providing clever and engaging content. But to be frank, for this novel,... more>> the mystery is... pretty disappointing. It would be more accurate to call it confusion, since majority of the time, we are just given questions. The solutions proposed by the MC don't even really make sense tbh, but the author adds some details (which werent mentioned prior) afterwards, to basically try and support it. Maybe some people enjoy the novel in spite of this, but to me, theres just little satisfaction to be gained in reading about the MC coming up with half-working solutions to unexplained and underdeveloped scenarios. World building also kind of lacking. The rest is ok. That's about it. <<less
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Mar 30, 2021
Status: Completed
I just finished re-reading this novel.

This is definitely in my top 5 favorites, even with the happy ending I got so emotional and cried.

Qin Jiu is my favorite ML, he loves the MC so much, and hes very romantic. He understands the MC alot.

... more>> I already miss this novel, bingeing it makes it very enjoyable, I'm glad every got their happy ending.

I kinda feel hollow and unsure of what to do now...I want to re-read again just to go back and see the ML and MC react...

This novel may seem confusing at time, but it is 100% worth reading. <<less
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Jan 01, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel is now in my top 3 favorite novels ever!!! Its honestly incredibly written, translated (nice job guys), and structured. The main characters and side characters all are incredibly well written, loveable, awesome, and all have a role. The plot is also really fascinating and just absolutely amazing!!! There is also an abundance of foreshadowing which is well done! The romance starts a little later in the novel (about half way), but it is very well written, CUTE, and lovely!!!! The entire concept of the novel is just amazing... more>> to read about! I really love all the different settings for the exams! I also really liked how the MC and ML both have amnesia. Its really funny when they are being a bunch of madmen and others are like, do they gots something wrong with their brain, and although they don't say anything, we know that they do in fact have stuff wrong with their brain. Considering how violent and massacre loving this novel is, it surprisingly has a very well written comedic undertone! During the Bloody Carnival part (look at the translation version of the novel), I honestly couldn't stop laughing. It was probably 4 am or something and I was laughing my arse off.

First of all, the characters are gorgeously written! I love the MC, You Huo, as well as the ML, Qin Jiu! They are adorable!!!!!! My heart bleeds for them. They have a rather tragic past together and when I was reading it I was very sad for them. I wanted to rip out my heart and give it to them so they wouldn't suffer ;-;.... Anyways I thought the author did an amazing job portraying their characters and personalities throughout the entire novel with their dialogue and thoughts. Many times, authors will "forget" or have a character say something a little out of character, but this author did an amazing job at having everyone stay in character. The side characters were also incredibly written! Many of them come back in later portions of the novel or stay throughout the novel as rather important characters, except I guess the MC and ML are around for 99% of the time and they go do their own thing occasionally. Honestly though, I found it incredible that the author was able to remember so many characters and have 80% of them come back later and actually matter! When ever we got cameos of older characters or whenever one came back, I would get super excited!!!! (try remembering the named characters and ones with a bit more of a presence and are specifically called out for various reasons, these are the types that come back later). Though I was sad when some characters were forgotten, but the novel doesn't disappoint and does bring back many characters. Also surprisingly, very few important characters die... the author probably could have killed more people.

I was super pumped when the Tattooed man came back! It was really cool! I was like OMG YEAH I REMEMBER HIM WOO GO THIS DUDE! haha


I also find that the foreshadowing and hinting towards events was really well done! Obviously things like the MC's identity and a certain relationship was extremely easy to guess. I probably guessed the MC's identity within the first 2 chapters. I would have guessed it sooner (like before the book even started), but I didn't really understand some of the terms in the novel and it took me a moment to piece together what was going on. Either way, I found that there were many surprising things that I would have never guessed happening! I really loved some of the side character's identity reveals and some plot reveals because although some were VERY easy to guess, others were definitely hinted at, but very subtly. I found some things absolutely mind blowing! Although, compared to other people, I actually had guessed a lot of the plot ahead of time by using my vast expanse of knowledge on how plots work (I do a lot of writing and reading basically) to figure things out. Though a lot of the time, I only guessed what was happening a few paragraphs ahead or so. I also found it very exciting when I got things right! I will say that it is very hard to be disappointed in many of the reveals.

Now lets talk about the plot! The story is basically, there is a MC, his name is You Huo. He has amnesia, he has a rather cold personality and doesn't always express his emotions much, he is a BADASS *thumbs up*, very cool man. He is thrown into a 5 part exam along with his cousin, Yu Wen, and his uncle, Old Yu. Similar to escape room like stuff, they have to complete a room along with some other examinees by answering questions and looking for clues. The MC causes trouble and meets our lovely ML, Qin Jiu / 001. He is cooooool man and also a BADASSss, he also has amnesia. They do some exams that are horror-esque and cause havoc. The exams are all very interesting and absolutely AWESOME, I love how You Huo and Qin Jiu are just super chaotic. AND its not just that, the MCs have to figure out their past! They want to regain their memories and figure out their past and what the f is up with all the random stuff they randomly remember. There are some absolutely hilarious scenes as well as very intense, I wanna cry, scenes. The plot didn't disappoint! I was super fascinated by the way the system works and the exams, the loveable characters also made everything better!

AHHHH I almost cried during that certain stabby stabby scene in the mansion with the Duke exam. I was so sad and ahhh and then they KISSED and everything was better.

also uh, bigger spoiler, but I really love how that one dream exam and the dream versions of you know who actually connected with later stuff and how the dream You Huo may have actually been You Huo, but while he was dreaming!!!


RoMaNcE!!! It was a little slow at first, but I didn't mind. The ML and MC had amazing chemistry and literally cause havoc wherever they go. I love them. I really love how the author wrote the development and the actual relationship between the two. Their relationship post smooch is actually very realistic for their personalities, not clingy! WOw an actual relationship in a novel were the MC and ML love each other to death but aren't obnoxiously flaunting their relationship. But I do gotta say, they are wonderful together. This is a tad bit of a spoiler, but I really love how Qin Jiu was the person who narrated the backstory of the MC and ML and their past. It isn't too hard to figure out how it would have been from You Huo's perspective, so seeing it from Qin Jiu was great because it also brought him into the spot light where You Huo was getting a lot of attention. I honestly love how You Huo is willing to do anything and hide everything in order to protect Qin Jiu. I wanted to cry when I found out about all the things You Huo quietly did to protect Qin Jiu all the time. Qin Jiu, on the other hand, always openly protects You Huo, and also protects him quietly. He really shows how much he cares about You Huo and You Huo also shows how much he cares, even though most of You Huo's show of love came from secretly done actions. Their initial relationship is also really cute because its basically just arguing and fighting and witty comments back and forth One thing that I will say I didn't super like about the novel was the "ending", but more like the last third of the book. As the exams were getting more and more chaotic and eventually the main conflict started, I began missing the first few exams. Although I really do like the later portions of the novel as well, I wish the beginning could have been a little longer or the time after the MC and ML had got together had a bit more regular exams after. But I guess this isn't really a bad thing because I did also like the later part of the book as well. There were some portions though that were a little confusing, like the later half of the exam with the Mirror Humans, it felt a bit rushed. Even the final conflict just felt very rushed, however, I loved the little flashback before the doom kinda thing that happened. Like Qin Jiu had a longer flashback as they were running from fire and a memory about fire was the segway. I will also say that I wish they did a bit more on what the side characters did after the thing happened, as well as what the ML and MC did together (I guess it does have some of this, but I want MORE and some more personal and not having to do with others things). But also in general, I wish the last 1/3 or so was a bit longer and less rushed. I also liked how the author explained and had NPCs work and the like, but it didn't always 100% make sense or there would be some moments were you kind of just have to accept that that is a thing. Also I found it a bit confusing in terms of numbers, like how could so many people go "missing" and few people notice it, or nobody notice it. It didn't really make too much sense. And the ages of the characters didn't always add up when I thought about it, but I won't explain because of spoilers.

I really loved how the MC was basically a god and was undefeatable and extremely destructive. He and ML are perfect for each other because they both love to create havoc! Also the exams, considering the MC is so cool and he does whatever reckless thing he wants and minimizes casualties and does things how he wants to do the, HOW THE FREAK DO OTHER PEOPLE DO THE EXAMS BY FOLLOWING THE RULES!!!!! Some of the exams, I know that it does address this problem, but other times it made no sense. Particularly, it was very noticeable in the Sherley and Sali exam. Like, I do get that other exams are riddled with casualties and are traumatizing, but still! it still makes little sense on how others survive the exams and don't give me the BS that oh the exams are getting harder because of stuff, NO, even back in ye old days, the exams were still convoluted.

But all in all, I love this novel. I actually really love sci-fi-esque novels and have a slight bias towards them. Although, I usually read fantasy novels, I am a die hard sci-fi novel lover. This book isn't really a sci-fi novel, but it feels like one. I really love these kinds of books were the plot really makes you think about a strange world that the characters live in! I love dystopian novels!!! Aha, anyways, I really love this novel and would definitely recommend it!

This book gets and A for awesomeness *wink wink*. Its my No. 001 fav book (actually its my 2nd rn, but this is for the LOLz) *wink wink*. <<less
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Nov 02, 2020
Status: Completed
Simply stunning.

Well-woven plotline, memorable and fleshed out supporting characters, great flow, foreshadowing, and tension with very little padding.

Fantastic translation.

... more>> Likes:

  • OP main characters, mysterious past/amnesia trope, past relationship, SUPER SUPER cute fluffy partnership and teamwork
  • Survival - escape room - puzzle - thriller games with a dash of humor/comedy
    • IMPORTANT: the story is not about the puzzle-solving so much as the overarching plot regarding the MC/ML's pasts and dismantling the system
    • BE PATIENT!! Why the MC/ML are so good at finding loopholes in the system will be thoroughly explained; why this book is NOT ABOUT solving puzzles will also be explained beautifully.
    • DO NOT read this story expecting to be Reader Nancy Drew figuring out puzzles. READ this story if you are interested in the tropes mentioned in Bullet #1.
  • Not super cutthroat, cruel or brutal, and not about the so-called "darkness/selfishness of human nature"
    • All of the arcs do deal with stressful situations, but there's a ton of teamwork involved and a lot of variety in that people react and act in different ways
    • UNLIKE some novels, people are multi-faceted: they CAN BE GOOD and are NOT OUT TO BACKSTAB EVERYONE THEY SEE ALL THE TIME
  • Tension tension tension!! And tacit understandings!! (And cute subordinates)
Definitely going to be one of my top favorites in the survival games genre (next to The Earth is Online). The ending was done very very well, everything was wrapped up nicely. <<less
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May 27, 2020
Status: c101
Maybe because it's my first novel in that genre but I love it. It keeps me in toes and the MC and the ML tension is palpable, so much that I found myself yelling at them, telling them to kiss already and get it done. Exams are not what I thought it would be, some times, I wish the author gave a complete explanation but in the same time, it helps me think for myself why they were wrong and pondered about what would be the correct answer. All in... more>> all, it's everything a novel should be <<less
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Dec 21, 2019
Status: Completed
OMG 10 OUT OF 10 WOULD READ AGAIN!!! I love the whole mystery from day one (chapter one) and what really convinced me to MLTing the whole story was @YellowNoodle's comment of "when you try your best, but you dont succeed.." ??? (i really don't know why it was that comment but ya). I hope the translation does it justice but just from the raw version there was a lot of amazing plot and game puzzles that made my mind think (im dumb af). Though not as much dog... more>> food as I would enjoy what really kept me reading was the whole mystery behind their background (SUPER IMPORTANT in plot) and what the sytem (where the MC and ML and everyone else is stick in, pretty much like vr... But where people are killed if they cant solve their "test" and are permanently stuck to stay there unless they are released by the system... (Which I dont think actually happens, they just become invigulators or part of the system) really is.) is really about. The whole think about the candidates and invigulators kind of becomes... Mehh... It doesnt really matter too much, botg the MC and ML are super OP and pretty much breaks the whole system (Literally). Anywhoo I would recommend this novel for those who like super long lasting mystery and those who dont like too much dog food (which I dont get since... THIS IS BL BRUUHH=__=) <<less
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Aug 13, 2021
Status: Completed
"If they were to unfortunately fail, something like this would eventually come in handy.

Once this key is activated, his memory would be restored.
In it was his past, his beliefs, and his love.
All of that made up a complete Qin Jiu.
My dear, if I left myself by your ear, would you be able to hear me?
May we meet again in a world where the smoke is gone." <3 <3 <3

A classic example of "the mind forgets but the heart remembers" kind of thing. The MC and ML's OP, the side characters are interesting as well. Very nice read. Although I find some exams a little draggy but it's still a good read.
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