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CN (2.5)
0 Chapters Every 0.9 Day(s) 368 Readers 3 Reviews 08-19-2019
Xia Xiaoluo never expected that a takeout delivery would change her life forever. ... more>>
CN (4.2)
471 Chapters Every 2.1 Day(s) 5412 Readers 28 Reviews 08-19-2019
“Your servant is Majestic Star ‘Panther Head’ Lin Chong, from this day forward I am your woman!”... more>>
JP (3.9)
1 Chapters Every 2000 Day(s) 95 Readers 0 Reviews 08-19-2019
Feria, the younger sister of a feudal lord from a remote region, is chosen to be the king’s 31st consort… being that the king visits... more>>
CN (2.4)
10 Chapters Every 6.9 Day(s) 96 Readers 0 Reviews 08-19-2019
On the continent of the Dragon Vein, the weak were like the ants. Anyone who wanted to become a powerhouse could only make it through cultivation. Only the strong could fly into heaven, drill into the earth, move the mountains and overturn the sea. And the one who reached the king’s realm could even shake heaven and earth…... more>>
CN (4)
1066 Chapters Every 1.6 Day(s) 8441 Readers 78 Reviews 08-19-2019
A poor and ordinary boy from a village joins a minor sect in Jiang Hu and becomes an Unofficial Disciple by chance. How will Han Li, a commoner by birth, establish a foothold for himself in his sect? With his mediocre aptitude, how will he successfully traverse the path of cultivation and become an immortal? ... more>>
CN (3.4)
155 Chapters Every 18.7 Day(s) 2835 Readers 18 Reviews 08-19-2019
“With my knowledge, give me a fulcrum on which to place it and I shall move the world!” ... more>>
KR (4.1)
5 Chapters Every 4 Day(s) 1059 Readers 4 Reviews 08-19-2019
“Save me..”... more>>
CN (3.1)
236 Chapters Every 0.9 Day(s) 1603 Readers 5 Reviews 08-19-2019
Su Jianan was marrying the love of her life. It all seemed picture-perfect, except for a few catches. One, it was a marriage of convenience. Two, she would be divorced after two years.... more>>
CN (4.1)
734 Chapters Every 0.5 Day(s) 5261 Readers 34 Reviews 08-19-2019
She is a descendant of an Ancient Chinese Aristocratic family. Having just transmigrated into a young lady’s body filled with aphrodisiacs, she had no choice but to pounce at a random man upon arrival.... more>>
CN (4)
1478 Chapters Every 0.9 Day(s) 20720 Readers 309 Reviews 08-19-2019
Mythical Abode Mountain, Cloud’s End Cliff, the most dangerous of Azure Cloud Continent’s four deadly areas. Cloud’s End Cliff’s base is known as the Grim Reaper’s Cemetery. ... more>>
CN (3.9)
871 Chapters Every 1 Day(s) 6444 Readers 76 Reviews 08-19-2019
A data loving young man from Earth has an accident which transports him to a dark land filled with terrifying creatures and magical powers. Fortunately... more>>
CN (3.9)
17 Chapters Every 1.5 Day(s) 350 Readers 4 Reviews 08-19-2019
Chen Mo a game designer got sent to a parallel world with advance technology but undeveloped game concepts.... more>>
CN (2.8)
218 Chapters Every 1 Day(s) 538 Readers 1 Reviews 08-19-2019
What if your own father and his mistress were behind your mother's death? What if you were about to be sold if to a scumbag?... more>>
CN (4.2)
93 Chapters Every 12.4 Day(s) 1937 Readers 8 Reviews 08-19-2019
Qin Aofeng, a third-generation descendant of the great and prestigious family, the Qin Family, just as famous as the genius big brother Aotian but famed in Qin City as the “Good-for-nothing Seventh Young Master.”... more>>
CN (3.2)
2445 Chapters Every 0.5 Day(s) 10462 Readers 118 Reviews 08-19-2019
A human warrior cultivating the Ancient Strengthening Technique has transcended dimensions and arrived on Kyushu. Together with twelve ravishing beauties with looks that were unmatched in their generation, will he be able to stand on the summit of this world?... more>>
CN (2.3)
19 Chapters Every 0.5 Day(s) 125 Readers 0 Reviews 08-19-2019
The starry sky was resplendent, filled with tens of thousands of Tribes!... more>>
JP (3.4)
4 Chapters Every 1.5 Day(s) 139 Readers 0 Reviews 08-19-2019
The one single goal in life of the Strongest Old Sage is to subjugate the Demon King. In an epic final battle, both of them met their mutual destruction at each other’s hands.... more>>
JP (4.5)
82 Chapters Every 1.4 Day(s) 3225 Readers 25 Reviews 08-19-2019
A back-to-basics(?) monster evolution novel.... more>>
CN (3.7)
420 Chapters Every 1.8 Day(s) 2134 Readers 16 Reviews 08-19-2019
Qi Condensation. Foundation Establishment. Core Formation. In the current world, only these three realms are known to be achievable. Nascent Soul is but a legend and the realms above it lost to the the long river of time. The modern era is known as Cultivation Civilization, a balance of power and civility, excess and moderation. While cultivation remains a secret practice, it has long since exposed itself to the mundane world, quietly intertwined with each facet of society. While the world appears to be at peace, what lies underneath is a conflict between human, cultivator, and demon, brewing for ages and waiting to implode. Yet in the wake of humanity’s rapid industrialization, qi—and consequently cultivation—is... more>>
JP (3.8)
38 Chapters Every 3.1 Day(s) 1251 Readers 2 Reviews 08-19-2019
Yagami Touko, a woman of around thirty who prioritized games over romance.... more>>
JP (4)
3 Chapters Every 2 Day(s) 290 Readers 1 Reviews 08-19-2019
"...This is really well made for VR, huh?" ... more>>
CN (4.1)
23 Chapters Every 1.2 Day(s) 1321 Readers 10 Reviews 08-19-2019
As tragedy befalls Xin Siyue, she soon finds herself transmigrated into a novel world as a character. To her disappointment, she became the villainess who obsessively chased after the male protagonist while scheming to tear apart his relationship with his beloved. ... more>>
CN (4.1)
229 Chapters Every 3.3 Day(s) 621 Readers 8 Reviews 08-19-2019
In the vast and boundless continent Cangtu, there were ancient sects governing the Ten Old Domains, unworldly immortal clans beyond the Blue Sky, and primordial demon gods dominating the dark abyss that together created a great number of brilliant stories over the long course of the history.... more>>
CN (4.2)
164 Chapters Every 2.7 Day(s) 4052 Readers 26 Reviews 08-19-2019
“Your Majesty, someone cursed the Imperial Concubine to be a demon star.”... more>>
CN (4)
421 Chapters Every 0.4 Day(s) 2353 Readers 6 Reviews 08-19-2019
The first time they met they had battled fiercely, just for a mere bunch of herbs. She needed it to save people, and he wanted to use it to save his own life.... more>>
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