After Rebirth, I Returned to Miaojiang to Inherit My Family Business


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Wu Rong died in his last life, and his half life’s hard work was given cheaply to that pair of scum man and woman. He didn’t expect that after closing his eyes, he opened them and he was reborn!

But the world after his rebirth, it seems, something is wrong?

Scientific subversion, miraculous recovery! Aunties danced in the square with the Dancing God, and the pen fairies in the stationery shop were out of stock. The whole society started a metaphysical upsurge. What’s more, since Wu Rong’s rebirth, strangers have been scrambling to call him.

Stranger A: Wu Rong, don’t die! Remember, on September 15, 2142, you must go out for a trip, or you will die!

Stranger B: Boss, it’s me! You should quickly die and we will rule the world together!

Stranger C: Hahahaha Wu Rong, Wu Rong, I’m back. Just you wait. I’ll eat you one mouthful at a time to relieve my hatred!

Stranger D: Hello, is it Wu Rong? I’m the Director of the Federal Security Administration. Please pay attention to your own safety and don’t die!


Wu Rong: ???

It’s said that after my death, I became the strongest ghost king in the world and almost ruled the world?


There was something wrong with this miraculous and resurgent world. Countless people and ghosts have been reborn from the future of the reign of the ghost king Wu Rong. At this time, in the future, the ghost king Wu Rong, who was full of resentment and hatred, tyrannical and murderous, was still just an unruly little gangster, Brother Rong.

Some people wished Wu Rong would never die and just live like a bastard. Others were eager to see the Ghost King come earlier. Even the resentful ghost begged and couldn’t help being infatuated to the extreme, loving him enough to kill him…

Wu Rong: ??? What the hell is this??

As a result, under the multiple influences of the rebirths, Wu Rong has lived a colorful life since then, and even went back to the Miao area by accident to inherit his family property.

A few years later, the reborn people found out that the plot was not quite right.

Where is the Ghost King Wu Rong??

Who is this genius Gu master who appears in the world news all day long?!

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4 Reviews

Dec 07, 2022
Status: Completed
I really like this series very much.

I finished reading this weeks ago, I think.

Well, I just want to say something about MC.

... more>> I read the mtl, and I think the author explained it very well.

Even if it's mtl, it's understanble.

Anyway, I just want to defend this series and answer @rida's question about MC.

There are no gods or demon in this novel. Actually this novel is a story of evolution.

From the start to finish the author already emphasis the awakening of the spiritual power of the world.

I can't remember about MC in the normal world, but the MC as ghost king and MC as a gangster before he was rebirthed was the same. It's not an alternate reality or multivrse.

Anyway, spoiler...


MC was the order... and that Tong person, the tree of life of the celestials, he is not the villain. If you asked me, the villain here is the world. consciouness.

@rida asked why MC has human feelings, and not. make. him higher existence... be ause there is no higher existence, except for the world consciousness. He did became. ome though.

And why MC has feelings, it was because of the world consciousness.

Hundreds of thousands of years, the world. conscious already planned the MC's demise through ml.

ML as the son of heaven was meant to kill MC.

MC was cooked by ML for thousands of years, and finally gain victory in current time line.


This novel is a story of evolution... humans would be replaced by celestials, and order would replace the world consciousness...

But existence fought to survive.

The world consciousness created ML to defeated MC. celestials foight for quick evolution, while humans fougjt for survival.

And about MC's gu insects, I dunno what's the problem with it.c used his gu instecrs a lot. And the Gu king, the cocoon that took a long time to hatch, it helped MC many times, and even if it yet to hatch, it was very powerful.

More importantly, hatching the gu. king is MC's second priority. MC's priority was to solve mysteries.

@rida didn't bother reading the extra, but her questions answers everything in the extra.


MC didn't have human form. When MC and ML first met, ML even thought MC was the fire and loved the fire whole heartedly.

But when ML learned thatc was not a fire, he ignored it and let it die.

When MC learn of it, MC came to ML again and used his figure...


And the ending...


it's actually made sense, if you looked at it in different perspective.


The world consciousness was like a computer, just full of rationility. It calculated that the order would be like chaos, wanted to be the master in the future, and devise the plan to defeate the order.

So the ending is not ready. that disappointed. It actually make. sense. after all, one world could only house one world consciousness.

Anyway, although there are some plot holes, I think the over all story is really good.

The author didn't ignore everyone, and even laid out ending for everyone.

Thought not everyone has a happy ending, this fact made me. love this novel more.

The original heroes have their own endings, and not all have happy ending. The authoir even put out more ground work for future plots, if there are...

So I don't think there's anything wrong with the plot the author play here

The settings span more than thousands of years.

And MC is not a computer, he is a sentient being. Even God could be pulled down fr his altar. More so MC, when he is not even a god. MC is the order. His purpose was to realized order and avoid chaos.

Anyway, I suggest everyone to read everything including the extra to avoid confusion with the characters.

Now that I think about it. ML was the only person promoting romance here.

MC was promoting order and even die, being corrupted by chaos in his ghost king time line.

While the world consciousness was just doing its job. I think compare to MC and the chaos the world consciousness is more like a computer, only listening to a program designated to it.

That's why, when another world consciousness was form from MC and ml, it just went away, and started a new.

While Tong something wanted to promote his celestials. He was so envios to ml, actually. No one like their celestial race, so even if they will stood on top of the food chain later in the future, this tong person can't accept the fact that they need to suffer thousand of years before it.

And chaos only goal was chaos.

ML onky has one goal from the very start, it's to made MC learn to love "him".

In the end, ML won the gamble. MC wanted ML to live so he fought the world consciousness. After all, the reason ML is alive is because of MC.

ML is a shackle created for MC.

If MC was still the same rational order as he was, he would let the world consciousness kill him, and ML would disappear together with him. But MC doesn't want that, ML suffered thousands of years, and MC wanted ML to be happy.

I like their wedding in the end.

ML was so happy there. From the very first time he met ml, he was very loyal. <<less
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Nov 23, 2022
Status: Completed
I loved the story up until chapter 200 and I would have given it 5 stars- if not for the ending. It just spiralled out of control; if I didn't read it throughout, I would have thought it was two completely different novels.

Wu Rong, the protagonist had reasonable power-ups in the beginning.... more>>

He got a contract with what he thought was a ghost king when he fell off the cliff. While that definitely reeks of plot armour and golden fingers, it's not unheard of.


When he went to the Miao village, he obtained the Gu he needed.


Which turned out to be useless in the long run. The tarantula spider wasn't mentioned at all in the later chapters. And his primary Gu, which took an unreasonable amount of time to hatch considering he had all the resources ready, was a Maria butterfly. This long-awaited Gu was useful for all of one chapter.


Wu Rong's secret identity, the power he continuously got from 'the depths of his soul' was


him being 'Order'- the concept opposite of Chaos.


It was ridiculous. Why couldn't the author make him some other form of a higher existence? Even some sort of God would make more sense. How can a 'concept' gain feelings? And why did he have a human form in the first place? All the plot holes and and unanswered questions made it feel like I was hallucinating.

The villain turned out to be

Tong Fuyuan, the university professor. Like the MC, his identity kept getting wilder and wilder. From a shady professor, he turned into a high-up member of the Holy Wedge Society, to somebody who seemingly had a different soul in him that somehow previously knew Wu Rong, to finally the the guardian of the Celestial Clan who made a contract with 'Chaos'.


It felt like the author was trying to foreshadow and throw in a couple of plot twists. It was highly ineffective; it felt like a mish-mash of a bunch of random different ideas.

There are a lot more things I could mention, like seemingly important side characters like Wu Rong's yellow-haired friend,

who was one of his most important right-hand men in his previous life as a ghost king,


having no use to the overall plot at all.

It was also confusing distinguishing between the MC and his grand-aunt, who both had the name 'Wu Rong' when I MTL'd it.

Overall, a really disappointing ending that ruined the whole story. I didn't even bother reading the extras. Even 3/5 stars is me being generous, in my opinion. <<less
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Nov 21, 2022
Status: c6
I'm really excited about this one, bc it's gist is similar to 'I'm not shouldering this blame'. After reading that I was looking for similar tropes but couldn't find one, so when I came across this I was really elated.

So, in this novel, our MC was in a high position in the gangster scene (it's not specified), and he dies in a car accident.

After his death, he becomes a ghost for some time, and he sees his boyfriend takes his money to buy a diamond ring for this girl (the leader's daughter), and gets married to her. Turns out he had a thing with her for the past 5-6 years, so he made MC wear a green hat for quite some time. After rebirth, MC had him beaten up by his junior brothers and kicks him out the bar!! Hihi it was really fun!!


Later MC gets reborn, but here's the twist, he gets reborn in an alternate world where the world has been attacked by these ghosts full of resentment. And after struggling for years, humans have finally reached a balance where, although ghosts are still dangerous but they're not invincible. After he died in that world, he became a ghost king (but our current MC isn't aware of that) and takes his revenge.

His "boyfriend" of the alternate world also gets reborn, but it is from the time when MC as ghost king kills him.


As far as ML is concerned, from what I'm seeing, it could be the

Taoist priest.

I'm guessing that's him since that's how it works usually.

Its updates are also fast. You get 3 updates a week!! It's every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!! I like this so far, and typically I would've MTL it already but since we're getting the updates quickly I want to enjoy it properly!!
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Dec 14, 2022
Status: c17
This is really Good! So far I've read up to the c85 mtl version

I like the MC, the author is really consistent with his character... He's so calm, cold, cautious, indifferent as if he doesn't care about the world but actually really cares about the people closest to him..

ML himself huh.. so far only 1 sentence for him " a hot ball who obsessed and care with MC"

Our ML It could be said to be a ruthless killing machine without emotion, but it was only around our Rongrong (MC) that... more>> he became a ball of glowing hot emotions that were very considerate of him.. the care he showed to MC was sincere, pure, Gentle and, — however. No dirty motives (well, he didn't realize what kind of emotion he felt was- yet)

That's it so far <<less
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