After Starting a Thread as a Reincarnated in an Unknown Otome Game, I Got Caught in a Battlefield of Beauties


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Alto Bersac, formerly an Earthling and now a poor noble, died on Earth and reincarnated into a viscount’s family in the world of an otome game called “Spirit User,” bringing with him a massive debt of one hundred million yen.
The only thing he brought from his previous life is a smartphone, a reincarnation perk.
He repeatedly fails to make contracts with spirits, and after his cheating in an exam is discovered post-admission, he is summoned by the student council president.

In desperation, he starts a forum thread titled “【Emergency】Guys, I’ve reincarnated into another world… and my life seems doomed.”

Now known as “Itchi,” he asks the forum community for help to survive by using cheap tactics and knowledge about the game’s original plot.

This is the story of Itchi, trying to navigate through an unfamiliar otome game world, ending up in the midst of a dramatic showdown involving several beauties.

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Rampage Debut
Rampage Debut rated it
May 28, 2024
Status: c54
This is what happens when "Trapped in an Otome Game" and "In Another World with my Smartphone" gets combined in a single premise. Except that this time the MC here has no knowledge of the Otome game and his Smartphone doesn't function as a magic tool.

The running gag here is that the MC frequently gets into trouble and he resorts to ask for help on forum from the Earthlings because while he somehow has access to Internet, the Google search specifically doesn't work when he searches for the game he... more>> reincarnated in. And you all know how the folks on these forums are, right?

They will troll the MC, make fun of him, boo him, rejoice on his failures, simp for Leticia, give death threats for being a normie, and would rarely give him any good advice (mostly troll advices) while mocking him for making a mess (There's one guy who summaries all of MC's failure in every thread). And Itchi would take their random troll advice only to get caught in more trouble to the delight of the trolls (and readers). Reading the thread comments is damn entertaining. Oh and Ichi resorting to bombs as a final solution to all problems is funny too.

3.5 stars out of 5. Good enough to pass time with ocassional chuckles. <<less
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