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Have you heard? There’s a certain kind of person in this world, who, even without any substantial contact, and with just a flash of thought, can discern a lot.

Their eyes have the ability to penetrate through to the past, to clarify the present and to break the veil of the future. They can see what you see through your eyes, smell what you smell through your nose, taste what you taste through your tongue, and can even perceive what you think through your heart.

This kind of a person is called—a psychic.

A story about the awakening of a ‘guabi’, who is merely plodding through life, from his deep slumber. (*guabi, a slang term, meaning ‘dead idiot’ = people who are penniless and jobless)

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Líng méi
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waiting for it to rain
New waiting for it to rain rated it
August 3, 2022
Status: --
Read this like over a year ago, just coming back to make a review because I hadn’t written one at the time.

Well, I’m surprised that this author is the same as FOD’s author because I absolutely!!! Despised!!! FOD!!! Psychic, however, I really enjoyed. Captured my attention right at the beginning of the story. Great way to cover the dark themes of societal problems in a more ~supernatural~ way. More plot focused than BL so you romance enjoyers might wanna head elsewhere; I’d say this novel is more philosophical/mystery rather than... more>> romance, the BL’s just a nice treat on the side. I’ve been really into the crime genre and this really fits my cup of tea.

An intriguing read, plus a real smooth translations as well! <<less
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etclair rated it
May 29, 2020
Status: Completed
This story is the type that really makes people want to curse humanity by touching on how ugly human nature can become. I can't recall how many times I felt irritated because the humans (if they can be referred to as so) rarely repent on their own, and it often requires a push from the MC before they're confronted with their sins, and even then they refuse to see,

... more>>

Dear Song Enci, I am looking at you


to the point that the negativity is almost infectious.

Yet, it also touches upon how wonderful humans can be. MC gives a truly omniscient feeling, but despite how he has seen and experienced the dirty parts of humanity, he is still in love with humanity, and that pure faith of his was enough to keep me reading throughout all 294 chapters (will all the hair-tearing, heart-wrenching, disgust-inducing parts).

This is the type of story where I have to take a moment and just sit there and breathe after finishing, because I feel like I've taken something away. (I also need to find something heart-warming to read next, because some of the "villains" in here are truly terrible)

The mystery and crime aspect was really well done, though the members of the police department and all other related departments really leave something to be desired. (I suppose they can't help it though, it's not their fault they're not the MC or ML). Each crime dives into the ugliness of humanity, and though the first crime now seems a bit out of place when looking back, the rest of the cases often are intertwined, and when everything wrapped together to form the conclusion, I felt a sense of satisfaction.

Also, when the tag said Slow Romance, they absolutely meant it. Regardless, the main couple didn't really need hand-holding and kissing and other forms of affection to showcase their relationship. The position the other holds in their heart is clear throughout the story, and can truly be referred to as a bond of trust. Amidst the dog-blood drama of romance, theirs is pure and clean. Even if the whole world is against you, I will still listen and believe, that sort of feeling.

Finding out the author also wrote QWFD was a nice surprise. I can really see how their writing has matured after a few years, and has become more introspective. If QWFD had a bunch of face-slapping and one-dimensional villains, Psychic is much more redeeming and at the same time, much more unforgiving. MC always reminds you that actions have karma, and performing those actions is a choice. For the villains, sometimes you can only sigh and shake your head. Smile for the ones that have been redeemed, and lament that sometimes human nature is stubborn for the wrong things. <<less
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ActualTrash rated it
May 25, 2020
Status: Completed
It's pretty good, I'd say about 4.5. (Rounded to five stars) It's around 300 chapters long and I wasn't bored for any of it. The only disappointing thing is that it should be classified as shounen-ai and not yaoi.

The MC is hard to figure out at first, but you'll later find he's a very kind person, but also a ruthless one; especially to himself.
As for the ML, you don't really know who it is at first. There's a few choices, one of which I thought the most obvious, and... more>> thankfully I was right, as he's the best for the MC.

It's Song Rui. I think he's quite an interesting character. He's cold, not because of his personality, but because he lacks all emotion/personality at the start. He only starts to gain anything after meeting the MC. The ML and MC work well together, both as a couple and... occupationally.


The novel's biggest weaknesses, in my opinion, are the reactions to face-slapping, and a majority of the villains. By reactions to face-slapping, I mean how people continually doubt the MC even when he's proven themselves multiple times. You'll really start to wonder if these people either live under a rock, or if people are just this... self-righteously ignorant? (I understand that being skeptic of a psychic is normal, but the MC proves himself on a national scale and people still doubt him.)
As for the villains, I'd say most are pretty one-dimensional. They're evil for the sake of power, or wealth, and lack depth. It's probably the novel's biggest weakness. Some characters seem so dense you wonder why they're even alive:

Looking at you, MC's master: Xuan Chengzi. He's blind until the very end... his sister too. So blind she thinks everything she does is right. She's not a bad person per say... she's just quite dumb, and lacks the introspective to realize what she's doing is wrong. She doesn't realize this until her end.


One of it's strengths however, is that some of the 'good' characters will also make s*upid decisions, decisions that'll leave you quite disappointed in them. Some of these characters will realize their mistakes before it's too late, and some won't, and I think that's quite realistic.
A big theme of the novel is cause and effect, or karma. Everything has a consequence, and just because you think you're doing good, doesn't mean you actually are. Everything taken from the world must eventually be returned.

As for the ending, it was satisfactory. I only wish there was more of their relationship after everything is finished... at least parts that would turn it from shounen-ai into yaoi.

Also, I'll spoil the biggest plot point below. Literally only look at it if you're not going to read the novel.

Everything that happens is essentially within the MC's plans. Everything he does is to avoid a future of catastrophe. MC exists so that no one in the world can become a god, as the cost for becoming one would cost too many lives and ruin the earth. For example, his sister saves a lot of people that shouldn't have been saved, as it was their time to die. She does this to accumulate merit. But by doing so, she causes a lot of damage later on, so she then accumulates sin.

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Xixiryn rated it
March 19, 2021
Status: Completed
It started out very strong, and I was hooked. But, as I read on, it got more and more repetitive. Each "arc" goes like this: MC gives people a cryptic warning—>gets verbally bashed by everyone and their dogs—>said cryptic warning happened—>face-slapping galore —>people feeling extremely regretful, wishing if only they weren't such a POS and had listened to the MC from the very beginning. Rinse, repeat. If this is your thing, then you'll have a field day with this novel.
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TamedFox rated it
June 3, 2020
Status: Completed
It's really good. The story is engaging enough and quite a lot of scenes were thought provoking. There is plot and the actions of the MC will be explained later on. The MC will sound op and cold at first but he'll slowly open up and there will be battles that he'll show signs of struggles and work but yeah, he's the protag so...

Anyways, the side character omigash, the side character will be really, really annoying and you'll be like f--- this s--- but you'll continue on anyways just to... more>> see that character be slapped in the face lmao. Really. They're annoying.

The pairing is so cute. They compliment each other really well and you might be surprised on who the ML is~

The pace of the story might be a bit... slow... but the ending isn't rushed which I am grateful for. The romance... is okay might be a bit slow though.

There are scenes in the story that you'll probably feel a bit uncomfortable about.


Especially on how the protag will deal with the antag



when possible love interest does s*upid sh-- that causes harm to the protag and you'll just be like: this is the reason why you're not the ML



There will be a plot twist at the end...I've always thought the MC was kinda shady...


Edit: I just realised who the author is and damn I see the similarities between this and their other books. But I'm quite surprised since the romance in this book is really... restrained <<less
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drollawake rated it
June 28, 2020
Status: Completed
I like the premise a lot but the pacing gets pretty bad.

  1. Every twist comes with a super long explanation and backstory.
  2. There are so many social media peanut gallery scenes in a story where they shouldn't matter much. The only reason he remains a celebrity is so that he can get this one job. Why should I care about what the twitter/weibo mob says about him when it barely affects the story?
  3. The face slapping and chastising of his adversaries is repetitive. If the adversaries take 5 chapters to try to salvage the situation, people will continue to scold and laugh at them in the course of all 5 chapters when just 1 chapter will do.
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hy-d-ra rated it
December 21, 2020
Status: Completed
After reading the last comment about the author writing this novel to cope with the death of their father, now I understand where some hopelessness and despair comes in their writing. FJL is that type of hero that comes to bring peace and tranquility and the villains are those disturbances and turbulent feelings that lived in author's heart that they wanted to defeat.

PSYCHIC is a dark gory fantasy heavily involving taoism/cultivation. It's an interpretation of classic ONE AGAINST THE WORLD. And although FJL gets the help along the way and... more>> it builds the garrison of those who want to prevent evil, but he's the one who wants to stop it the most.

I'd divide the novel into two phases: first phase covers ch (1~150), which is evil on earth; second phase covers the rest of the story, which is evil behind evil. All the stories of the first phase involve stories of the mortal heart of people (those that involve criminal cases, the place where MC lives, several cases in entertainment/business world etc). While the second phase finally uncovers the ones who cultivated that evil and what for (people behind the bigger cases like Su Fengxi, people who strive for power, hidden boss etc).

Some may not like it, but personally I was really involved in all the stories and never found them boring. Probably reading about the constant greed/evil in people's hearts can become tiring actually and this novel brings a lot of those, so I suggest to read with moderation. There's a lot of despair, a lot of thoughts on "what if I didn't do this right now, what would the consequences be?". Although those stories don't involve MC as the main character, but evoke dicussions of heavy topics like several stories behind domestic violence, mental conditions, greed for wealth/power is most common (btw have no idea why tags don't include warning on TW rape, pedo*hilia). MC is just the one who tries to pluck the strings of fate to prevent the greater evil, it is his attempt to balance things, since he says from the start - if that power is not stopped, all this world will be waiting for is destruction.


  • MC. FJL is one with kind and calm heart. At first it feels that he's indifferent, but it's not. He knows about fate and fate of others can't be decided by him, because in that case he should shoulder that fate with people, while he believes that people should get the freedom and choose themselves. MC really puts evil and good in two baskets, despite the other person be old or young, the one thing he sees is human heart.
  • ML. NOT obvious at first. He was dusted behind two other people, but if you think about it deeply it'll become obvious who ML is. Why I say if you think about it, because when you find that they balance each other the it starts to make sense why they are best partners.
Although this novel does seem long (but knowing the reason behind its' creation makes it understandable), yet it hides many good messages all over the place, ending included. So I welcome anyone who is interested to try reading it.

PS: I'm surprised that this is the same author that wrote FOD. I don't appreciate FOD at all, but think it's true that first not really mature works will serve as a fertilizer for future development. Even judging by views and such on jjwxc Psychic and currently released QT novel (which isn't translated yet, I don't know about others, but I started spoiler thread on the forum, since it's a super exciting one) are way more popular. Not surprising to me and part of me is glad, I like to see people growing in their preofessional field. <<less
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Soleus rated it
May 27, 2020
Status: Completed
Hmm... what to say. This author never fails to impress me. The beginning of the story captured my interest and as it goes on you can see MC will be involed in various cases that makes you think about today's problem among our society, children education, mental illness, the author's gory imaginations, etc etc. The story is deep no doubt. It makes you wonder about what is right and what is wrong. When you do something that you think will benefit others but in the end if it brings nothing... more>> but despair what will you do? What will happen when you indulge someone to no limit? How greed and desire can change someone. Somehow the messages reminds me of the novel Heaven's Official blessings.

The MC's main mission is

to prevent people with power to become God. As for why, that would be another spoiler so you have to read it yourself.

. Initially you might get a feeling that he is a little closed to himself then later he will gradually opens up with little bun and ML. He is slow in his EQ department.

As for the ML, I was confused at first because there are to many potential ML's. But you will know it later who's de man. They are suitable for each other. They depend on each other and are a great team when working together. The ML's way of approch is funny and adorable.

Yes, there's a plot twist. Didn't expect that.

It is a good read. Give it a try. <<less
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Celissiye rated it
December 14, 2020
Status: c70
Rating: 2.4

Dreadfully boring. This novel is 80% info-dump.

Author's strategy is info-dumping details and side-character sob stories to try and get pity out of us readers without actually weaving these characters into the plot or having them interact with the MC for more than 3 lines of dialogue. I only read up to ch 70 in order to feel like I've read enough to write a review. This novel follows the usual face-slapping tropes where you don't even need to think about if you should hate the antagonists. Every antagonist is... more>> pretty much irredeemable.

The premise of a MC who is some kind of demonic-psychic creature, who feeds on 'bad luck/fate' to survive, and who is only using a human vessel is all fine and dandy. I can vibe with that, but I already had my doubts when the story immediately activated the standardShou. jpg appearance for him. Super pale skin, dark hair and eyes, red lips, and gentle/lovely features. Who is this, Snow White? Absolutely boring. He also doesn't have as much to do with the stories happening since he only gives cryptic warnings that no one would understand anyway. In this case, having the MC being enigmatic and mysterious like this works if there is another MC (AKA an interesting ML) that gives a more human perspective and is directly involved in all the matters happening. So for this story... none of the side characters stand out... at all. Literally, 3 of the 'potential' MLs by ch 55 that the MC has met are all 'tall, handsome, serious, and rich/famous' or something. Two of them own a big business, one is a famous psychologist. That's it.

All interactions with the MC also start and end exactly the same. Character X meets MC, very sceptical because of the MC's previous identity (MC starts story by taking over 'new body', who originally had a different personality), then after the MC uses his hocus pocus powers with a smile, they go 'oh goodness it feels so chilly here and weird stuff be happening, I think this guy might have actual supernatural powers'.

All of this is just made worse by the fact that the MC spends so little time doing things in the story. To fill up empty space the author puts in chapters worth of sad backstories and pointless arguments by minor characters about whether the MC is actually a psychic or not. Let me give an example: The MC has just bought a new house and happens to run into this random dude on the street. He walks by said dude and seems to have an interest in him. MC then taps his fingers against random dude's hand while walking by. That is the full extent of their interaction, but the author then inserts a chapter-long backstory about this side character who we have only just learned the name of immediately. 'Oh this such and such has been tormented by bad luck since he was born and his brother has also been tormenting him blah blah blah'. Let me just put this out there...I DO NOT care about this character who appeared out of nowhere, has not even spoken a word, who doesn't even have an established personality, and yet I'm supposed to be reading this random guy's entire backstory. AND THEN... we don't even resolve this character's back luck problem until like, 5 chapters later, so dumping his long-ass backstory at the start was just supposed to be his first introduction?? Mind you, this is right after I had just read another info dump about the bad fortune surrounding the area the MC just moved to. So, infodump about fengshui, then MC is described to take like 5 steps, then another infodump about a side character. I don't even know how many characters I know more about their sad backstory than what kind of person they actually are, probably all of them except 1 or 2. Apparently to this author, whatever sad backstory they have is supposed to make me suddenly remember and care about this character a lot.

Trust me, if a stranger in real life approaches you and goes on a long-ass tangent about their sad backstory for 1 hr, you'll want to stay away from them. If you want someone to care about a side character, you have to make them seem like more than just 'that one guy with super bad luck'. Make him actually seem human for god's sake.

Besides the long sob stories that take up about 50% of the words, there is perhaps 15% of the MC actually doing something besides soaking in icy bathwater, and about 35% detailing how online forums constantly change their opinion about the MC. Since the previous MC (before true MC took over) was an idol, of course, he has a reputation, of which, whenever said reputation changes because the MC posts some cryptic single line of text online, the subsequent reaction of 30 million online nobodies is described in chapter-long inserts that is essentially just gossip and banter. At this point it's not even a sad backstory, it's just extra words to re-emphasize that the MC isn't what ppl thought he was. Which... as readers... we already should know this already...

Even worse, the MC himself doesn't care about the online comments/opinions of people and he's not reading it, so why the f*ck are you describing it in detail to us? It can only be explained as pointless stuffing. It's taking a hammer to our heads and reminding us that the MC is mysterious and people can't figure him out over and over...

As of ch 70, the story functions completely like this, online arguments, sad backstories of countless side characters, and the MC occasionally giving cryptic warnings. I haven't cared about a single side character so far, no matter how pitiful, nor cared about the excessively cruel antagonists. Why should I? They are just horrible and inhuman, the kind who tells their kids they wished they didn't birth them or set up a classmate to be r*ped repeatedly. As the reader, I am just bored-ly waiting for them to receive retribution, there is nothing I can mull over in regards to 'morality'. Those abused are just downright pitiful until they are either saved or die. The only somewhat interesting part of the story was when the MC was being interrogated as he was suspected of being a murderer at some point, and the interrogation was pretty much just him f*cking around with the minds of the police. But even then, it was still just info-dumping various character's backstories in order for us to readers to ONCE AGAIN see that the MC is psychic and can tell what a person's life is like just by looking at them.

Boy oh boy I must just be a weirdo, lookin' at this snoozefest novel with a rating of 4.7 and outright confused.

Hmm, so, read it if you like clear-cut and unending sad stories about how cruel humans can get. Expect to use exactly 0 brain cells to understand. The story would be less terrible if it focused on the actual MC and decided on a main cast. I can't even muster the will to wait for the real ML to appear out of mist.


This novel actually has a lot of the same issues of MC praising/pointless details that another story I've read recently has, called "The trial game of life". The difference between these two is quite simple yet important; the MC and MLs are more interesting in Trial Game of Life, their interactions more frequent and entertaining. There are also plenty of fun action scenes in Trial Game (even when there are also too many side characters and pointless details), whereas this story has just about 0% action and is all pointless detail. The most thrilling action scene I recall so far is when the MC used an umbrella to block rotten eggs that a crowd threw at him. I could barely read 70 chs of this story but could easily read 70 of Trial Game, despite still being a bit bored near the end.

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May 25, 2020
Status: Completed
Gosh! If you love a good mystery with plenty of crime and ugly human nature being exposed, this is the novel for you! I simply love the personality of the MC who is selfless and doesn't do things to earn credit but only because that's the duty they feel they have to fulfil.

... more>>

It's ridiculous how ugly human nature is in this story! Damn... the other people who are causing issues can really make you sick to the stomach - specially those causing crimes! Wow... including a disgusting pe*ophile, disgusting selfishness when faced with money, serial killers chopping people up for fun... Plus plenty of supernatual stuff too but that's honestly not even the sickening part - it's the human heart that's as black as coal that real spoils your trust in humanity!


And also in regards to the ML, well, I was seriously confused in the beginning in the early chapters because there wasn't anyone that really stood out like a super bright light! That's because too many other characters were described in the same way that it throws you off. But when you realise who it is, it's all worth it. The pair are a force to be reckoned with! Heads up though, the romance is SLOW!

But really, if you love seeing people having their face slapped by their own words and actions - multiple times at that! - and the MC doing this without really even meaning to half the time, this is the one for you! I honestly think that you won't regret reading this!!

Finished it just earlier today and WOW talk about a plot twist! Putting that aside, I actually teared up at one point!! And truly, anything our MC gets involved in gets blown up 100 times lol <<less
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Kailour rated it
August 18, 2020
Status: c217
I love this novel, the atmosphere, the cases, the MC himself, all of it is pretty darn good. However, in the middle part of the novel (especially around chapter 100ish) it does take a bit of a nose dive for me. It recovers later, so its not that big a deal, but just as an fyi it's very noticeable, I'll put in a spoiler below why it takes a nosedive.

... more>>

So for the first half of the story you are left wondering, well who is the ML? And around chapter 100 it slaps you in the face like a ton of bricks. Why? Well because one of the characters earlier on in the story suddenly (and I mean abruptly) becomes so much more active in the story. After that the MC randomly seems much weaker, why? because the ML starts to get the BL novel 'ML' treatment, you know where he is completely 'overpowered' compared to every other character in the story? yeah. It's so jarring because of how seemingly... irrelevant the ML was earlier on, then suddenly out of nowhere he's a businessman, lawyer, investor, teacher, and influential in EVERY circle. This is on top of his actual profession, which I can't say or I'll spoil. I'd love to know when he had time to learn all of these to the extent of being the "Best" in every field while also having family issues. Meanwhile the MC randomly starts being less 'OP', and of course starts relying on the ML more, and more. It gets really bad in a couple parts where the MC acts completely out of character, and suddenly doesn't know things that he definitely knew before. It's like the author suddenly realized "oh yeah I need a ML in this story, uhhhhh I pick you!", and rolled with it, then weakened the MC to make the ML look better.


Thankfully after a while the story recovers from that nonsense, and gets more or less back on track. I'd still give it 4/5, but that part in the spoiler keeps me from ever giving it a 5. <<less
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JustAki rated it
June 16, 2021
Status: c82
To those who haven't read this:


The novel basically made me have a crisis over my years being alive. If you have the chance to change things or yet in an interesting way, change the way people are. Would you have changed things?

... more>> This story basically tackles a lot of things. Interesting ones that I have been unaware of. If you read this sincerely and with attention, you can see the small details that had been laid before you.

It's really good. The story is engaging and quite a lot of scenes were things that provoke the bubbles that society lived on. Ignorance.

If you think about this: If you have a choice between two things. The life of one child or the lives of every child. Which would you choose?

Ignorance or awareness.


There was a situation like this. The situation was basically that. The life of the r*pe victim or the lives of children who will suffer at the hands of a pe*ophile.



"When we tell them to hide their wound after they've been hurt, they will start to think that it is a shameful and wrong thing, after which they may develop an inferior and cowardly personality. If we tell them not to resist, to wait for us to come and save them, then that child will always remain weak, and will even lose the ability to protect themselves. But for how long will we be able to protect them?"



After pausing for a moment, Fan Jialuo enunciated word by word, "Our emotions and consciousness can penetrate and affect all tangible and intangible things. In other words, so long as we desire, we have the ability to change the world." -Reading this, the first thing that came to my mind, "Your ability is limitless. As long as you strive, it will come true."

And it reminds me of Neville Goddard's quote, "I AM wealthy, poor, healthy, sick, free, confined were first of all impressions or conditions felt before they became visible expressions. Your world is your consciousness objectified. Waste no time trying to change the outside; change the within or the impression; and the without or expression will take care of itself. When the truth of this statement dawns upon you, you will know that you have found the lost word or the key to every door. I AM (your consciousness) is the magical lost word which was made flesh in the likeness of that which you are conscious of being."

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RiboseSugar rated it
May 28, 2021
Status: c81
It's one of the best reads ever no maybe the best one yet. (My personnel opinion) I read the reviews and I thought that this was quite a normal one.

It makes you question the existence of your choices, your doubts, and maybe your hidden fear. I will not spoil it much tho


The cover isn't doesn't do it justice. I'm not really good at reviews but the people who are saying this is repetitive is quite wrong cause I have never seen something wrong
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Dragon_Reader rated it
November 12, 2020
Status: Completed
One of the best books I have ever come across. Even those who don't like BL can read this coz it's more action/ mystery/ philosophy rather than love. In fact, romance almost nil but you can still feel the love.

T/L - 5/5

Story - 5/5
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Yukkirin rated it
October 23, 2020
Status: Completed
Ok, so this is one of the best supernatural/mystery novel I've read.

The MC, I love Fan Jialuo so much! From his initial mysterious side to his character development when he interacts with other people *ahem* specially the ML *ahem*. Yes he loves the world, the humans but he's not a saint that won't fight back when he experienced injustice. He just got more patience to deal with them.

The ML, yep yep yeppp, I just knew it right from the start that he's the ML.

... more>>

Song Rui, my boy!!!


Anyway, the ML starts as the typical CEO. He's dark as the abyss. What I like about it, how they (MC and ML) influenced each other.

Side characters: The police officers are MC's fanboys Lmao The other characters are good too specially those people with abilities too.

Of course, there are also repetitive minor villains 🙄 And repetitive scene like "Why didn't we believe Teacher Fan? His predictions always come true." Yep, it's annoying but MC doesn't care Hahaha Even if MC didn't hide his abilities, a lot of people still didn't believe which is a bit frustrating sometimes.

The major villain? She's a s*upid, attention seeker white lotus b*tch. It's satisfying how her face was thoroughly slapped countless times and the one she loved the most regretted to be with her which is reallllly good. In the end, the villain also regretted it. I think it's good because she's really not bad compared to other villains in other novels. The Cause and Effect (which is the main theme of this novel) greatly applied to her.

Finally, the ending. YES!!!! I cried QAQ I thought... fortunately the ML didn't. I just wish to have a few side stories because I'm missing the bunch a lot. <<less
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KarenMNH rated it
September 29, 2020
Status: Completed
The thing is this novel covers human nature almost completely. I always believe there is a cause and effect for everything we do. This novel shows this theme repeatedly how our little actions, no matter it was good or bad at that time, can lead to a greater good or demise. I rate it five stars because it suits my taste perfectly. A man pays for his sins whether he intended or not when he committed it. A sinner must always repay. You shall reap what you sow. This novel... more>> points out all these facts. The characters are especially amazing specifically ML. He is the epitome of how a character can grow up emotionally with right push. And that push he desperately needs is the existence of MC. Everything about two of them is amazing and beautiful. I love them. I love this novel. I love the author. I love human beings who can become good or bad in a matter of second and courses. Ahh.... I really do like human beings. <<less
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Severe rated it
September 7, 2020
Status: c294
1. FOD's brother, much appreciated

2. CP feelings are sturdy and compassionate. They rely on each other, with no doubts or regret.

3. It is a case-solving novel. There are SO many of them, so even if you are bored with something - just bare for only couple of chapters.

... more>> 4. The main plot gave a novel feeling and interesting to be engaged into.

5. The last 30 chapters were really good, it was like a second breath.

P. S.

If it was a 150 chapter long novel, it will be ok, not bothersome... But 300 is really too much for me, cause I wasn't into that side story cases at all.

By the way, Mtl can be read nicely, huge plus. <<less
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jellyfishh rated it
August 5, 2020
Status: Completed
As one of the only stories I've managed to read to the end without getting bored in a long time, it's easy to say I enjoyed this story a lot overall! I liked it so much I even read the MTL since I couldn't wait for the translations, hahah

Each arc was interesting and slowly uncovering the protagonist's past was never boring. What I really enjoyed, however, was the romance aspect which was quite rare for me. It was sweet and moved at a really organic pace which made it really... more>> enjoyable! There were no unnecessary misunderstandings or any nonsense; just two people that steadily cultivated strong trust and love.

On the other hand, I have to admit the pacing gets kind of bad at moments. My biggest issue was definitely the weird focus on social media peanut galleries since they took up so much time and didn't contribute much to the story. I honestly ended up just skimming those parts after some time since they were just unnecessary. The face slapping also got pretty repetitive but the each arc and their twists were still interesting overall.

All in all, it was definitely a fun and interesting read, and I'd definitely recommend giving it a try!

P.S. - Might come back to edit this later and make a cleaner and more comprehensive review of this novel since I only just finished it. <<less
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jtrichard rated it
July 25, 2020
Status: c220
I give this 4, 5/5. However I drop this at Chapter 220. Why? Because of the heavy theme.

I feel so tired reading this until chapter 220, and was forced to think about this until my head feels like flying. After that I need to read a lot of smooth easy going fluff story just so my head won't feel like it get stuffed with cotton or something.

Anyway, if you don't mind the heavy theme, I really recommend this novel. You won't stop guessing who the ML is until around chapters... more>> 100s I think, lmao. The faceslapping is there, the supernatural theme is there, the emotion is there etc etc.

I won't say much about this as other reviewers has done a good job about it. I will probably take this book again once I got the mood, but for now I will let it stay at Chapter 220. <<less
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tricksyness rated it
December 16, 2021
Status: c150
Weirdly enough, what really weighs on me isn't the dark themes in this novel (maybe because I already knew to expect that much), but how the public discourse in the story keeps quickly switching back and forth between loving and hating the MC.

Following MC is like being a fan of a controversial high-profile celebrity. It doesn't help that his powers are unscientific, so people are always quick to doubt him. This doesn't really faze MC, but every time the author writes the social media posts of MC's haters, it makes... more>> me feel like I'm hate-reading comments on Twitter if you know what I mean, haha. It's not really a great mindset to be in, so I have to take breaks reading this novel from time to time.

That being said, I do still think the overall plot is interesting, and am looking forward to read until the end. <<less
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alice011 rated it
November 25, 2021
Status: c294
Based on the writing style and skills, it is a straight 10/10. The author has a way of executing emotions, depicting the way how humans are like when they become a s*ave to their desires. A lot of books have the same concept but what makes it special for this particular book, the reader gets to read things from the perspective of someone who is detached from said desires. Judging from right and wrong to reward criminals with that sweet revenge.

The novel can be lengthy to read even though it... more>> is only around 300 chapters. Mostly because of how the much information the author gives. Sometimes it is info-dumping; but to be fair, no one would understand anything if there wasn't some info-dumping. It just goes to show how massive of a brain the author has. Makes me want to get down on my knees and worship the author because the amount of beautiful wording, exquisite ideas and plot-points flow together.

On the plot, I give it a 8.5/10. The plot was amazing, although from the earlier arcs, it seems to be individual cases. Only when it goes to more of the showbiz arc, the entirety of the novel got an extra backbone to it. You wouldn't notice it while reading but once you've finished the whole thing, you'll see how the little details and plots all converged into this one huge nebula of a story. Everything is connected and you'll see it near the end of the story.

For stories like these, I think a lot of people dropped it after the third case so they left negative reviews, I myself have some doubts about this novel due to those reviews. However, I am really glad that I decided to stick with the novel because it is a masterpiece. I am looking forward to reading more of this author's work because of how well they write their stories.

On another note, the ML and MC has such sweet interaction, their trust in each other is so sweet that I could feel my teeth starting to rot; not complaining though. <<less
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