Epiphanies of Rebirth


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Some people begin their lives with the odds in their favor but still end up failing miserably.

Lin Jingzhe, having suffered many losses and setbacks, returned to his eighteen-year-old self just before failing his college entrance exam.

Business opportunities were everywhere in the early 1990s when the Chinese economy started taking off.

Now, this golden age would be his.

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The Enlightenment of Rebirth
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New I love readying rated it
October 20, 2021
Status: c42
It's so good!! I find this novel few weeks ago, but am doubtful, ya because the background of this story is the nineties so I thought this novel story would be boring. But NO! The story is really good!!! MC is a rebith but he's not OP, and he's so care to his friends, ah relationship with ML too is so good and cute!! ML not typically cold man like other ML in many books, he's not cold but cool for me. Ah its so good, I wanna search MTL... more>> soon for this story, I can't wait to read to the end!! <<less
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New banoffee rated it
October 8, 2021
Status: Completed
At long, long, long last, I have finally finished reading Epiphanies of Rebirth in Chinese. I cannot believe it only took two months, because believe me, it felt like half a year. It did take me twice as long as it took me to read novels in Chinese before this, which can be accounted for by the book being twice as long. I was fooled by the ordinary number of chapters, when in fact, each chapter is twice as long as an ordinary one... I did feel, when I leapt... more>> off after the forty-first chapter, that I might be making a mistake, but I couldn't help it, it was literally just when the two main characters caught afire with passion... and I guess it wasn't a mistake in the end, after all, the translator's put out one new chapter in the time it took me to finish the book 😂

It probably seemed to drag at least partly because it's a bit more of a slice-of-life book, focusing on business achievements and complex plot plays more than romance, and that sort of thing has a slower pace to begin with, not to mention being more difficult to parse in a language you're still learning. I probably would've enjoyed it much more if I'd either read it in English, or my Chinese was fluent... All that said, it was written very well, and the author had the virtue of having less typos, mostly just a few repeated words, compared to the three other books I've read in Chinese. The author was really able to bring out the three-dimensionality of its characters, rather than reducing anyone to stereotypes. I especially love how, even though there's definitely a face-slapping theme to the book (and I don't even like face-slapping),

the author didn't simply grind down the villainous characters to complete ruins, but was able to show them years later, and how they'd changed for the better. In fact, they might even have turned out better than if Lin Jingzhe were never reborn—not materially, but spiritually.


All in all, it was worth reading. <<less
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Eques rated it
April 19, 2019
Status: Completed
Translator here~

This isn't really a review because I'm bad at reviews, I simply want to tell you why I chose to translate this novel. There are three reasons:

  1. The MC. Ludagad pretty much described him in their review - he's calm, smart, and cares about people close to him. He's not some naive little bunny taken care of by the overbearing president, like in many Chinese BL novels.
  2. The romance. Now, I'm not going to disclose too much, just let me repeat myself: not bunny x overbearing president.
  3. The setting. The atmosphere of dynamic changes that happened in China in the early nineties is not only fascinating (to me at least) but it fits this rags-to-riches story to a T. And this is rags-to-riches story.
As for the economic aspect and talking business...... more>> This more or less depends on my translating abilities - and you can always skip those parts.

Epiphanies of Rebirth is an enjoyable if slow-moving novel. If you like these, do give it a try. <<less
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earlgreyt rated it
November 26, 2019
Status: Completed
Is this... the meaning of gap moe?! (⑅ ॣ•͈૦•͈ ॣ) !?

I'll explain.

The setting is in the 90s right when China's development began to really explode and enter the global economy as a competitive giant. While I'm no historian of Chinese economy, the story's portrayal of China's economic development (from the opening of Shenzhen's stock exchange to the exponential growth of the housing market, esp in big cities like Beijing) felt very well researched and exciting.

There are a smattering of dark moments with a bit of old-school brutality and cruelty,... more>> which really add flavor to those times of rapid industrialization, where regulation is just playing a catch-up game to the incredible pace of expansion of domestic markets.

But that's not where it gets good.

In between the feeling of glancing through the looking glass at a real piece of China's development history, you have crazy (impossibly) hilarious antics performed by the main cast. There are moments so ridiculous that they give the story an exaggerated comedic feeling.

Is this a realistic portrayal of China's party politics, or the complex social hierarchy of those deeply interconnected wealthy and powerful families?


But is this crazily entertaining, puking rainbows n' glitter fantastical version of it?


There's no angst to be had, everyone lives happily ever after, from rags-to-riches (not just the MC, but EVERYONE), but the story is well-crafted, details well-fleshed-out, with enough tension to make you keep turning the page (not to mention those humorous boardroom negotations). There's hardly any toxic masculinity AND a bunch of strong, well-fleshed out, unexpected female characters.

I admit that I'm a bit of an econ-buff, but this story is hardly just for people like me!


Don't worry, there are ridiculous amounts of tooth-rotting fluff and absolutely ridiculous cluelessness from the MC. I like that there was no especially "gay-panic" moment from anyone, and the story had an interesting mix of realistic and fantasy approach to the "coming-out" parts.


Really great translators, I recommend!



Some people might think the MC starts out very unrealistically and is easily able to swindle "experienced" businessmen to his side, but I thought it was actually very realistic and bold of the author to write. The MC is reborn; I have no doubt an MC with insider knowledge way beyond his age can bluff his way into financial success.

This sh*t has 100% happened before in real life (see Catch Me if You Can).

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ludagad rated it
April 8, 2019
Status: --
I've already read this, so I can say with confidence that it's a very enjoyable read. It's the type of novel you can read when you want to relax and don't feel like tragedies or drama or endless brainless villains who only raise your blood pressure. There's no blood pressure raising here.

... more>>

The MC in his original life was taken advantage of right after he lost his closest relative, and that spiraled into him losing direction in life and losing opportunities. He wasn't a loser though, so he picked himself up and found a job and constantly improved himself. But he never quite felt like he had fulfilled his potential. In his second chance at life, his mind is already mature and his choices come from hindsight, so he quickly betters his situation. The MC is smart and collected, not bent on revenge. He wants to help his friends as well. Altogether a very likable character.

The ML is interesting and quirky. He gives the impression of the typical cold and expressionless guy, but his inner world is a complete riot. So it's fun when he's in the scene. The relationship is pretty wholesome as well, certainly no complaints there.

The story is concentrated around the MC building up his business empire along the ML. The romantic subplot is also well-developed. It kinda slows down near the end of the novel and you're served abundant dog food (lots of displays of love), but I enjoyed it and needed it to relieve my stress.

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Vnthaxx rated it
February 11, 2021
Status: c38
Everything about this novel is beautiful, the plot is good, the characters is good, the translation is also good, but the update schedule is shit. There's only 90+ chapters but the update is taking is so long to finish it. I know that the translator doesn't prioritize translating and she's doing this for free but let other take this novel and maybe we'll get a regular updates. I'll drop this first and maybe read this again after 2 years maybe in that time the translation is already finished 🙄
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March 7, 2021
Status: c38 part2
Everything is great. I was really invested in reading this through but the update schedule is just soooo off.

Please translator Sama take a long rest and let others translate this. If you feel burdened and not enjoying translating you dont have to make yourself. Please let others pick this.

Thank you for your efforts.

I'm gonna drop for 6 months and check again. Until then I hope this novel gets somewhere.
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joun rated it
September 6, 2019
Status: Completed
I have to say : it was a great great read. I am already missing it !

I was surprised by how amusing the characters and situations were !

Besides the first chapters (looked like a lot like "Rebirth Junior High School: The Excelling Top Student Goddess" with the school's issues and how it was resolved) and the MC's villain maternal family, the others "villains" wasn't as scary as in the others rebirth 'full of cliché" novels (my favorite villain is just s*upid cute sometimes as a lot of the characters). They... more>> weren't villains at all, just a little antagonist. It felt real.

It was nice, warm and the ML was just a treat ! So candid !

It's a must read ! And the yaoi classified scene were really good ! Thanks to the author for being so generous. At first, the novel didn't really gave me the feeling that the yaoi will be more that the following sentence "the next day....". Very well writed. It was a novel of quality for the solid story (background very interesting, I love theses years of growth technology and lifestyle), the friends, the families, etc...

It was a perfect ride for me. Wish the same for you.

ps: forgot to mention the MC. You will love him. <<less
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Kiriyakl rated it
March 26, 2021
Status: c38
Really love this novel. Everything is good. I love how the MC started to live, how He made money and specially how MC and ML developed their relationships. BUT it's too slow with updating. I don't know what is the translators plan. Maybe she is busy or something. So I decide to drop this novel for now. Maybe there are others who want to translate this good novel.
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Geroker rated it
June 18, 2020
Status: c34
A fun power fantasy about using one-time time travel to make lots and lots of money. Like, if you've ever wondered what you'd do if you went back twenty years (buy lots of X company's stock, etc) then this is a fun read. The character is smart and there's various obstacles that he overcomes in interesting ways (nice plan buying lots of stock, where exactly are you getting the money for that, hm? Well, the MC has a well-constructed answer)

The romance is... Uh. Well, the romance is quite the... more>> change in tone from the business power fantasy. In business settings, the MC and ML are smart, cool-headed, strategic. Leave them alone in a room together and they literally start brainlessly tearing each other's clothing apart, not even in a lust way, just in a super intense one-upping each other fighting kind of way. It's definitely A Dynamic. I'm torn between whether I'm amused by the total mismatch in tone or whether the whiplash is annoying. It's like reading two separate books in the same novel. <<less
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Pavetta rated it
July 31, 2019
Status: c8
I really like this story. There aren't that many chapters translated yet, but what I have seen so far impresses me. The story is well-written and the plot has me captivated. The translator is also doing a fantastic job.

It also helps that I studied Economy and Management at university, which means I'm eager to read about the concepts promised in future chapters.

I also cannot forget to mention the MC. I get tired of reading dense and weak protagonists, and this MC isn't either. He manages to deal with his problems... more>> realistically and without being OP. As for the dense part, he hasn't met the ML yet, so I am not sure how the romance will go.

I cannot wait to read more of this. <<less
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Xiu_er rated it
May 9, 2021
Status: Completed
It's been a while since I have read a novel and thought that I genuinely liked it. The plot was good, very slice of life, but not boring at all. But the highlight for me were the characters.

There were so many distinct and memorable characters. You have a fierce-looking crybaby paper tiger, a chocolate addicted grandma with clairvoyance, doting childhood friends and a whole family of stone-faced mask-wearers. There are also other interesting characters.

I especially liked Qi Kai... Boy, it's been ages since I have read about such a likeable... more>> antagonist. His character development stood out the most to me. He went from lawless second generation to a perfect depiction of the eunuch in the Chinese idiom "The emperor doesn't worry; the eunuch worries to death" and finally a repentant man with lots of baggage and lots of regrets but who hasn't given up on life despite losing everything.

The main leads were also pretty interesting, the ML more so than the MC. That doesn't make the MC boring though. Lin Jingzhe is just your regular guy who was reborn and did away with all the regrets of his past life. The knowledge of his past life is, of course, his golden finger.

As for Xiao Chi (ML), he is not a scumbag gong. That's good, right? And not generic either. Sure, he is OP af, but his EQ and communication skills are rather lackluster and he is unexpectedly childish which leads to some funny incidences like the ambiguous time of start of the relationship between the MC and ML.


It's the first time I see someone thinking that catching someone with prayer beads lasso style would be seen as an appropriate confirmation of a relationship.


Another thing that I liked is the contrast the sibling relationships between the main lead and their sisters. On one side you have the ideal doting brother and spoilt sister and on the other side you have the constantly bickering siblings that love each other despite all the jabs they throw at each other.

The only small complaint I have might just be a MTL problem. I was confused about how much time had passed in the extras.

Either way, I really liked reading this. It's perfect for a more mature yet still rotten audience. 10/10 would recommend. <<less
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miumirae rated it
April 19, 2021
Status: c70
this is too good. I really love how MC deals with things. And the cast are also really memorable, not just bland and only one-time characters. I got this rare feeling of realism and nostalgia from this novel. ML also quite funny and loveble. I read this on MTL (Quite readable for some who want to read on MTL)

One thing tho, The translation quality is very very good, but the update is very slow. I understand the translator have busy schedule with life and other novel translation. Maybe let... more>> other translator take on this novel? This is just my suggestion. <<less
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hy-d-ra rated it
May 3, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel deserves all the praise and high rate it gets. It follows a pretty upbeat rythm of storytelling and each chapter is filled with vividness. Vivid characters and vivid drama.

I can't help, but praise the MC, he has a really strong personality, but it comes with a grain of salt, since you know he wasn't like this before and you believe in his character. He mercilessly reveals his faults as once naive kid who was easily swindled, because of who he was, though you can't really blame his past... more>> self, he was a good kid and deserved better, he just ended up in a den of wolves. And while he emraces his past self he goes through changes, in life and within his family. Now having a chance to fix many things he regretted. It has more down to earth and realistic feel to it, without any beyond the sky swagging character whose skill defy gods. But also has good messages.

The number of character in here is plenty and almost everyone get their story and growth. I couldn't help, but feel emotional about them. My personal favorite is grandma Xiao, she's adorable. It's nicely interwoven with the Jingzhe's transformation and his re-evaluation of his life and actions. Starting from a riggid young man in a small city, who had enough bitterness deep inside his heart, he slowly transforms into more calm, accepting, loving and caring person. Second to him is our ML. It's funny how they started from the wrong foot, but later naturally fell for each other and their interactions and love are really sweet and fullfilling (and hot scenes are steaming).

The descriptions and events are really well-written imo. It balances the good piece of drama, tension and love. I hope more people will cast their glance at this novel and this author. It's the second novel I read from them, both involving rebirth, but I must say they are all well-written and well-built with enough feelings and morale. <<less
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cmd35 rated it
August 3, 2020
Status: c35
It's chill but interesting. He has knowledge of the future but not so much that it makes him invincible. The pace is slow but it's partly because it doesn't just drop out the side characters and back story. It doesn't feel tedious and always feels like the story is progressing.

The early possessive actions of the ML are a bit cute because the MC is completely oblivious to their meaning. The reader just gets to think, 'oh ho, I see what you did there'.
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helpernon rated it
September 21, 2019
Status: Completed
This story is so great that I actually MTL-ed it for myself all the way to the end for once, but still frantically click on the updated translations whenever they come up instead of having been satisfied having read it through the first time. The translator does a wonderful job with an equally wonderful story. The MC is refreshing and charming, a bit OP in his good judgement calls it seems at times like most rebirth protagonists, but he's just so capable and caring about the people around him that... more>> it's hard not to like him. ML is one of the less suffocating male leads I've read, which has been really nice since it's so easy to fall into the trap of a super dominant, super controlling golden spoon CEO-type you see in a lot of cliche stories. <<less
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natsume142 rated it
November 23, 2020
Status: c37 part1
it has been a month since the last update.. Huhu sad. This is probably one of the best BL novel out there (in term of modern setting)

The MC is very logical and smart. He know his weakness thus he try everything he can to exploit the economy during the 90's. Definitely one of the best MC in BL I have read
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etsuhun rated it
June 12, 2020
Status: Completed
Pretty well written rebirth story! The translation is superb (thanks translator!) and it's quite MTL friendly. If you plan to MTL, the story gets comprehensible around chapter 40. Switching from translated to MTL burned my brain but its all worth it.

Putting the MC and our lovable ML on the side, I really appreciate how everyone in the story have their own specialty and they used it to be successful in their own careers. LJY provided the first step in their success and went on from there! While finishing this story,... more>> it made me remember the three country bumpkins and their fake second generation guide's first day in Yan city. It was so wholesome. This novel also has a lot of female characters that I adore.

I loved Shen Tian and LJY relationship as siblings and how LJY slowly opened his heart to her.

And Xiao Mei is very sticky to both of his brothers. The scene where Xiao Chi (finally!) patted his sister's hair before his wedding almost made me cry

Both girls are spoiled by LJY and I'm living for it!


The financing part would be more understandable if its completely translated, or rereading it again. MC mostly relies on his past experience on what company or land sells more in the future, but that doesn't mean he's not a capable person. He is someone who worked in finance in his past life too.

MC has a lot of quirks that I appreciated. The added detail of him losing touch of what's real after the rebirth is so realistic. I've read a lot of rebirth stories where they just kind of accept it while MC wondered if he ever wakes up again he goes back to his "old" reality. It was his thought in passing but it was a nice touch of realism. MC doesn't have a golden finger, he's just an ordinary person and he keeps mentioning that in the novel. It's true, he has 20 years of experience under his belt, a past life and his smart mind. He keeps using that throughout the novel to lift himself and the others from poverty. His character has depth to it and the more you read, the more you find more quirks to him (like being temperemental/spoiled/clingy boi on the people he loves). Truly an icon!

ML is cute lol, and I keep forgetting he's the "older" one in the relationship because of MC's mental age of 30+ (good thing that MC does act his age, good job author!) Now this guy is super lucky. Born a second generation, stable company before meeting the MC, understanding family, cute little sister, and a good life with the MC. That's a life I wanna get behind tbh. He really is the kind of guy I would want to introduce my parents to. He loves the MC with his whole heart and fanboys on the MC's visuals haha.

MC and ML's relationship is cute. Just straight up dogfood. You won't even have the right to refuse because it comes right away. There's no angst, no "gay panic", and no forced relationships. Just a little bit of vinegar and LOTS of kisses.

Their second kiss (but first real kiss) was super hot. They were really boutta get into it if it weren't for DM.

I always look forward to their scenes, like a dog waiting for their food after reading a lot of financing. I kinda wish for more dogfood with the fanwais but I'm not complaining.


On that one fanwai where they recreated the bathroom scene after 10+ years, , it was so cute and funny


Is it a well deserved ending for the antagonists and cannon fodders in the story? Its a tough answer. Maybe I just didn't get the pure essence of it since I MTLd so my opinion might change in the future.


Mama Jiang kinda deserved it. It was sad that she didn't even recognized her own son that was right in front her. Isn't there a mother's intuition? Kinda insane that she didn't felt any connection but it made sense since she even forgot what her son looked like. But when she discovered that her son was LJY, I felt really bad.

Yan Kai thankfully didn't die. It was just a bit unfortunate that he also got dragged and almost got killed. I like his change after 10 years and how LJY still keeps visiting him in prison. Due to MTL its still a bit hard to grasp the wrongs that he did. I know he's an arrogant jerk from the beginning, but when he didn't exposed LJY and XC relationship softened my heart a little. Him living in Thailand, I hope he's happy after that raid in their community wuuuuu

That one guy who ordered to murder LJY as a parting gift for XC? Yeah bro f*ck you lol. I hated him and his little schemes against our couple. He could've just went away quietly. Why did he even do that? Why? He could be like Mama Jiang living quietly rn if he didn't do that.


My review is a mess but tl;dr, , GOOD READ! I recommend this gem. Its hard to come by a good danmei like this. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ylial rated it
September 17, 2019
Status: c86
This one is a good slice of life danmei. My rating is 4.5, just rounded it up

I honestly love the MC. He's not the usual OP MC with all the lucky halo etc. He's ordinary but he's calm and collected. He's aware that he's not wise so he's using his past knowledge to improve himself. He's also a litte selfless and greatly value the people around him.... more>>

probably bcoz he feels he greatly owes them in his past life

He's kind but not the white lotus type (though he is described as cute, similar to rabbit XD). He's also reasonable and doesn't retaliate too much. U'll feel his solitariness. I want him to be happy with ML


I'm wondering how come his mother and aunt/uncle from his mother side, selfish and greedy whereas his maternal grandpa is good. Probably, that grandpa spoils his children much.. ?


For ML, he's overshadowed by the plot at first. But eventually, U would get to see his interaction with MC. He's really funny lolXD you will like him. Probably, the only thing I kinda dislike his immature side, I feel bad for his sister whenever they have a siblings quarrel. During the first 20 chapters (gaining momentum), it's really interesting but around halfway it becomes monotonous (expanding business). Fortunately, around 52+ the plot becomes good again (mc+ML relationship etc) ? Really a slice of life thingy.

I love that there is not a lot of drama/over exaggerated scenes. The MC-ML won't let others affect their feelings for each other. <<less
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auroraRMC rated it
July 31, 2019
Status: Completed
Very happy that this novel is being translated! I MTL'd this one last year and have reread it a few times since then.

So there’s no virgins or weak romance here. The ML shows up early enough, and even though they get off to a bad start those problems are very gradually resolved. I admit getting a little annoyed with the MC’s lack of EQ, bc he’s basically closed off all of his emotions esp to love after his last life, so he kept on considering their relationship as friends with... more>> benefits. I was like wut. But the ML is adorable and super attached and he is eventually able to show his love to the MC and finally bring him around. And then it’s all sticky and lovey-dovey and amazing. I love dog food. They get together basically halfway into the story, so the later half is full of love and affection. The MC and ML are basically addicted to each other, and it’s amazing.

There isn’t too much drama here. The plot is basically MC and ML doing business and gradually quickly expanding. There’s people always trying to set up obstacles for them, but eventually some enemies are less enemy-like and some neutrals become worse enemies, so the relationship dynamics are pretty changeable. But yeah, the MC and ML are pretty OP, esp when they work together, plus a hilarious rumor that they’re always fighting when instead they’re actually lovers.

Took about 3 days to finish this one. Would recommend with absolute enthusiasm. The MC isn’t all that OP tbh, IQ or EQ-wise. He uses his connections and his friends’ abilities and his vague impressions of the future to succeed, which isn’t all that bad. Come for the BL, stay for the dog food. <<less
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dyodaks rated it
January 22, 2021
Status: Completed
If you're looking for an immersive rebirth story then you are in the right place. Epiphanies of Rebirth deserves the stars it's being given. It offers a new take on rebirth because of the setting, specifically the period it started in. It was able to build the current world the MC is residing in. I don't think he's OP, he has the advantage of knowing the future but there were realistic conflicts coming up every now and then. The romance aspect of this novel isn't the main focus which I... more>> think is appropriate with the MC's characterization. This was organic but comical at the right moments.


I also adored the fact that the side characters had their own lives in the background that explains why they aren't seen as much with the MC. The MC's friends were extremely precious and their relationship, especially as they grew up were mature and natural. The ML was one of a kind? He is typical in a sense but also unique in the way he reasons.


Overall, please give this a read. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
enaillig rated it
December 6, 2020
Status: c26 part2
It's too boring for my taste. So far, in over 20+ chapters, the ML and MC only met once. That's understandable, because the focus of this novel is about business. I guess the romance comes second.

Though. I feel the ML and MC lack chemistry. Their first encounter was the typical, "You're drunk, I'm drunk, let's forget what happened." They were introduced as both calm and collected so I don't know why they would suddenly go at each other's throat when they meet. I guess it's what you call, "bringing the... more>> worst and best out of each other"? Anyway, I find it totally OOC. The first encounter should be what would make you enthralled with the main pairing yet I find it unappealing. The romance seems forced.

Another thing, I used to enjoy face slapping. But lately I'm not a fan of OP protagonists anymore, especially when the background characters are reduced to being outrageously s*upid just for the sake of emphasizing how 'exceptional' the MC is. We already know the MC is exceptional for having a golden finger, no need to reiterate over and over again during the course of the story.

The business/finance industry were described quite descriptively.

It's an okay read if you have nothing to do. Not something I'd marathon read though. Will pick again when I'm in the mood.

3/5. <<less
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