Became a Streamer’s Wolf


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I waited so long for the virtual reality game to come out, but I died before it did.

I know it’s the game I was playing…

“Hello, everyone! Thank you for the support!”

“Hey there! Today’s game is…”

[Crazy girl, you’re already inside the game.] [Hurry up and break the tutorial lol]

Streamers started to gather.

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스트리머의 늑대가 되었다
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06/23/24 KariMTL c41
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New Roy_Luffy rated it
June 28, 2024
Status: c41
Started well enough. A game isekai with the MC being the only one who is stuck in the game as a wolf character. Grinding xp. Streaming is a big part of the story, the main female character is live every time she logs in the game. So the chat is also featured heavily.

There’s a weird swapped reality where gender role are somewhat reversed outside of the game, if I understood correctly?!
It’s not explained well or clearly.

Then out of nowhere most of the characters are pe*os simping on the

child apparence of the MC


Then I was traumatized by a weird “sexual” interaction between the MC and a sentient monster.
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