Reincarnated as a Divine Tree


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“Chief, it’s bad; our people are injured! Hurry, take them to the Divine Tree!”

“Chief, it’s bad; our people are on the brink of death, about to perish! Quick, to the Divine Tree!”

“Chief, it’s bad; our people have just passed away! Quickly, to the Divine Tree, and do not let the body grow cold on the way!”

Reincarnated as a frail locust tree, Ji Yang merely wished to bask in the sun each day, gaze upon the moon, and live a leisurely life.

Yet, years later, as Ji Yang looked down upon all beings, he suddenly realized that this world lay upon his roots and within his shade.

And that initial small clan, unbeknownst to him, had its name resound through the heavens!

Associated Names
One entry per line
Reincarnated as a sacred tree, I create a family of Yin soldiers
Reincarnated into a Locust Tree, I Create the Strongest Clan in Eternity
Reincarnation Divine Tree, I Build a Family of Ghost Soldiers
Shinju ni tensei shita watashi wa In no heishi no kazoku o tsukurimasu
sinmog-eulo hwansaenghayeo eunbyeong-ui gamun-eul chang-geonhanda
Zhuǎnshēng Shénshù, Wǒ Dǎzào Yīnbīng Jiāzú
Zhuǎnshēng shén shù, wǒ dǎzào yīn bīng jiāzú
신목으로 환생하여 은병의 가문을 창건한다
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2 Reviews

New TornHeart
Jun 15, 2024
Status: c393
I won't say much but the build up and the frustration is really worth it hahahaha there's always typical bullying ect ect but what I find very satisfying is that the way how the story gave them problems but also how they overcome it, the only problem I might have is the ... more>>

in the future alexander or someone in their family got a sugar grand dady that help the kid improve in demonic ways using him (sacred tree) as a bad one slandering him of being demon making me angry


Overall our MC just want to be a tree so yeah he did nothing because he is a tree and I respect that, I was also slightly uncomfortable but ut was not a issues to me that the novel lack female characters even the marriage stuff kind a leave a big plot hole to the story there's also no love interest between other characters which would have been good since our MC is already a wood hahahahah you get it he is the wood hahahaha no? Ok ok ok ahhahahaha I mean just how good the story would unfold if he a tree got a love interest would it be another tree or a human or anything hahahahha anyway good read and I cant wait for more. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
New VillageMoron
Jun 02, 2024
Status: c28
Its a very easy to read story. It won't make you think to hard or pay attention to every detail when reading. It's not trying to do that. It's a good detox novel, simple and fun. Translation is good and pretty fast, probably in 2-3 months from this review it will have enough chaps for most people to enjoy a big binge.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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