Building the Greatest Hidden Family, the Controller Behind the Scene


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After twenty years of signing in, Su Xun’s golden finger underwent a transformation, setting his sights on cultivating the family’s prodigies.

Summoning systems, returning systems, devouring systems, alchemy systems… one system after another came into existence.

What? The Qianqiu Holy Land is just a vassal of the Su Clan?
What? The Kyushu Chamber of Commerce spanning the world belongs to the Su Family?
What? The contemporary Confucian sage of Jixia Academy, Su Mo, is a descendant of the Su Family?

The Su Family lurked behind the scenes, manipulating the situation. Until one day, when the young master of the Divine Land’s Emperor Ye Clan was killed, the Ye Clan raged, bringing the pressure of their supreme emperor’s weapons to Fengning Valley.

At the moment when everyone thought Fengning Valley was bound to be annihilated, Su Family descendants arrived one by one, including the Empress of Heavenly Stars, the Sword Saint of Divine Wind, the Supreme Lord of Unrestrained Freedom, the Nocturnal Deity… with over ten supreme emperor’s weapons among them and the presence of contemporary Great Emperors.

At that moment, people realized that there was a Family surpassing all under the heavens, and that Family was called the Su Family.

[Writing style is average, development is slower, the protagonist has fewer appearances.] [No romance as of now, but you will be hooked with the development of the Su family. Expect no mercy. Here, only the profits of Su family presides.]
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DaydreamGe rated it
October 18, 2023
Status: c37
I tried to evade from novel which taking many famous novel into their world.

And this one is a failed to evade ones. Condor Heroes, BTTH and etc.

It quite fun to read but the protagonist really like a turtle, never appear himself. It makes you wonder if he is needed or not considering his role is only main system hub.

The world building is a little lacking? Once he said that in the region the highest is only 'true realm' which is his cultivation level, later 'true realm' like a mushroom appear... more>> everywhere and the highest cultivation in that region change continuously.

Become a hidden family with a lot of system benefit but the enemy appear stronger and stronger that the family have to use system more and more to handle the situation. It is like a crisis but always handle it savely in the end. <<less
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