The Villainess Writes A Resignation Letter


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I’ve transmigrated into my favorite romance novel, which I’ve read hundreds of times while waiting for its completion.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if I transmigrated as a noble lady living a comfortable life? Unfortunately, I’ve transmigrated as the villainess who tormented the heroine mercilessly, ending up dying a horrible death as a fake saint candidate.

So, unlike the original story, I quickly resign as the saint candidate and leave the temple. I then set up a home for a fortune-teller who can predict fate accurately, thanks to my memory of the author’s typos. My reputation soars as I impressively predict the future, which was initially just a means to survive.

As a result, the temple that once ignored me, the first prince embroiled in the Throne of Blood War, and the next Ma-topju (the highest-ranking official) consumed by unprecedented narcissism all begin to obsess over me.

To escape the most dangerous part where I’m killed off in the original work, the temple, I must enter into a contract marriage. But who should I marry to make it work?

After much deliberation, embarking on a contract marriage proves to be anything but easy.

How does one navigate a wise married life?

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악녀는 사표 쓰고 결혼합니다
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