The Female Psychology PhD Who Time Traveled to the Royal Harem


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[Palace Intrigue + Sweet Doting + Not Purely Chaste + Heroine Focused on Her Career]

On the first day of her transmigration into the imperial harem, Jiang Xinyu was already out of favor.

Everyone said she was merely a pretty face without substance.

On the second day of her transmigration into the imperial harem, Jiang Xinyu regained the emperor’s favor.

From then on, she held the emperor’s heart firmly in her hands.

She fought monsters and leveled up, rising from a noble consort all the way to the honorable imperial consort, basking in unwavering favor.

Emperor Xuan Wu: At first, it was lust at first sight, but later I became truly captivated by her charms. Who knew this woman had so many more faces that I was unaware of?

Jiang Xinyu: The emperor is the harem’s highest-level boss with the thickest health bar. If I can deplete his health bar, I can become the supreme empress of this harem.

P.S. The heroine is solely focused on her career, yearning for riches and glory, a life of luxury and indulgence. She excels in all pursuits, with layer upon layer of schemes to conquer the emperor’s heart.

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1 Review

New sahbaaa
Jul 02, 2024
Status: c4
It’s a little too simple for my liking. It’s like an off-brand “The Job Of An Imperial Concubine.” Only difference is her former career path, but otherwise very similar.

... more>>

Two sisters in the harem, rivals instead of sisterly bonds, main FL has higher title, starts off with her being punished for being s*upid and offending higher ups, quickly regains emperor’s attention, even the first official night feels like a copy and paste from TJOAIC.


If I had read this before the higher quality novels, it wouldn’t be too bad, but it reads like a low quality, comedic version of TJOAIC. Kinda like when you copy homework, and switch it up a bit so it’s not too obvious (except it is, since I’m only 4 chapters in and it feels like fan-fic). <<less
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