Rebirth of the Excellent Daughter of the Marquis Household


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Gu Yu Qi, a daughter born to a marquis household. She was beautiful with knowledge in both civil and military, and her kindness broader than the sky. It was love at first sight for her, and she insisted on marrying him and was happy even if she were to become a mistress. She worked hard to help him step by step to become the emperor.

But what happened to her in the end?

For ten whole years, she was humiliated and abandoned. Disheartened, she drank poison to end her life and set her place on fire, only to find herself back to when she was ten years old. It was the year she followed her mother into the capital. It wasn’t too late to change her fate.

If Yun Ke had any regrets in his previous life, then it would be how he always kept thinking about a woman who died decades ago. Because of that, before he died, he secretly had the woman’s ashes pressed beneath his coffin. As the emperor, he had the final say of everything under the sky. So how could he allow that woman to be arrogant in front of him? Even at his deathbed, he would crush her beneath him.

Who knew he’d be reborn again…

When the transmigrated girl meets the boy who was reborn, Gu Yu Qi simply wanted to yell at the sky. Just what are you playing at!?

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xXLicorneXx rated it
August 2, 2022
Status: Completed
Edit: Novel is tagged as "tragedy", a.k.a the genre I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole. Can't tell if I initially missed that or if it's been added later. Regardless, could explain my dislike for this novel.


~ Rating at ch.100: 4 to 4.5 stars

... more>> ~ Rating by the end: 2 to 2.5 stars

Needless to say, middle of the way through, this novel took quite an unpleasant turn for me.

First things first, the story: it's a rebirth theme with a "previously scum husband redeems himself" trope. Although, a lot of those are sketchy at best, the writing/storyline here was compelling and I really liked how brave and tenacious our MC was so I thought 'no harm no foul, let's at least see where this goes, you never know and all'... well now I know and I regret it.

You'd think my grip would be with the despicable ML right? Well, nope. My utter dislike came from the very cheap and underhanded plot-twist the author chose to trigger the redemption arc.


If an author is willing to write about dark subject matters, explore traumatic events and the emotional toll they take, I honestly don't mind. It may be cruel and bleak, but as long as it's no overly dramatic (Romeo&Juliet style), I'm here for the ride. Plus, our heroine is a portrayed as a tough cookie who's got more than the chops to fight for herself. So it definitely made for an emotionally complex and engrossing read at that point!

That bit stopped when the author decided to clip our MC's wings, literally and figuratively, as a plot device to let the ML, the jerk who hurt her in her previous life, play white knight. I'm sorry but that just didn't sit right with me.

There's nothing romantic or swoon-worthy in witnessing our previously strong MC hit rock bottom, and concurrently give in/up to the ML's relentless and stifling encirclement/ advances. And trying to build a narrative where our MC, after seeing little way forward, is slowly falling for her past abuser when he himself, as shown by his inner thoughts, barely understands the magnitude and depth of his past wrongdoings is just... disheartening.

I could understand or at least rationalize it if this was intended to be portrayed as Stockholm syndrome but that's not the case. The author seemingly wanted to build a story about love and atonement but gave away all the cards (and power) to the ML for him to deal with, except for the final decision. Yet, with such power imbalance and utter lack of choice on our FL's part, can you really call that romance or even true forgiveness?

Easy answer: nope. But it's portrayed that way. Maybe this is the reason it's tagged tragedy? It could very well be that I understood absolutely nothing of this novel... Or the point of this genre.. At this point, who knows?


Ultimately, I read novels to entertain myself, disconnect from a long day or sometimes learn about new things...

And all this novel did was make me feel sad and suffocated.

So personally, feeling wise, it's a HARD pass.

Note: MTL is decent <<less
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Lydia rated it
February 21, 2022
Status: --
It’s early days but I felt the need to write a review because I was almost bamboozled by the falsified poor ratings. In my honest opinion this novel should be sitting comfortably between 4.5-5* if similar novels are any indication to go by (e.g. Rebirth of Malicious empress).

Firstly, I’m a stickler for good grammar so I’ll start off by commending the work of ‘Trial & Tried’, the translation is top-quality; extremely smooth and comfortable to read, easy on the eyes (& brain).

Yes, the premise of the plot is not uncommon:... more>> it’s a rebirth story of unfortunate beginnings which propels the MC into seeking a better life for herself given her second chance. It’s not original either: Her paramour treated her like a sub-human even though she poured out all her love and affection for him.

I have decided to give this a chance though because I like the MC’s attitude. She is frank and forthcoming about her failures in her past life and how she took everything for granted given her advantage in “modern intellect”. She didn’t take the “olden days” people seriously and so lived her previous life recklessly trying to show off, she is now reflecting and wanting to do better for herself and her loved ones whom she also neglected in her previous life.

Nothing yet so far on the ML, I was hoping it won’t be this prince who abandoned her but I get the feeling it will be. I also get the feeling there may have been some misunderstandings between them which will no doubt be explained as the story continues.

I will be back to edit this review later once we get further into more chapters. <<less
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allforjoy rated it
May 19, 2022
Status: c33
FL and her mother >>> everyone else in the story

FL so far: She's no saint but she tries to better herself. I like that she's become more self aware to the people who care for her and reflects on her past actions. She doesn't want to be blinded by love again and genuinely just wants to live a good life with her mother in 2nd life.

ml: egotistic azz

... more>>

How do not process that you love someone even after they die in your first life. He died at an old age, so you know he had plenty of time to contemplate. Given a second life, he still doesn't want to admit he liked her in his last life bc his pride/ego. You have the chance to make things right, but then you have a baby on someone you like?? umm, ok. He expects FL to just accept his baggage and if she doesn't as long as she stays by him that's all that matters. He doesn't see her as her own being but HIS property. In a way, he's just like fl's father. It sucks that the FL is stuck with him even in her second life. her situation doesn't give her much options (she needs to save her mother) plus he won't let her go. skimmed a bit of mtl to see what he'd do to win her back but man the bar is so low... (


fl's family:

Her father kinda useless and easily lets the words of others influence him. Instead of being grateful to his main wife's family that helped him climb the social ladder, he uses that against her and hates her for it (thus leads to an affair). I really hope her half siblings grow up to be close to her (fl), but they have a scheming mother (the second wife) who'll most likely manipulate them to hate fl.

I just want FL and her mother to be free and happy. In a perfect novel they'd be traveling together and maybe fall in love again to people worthy of them. Their personalities were not meant to be kept in the boudoir/ back courtyard.

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Gerry21 rated it
June 7, 2022
Status: c38
  1. Just finish reading it. Well the rough translation it's hard to understand everything in detail but I got the quite complet plot. So my comment, it's nice story at the beginning, the MC are nice and confident, she also dont bend easily but the ML just an utter MF ing a**hole. I'm sorry.

    Basically he know the truth and instead of giving the MC time and pursue her in nice way he had to force his way that indirectly causes her mother death. He had the audacity to said I can't live without you so I can't do nothing about that, what a f*cker.


    She and his condition are totally different, she pursue him and he used her, giving every bit of hope then crushed it. While she are never giving any of it to him at all while he kept spouting that buls*it. Omg I'm so mad. The ending also unsatisfying, how they only got to really just watch until the deed being turn by itself.

    The story itself is beautiful but ofc with personal opinion there is always something that goes well with people there some that aren't, and with me it's just really annoying with all the things goes with the ML, ofc I want them to be together but the man is just way to selfish. I got it that it's the traditional way of thinking even more he is the emperor but still I don't like it at all.
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Xiao lady loves novels
Xiao lady loves novels rated it
May 20, 2022
Status: Completed
It's ok read.

  • I had MTLed my way through the novel after chapter 35. I completed the novel and felt at the end pay off wasn't worth the build up. It had been foreshadowed for a long time but at the end result felt just meh.
  • Even emotional conflicts between MC and ML are never properly resolved. They are brushed over.
  • Even some plot points that are used in one arc left as if it was just a passing remark and nothing more. There was little bit more about the things that MC put energy into building them.
  • When relationship has not been established between MC and ML things seemed to dragging and the story in last 4 four chapters wanted to be concluded it just rushes it.
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Eeria rated it
March 18, 2022
Status: Completed
It’s more like 3.5 so rounding up.

The first 100 chapters were quite interesting. Liked how she was resolute without having any gold finger. I just think the ML didn’t redeem himself enough to warrant a 2nd chance with the FL. Maybe it’s more realistic this way? But way less likable. It feels the FL gave up trying because the ML is so powerful she has no choice. It’s great the FL didn’t try to get revenge at the beginning but was looking for a new path for herself but why... more>> that path had to keep leading her to the ML? Would have prefer she find another ML. Else, there were a lot of secondary characters that were useless beside providing some romance? Plots were ok. Liked the FL until she submits to ML. Never liked the ML. <<less
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mercipourleslivres rated it
March 8, 2022
Status: Completed
4.5 stars! I loved how the ML totally devoted himself to winning back the FL in their second life. It was super realistic in that it took her a very long time to trust him and love him again as he worked through all his toxic issues.

I also loved the supporting cast, especially the FL's four maids. They all found great dudes to marry lol.
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MajorGPuff rated it
August 7, 2023
Status: c175
I gave up on ch 175, skipped all the way to the end, and gave a low rating, because... ... more>>

why the hell do I have to read about a whitewashed scumb*g? And that scum became the ML too. Btw, his reborn self is not that good either: his overwhelming hatred at the beginning, turned into a mushy adoration in a sudden is unbelievable. My dear FL deserves someone better. I'm skipping to last chapter and was very nauseous to see Yun Ke managed to be forgiven--he needs to be revenged, TBH.

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November 27, 2022
Status: --
I will still refrain from evaluating, because I understand that my expectations from the story did not coincide with reality. I was expecting a more reasonable heroine, so I don't want to read. I like adequate and rational heroines, like Yanna from "Adonis", but here we see a girl who has lived with several rebirths for more than forty years.

I am both amused and disgusted by her dependence on some left-wing man. She is too narrow-minded for someone who has lived a busy forty-year life. I don't understand her disgust... more>> for her own father and explain the idealization of her mother only by trying to find some close person after a su*cide in the fire. I am sorry that in order to break up with a man who did not suit her, she had to commit su*cide, because in those ancient times divorce was unacceptable, especially divorce from the emperor.

But this does not negate the fact that for my standards she is too mentally weak and dependent on the opinions of others than I love. Maybe I'll come back to this story later and finish it, but so far all the experiences of the heroine seem funny to me. I have no need to overcome dependence on the opinions of others, so the heroine does not cause much sympathy, and her self-loathing and condemnation of "what a fool I was" seems immature behavior. What do you mean, "what a fool I was"? You probably had reasons for that behavior. If you condemn yourself, you can safely bury yourself. And I don't like that she doubts whether she will be dependent on her ex-husband again. If you have made a decision, then so be it. Her doubts are ridiculous and generally have no adequate justification, except for doubts about her own personality. I don't like such counterproductive thoughts and it's not interesting to read about such people. <<less
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ragingphoenix rated it
March 22, 2022
Status: Completed
You can go the whole novel disliking the ML and still enjoy this novel.

Every time ML/FL bring up the past in this story, it's heart-wrenching. ML+FL's first time around was a very standard abusive pairing: scumbag as*hole ML+FL who apparently didn't hate being abused enough to walk away.

ML is an extremely well-written a**hole. The author does a great job of getting in his head. The thing about ML is that he doesn't give FL any other choices and has just enough luck working for him that he can win FL... more>> back. ML's luck is almost always bad for FL. When she does have a choice, she chooses the devil she knows.

I don't like the ML of this novel, but I understand him and I enjoyed reading about him actively trying to be a better person.

As for FL, I have mixed feelings about her character. I don't think the author figured out who FL was before she transmigrated, because FL did some extremely s*upid things when she first transmigrated that wouldn't make sense for a normal adult to do, and ending up in the situation she ended up in the first time around with ML was pretty predictable given how she forced her way into his harem.

By the time the story starts, FL is okay. She starts living up to the story telling the reader how smart she is (but still, her actions right after transmigrating were not the actions of a smart person.) She straightens out her priorities and develops an exit plan for herself, which works for a while but not forever. However, she definitely fails to treat the second male well and it is 90% her own fault for playing with his heart solely because she knew what his future would be. The other 10% is that ML didn't give her options. FL was on her third life, though, and playing with the heart of a teenager with a bright future is pretty messed up in that context.

Lots of the beats in this story are fairly predictable, but the setting is interesting and a lot of the supporting cast is pretty well-developed. It's worth a read if rebirth and second chances are things you enjoy reading about. <<less
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looongdogs rated it
April 26, 2023
Status: c200
Tried to like the ML, but I just couldn't. I knew he was endgame, so I stopped reading.

I feel like the FL derserved so much better.... more>>


Although the ML would say that he loved the FL, he never respected her choice. It was painful reading about her being forced to interact with and cater to his demands becaude he had a higher status than her. Honestlty, I'd rather have the FL return to her time and heal herself.

I absolutely agree with one reviewer about how the author clipped the FLs wings just to give the ML a chance to "redeem" himself. In my opinion, the only way he could have done that is if he had left the FL alone to live freely with her mother.

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Dizaster rated it
July 22, 2022
Status: Completed
I agree with Xiao Lady Lo, the plot execution was indeed a bit rushed as if the author was in a hurry to wrap up and put gold and be done with it. This is not a slice of life but more like a slightly mature fairytale.

I understand why everyone here hates ML but there are some things which I would like to point out:

  1. The attitude and behaviour of MC in previous life was very flamboyant and not many people like the kind of person who always flaunts and shows a superior mentality treating everyone else as inferior or ignorant.
  2. I would've hated the ML more if he was once nice but then became cold and detached. From the beginning the MC knew what she was signing up for, it was her blind belief d that she can make mountains melt with her talent and beauty that actually destroyed her.
  3. MC never asked ML if he wanted to be with her. She just went and begged the empror to marry him without his consent. Just like ML in this life, MC literally stalked, coerced and imposed herself on ML. Just because MC still loved ML that they were able to be happy at the end. If not, they would still have a bad ending.
  4. Everyone has a set of morals of ethics they abide by, these are influenced by our environment, education, upbringing, our personality and our life experiences. Sometimes the difference between right and wrong is determined by our own set of values. MC has a different set of values than ML but never bothered to understand that he might not like what she's doing. Just like a person might enjoy drinking but would look down upon drunkards.
  5. He paid a price too, but because it seemed that his pain was so negligible and mild that people neglected it. If what MC experienced was a turbulent storm, he had to face a slow torture, just like having a buzzing mosquito nearby. There seems to be no evident harm it brings but it's presence slowly wears Down the nerves.
  6. And even though before reading it felt unpleasant to know that she's gonna end up with him, after completing I feel she made the right choice. Instead of starting a new with someone and going around thousand bends again, it's better to be with someone who now appreciates and cares for her and because of guilt won't dare to be excessive or rude anywhere. Even if he made a few slips every now and then, there's no 100% problem free relationships and with anyone you'll have tobwork hard and sort it out.
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Yanay rated it
July 18, 2022
Status: Completed
Well the story deserved 5 stars but subtracted one because I dont like the ML.

... more>>

i dont really like the concept given though that the tr*sh people will be forgiven if they just coax you for a longtime.. this happened to not only the FL but also the queen and the FL's mother (who actually lost her life because she was soft hearted), I didnt want the queen to forgive the king too, like man she lost ten years of her youth to follow a scum like him but got indifference and disgust in return.

Also the greatest tr*sh our ML.....

Yeah he spent a lot of time to ask for forgiveness but still in my opinion he was a complete tr*sh in his last life and also in the start of 2nd life..

I was happy though for the HE but still he deserved to suffer a bit more, also I dont really like the fact that he had a child with someone else, also expects the FL to get along with him.. and yeah since she is the FL so soft heartedness is her biggest characteristic.. yes the child was blameless but still how could she get along with him so graciously when she had lost her own child in the previous life and it was the work of our ML so yeah I am actually reallly disgusted by the ML🙄🙄 that he not only forced her in the corner so had no choice but to marry him also expects from her that she gets along with his son with another women....


The ML is actually second on the list of scums in this story and guess who is the first


the FL's father (he is a 100 steps up from the ML in his tr*shiness)



Duxia is the best man of the whole novel also the one who was unjustifiably dragged in the emotional turmoil, I hated the FL when she was targeting Duxia as her husband candidate, also she gave him false hopes despite knowing that the ML wont allow her to be with anyone other than him... poor boy had a happy life in the previous trajectory but got tempted and thus waiting for him is the fate of the 2nd ML...



love the fact that all of the FL's maids had good endings except for one


With all said the story is still worth a read... <<less
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FarihaAhmed29 rated it
July 17, 2022
Status: Completed
The novel is nicely written. But the FL shouldn’t have ended up with Yun Ke. Otherwise, the overall story is enjoyable
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ragingmisandrist rated it
January 28, 2024
Status: --
Much like the abandoned empress this is a story about a woman getting a second chance at life and falling right back into the pit of her "fate".

... more>>

I had hope for this story since her mother divorced her horrible husband and the FL felt sincere disgust towards the man who only mistreated, used, and misunderstood her but as usual women aren't allowed to have any self respect in these types of stories.

In the end they're beaten down and degraded until their pride wears thin enough to fall back into the arms of their abuser.

You might think im over exaggerating but the way the male lead thought and spoke about her was worse than trolls comments on social media.

The only emotions he had was possessiveness and jaded superiority, which is laughable because he was 100x worse than the men he & the FL abhorred. It's very odd like the writer meant it to be enemies to lovers but skipped the part where he actually starts feeling love towards her. It just felt very forced and in all honestly I was shocked that the author had the audacity to pair them back together.

P.s. Don't even get me started on the way the ML treated his first life's lover. Hes so hypocritical and loves to play the victim when he literally thrives off of others misery. It makes me sick!

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Hippopotamus rated it
February 6, 2023
Status: --
Turns out the story is good 🤔

At first I thought that even though MC had lived two lives, her intelligence was stagnant, there was no progress at all.

The MC didn't want to get involved with the royal family, but she wasn't low key at all. It couldn't be help though. Her father wanted to use her to gain more power. So he paid a lot of money and effort to make sure that his eldest daughter's good reputation could reach the targeted ears.

But after reading about 100 chapters, I started... more>> to see the positive side of MC.

ML is kinda cute too. Before chapter 100, he is annoying and hateful. But after he admitted his love for MC, he tried to change and be a better man. So, it's cute in my opinion 🤔

I almost gave up reading after 30 chapters. In the end, curiosity defeated my logic, so I persist. Fortunately. <<less
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czeihne rated it
July 10, 2022
Status: Completed
I'm currently at chapter 14. I am contemplating if I will continue as I have read from the other reviews here that she will still end up with the ML which I don't want to happen.

I ma hoping for her to find another partner, someone to really love her and be happy together.


Completed. I was hesitant at first, but with the plot. I can't help but support to the ML.

It was a good read. One thing that made me off was the FLs attitude to Du Xia. I can't blame the ML for being jealous seeing they have tokens.. During that time, having something like pendant or something and both of them has it, it's quite big. FL didn't explain or clean up that part. Love the maids and their happy ending.
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