Mei Gongqing


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This is a ‘rebirth’ story where Chen Rong, the heroine, finds her second chance at life after burning herself to death. Set in the Eastern Jin era when bureaucrats and their lofty yet equally hypocritical and oppressive ideas once ruled the empire, Chen Rong is made to use her past life’s experience to survive and hopefully find happiness this time around.

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The Bewitching Courtier
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New Beanh rated it
July 28, 2019
Status: --
I love this novel! Hope new chapters will be released quicker as I'm dying from waiting for too long. I've followed this novel for a while by the way. Lots of love to dear translator! ❤❤❤
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rdawv rated it
February 25, 2016
Status: --
Review as of Ch.74.

Very slow paced, and I don’t see how the series will end when it’s listed as complete at 5 volumes (who know how many chapters per volume). But I am intrigued by the journey of the MC, a woman who was given a chance to return back to her past to change her foolish ways and doomed future.

Written in a languid way and set in a backdrop during the uncertainties of a decaying empire beset by barbarians, it reminds me of the novel “To Be A Virtuous... more>> Wife” which is considerably more forceful due to the difference of status of the two MCs. The MC of “To Be A Virtuous Wife” had the benefit of being the legal wife and thus was able to quell the infighting between the concubines and monopolized the attentions of the master of house on herself. Mei Gongqing did not have such benefits, she is like a willow reed forced to bend with the winds. She can only use her foreknowledge to avoid the mistakes of her previous timeline, and yet cannot completely extricate herself from the pitfalls of being a single woman in a clan-dominated society of ancient China.

It’s not a fantastical story like “Descent of the Phoenix” or “A Mistaken Marriage Match – A Generation of Military Counselor” where the MCs are powerful equals to their respective love interests. Mei Gongqing doesn’t even have a set love interest as yet, having to concentrate on her own survival first; given the chance to float between the attentions of two attractive men with wildly different qualities, while beset by the unwanted attentions of the corrupt and lecherous, compounded by clan elders who are more than willing to pawn her off like a chess piece to secure the favors of the powerful.

Mei Gongqing is a more realistic and historical setting where daughters of the family are still subject to the whims and orders of the clan elders. It is a story about a woman’s struggle to re-do her life, limited by societal norms and by her gender. You want to root for her, for her to overcome the various challenges that are flung in her path; and yet you still get the sense that she can never fully escape those limitations. A detached reader might feel it’s like watching a drama where concubines fight each other to get the position of the mistress of the house, but in the end the winner is still just confined to the house and remains dependent on the husband.

There is romance in here, but not yet solidified within the translations and I can’t tell you how it goes. Unlike the burning passion found in “To Be A Virtuous Wife”, everything here is layered with caution and propriety. The dialogue, the plots and the characters all have different qualities, meanings hidden in the spoken word, subtext in movement and action.

It is an interesting read, and the translator should be praised for the meticulous care in translating it. <<less
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eunmook rated it
May 14, 2017
Status: c208
It makes sense that this novel rubs a lot of people the wrong way as it is the least escapist fantasy historical I've read so far. The world-building is intricate, meticulous and compelling. The moral ambiguity (some might say amorality) of all the characters as well as the social landscape they inhabit makes for a very realistic read, so that the sense of urgency and desperation of the protagonist is transferred to the reader and not merely conveyed at a cerebral level. This is not an overpowered MC despite the... more>> cheat of a rebirth, and gender and class restrictions are not, and can not, be simply wished away or washed away by one, or countless, acts of brilliance or uniqueness. Why would a Qilang, brilliant, handsome, gifted, and lauded by the world, not be this arrogant? Why would rich kids not be both bored and petty given the luxurious worlds they inhabit without thought since birth? All of us are products of our upbringing and shaped by our social environments, and this is a novel that never loses sight of that fact, or allows its readers to do so.

I especially like that it breaks with the conventional romance standards for a heroine, who might be threatened but will never actually be raped, molested or in any way violated, because only a "pure" female body is allowed - even in romances written for women by women - to get her HEA. This inability of the female mind to escape patriarchal indoctrination which shames and guilts women out of ever truly gaining control over their own body and the choices they make for it

- so that women inhibit themselves even in the space of escapist fantasy romance from being lusty, or sexual - is a tension that is actively explored in this novel through the MC's obsessive need (and heroic struggle) to gain respectability and status in the only way allowed to a woman: become a wife. A female MC who refuses to feel guilt or shame for her ambition or her self-respect, is indeed a rare occurrence. I cannot think of another novel here that offers us this much. <<less
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Nocturne rated it
September 8, 2017
Status: c90
Greetings my Loves,

this had such a great start but somewhere (fairly early) it lost its charm and turned into, what I like to call, bad writing. Dropped.

Nevertheless big xi

... more>> xie to the translator who has done a beautiful job. The story really flows pleasantly!

I've recently found myself enjoying all these Chinese Palace dramas (Princess of China, The Princess Wei Yang, The Legend of Lu Zhen etc). So, I thought I might as well give this one a try. It might turn out interesting, refreshing even.

I have to say that the beginning and the entire premise were really nicely done. There were no info-dumps. I'd even go as far as saying that this book has one of the best handled expositions in its genre. Palace Drama and reincarnation/soul transmigration.

This was or to say is the only saving grace of the novel, beside that there is nothing much.

Let's get straight to the problems and why this story wasn't good, to me at least that is.

The Story

It started good. Problems thrown at the heroine and she has to showcase her wits and cunning to solve them. Giving the reader a more vibrant and clear view of not just her character but also the way she is going (most likely) to handle all the problems that will come at her in the near future.

Then it turned downhill fairly fast once the first male love interest appeared.

All that is mentioned about him is his heaven-defying beauty - no problem there. But it's mentioned way too often. Girl, we get it - he's hot. Is there a need to repeat it over and over and over and over again? No. No, there isn't. What I hated even more was the way she was addressing/calling herself when talking to the first ML. Praising him and condescending herself. I found that extremely off-putting to me. Don't understand me wrong, I know that Chinese nobility liked to beat around the bush, talking in riddles, using certain phrases to explain certain things yada yada. But she was way too bold, more so if she had lived one life already. She should surly know better that 'face' is everything, especially to the Nobles.

But what I hated even more was the way she interacted with the third love interest.

Author, did you even read your effing first chapter?! She killed herself because of him? How come that she is to fall again for him? Am I really reading the same story? Is she stupid or something? This makes no sense!!

Why even kill yourself if you love him so dearly? What I find even more ridiculous if the fact that she isn't driven by revenge or anything like that or other human emotions - hate, angst, sadness when facing him. Keep in mind that we're talking about Ancient China here - Face is everything, dignity means everything. Shame, bringing dishonour to yourself and/or your family is a legitimate reason to end your life, to 'atone' to your sins, disgrace you've brought over your ancestors.

Am I still reading the same book, is she really the same heroine that was outlined so beautifully?!

Things went downhill from there. Inconsistencies, questionable decisions and the beauty of the First love interest that gets greater and greater with each passing chapter.

The Worse

    • Chang Rong claims that she went into war with her Ex. So one might imagine that she should have a sense of maturity when facing bloodshed, killing and blood - or at least not faint and cry like a sissy when an arrow was shot at her? She claimed herself, that she not just went to war several times with the General but he also taught her about war strategies. What kind of war and which strategies is she referring to, honestly?
    • I honestly can't even begin to comprehend what the boys see in her, how they fell in love with her. It's not like her personality is anything special?! Or they interacted with her for a reasonable amount of time to show any kind of emotions
    • I simply can't get over the fact that it looks like she will once again fall for her Ex. This killed the story for me. Regardless of it being the final outcome or not.
    • The way she acts and carries herself around, I'm not very surprised that she had lost her face in her previous life...
    • Her stupidity knows no boundaries. She has for god's sake reincarnated, don't make the same questionable decisions...
All in all, I didn't enjoy it very much. The beginning was superb, the way she outsmarted the people who wanted to take advantage of her (thanks to her first life's memories), her don't eff with me attitude but sadly it turned into some kind of third grade romance BS that I cannot bear to continue on reading.

Prosperity and happiness <3 <<less
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trippy-chan rated it
July 9, 2017
Status: c1
Jfc, I'm shook. The translation is superbly done. I'm in awe; I never thought that a translation could be so clear and so poetic. MC...I just want this girl to be happy is that too much to ask? She's trying her best to eke out a life in a time that is quite cruel towards women, and even more so towards those unattached to a powerful figure. I've been so disappointed in the MLs that I could vomit blood.

... more>>

On one hand we have the love interest that spurned her to her death and is very likely to be abusive. On the other we have the love interest that "loves her" but has the (historically accurate) character that thinks it's ok to make loverape her when she's roofied.


I really don't want a romance anymore in this story. Just let her and Sun Yan be platonic life partners and for her to finally attain a peaceful and content existence. I think another reviewer said it best: this really is the least escapist historical romance you could conceive of. That may turn some people off, but I think it allows you to bond deeply with Chen Rong on a level that's kind of scary. When will my heart stop hurting *cries* <<less
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unniie rated it
May 4, 2017
Status: c208
It started out interesting, but after 70+ chapters this novel transformed into a horror trip (in my opinion anyway).

Usually, we are presented with a scorned daughter of some dead main wife as MC, who changes for the better and refuses to be toyed with by guys. Here, we have a concubine born daughter foolishly chasing after the idea of true love, even after having died pitifully as a result of her idiocy. Love is blind, I guess.
CR was quite frustrating to watch and after some chapters, it became quite... more>> clear, that by the ancient times she really was acting like a vulgar woman. (The author introduced her as a character with a seductive appearance but proper young girl. It quickly fell apart, tho).

She was so wishy-washy, not likable at all. I really wished she would have just ended up a nun without any male lead by her side.

Don't even get me started on the love interests, they're all terrible. Just because a mysterious pretty boy makes her heart race doesn't mean she has to let him play with her like an idiot. You'd really think the MC would learn, but nah, no real character development with this one. <<less
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haruhi91 rated it
August 16, 2017
Status: c138
This is a rebirth story where Chen Rong wakes up after her suicide and sets up to change her past for a chance happiness. Being born from a low-status family, everyone expects her to conform to the unspoken rules of that age: being grateful to become a concubine of some other low-status family. Except that her goal is quite different, being a concubine means constant bickering in the male harem, being looked down for her status. This time, she does not want to accept being only a concubine, she wants... more>> to become a respectable wife, living with dignity. Relying on her strong will, beliefs and knowledge of past key events, she fights against her family during a war time to realize her wish. It is not an easy journey, she is just a lone girl without power who tries to go against conventions and hyprocrisy, so it is enevitable when she cries at the injustice of life. In her past, she is brought to suicide because of the indifference of her husband, Ran Min, so, this time she tries to avoid him at any cost without success. Changing the present allows her to meet an handsome young man, Quilang, from a rich family, who is not as perfect as he appears to be. Who is the male lead The characters have defined, flawed personalities, moved by selfishness most of the times like Chen Rong. It would be much easier is she bent her head and accepted a shallow marriage, but why should she bend? She is a second change at life, it is right to fight for her happiness. As the story progresses and the male leads disappoint her time after time, I can't help thinking Chen Rong would be much happier if she could live alone without the support of any feeble men. <<less
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Lotus200 rated it
August 3, 2017
Status: c135
This is the kind of novel that makes my inner feminist cry out in anger. It pains me that such a young girl have to struggle all alone to defend herself against schemes from both family and outsiders. It frustrates me that she is helpless in controlling her own life and deciding her own future. And it angers me that she has to suffer, because she makes sacrifices for people who will not do the same for her. The one she loves refuses to give her the position of the... more>> main wife, the one who is willing is the guy who previously trampled upon her love, and the most descent one is not man enough to fight for her. The novel deserves a high rating for the reality and the depth that it depicts, but I have decided to rate according to my preferences. <<less
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KKristen rated it
February 25, 2017
Status: c115
This novel is really great. It has some of the best and most engaging writing in any Chinese romance LN I've read. The translation is excellent, the characters are well-developed, and the story is unique and well-executed. The pacing is particularly good -- it moves just fast enough to keep you desperately reading, but doesn't feel rushed. I finished all 115 of the translated chapters in a single day.

Chen Rong lived an unfortunate life chasing after a man who never loved her. Betrayed in the end, she sets her... more>> house aflame and burns herself to death... only to awake as her younger self. As war looms on the horizon, this jaded woman decides to live a better life on her own terms.

Chen Rong is pretty unique as Chinese heroines go. She isn't reborn with any over-powered abilities, godly knowledge, amazing debate/social skills, or gifted strategies. She's just an average girl who has a temper, is fiercely determined, cries when she can't help it, and is well aware of her own flaws and limitations.

Even her memories of her past-life are realistic -- they're blurry, she only remembers bits and pieces, many things can't be predicted or prevented, and not everything goes the same as before. Because she lived an entire other life, she is well aware of her own personality (and her own negative character traits). This is a character who is fully aware that she's no longer a clean and pure flower.

Her social status is poor (low-ranked daughter of a concubine) and she's often misjudged for her looks (curvy and too sexy to look like the usual "pure girl" characters favored in most Chinese LNs). Everything is difficult for her and it often feels like the world is conspiring against her... this story's realism makes it so I can't even predict if it'll have a truly happy ending.

All of the prospective male leads are interesting and their characters develop in their own way. The interactions with them constantly make your opions change and you can't decide who to root for as the story goes on. I was surprised that I ended up liking several characters that I didn't care for in the beginning.

Something I find very interesting about the female and male leads is that none of them are perfect. All of them have real character flaws that become apparent as the story goes on. They all make promises but can't follow through, are prone to moments of weakness and temptation, make assumptions about each other... It's realistic (and I appreciate it) but tragic. There are moments that make your heart flutter and pound, but nothing goes smoothly. This isn't some perfect romance.

There aren't many side characters, but the ones that are there are fleshed-out well enough.

The best part of this story is the writing and pacing. It really is an entertaining read, and I highly recommend it. The story is unpredictable without having unnecessary plot twists, and I really ended up loving all of the characters.

However, it's not complete and the chapters are released very slowly, so you might want to wait so your heart isn't broken when you become invested in it and realize you've run out of chapters. <<less
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dysry rated it
April 22, 2016
Status: --
MGQ starts off really well, with the lowly born female lead (pretty much the bottom rung of nobility unlike various daughters of dukes and prime ministers) trying to navigate through war, lechers and opportunists to live a dignified life, with the occasional suitor dropping by. However

... more>>

having skimmed through the raws, the story fails to keep this pace and tension after the war. Having been emancipated, she’s relatively carefree and while the male lead is very clear by now, and their interactions are basically:
ML: Be my concubine.
MC: No
*falls into bed together*
*repeat above*
Until one of them caves in (no prizes for guessing who). And the author manages to drag this for almost 100 chapters.

Overall it’s a really good story, and quite different from the high-born but bullied wives that are usually the leads in Chinese romance stories, who secure their positions early and watch the rest of their story play out. Instead the MC is placed in a fast paced, high-strung story and needs to survive war, famine and her family’s attempts to sell her off, with no decent male lead to constantly protect her. Unfortunately the second half of the story fails to live up to the first, though the overall series is still quite memorable.

Other Notes:

I was kind of dismayed over the personalities of the other female characters and how they ended up. But I guess throughout the story, women are worth so little just one tiny mistake can ruin them for life.
Also Chen Rong and Ran Min were just too similar since they both wanted love/to be loved unconditionally but weren't able to match up their feelings or truly understand each other in either life. Instead she went with the guy who could make her happy.

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Gluttony rated it
October 17, 2016
Status: --
Seriously decently well written, engaging and well developed world building with within a complex context of values and politics which make zero sense and are as frustrating to me, as they are to the protagonist. The plot is well paced and refined in comparison to many other novels I've read recently (which are hmmm, I think the term is 'wuxia' omg I'm far too noob to these online novels).

The only bone I have to pick are to do with the romance. I mean, I adore many of the... more>> male characters but... I seriously don't get the main romantic interest. Like. He's some ethereal, universally praised, cultured guy.. who the protagonist has barely interacted with.. and much of the romance is delivered through these strange cultural nuances and silences which I probably miss half the time. And as if the most recent chapter, her turn of behaviour has puzzled me even more!

Overall however, the characters are well drawn out, the protagonist is realistic and endearing, and the plot is complex, engaging and actually somewhat worrying because in its realism I'm very unassured of my happily ever after for these characters. <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
DaBrick rated it
March 31, 2018
Status: c8
I was really waiting forward to reading this novel alas.. I got pretty disappointed in it in the early chapter (20~30). I keep reading for only one reason, that is to see when Chen Ron (FL) to achieve her happiness. But as I keep going on, it is no where in sight.. My heart often ache for her, why are there so many bastard in this novel.

Past 70 chapters, my hearth is already in angst everytime I see the ML action to her. It is not that the ML... more>> is a scoundrel, but please.. Can't you leave her alone?

Past 100 chapters my heart already went completely cold. I already hate the ML to the bone. Especially with that scene


yes, the rape. Why must you force her? Forcing her to become one of your concubine?? Yeah I know you don't have any wife/ concubines now and you will definitely pamper her, but did you not see why she will definitely not become one of your concubine?? Rather than man up and take her as your wife, you dare to force her by taking her virginity! Forcing her no way to escape but to become one of your own in such a disgusting way. This ML is my second hated after the ML of PTW


After 150 chapters, my only wish is for her to achieve her happiness. That's the only reason I can still drag my body to read this novel. I'll even hate it if she end up with the ML. Basically at this point, I don't even know how I want this novel to end. At first, I want her to end with an ordinary life like she expected before, but now it doesn't seem possible.

And kudos to the translator team who always have excellent translation. <<less
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Clandestine rated it
May 12, 2018
Status: c157
I really like this novel.

I love how the author can make such beautiful sentence in some chapter. I couldn't help but recite the sentence as it is really beautiful to be spoken (but if course it is beautiful because the translator has the wise in the word picking! Thank you translator)

And yes, because I often read a perfect ML that head over heels from the MC, I got really dissapointed at first with the ML. But as the chapter is going on, I came to realize that yeah that's... more>> really normal to be imperfect. No body is perfect and so does the ML. He has his own reason.

The stories went well so far, still not get bored. Although in some chapter, the emotion of the MC is hard to be grasp. Like how can see thinks A in some chapter but then think B in another chapter.

Overall it's a really good read that make me read from chap 1 to chap 157 only in 2 days! (Thanks for the holidays!)

Thank you so much for the effort of the translator! <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
SuzyKay rated it
June 24, 2017
Status: c128
One of my favorite written novels... very well immersed and well written story. Its not like many other time traveling novels, this story has some deep drama. Im always awaiting for the next chapter to come out...
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
toumatoes rated it
May 27, 2017
Status: c124
Honestly? This novel was so good until the latest chapters mercilessly punched me in the gut.

... more>>

ML, that is so, so not okay. Gods. The angst is so real. I'll kick something if MC isn't happy by the end of this. The men in this story are idiots. I really need to vent.


Aside from my dissatisfaction towards the male leads (excluding Sun Yan as from the three, one of them is a jerk while the other disappointed me so badly I could cry tears of blood), the story is powerful with good pacing and wonderful female lead. I love Chen Rong because she is strong and unyielding even when all the world threatens to bring her down. She has beauty and experience but the author emphasizes on how imperfect she can be even with the help of her time traveling. Chen Rong continues to struggle to stay standing in a land where her status makes her trash in the eyes of the people but she works with her skills and charms to try to find a good person for herself and live a peaceful life. She manipulates, loves, fears and hates but it makes her as a vibrant character that truly deserves eternal happiness after all the suffering she went through (I say as I blankly look at the latest chapters yet again). I admire her very much.

This story continues to hurt me. Throughout the journey, some of Chen Rong's actions and words touched me. Her will to live and her constant efforts in trying to thrive in a discriminating environment encouraged me too. Unlike the perfectly OP MCs in these types of novels, Chen Rong just felt more relatable, in a way.

Also, the style of writing is actually very unique to me. It's a nice change of pace.

Overall, I honestly would rate this a 5 if the MC gets the ending she rightfully deserves, which is everlasting happiness. <<less
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Naeddyr rated it
May 10, 2018
Status: c60

Dropped around 60 chapters in.

Chen Rong burns herself to death because of her loveless marriage to Ran Min, a stone-faced general or king, and is sent back to the war-torn past of her youth. Using all the guile, presence and knowledge she can dredge from the ruins of her first life, she tries to survive and thrive in the extraordinarily suffocating flesh market of ancient Chinese aristocratic courts.

Combined with a twisted love polygon, a reactive (and pre-reactive) MC, the sense of powerlessness and the distasteful mores and world of the day, it didn't feel good continue reading this.

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M3R rated it
December 3, 2017
Status: --

Very different from female portagonist novel! The weak woman who is know her own jealousy and try to live in struggle!

I pitied and sympathized with her, she really deserve for a better life.

Haa... all MLs, you guys aren't perfect and I know that. But... really... two bastards and one hardworking ML under progress.

I hope this novel still continue in translation, I want to know her story more
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evvoiathssofias rated it
May 29, 2016
Status: c72
WWWHHHHHHYYYYY TTTTEEEEHHHHH FFFFFFFFFF is this a xuanhuan?!?!?!?!?!?! I thought xuanhuan had magic and sh*zz?

Izzall political and stuff though, maybe cuz I gots problems, I want the protagonist to be more ruthless? I mean I'm expecting more blood ya know?

My rating still holds. Its not bad, maybe a bit confusing since it tends to dance around things. I'm Chinese and I dun gets all the etiquette refs. Also Im curious if Lachiel is referring to me in his review, cuz I dun get the criticism
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makenai89 rated it
February 13, 2016
Status: --
Reviewed at 72 chapters, rated 5.

Mei Gongqing is a heart-throbbing, emotion-inducing story with one of the most awesome female lead characters. At first glance, there has been many other novels in which the MC get to redo their life. But Mei Gongqing stands out due to its solid plot and characterization. The world building also feels realistic, and the scenes was very interesting with all the intrigue and maneuvers, blatant and hidden, that the MC has to take in order to survive and arrive at a different ending in her... more>> current life, despite of being trapped in the same frustrating male-dominated world.

The author excellently drives us through the MC’s days’ which are full of politic and social trap. We get to be scared when the MC’s in danger, we get to laugh when she is teased, and we feel happy when her plans end well. If you are a fan of drama or smart female lead, this one might be an excellent read for you. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 6, 2018
Status: c157
Let me start off by thanking the translator for a job well done. To capture alot of the nuances and undertones in the novel, you can get a real feel for how the characters feel and the implied things they are actually saying; it definitely helps you to read between the lines. This is not your average reincarnation story. This isnt the typical “OP-know-everything Heroine and I shall get revenge on everyone” that plagues almost every reincarnation story I run across. In fact, the heroine herself says she isnt “smart.”... more>> She isnt all-powerful scheming 5D chess master manipulator. The gender constraints and birth status is REALLY important and cannot just be randomly overcome by some nice social manuvering/scheming. Your clan is both your protection and your cage. I definitely felt how chained the heroine to her gender and her birth status and how it just limits alot of her actions.

In the first chapter, you find out she killed herself because she became completely devastated that the man she devoted her entire love to does not love her back, in fact, he is kinda disgusted at her obsession. She is driven insane with jealousy towards her cousin. When she is reborn, she doesnt immediately think “i want revenge on that man and my evil cousin.” She tries to live; she uses her knowledge of the future to plan ahead but because she acted different, the story begins to change. Events that didnt happen in her previous life are throwing our heroine for a loop. Its the butterfly effect unlike alot of story where it seems whatever the MC do, alot of the future events are set so all they have to do is prepare for it. Our MC wants to avoid that man cuz really if a person love you, are you obligated to love them back? Ah Rong is not perfect. If we werent all behind her cuz she was simply “MC”, she did a couple of schemes and manipulations to get into that man’s household. I mean, I at least understand from the man’s prospective that he viewed her the same as all the other scheming women.

Even with these flaws I love the MC. You find that she is really a girl who cannot tolerate sharing love of her man with another woman/women. She was driven insane with jealousy and became such a tragic figure because of this trait. So this life, she knows the pitfall of this road. Yet she fell in love again, to the ML. But she knows her status will not allow her to be his sole wife. In fact, she barely qualify to be his concubine. She knows if she becomes his concubine, she will go down that same road. Driven insane with jealousy when he will eventually have to take a legit wife. So lesson learned, she rejects even though she knows she loves him. She’s pragmatic and sometimes while reading, I just want to put her in my pocket and protect her from all the pitfalls and constraint of that time period. She is really a modern girl at heart who wants the sole love of her man. Only thing about reading this novel is that the updates are not fast, so your patience will be tested. But for the quality of the translation, its definitely worth it. Plus youre reading it for free, cant complain ;) <<less
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February 24, 2018
Status: c149
When I started reading this, I was in love. In love with the translator's prose, her wording, her creative use of the author's translation. But of course, while I adore the translator, the novel in and itself was equally amazing.

However, the novel's updates were delayed, so I had to stop for a while. These past two days, I've picked up where I left off. Initially I was dismayed by the onslaught of negative reviews and I feared that the plot's turning point only meant even worse things to come. I'm... more>> sure we've all encountered novels where it started off great, but quickly derails or gets thrown off tangent in the middle. This story, I'm happy to say, is not like that. Yes, some points of the story did change our main character and not in a good way, but she's evolved. She's living through her mistakes and carving her own path within the constrictions of society and her own social standing. What she wanted from the very beginning, aside from revenge, is to control her fate. That notion has never changed. I don't think anyone can contest that she hadn't done that from the start up until 3/4ths of this book. What happens to people outside of her, is ultimately out of her control and she finally comes to that realization near the end of the story.

Her suitors' actions might give people pause. But it's very realistic how they acted in that period of time. So I can absolutely believe they would treat her so "poorly, " though it wouldn't be considered as such back then.

Overall a very convincing, emotionally evocative novel. I still love it. <<less
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