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Before her rebirth, Wei Luo was an innocent little girl.

After rebirth, she appeared lovable on the outside but was a different person on the inside.

Those who learned of her true nature yielded to her.

Only the prince regent regarded her as a treasure; no matter how much he pampered her, it was not enough for him.

Anything she wanted, he gave her, including the princess position that she didn’t want, which he stubbornly pushed onto her.

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Sổ Tay Sử Dụng Sủng Phi
User Guide to Pampering a Consort
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New Nettie rated it
April 12, 2024
Status: c57.2
I absolutely loved reading these one-star reviews. I agree with most of what they're saying but somethings are judged from the wrong perspective. Yes, ML is creepy I 100% agree with everyone on this because I am not even halfway into the story and my skin crawls at some of his thoughts about MC.

One thing I definitely can't agree with is her getting over the past. I can't say what I would do if I was MC, but I do know that I would want to take revenge on what... more>> happened in the past, especially if it left me helpless. Some things can't just be let go of in the case of MC she's clearly carrying a heavy burden and doesn't know how to let go of it so just bear with her.

After reading the spoilers on her half-sister I do not think she deserved the ending she got. It was so uncalled for, and her actions could've never warranted such retribution. I mean come on she's clearly just a jealous teenager.

Li Song is truly the scum I thought him to be he deserves death. Something is definitely wrong with those of you who are saying that you actually like him and pity him. I cannot see where those opinions are coming from.

But. These comments are enough for me to drop this novel and I don't know if I'll pick it up again. BTW, the reason I came to read these spoilers in the first place is because the novel was moving really slow and I needed some motivation. This was really some great motivation!! <<less
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New ambrosiamei rated it
March 29, 2024
Status: Completed
The novel is not perfect, but I like it very much. It has a lot of plot holes and some things that would make you uncomfortable but I personally think that it's okay considering the

timeline where the novel is set.

What do I like in this novel:

    • first, the personality of the Female Protagonist (Wei Luo), she is innocent, gentle and calm on her outside appearance but she is really a scheming person. She's a white lotus and I love her for that.
    • her ways of scheming and taking revenge is so satisfying, not only she save herself from being sold by her stepmother, she also save her twin brother.
    • i LOVE the 2nd Male Lead, I personally want him to be with the FL. He's character is so much alive and entertaining compared to the Male Lead. I love his side story and how I wish that I could read more about his side story.
    • the novel's plot line is very easy to follow and what's happening, the characters and their development is okay for me
    • there is no palace fighting, the ML didn't have harem (thankfully), there is no evil mother-in-law, the relationship of the FL's father and her twin brother towards her are very good.

What I don't like in this novel:

  • her half-sister character development is not very well written, at first I thought she's just jealous of FL because she's the favorite daughter/sister of their father and brother. But as the time goes by her hatred towards the FL continues to grow which I think is very unreasonable since the FL didn't really do anything to her unless she provoke the FL.
  • the age gap between the FL and ML, I know that it's common for the ancient girls to be married young but the ML is showing interest in the FL while she's 5 years old! While reading this, I just made myself forget about their age gap.
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Matpatpat rated it
November 21, 2017
Status: c22

The premise does not at all justify the MC’s “intelligence” (in quotes because this is another case of “she’s so smart because everyone’s dumb). She was a 15 year old farmer/beggar when she died not an Empress or even just a young girl who actually grew up in a royal or noble household and knows Ancient Chinese Family machinations.

the timeline is so messy it’ll hurt your head. You’ve got ML who at like 12 was such a threat to the throne with his ambition he was sent away as a general or something *eyeroll* and returns in glory at like 15. The MC gets a stepbrother (who isn’t even born yet but she’s already antagonistic towards) who in the main timeline mu*dered someone and died in jail at the age of 8??? Also let’s not forget that he was a hedonistic lazy rich kid.

It also flip flops between making the MC our to be the smartest most beautiful and talented person to EVER exist while also trying to make her pitiful and sympathetic. That’s why you’ll have contradicted information on how she’s both the most beautiful girl of her village but also so horrifically scarred by her Step mom’s mu*der attempt that her family wouldn’t recognize her...

MC is so needlessly antagonistic and basically shitty that you feel more sympathetic and root people she DOESNT like over her. Her Step sister is a shitty spoiled brat but she’s a 5-YEAR OLD. Her mom JUST got isolated from the family and of course she’s going to lash out. They try to justify MC’s shittiness to her sister by say “she knew about her mom’s scheme” but if I were 5 and I had a sister who my dad and brother treated 100000000x better than me and everyone favored who also ignored and was rude to me then if I’m mom told me she was never coming back then I’d be over the moon! BECUASE IM 5! MC also has really negative feelings for her fiancé not ML who during his short intro seems like a pretty upstanding dude. You know why she doesn’t like him? Because in the first timeline after she goes missing at 6 years old he’s engaged to her sister 10 years later... yeah. An arranged marriage didn’t fall through so he’s married to another daughter of the household. Oh the shame. Oh the betrayal. And I’m sorry but he only knew you when you were 6, was he supposed to carry a torch for a child?

This story is just annoying and the high score Legit boggles my mind.

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Xoxopixie rated it
January 18, 2018
Status: c50
There are so many problems with this novel, I don't understand why it is as popular as it seems to be.

First of all I can't get over how creepy the ML is. I'm not even one to mind large age gaps, but she's far too young when he started his 'doting' on her.

... more>>

Seventeen year old guy with no obvious mental deficiencies flirting with a six year old. Orders bodyguards to stalk said 6 year old. Bullies other little kids for her. I dropped it.

Picked it up again because I kept hearing people recommend it.

13 years old, he's 22 or 23. Kept her in his mind for 2 years while he was away, still has bodyguards stalking her. Gets jealous over other guys around her.


And the author's notes don't reassure you. Like yeah, Zhao jie is supposed to be such a romantic hero hitting on a little kid. Like we're so missing him when he doesn't turn up for a few chapters

Song L is with all his hormonal thinking is more natural - at least he's closer to her in age.

And then there's all the descriptions of the FL's 'beauty'. Her servants get creepy about even her feet. The 'little' feet of a 13 year old girl.

Not to mention her actual character - she has a host of growing personality disorders.

Also, the only way she seems to mature as she grows up is in her body. She's growing up as a vain vindictive little brat that's obsessed with looking pretty. I understand she was only 16 when she died the first time but what the hell, the only thing she seems to brought with her is a vengeful nature.

And then there's her creepy twin brother who acts like her lover more than a brother.

There's just too much wrong here for me to be able to carry on. Everybody's just too creepy <<less
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blazikens rated it
January 6, 2019
Status: --
This story is f*cking creepy, I'm horrified by how many people like it.

The ML's interest in the FL begins when she is a child and he's 15. At first it isn't s*xual in nature, but as they get more familiar with each other, he obviously grows to be more jealous when there's other guys near her and she's still a child. AND that is just creepy and clearly signs of him being a pe*ophile lol, even if the FL's soul is older than her body is. It's not like he... more>> knows that.

God, I just remember one line where the ML describes her as his "little flower" who finally grew up.

It made me shiver and feel dirty from reading this, because it was so clearly the view of a pe*ophile viewing his groomed child victim sexually. There was even someone who commented on how creepy it would be if it weren't the ML saying this. LOL, it's still creepy anyway. Him being a handsome prince doesn't justify it. Ugh, and I even enjoyed this story too when I was like 16-17 when I first started reading it, because I hadn't realized the implications.

Also apparently later on he starts sexually abusing her, kissing and touching her without her consent. I hate this so, so much and I wish people would stop saying it's justified (the age gap) because that's how it was back then. Do people not realize that big age gaps, especially btwn adults and minors, was 'okay' back then because women had no rights, and were sold off into marriage as pawns as young as 13/14 ???? Like, clearly it's not okay, no matter what! Using the lack of women's rights as a justification for the romantic and s*xual relationship between a minor and an adult is so wrong, I don't even know where to start.

EDIT: And god.....I just learned that the FL's half-sister is forced to be a prostitute when she's 13 by her husband, who is in an unrequited love w/ the FL and is a very popular second male lead. I can't believe I just read a review that said who said who can blame him forcing the half-sister when he's drowning in bitter unrequited love. LMAO, that's so disgusting and literally why I hate the male characters in this story. YES I will blame him and I don't give a flying f*ck if he's nursing a wound from his unrequited love, a 13 yr old being forced into being a prostitute and being gangr*ped will never EVER be justifiable and just shows how shitty and disgusting of a human being he is. UGH F*CK THIS NOVEL. <<less
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celtywho rated it
January 9, 2017
Status: c171

This is a pretty good novel to read, kind of similar to Mei Gongqing, Princess Wei Yang, and Chu Wang Fei. I really like the MC~ cute but very cunning lol like a sly fox. It's a HE, the relationship between the MC and main lead is greaaaaat + palace drama. I would like to add that I'm very satisfied with the ending~ annnd I'm so glad the author included those extras. Anyways, 10/10 would recommend this novel :]

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mingguiwen rated it
April 24, 2018
Status: c66.1
The creepy is strong in this one

It started out interesting, but the the unique parts were just smeared with poo logic, so that you cant even remotely enjoy them.


- The MC was supposed to be a 15yo country girl, but damn right as she transmigrates somehow she outsmarts everyone (or rather everyone is just a one-dimensional cannon fodder)
- No one that has done anything bad in the prev lifetime can be changed and be good, even 6yo kids are already marked as UNREDEEMABLE EVILSPAWNS by mc
- The ML basically thinks of the MC as his 'thing' that he reared since young so she belongs to him (not creepy at all). Oh, and in the latest chapter I read he pulled along the MC with him without her consent, in a way that hurt her (but ofc he didnt stop when she said it hurt)
- Everyone is one dimensional and the storyline is nonexistent, its all about kid andventures that dont lead to any progression whatsoever.
- You have to read how cute and beautiful the MC is in every second line
- MC having a lil bro was originally interesting and unique, but he had to be demoted to a creep that acts like a second ML (wtf?)


Sooo it was like bearable, but worse than my expectations
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Railman rated it
October 2, 2017
Status: c18
I consider myself an open minded person, I know that when it come to love age doesnt really matter, hell, I know 1 or 2 real life married couples with 7-8 year difference in age but I cant get my head around the idea of a 9th grade student flirting with a kindergarten, now it might have been a lil bit better if the male lead wasnt acting like your generic domineering, cunning character, but oh boy when he does the things he do it just gives me the creeps.

Another... more>> problem is the MC, we know she had a redo and is supposed to be quite knowledgeable for her age but I find myself pitying her younger sister more than her, she seems to be effectively using her knowledge and innocence to sow discord but never used it to gain favor and "NEW" allies, it feels like im watching an anti-protagonist in the making. So many problematic scenarios would've been easily avoided, now she's left with more enemies to deal with in the future, but hey you gotta keep the novel going right author?

The father, oh god, the father is probably the scummiest person in this novel, I just want to strangle him and cut his phallus just to end everything.

But hey, at least the novel is well written and the translation is probably above average 2 stars, plus another star for not torturing the readers by not fully translating the novel and leaving a bunch of footnotes at the bottom *looking at you chu wang fei*. <<less
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dysry rated it
May 1, 2016
Status: --
The MC lived a life of suffering, having been caught off guard as a child and abandoned by her stepmother. Dying at 15, she reincarnates as her 6 year old self and is able to fend for herself with her developed mental age. Chongfei Manual is pretty much just another female do-over story that’s not too shabby if you don’t mind following a very, very young girl around. The main differences are that:

1. The story begins when she’s 6. And she meets the 15 year old male lead a few chapters in... And they go around picking fights with under 10s. Mentally they’re the same age but physically... He doesn’t fall at first sight but a lot of affections did emerge during puberty (hers coz he’s near the end of his) and they spend the middle of the story just waiting it out until she’s legal.

2. It starts out rather quick since the story begins with the female lead getting her revenge on like 3 people coz she didn’t live that long. It’s not extremely calculated, but fast and ruthless, getting the job done. However, after that it’s just the male lead watching over her until she’s old enough to marry, going through puberty, other people’s relationships and a bit of politics at the very end.

3. The female lead doesn’t actively hate her father and every other woman in the story. She actually has more than 1 female friend, while her father’s bias towards her is why her step mother hates her. Though her father is still disappointing – the only reason her half-sister ended up so badly was because both parents failed her, but at least her mother actually cares.

Similar stories: Overall the story takes after The Princess Wei Yang at the start, the second half of Mei Gongqing near the middle (where nothing happens) and To Be a Virtuous Wife near the end. Though the outcomes for many characters resemble Chu Wang Fei. It's not a bad read, but you get the same results reading the stories listed.

Additional: I wonder why it wasn't titled Wife Spoiling Manual/How to Spoil a Wife.
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sleepingjay rated it
April 4, 2018
Status: c86.1
    1. Characters: MC and ML are both a**holes. ML is a vindictive a**hole. His character is the usual cliche, nothing new. MC is a "white lotus", pampered by everyone, and is immature, petty, vain, selfish and shallow. That's not to say she can't be likeable or charming, because she is. but many of her actions and behavior show that she is at heart a 16 year old girl (age she originally died), with all the immaturity of that age. There's no "I'm older than them and shouldn't bother"; MC is as petty and salty as they come, especially right after her death and rebirth. She also holds very obvious and sometimes unreasonable (to a modern readers' views) biases. however, I don't know if the author does it intentionally but the MC does mature a bit (a veeeery little bit)

      from when she's 6-8 to when sh'es 13. (from 90% immaturity to 50%, probably?

      i mean, at 6 she was quick to write off some people (ex-fiancee and stepbrother, specifically) due to their past-life-adult-self's actions, but at 13 she seems to have realised that these people are not the same as they were in her past life.


      she cares for some people, and for these people she does try her best to help and support them. but for less important people

      i.e. her poor ex-fiancee,

      she sometimes hurt them without realising the depth of the wound, not even out of malice but simply because she doesn't care enough to be considerate (not sure if the

      author realises what an as*hole the MC is, tbh). for enemies, she can be very vindictive and petty, especially if they've hurt people precious to her. personally, I find her character ironic because she perfectly fits the "white lotus" enemy archetype in C-novels, yet in here she is the MC. I do like how flawed the author makes the main characters.

      Other characters are decent. Author gives them a bit of depth, and they're better than most revenge C-novels in that they're not all cannon fodder copypaste of each other -- the author even writes some of the traditionally villainous characters to be quite sympathetic/complex (both pitiful and hateful at the same time). But some others are unfortunately sidelined despite their potential, e.g MC's twin brother that's only relegated as a siscon.

      fair warning: there are a lot of a**holes in this story and occasionally you might want to stab someone. MC, ML, both of MC's parents (despite a half-hearted tragic backstory), etc.
    1. Plot: Mostly slice of life and romance with some sprinkling of revenge.


      It's actually very cute and fluffy. The MC and ML matches each other well. While the ML is a grade A iceberg as*hole towards everybody else (and only marginally less of one towards his own sister), he is very sweet and pampering (and teasing) towards MC. MC is legitimately fiery and proud and doesn't take his BS quietly, so there's a lot of cute bantering as well. There's no abuse and he's not a controlling manipulative freak to her. However, he can be very pushy with his affections (see spoiler in paragraph below) and this sometimes get pretty iffy and treads the line of dubcon.

      Personally I only liked the fluffy interactions between them, because whenever the author wades into "deeper" territory, the romance plot becomes very trite.


      e.g. when MC is trying to figure out whether she loves ML, she hems and haws f*cking forever and "thinks about it". meanwhile ML continually pushes her boundaries (which is Not Cool, ffs. and you were doing so well too, ML). then something serious happens and MC realises she does love ML, but wait, she still need time to come to terms with this. she hems and haws a bit more, but is eventually forced to spill her feelings due to unforeseen circumstances. sounds familiar?? yeah, it's just the plot of every shoujo out there.

      I feel that while the author tries to add some depth to the romance, it doesn't quite deliver. at most it's a very light dressing that keeps the fluffiness from getting stale.

      As for the age difference... It's a bit creepy yet not? This is a bit iffy because MC's mental age is the same as ML, and this is what attracted him in the first place, but her physical age does not match and ML is physically attracted to her.

      When MC is a child (6 yrs old) their relationship is strictly sibling-like. From both MC and ML's perspective, so no creepiness there. Things get a bit iffy when she's 13 (and he's 22) because he starts to become sexually attracted to her and as mentioned above he gets pushy with his affections. at worst it doesn't go beyond mild dubcon (forced kissing/hugging), but your mileage may vary.


      As for love rivals... uh. They're pitiful. Very pitiful. They're 100% better off without the MC and/or ML, tbh. They don't deserve getting the backlash of the main romance. At least the main rivals, anyway. Some smaller rivals are highkey a**holes too.

      Intrigue: uh, zero? MC gets her revenge well enough, but her original life was short and wasn't complex. so there isn't really a lot of people for her to take revenge on. the main bulk of her revenge was taken care of in the beginning, and though she still takes revenge throughout the story it feels more like small subplots that are quickly over. in addition, author's not that good at writing schemes. most of the schemes are very... childish, especially compared to other revenge novels. that, or they're cliche and doesn't break out of the mold.
At first I wasn't sure if this was my cup of tea, but after realising that MC is what in other novels the "white lotus" enemy that is pampered by all and take shameless advantage of it, I've come to like the novel, if a bit ironically. it's really amusing recognising the traits of the white lotus in our MC that are usually condemned in other novels. the novel is not a deep read and can be ridiculous sometimes but is entertaining nevertheless (or perhaps because of it). besides, the translation is excellent.

Edit: the novel after the first time skip becomes less ridiculous. I think it's because the MC has matured a bit so most of her actions/behaviour are less petty.

I'm giving it a 3-star because while the story is entertaining and I like how the author manages to write the main characters to be charming despite their flawed personalities, the story itself isn't too special. Plus, I feel like this novel's current high rating (4.7) is misleading. I'd say it should be around 4-4.5.
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chamchaworld rated it
December 8, 2016
Status: c22
Kind of Princess Wei Yang story but she didn't have Wei Yang cruelness. It's still in chapter 22, but compared with Princess Wei Yang or Mei Gongqing, Chongfei Manual is more lighhearted. I like how she's trying to protect her twin brother, since other novel MC is usually an only child (from same parent), it's refreshing to see a MC that fighting for her sibling too.
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frostcrystal rated it
June 18, 2018
Status: Completed
It was alright, but there were quite a few nasty bits about this novel. Other reviewers have already pointed out a lot of it - the MC being really young at the point ML starts finding her physically attractive is the big one. ML is also, to be honest, a real a**hole. The author likes to frame it as "ruthlessness", but every time he even thinks the MC is in trouble his automatic instinct is to kill relatively innocent people until she isn't - even if he's just imagining things.... more>>

But there are a lot of other very bothersome little tidbits thrown around in there in the midst of all the fluff. The author has a really bad habit of laying down incredibly disgusting punishments to minor rivals whose misdeeds are usually either quite petty (snarky words, minor bullying), very young, or just not that likable. And by awful, I mean gang-r*pe, domestic abuse, forced abortion, questionable consent... just casually thrown into an otherwise cute, fluffy story. And you're supposed to like it. It is at times incredibly unpleasant to read. <<less
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dramamonster rated it
June 15, 2018
Status: c156
I read the first 156 chapters that were translated into English.

There are 168+3 chapters in the Chinese book. The translation is very good and the translator includes pretty pictures of the Chinese items described in the story.

I do enjoy the heroine's friendships and her friends' storylines.

Chongfei Manual is interesting, but a few things stood out oddly to me:

    • In the first 42 chapters, the heroine is a beautiful, exquisite, doll-like, noble 6 year old. Because she had suffered until age 15 before being reborn into her 6-year-old self, her personality is mature and cold. As she outwits and punishes the evildoers in the first few chapters, the 15-year-old male lead prince saves her and dotes on her.
      There are many, many descriptions of her gorgeous, beautiful appearance.

      In this first part, there are many, many noble children and families introduced until I couldn't keep track of all their names, relationships and ranks.

    • From the next 81 chapters, the heroine is 13-14 years old, her body is still developing, her chest is growing, her breasts are sore, etc.. The male lead prince is 22 years old.
      After she gets her first period, the prince is always sneaking in to touch her body, even when she is afraid of being discovered and losing her reputation. There is very little character development and the heroine acts like a shy tween with an aggressive older boyfriend.

      There are many, many descriptions about how beautiful and exquisite the heroine is, how she takes care of her hair, nails and skin with her skincare and makeup concoctions, and many details about the clothing, furniture, accessories, jewelry, and hairstyles. Her main hobby is making herself more beautiful with skincare, nail care, etc.

    • Once the heroine is married at age 15 in chapter 123,
      the couple are all lovey-dovey as they deal with the rest of the plot, and there are lots of slice-of-life details of their regular married life. Now that she is part of the Imperial family, a few instances of graphic punishment for criminals/spies/assassins are made.
    • Because of the very young age of the heroine (13-15, compared to other young wives who are 16-19 years old in the story), and the excessive premarital fondling alongside the descriptions of her budding body, it felt a bit like a lollicon story, which I don't enjoy.
    • I've noticed in several chinese novels that s---x for happily married females seems to be described as very painful, requiring several days of bedrest to recover, causing sore waists, bodies covered with bruises and sore marks, etc. I'm not sure if this is a cultural difference, because western novels don't really describe intimate relations like this... Maybe I'm being too literal and it's really a euphemism, like a cheeky reference to happy lusty marital relations?
    • I've also noticed that in several chinese novels that female villains (usually jealous mean girls) often get punished in the story by having abusive husbands and being sexually abused to death/su*cide. I've seen worse instances in other books, but I'm not a fan of this trope.
      There are a few not-too-graphic instances of this in Chongfei Manual.

The story is highly recommended by other viewers, and the translation is great, but it's not one of my favourites. I think I prefer Rebirth of a Malicious Empress of Military Lineage, Poison Genius Consort and Mistaken Marriage Match: A Generation of Military Counsellor. I will continue reading Chongfei Manual to the end, just to see how everyone turns out.
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Nikkiart rated it
May 7, 2021
Status: Completed
Creepiest novel ever. I'll start by saying it's not just about the predatory romance. It's the WRITING itself. There's such a creepy, pedo vibe just in the writing without even including the horrifying plot.

This is by far one of the worst novels I've read. It is by far one of the creepiest romances I've read (there are others that may toe the line there that I won't get into).


Like many reviewers have said the ML is 22, MC is 13 when the romance starts which is still gross but like ancient China setting so I can usually sort of overlook it by pretending the characters are aged up or something, but more he meets her when she's like SIX! I get that he doesn't have romantic feelings for her at that point but dude if I had met a kid when they were 6 and I was 15 and had some sporadic contact with them through family or whatever, there is no way I would ever, EVER even consider them a viable partner if I was say 40 and they were 31 though other ppl in that age range might be acceptable. That's so creepy.

ML even goes out of his way to actually say "like a flower he cultivated" or something. Like bruh, that's grooming. There's also many lines from his POV where he thinks something like "a bud that's about to bloom" and etc. 🤢 Also the author goes out of their way to make it worse by continually talking about MC in such a weird predatorial, 'she was starting to become sexy to these twenty year old men even though she's only a kid' way. There are so many times the MC is described with "budding breasts" and her tender skin that you can pinch water out of and the way the damned maids just fangirl so frequently over her tiny feet- it's all weirdly s*xual and no adult should be having those kinds of thoughts about a six year old.

I don't care how pretty or cute a 6-7 year old girl is, there is no way that men should be thinking of her like she'll be a good wife in about 10 years. That's just gross. Honestly the author kind of disgusts me with this.

I can't really understand how people say to ignore the age or whatever because the author continually chooses to allude to it. Constantly. Every chapter.

Also author's smut literally made me gag with how they described it like the ML is doing so much non-con that it's disgusting for him to say he loves her. I get that it's a thing for women to pretend that they don't want it when they do in these novels as a way to show the s*xual energy of these men, but they weren't married and ML knows she cares a lot about her reputation. Also s*x isn't supposed to hurt that bad.

I know mc's reborn and therefor she's technically old enough to know about s*x, but there was one part:


she wants to learn etiquette and hires a teacher. This teacher experiments with herbs and medicine or something to make beauty products. MC is going through her stuff with her or something and she finds a concoction that's supposed to be for her v*gina somehow (keep in mind she's literally in the body of like a kid who's under 10 from what I remember) and she's like oh, I need to get my hands on that for later. Like I don't care how you justify it, that is the physical body of a child! Why, as a author, would you f*cking write that? How in the world would you think that's ok? Especially when it has literally NOTHING TO DO WITH THE PLOT!!! It was a hundred percent unnecessary and gross.


The MC flops between having the mentality of a kid to bring like it's ok for me to prep my body for s*x and all this stuff cuz I'm actually an adult and it's so disconcerting and disgusting. At one point she gets a stomach ache from eating too many grapes or something like the literal child she is but then she's planning on training her body for more s*xual positions or something if I'm remembering correctly.

I honestly do not care how common something like this might have been in ancient China. The author takes so many creative liberties in other historic story applications so why do they need to do rigidly stick to the extreme pe*ophilic stuff? It all reads as some weird Mary Sue, self-insert, fetish type thing because it just all feels so wrong.

Also yes, the step mother deserved to be divorced and live horribly, but the MC determined that literal babies and kids are irredeemable characters. Like the half brother, she hates him from the time he's a baby like a literal infant. Then, later he somehow seems to like her as toddlers tend to do towards ppl they think are cool and she's like he's already showing signs of being a lecherous creep. Like what? He probably likes you cuz you're less angry looking than his sister and mom not cuz of other stuff and also you think literal babies can have some sort of s*xual feelings? Human nature is to seek beauty and you keep being like I'm so pretty so???

Theres also a plethora of r*pe punishments, forced abortions as a means of punishment, and a whole lot is other misogynistic stuff so please just stay clear of this nightmare. <<less
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ludagad rated it
June 18, 2016
Status: c80
Light-hearted story with fun kids doing funny stuff most of the time. There's a time skip later on, when the story turns more into the romance genre.
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weareallborntodie rated it
April 24, 2019
Status: --
I wish I could give this 0 stars. This story is a perfect example of a vain Protagonist halo/Mary sue complex.

Let's talk about the MC.

If I could describe her in one word, i'll call her a hypocrite. She is also really cold, selfish and immature. I could in no way feel any sympathy for the MC. Instead of feeling bad for her, I felt more sympathetic towards her enemies. She gets mad at her enemies for doing something but won't even blink an eye before doing the said thing herself.... more>> Just because she is the Protagonist doesn't give her the free pass to do shitty things. That's what the villians are usually for. But in this story, she seems more like the antagonist than the actual antagonist.


She hated her step brother who wasn't even born yet. Poor kid loved the MC and regarded her as his sister, he would always go to the MC who would instead push him away. She only later started hanging out with him because she wanted to make the step mother and step sister mad. I honestly wanted to go inside the novel and smack the sh*t out of the MC and tell her to stop being so hung up on revenge and to stop taking it out on the poor kid


The ML is okay. I was a bit creeped out during their earlier interactions due to the age difference but I got no other complains.

He's 15 or 16 yrs old and she'sjust 6 when they first interact and he'salready interested in her. So creepy.


MC's twin brother seemed a bit too overprotective. He took his sister complex to a whole another level.

The antagonist (step mother and step sister)

I felt bad for the step mother. What she did was wrong but what happened to her was really sad.


Her husband never loved her and has only another woman in mind. The husband also cares more about the childrens from the first wife than her own kids. Her son is also taken away from her the moment she was born and given to another woman to raise. She doesn't get to see her child again, only once every two months and the kid doesn't even recognize her and is apparently scared of her. The husband's actions in the story shows how partial he is and how much he favours the children from the first wife, even ignoring the other children and giving his son away to another woman. In a way, I can understand where the step mother's jealousy came from. To make it worse, her daughter commits su*cide after being forced by her piece of sh*t husband (who is obsessed with MC's beauty, won't call it love cause its clearly not) to sleep with his friends.


The one person I felt the most sympathetic towards was the step sister. Yes, she threw tantrums and was stubborn, but she was only a kid then. I get that she was a bit*h in her past life but that was then, in the current timeline, she made no troubles for the MC but she still had to go through so much shit.


She was only a child when she was separated by her mother. Her father literally paid zero attention towards her and never showed her any type of fatherly love (literally never even once in the entire novel). Any kid in her place would be jealous of her sister who was favoured so much by their father. Her step brother hates her for no obvious reasons and the one baby brother she could call her own hates her too. To top it off she gets married to a guy who let his friends gang r*pe her on their wedding night and then she's forced to sleep with random people. I saw a few comments saying she deserved it. It boggles my mind that someone would think that. Yes, she was in the wrong but she didn't deserve to get r*ped like that. I don't even blame her for taking her own life, no one would be able to bear so much pain.


The person I hated the most in this story is Li Song. I don't give a flying fck about his excuses, what he did to his own wife is unforgivable. He claims to love the MC but they had no interaction other than him bullying her as a child. They hate each other but he's apparently starstruck by MC's beauty and falls deeply in love.

He slept with MC's step sister cause he thought she was MC and is later forced to marry her. He only says yes because he wants to be connected to the MC somehow. He then lets his A-hole friends gang r*pe his new wife and forces her to sleep with random people. The wife finally commits su*cide cause she can't handle it anymore. I understand him hating his wife but he didn't have to take his hate so far.


The MC and Li Song were both piece of garbage. I couldn't continue the story after seeing the hypocrisy of the MC and the fate of her poor 'enemies'. I have read a lot of reincarnation/transmigration stories and seen a lot of shitty female lead but the MC in this story was so far the one I disliked the most. She was just filled with negativity and after a certain point I was tired of her hate. I wanted to smack her and tell her to move on and stop stressing so much about her past life. Its called 'past' for a reason. <<less
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Eunicornm rated it
June 7, 2018
Status: c150.1
At first the plot was very interesting-- she suffered a lot at the hands of her step-mother in her previous life. There was a lot of angst knowing that her brother also suffered just because of a selfish girl's unwillingness to marry. I was impressed with how she handled the scheme that ruined her life before and how she got the attention of Zhao Jie. However, right after ... more>>

Du-shi got locked up in an isolated courtyard

, the flow of the story became somewhat less exciting.

It was still able to hold its own with how the storyline portrayed WL and ZJ's innocent and fluffy relationship considering she was just a child. As she grew up, I started to dislike the MC more and more.

I just can't get over how she broke off her engagement with Song Hui the last minute.

Other guys would've surely chased the MC 'till the end of the earth, but this move of his really made me tear up.

In addition to that, I didn't like how she handled Li Song when Chang Hong got injured. Sure, you pay them back tenfold or heck even a hundred or thousandfold. HOWEVER,

you have to make sure you've got the right person instead of suddenly just stabbing them with a hairpin!

At this point, I was really disappointed with WL. I feel like she was on a power trip and had the mentality of a 12 year old child when she actually lived until 15 or so in her previous life. Seeing someone else taking a punishment like that for someone else can really make a reader feel dissatisfied and a bit of heartache as well. After that scene, I seriously felt bad for LS and started to root for him instead of the ML. His character's depth is just... wow.

Overall, I think this story would be a good read if I haven't read Chu Wang Fei, Princess Wei Yang, and especially The Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage. They set my standards way too high for a revenge c-novel. This story did have a lot of potential, but the author's writing seemed too shallow with how WL was always described beautifully and every action she took to maintain her beauty. I get that this story appeals to girls and is very shoujo-istic but it seemed too excessive at this point, especially when WL wasn't that likeable. After pushing to read more chapters, I just couldn't do it anymore. Moreover, I did skip to the extra chapters instead and was extremely satisfied with it more! I'm a fan of LS so I'm happy that he got to be with the girl he likes. ehem.

I would recommend this novel to those who haven't read most of the titles I've listed above. This wouldn't hold a candle to those novels but at least it is a lighthearted and short read that will fill you with fluffy emotions. It just wasn't my cup of tea, but I'm certain a lot of people would like this story. <<less
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iampheng rated it
May 29, 2018
Status: c147
Honestly, I'm invested in the story because it's 1.) not that long and 2.) the translators do a really good job of updating.

I liked the story in the beginning... and the middle...I think it only went downhill for me once the two leads got married. I think the characterization of Ah Luo, well, I don't really like her. As for the ML.... well, I don't really like him either (LOL). In fact, the ML is crazily obsessed with the MC since when she was a child. He's the type of... more>> guy that is good to the people around him but then is unreasonable to those he dislikes. I'm not saying that he doesn't have a reason to dislike the people that he dislikes, but they also have their own reasons to dislike him. Since he's ML though, he's basically impenetrable. I find him to be petty and heavy handed at times.

As for Ah Luo, hmmm. I think that the author is doing their best for us to be impressed with her beauty and grace, but she's really kind of petty and narrow minded. Again, she has a reason to dislike the people that she dislikes, but I can't help but feel that... actually the good women around her are better "feel good female protagonist material" like Liuli or Liang Yurong (it's nice that the MC has good girlfriends though). That is, the love story of some of the side characters, who go through more obstacles to be together, are slightly more heart warming than that of the main characters. I have less of an issue with the ML being interested in the MC from when she was young. The romance just didn't really resonate for me.

I happen to love second chance and rebirth stories. I don't ask that the MC and ML be good people necessarily, but I want to root for them too, esp when they're being nasty. Ah Luo just wasn't an MC that I could root for in the long run. That's not to say that other people won't enjoy this piece, after all, I spent so long reading it and will continue to follow the story until the end. I'm just saying my love for the story fizzled out towards it's last arc. <<less
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Aris12 rated it
October 11, 2017
Status: c37
This is best novel with little revenge. I love all about this novel especially MC, she is cute and ruthless when it's come to protect her brother. Male lead is caring and kind protective toward MC. Unlike other ml, he is best male lead. I like the way he tease MC. MC and ML are perfect couple.

worth to read
18 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
KKristen rated it
March 2, 2017
Status: c170.2
This is a very entertaining story along the lines of other stories like Chu Fei Wang and Mei Gonging. We have a strong female protagonist who is reborn in a noble woman's body, struggles with a vicious household, and becomes involved with the imperial court.

However, this story is much more lively because the main character is in the body of a young child rather than a young/adult woman. She's reborn as her 6-year old self after dying at the age of 15, so she doesn't bring many memories or any... more>> over-powered skills. She's limited to her own determination to change her life -- and this makes the story much more believable.

The writing style is engaging, the pacing is good, and the translation quality is great. However, new chapters are released very slowly... I will write a more full review once the series progresses farther. For now, I think this series is great!


As of the end of the series, I am changing my rating to 4 stars. The reasons being:

  • The translation quality is still great. Fuyuneko did an amazing job. The writing was also still very well-paced and engaging.
  • Wei Luo's maturity actually seems to DECREASE as she ages. When she was a freshly reincarnated 6-year-old, she was sharp and mature. However, once she ends up with the male lead, she's just a blushing teenager.
  • Strong themes of non-consent and violence against women. The author seems to have a strong preference for r*pe fantasies.
  • As other reviewers have mentioned, the ML develops a s*xual interest in Wei Luo when she's extremely young. Even if it was acceptable in the historical context, reading about a 20-something-year-old man jacking off to a 13-year-old girl is pretty uncomfortable.
I think that most readers will still enjoy this story, but if any of the points mentioned above are unacceptable to you, now you've been warned. <<less
18 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
matchaicecream rated it
July 28, 2020
Status: c64
Creepy as hell. I can't keep reading it. It started out interesting and the translation is VERY good quality which makes for enjoyable reading, until you actually realize what you are reading.

The ML is unbearably creepy. In the beginning it seems alright because he doesn't have romantic feelings for a 7 year old (as he shouldn't), but once our FL turns the ripe age and totally ok to sexualize age of 13 (sarcasm) the ML becomes super obsessive, and possessive. I do not understand why the reviews are so high... more>> because I'm not sure how so many people can stomach reading about a 24 year old man ogling and fantasizing about a 13 year old girl, no matter the historical context. Whenever the abusive creepy ML is handsome, his behavior automatically becomes okay and I hate seeing it. <<less
17 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
MondSemmel rated it
January 16, 2018
Status: c44.2
I enjoy reading about vindictive protagonists, and I mostly enjoyed the story, to boot. I'm also aware that not every story can be fluffy or happy-go-lucky. That said, something about this story rubs me the wrong way:

... more>>

It's a relive-your-life plot, with the protagonist knowing who will harm her later... and the story treats anyone who would harm her in the future as irredeemably evil, and as deserving of revenge *before they have even done anything revenge-worthy*. Specifically, a significant part of the story is about Wei Luo, ~6 years old, bullying her half-sister, also ~6 years old - mostly because her half-sister's mother, i.e. Wei Luo's stepmother, actually does clearly evil stuff. Her half-sister may not be a good person when she grows up, and they may not be happy siblings... but from my perspective, she's still utterly undeserving of this pre-emptive revenge.

Basically, vindictive protagonists are fine; but I was quite disturbed by a) all the bullying of child antagonists (the step-sister isn't just mistreated by Wei Luo, but also by their father, which is just wtf) and b) a time-travel story full of revenge for stuff that hasn't happened yet, or that will happen in the future. Somehow, people Wei Luo recalls as evil are treated as rotten to the core. Evil is pre-determined, and redemption is impossible.


I really am not on board with that. <<less
17 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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