Chu Wang Fei


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She, the prime minister’s daughter, was timid and cowardly. Because her engagement fell through, and her reputation was ruined, she was pressured to spill her own blood in the palace hall! Once again opening her eyes, the cowardice had vanished, replaced by coldness, causing others to be intimidated at first glance. Yet no one realized, she was not her.

He, the current dynasty’s Chu Wang, served the country and brought peace and stability. Peerless and magnificent, all the girls under the Heavens eagerly pursued him! He helped her break off her engagement in the palace hall, but she avoided him at a great distance. He set his mind to pursue her, but she didn’t intend to love him.

At home, the turbulent currents of government affairs surged violently, disputes from every country continued to spring up everywhere. The stunning her who had been reborn, and how she didn’t bat an eyelid to resolve that terrifying carnage; her name had shaken the whole world!

When the dust had settled, and the song and dance had ceased, who could hold hands with her and look upon this thousand-year golden age, this flourishing ten thousand miles? Nowadays in this land under the Heavens, everyone spoke of how Chu Wang was cunning and two-faced, he desired the whole world, and was someone they seriously could not provoke. Yet the one they could not provoke even more was his Wang Fei – Yun Qian Meng! Anyone who provoked Chu Wang Fei, must surely be prepared to lose their necks!

A breathtaking rebirth, a thrilling marriage, in the blink of an eye the once weak woman had become the honorable Chu Wang Fei!

Wang Fei: In the palace chambers, between the feasts, smiles are hiding daggers, with layers and layers of plots and machinations; those who hurt my flesh and blood will have to pay the price.

Chu Wang: In these troubled times, carrying the fire beacon, over thousands of miles of fortresses and mountains, I have traveled to the distance to these border stations; if you dare to hurt my wife I will take your life.

Wang Fei: In another country, in a foreign land, will his thoughts stay pure? The princess of another nation is graceful and beautiful, will “a pair of people for one life” change?

Chu Wang: Returning home, difficult problems arise. As green hills extend into the distance, beautiful flowers and tender feelings grow deeply; dealing with the ruler and his ministers is harder than rising into Heaven.

That night, all the monarchs struggled for power, smoke rising all around; that night, the husband and wife were separated, neither humble nor haughty; that night, the land was in great disorder, lying corpses filled the plains; that night, whose heart was confused, whose family was broken, whose country was lost?

In the chaos of war, during their separation, separated by thousands of miles of unmoving mountains and rivers, the gentleman’s heart and the wife’s heart never changed. In the lonely city without aid, hand in hand as before, they advanced together while chatting lightly about this West Chu country.

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Princess Consort Chu
ฉู่หวังเฟย ชายาสองวิญญาณ
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90 Reviews

Feb 16, 2018
Status: c133
The first 100 chapter or so were great in my opinion. The main character meticulously planning her revenge against her father's concubine and using her sharp wit to get out of bad situations. She thought on her toes and didn't need the male lead to help her. She took care of herself and the antagonists weren't one dimensional. The author made me hate them and the suspense kept me reading.

The romance isn't great by any means. There's really no reason they fell in love and Chu Wang acted like creep... more>> and sneaked into her room soon after they met. But I forgave it.

THEN the story lost its appeal and pissed me off.


The story started to fall apart after Concubine Su died. When the father was arrested and the whole fu was thrown in jail, I liked how the main character stood up and kept composure in the beginning. I thought this arc would take advantage of the moment and show off her wit and intuition. I thought she would get out of such a disadvantageous situation by herself but nooooo. She's basically a puppet and doesn't do anything to help her situation. She just pisses people off and doesn't think.

Chen Wang acted out of character by stopping Su Qing from abusing her and taking care of her and making her feel cushy in prison. He went full blown crazy and tried to force her to marry him and lie to his family about who she was, saying she's a girl from another town. This tsundere wouldn't leap into insanity like this so fast.

The Empress acts out of character. When her mother and brother ask her to help she says she's helped enough and her son died as an infant. I have no idea how her dead son relates to this and it feels like the author's pulling this out of her ass. What does her dead son have to do with this??? I'm so confused.

After the charges are cleared, YQM does the most disgusting thing that pissed me off to no end. I f*cking hate her for this. She's a modern woman with modern ethics and standards. After Concubine Su died, her son is sent to his grandmother who abuses him. YQM could have done something to fix this. She has enough power. She could have suggested he be given to another concubine or something. She knew this woman hated the boy and turned a blind eye. After they were thrown in prison, everyone forgot the boy. The infant died of starvation. THE. INFANT. DIED. OF. STARVATION. YQM's response to her little brother being forgotten (she also forgot him) and dying is simply quirking up her eyebrow and blaming her father and Concubine Su, saying he had no chance. HE HAD NO CHANCE??? He had a chance and YQM could have done anything. F*ckING ANYTHING and he could have survived. She's from the modern world so she should know that the child shouldn't suffer the parent's crime and stop him from being abused. She shouldn't blame her father, she should also blame herself. She left him to die. She refused to help him. She knew what would happen. SHE DIDN'T CARE ABOUT THE INFANT DYING OF STARVATION. F*ck YOU YUN QIAN MENG.

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May 13, 2017
Status: c110
I'm very disappointed after the 120+ chapters. I'm telling why and it contains spoilers. The uncontrollable hypocrisy and the sheer lack of morals in the new chapters shocked me. The author went too far. I don't know what they were thinking. How is it a 13 year old child getting married to her own rapist is okay? I loved the MC before this incident. But after the 110+ chapters, I feel like she has lost all humanity that she had in mordern world. She is now no better that the... more>> people she is trying to defeat. Her husband ordered her 13 yr old cousin to get married to her own rapist. She didn't speak up even though she knew that her cousin was going to go through hell. Her thoughts ? " You shouldn't have angered my husband". Later on, her half sister got r*ped by beggers due to the plotting of another person trying to frame her. In this instance, she acts all shocked and thinks that although she wants to destroy her half sister, she would have never wanted to destroy her chastity as it is important in the ancient world. They are both women after all and she was a police officer before, she would not want to see someone get r*ped.... She is more offended that someone tried to frame her.

look at this hypocrite. This very words make me realize that she no longer is what she used to be. For her it's okay if a woman gets r*ped if it's her husband ordering it. It seems love made her s*upid. She is no longer the strong woman with a good sense of morality that I used to love. it seems after getting married, she just stopped being the strong woman she was.....

The ML is nothing new to Chinese novels, the same old super intelligent, handsome, OP and "I like to sexually assult the woman I love". The villians are s*upid with little to some character development.

I know MC doesn't always have to be an angel on earth and the ML doesn't have to be the sweet guy but after 120+ chaps the plot just.... It's not something I can handle.

I am surprised by the response of the readers. They are trying to defend the ML and MC. They say all the women who got r*ped in this novel, they deserved it. They are okay with a 13 yr old child getting r*ped. I'm disgusted by the " it's the fault of the victim " mindset.

Anyway it was an entertaining read for me the 110+ chapters or so even though it was a slow plot development. It is well translated. I would recommend to read till chap 110 or so (if you hate the same things as me) <<less
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Nov 18, 2017
Status: c101
This had a strong start but gradually goes downhill dramatically when you realize everyone who opposes the MC is a moron. She's only a "genius" because the stars align in the most Deus Ex Machina way for everything to work out or her villains and enemies (regardless of if they were shown or described to be intelligent and cunning prior) suddenly hold the biggest idiot ball imaginable and walk right into her traps and wordplay.

Also the MC comes off as a huge hypocrite and just and all around antagonistic individual.... more>> She treats people like sh*t and her justification is that they have ulterior motives or aren't 100% behind her. It's like she doesn't know what looking into a mirror is. There people need to look out for themselves, why wouldn't someone put themselves first? People can actually work together with mutual benefit and not just simpering to the MC who also doesn't give a sh*t about other people (regardless of her inner monologues).

It was particularly annoying to read her interaction with her cousin (WHO IS 11) when she first arrived to the city. Oh! A little girl raised in the country side really likes jewelry and has ambition!? What a bit*h I'm gonna ruin her. Instead of being a good example and leading her through the minefield of family and society machinations, her immediate thought is to destroy her because her family (mom, dad and grandma) told her to watch herself and curry favor *rolls eyes*.

r*pe r*pe r*pe. Seriously, everyone gets r*ped, sexually assaulted or harassed and the "good guys" facilitate it of exacerbate it while patting themselves on the back from within their glass house. A lot of people justifying this poor story telling need to take a step back and realize these characters are not even 20 when this sh*t happens (one character is 13 and forced to MARRY her rapist by the wonderful ML). Is it accurate to that time? Well not really becuase this is a highly exaggerated story. But even if it was, MC is from the modern era (and this is only brought up to justify some Mary Sue power or to laud her modern moral sensibilities) and should not be A. OK! Especially since she was a POLICE OFFICER *eye roll*.

Timelines and age make no sense. Don't think about it.

Story is slow paced, romance poorly developed and the plot is not coherent or believable. <<less
57 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aug 11, 2017
Status: c125
Ignore the rating, if I could change it to 0 stars, I would. This novel disappointed me so much in the latest chapter. I never understood the need to have such an act of gory revenge for a child. The author does not realize that the gruesome violation of a kid defeats the theme that MC and ML are levelheaded yet ruthless to those who truly deserve it.

... more>>

Yun Yi Yi is 13 years old and accused Chu Fei Yang of ruining her because of well... reasons that the author needed. (*insert overused excuse that people in the past like YYY age differently* No, there's no proof of that. There never has been.) Yun Yi Yi was clearly marked as a spoiled girl from the start, of course, she was going to try and ruin his reputation for reasons that the author decided willy nilly.

As revenge, our supposed "hero", Chu Fei Yang, has her marry her rapist, and her rapist takes full advantage of it. Chu Fei isn't a saint, I understand that, but the thing that made him believable was his levelheadedness. He knew who the real targets were. Aka not some 13-year-old with a petty vendetta and a half-baked plot that didn't work out.

The argument that could have been made was that to get revenge on Yun Yi Yi's father, CFY had to sacrifice Yun Yi Yi. But the author makes it clear that YYY's father doesn't care for anything other than his reputation. Both daughter and father could have easily have been exiled.


I understood that YQM (female lead) was a cold person from the start, and CFY (male lead) more so, but the two of them knew who were the real villains: those with ruthless political aspirations. Not to mention that YQM worked for the law in her previous life, but like in most transmigration stories, the past goes flying out the window.

Some may argue that this story is based on how unforgiving the era Yun Qian Meng lives in is. To that I say, this is a story about transmigration and outwitting your opponents, and realism in novels doesn't always mean 100% accuracy. We often suspend our disbelief when reading anyway, partly because a story can bend the "truth" (I use this lightly because this is a tale about transmigration and starting a new life) and be a good story. <<less
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Mar 29, 2016
Status: --
An absolutely wonderful read! The female lead is very smart and independent but not arrogant. Although the romance started a bit slowly, the title gave away who the main male lead would be – the handsome and enigmatic Chu Wang, Chu Fei Yang (who was actually still a Chancellor/Left Prime Minister at the start of the novel).

I love “Chu Wang Fei” like I love “To Be A Virtuous Wife” in that the female leads don’t dwell too much on their ‘past lives’ and tried their best to live a happy... more>> fulfilled life in the new environment. Both stories are great in their own way!

“TBAVW” focuses more on the responsibilities and challenges faced by an unfavored daughter who married into royalty, and only briefly mentions the political machinations her husband may be involved with. In “CWF”, the husband is not royalty (thank goodness) and female lead is more actively involved with her husband’s plans in various ways...

Although the translations are updated at a good pace I couldn’t wait and decided to brave the Chinese version >.< I'm not sure how much I misunderstood here and there but I finished it and plan to order the physical book online just for the sake of having it on my shelf! XD <<less
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Mar 02, 2017
Status: c85
I had high hopes for this novel based on the other reviews, but while I find it mostly interesting, there are several flaws that make the novel rage inducing at times.

This is your standard transmigration backstory: a supposedly brilliant narcotics police expert is transmigrated into a medieval Chinese setting where treacherous politics fly everywhere due to family power struggles rule over everything (because men can't stop taking concubines). Problem is, soon after the start of the story, the reader realizes there no reason to even set up the transmigration backstory.... more>> There is no modern knowledge, techniques, or concepts that are carried over. The MC ends up simply being an intelligent girl that is able to talk her way through difficulties. Why bother with the transmigration backstory?

The summary and the premise is that the MC becomes the Chu Wang Fei (mistress of the Chu family). By the time we're at Ch. 85, the courtship between the MC and the future male lead hasn't even started. The title is really a spoiler, since the title character technically still doesn't exist even 1/4 of the way through the novel.

The MC is truly powerless to control her fate. Villains come at her one after another and she talks her way out of situations, but she never manages to conquer anyone. She brilliantly defeats enemies one after another in battles of wits, but she is never able to decisively win, only escape. 1/4 of the novel in, and a grand total of zero enemies have been humiliated, discredited, disowned, executed, destroyed. Nada. They go free, only to come back to have another attempt at literally, her life. Best example is the assassin that the "title" couple capture, who turns out to be an assassin prince from an enemy kingdom. Rather than turn him in, they take him to a brothel, dress him up like a transvestite, and then let him go. Surprise! Few chapters later, he comes back to try to mu*der the MC. The MC and her allies are constantly being framed by political enemies, but once those enemies are caught red-handed, the author promptly forgets about them and moves on to the villain.

There are a ton of illogical relationships and inconsistencies in the character settings. The MC's aunt is the Empress Dowager (widow of the late-Emperor). The MC is 15, the Dowager can be estimated to be no more than 40 (since the Dowager's mother is known to be 60). Ok, but the Dowager's step-son and current Emperor (son of the late-Emperor's concubine) should not be older than about 20-22. Then the story goes on to say that the Chen Wang (half-brother of the prince) was too young to compete for the throne, then Chen Wang should be no more than maybe 18. Yet in the established story, Chen Wang is already the second most powerful man in the nation due to his achievements.

Ok, so the next in line Prince is a 18 year old schemer with tons of supposed achievements and the 19 year old MC's love interest is one of two Prime Ministers of the country. Timelines don't add up anywhere.

Each chapter is extremely dense to read. The fact that none of the titles are translated means that for readers with little prior knowledge of Chinese will spend a HUGE amount of time memorizing all the terms. Even for those who understand Chinese would require some time to get used to the terms. I would say a solid 30% of the word count is simply names of people, places, or titles.

If you like a story where a clever girl outsmarts people so they don't kill her, you'll be fine reading this. If you like a story where clever girl brilliantly obliterates opponents and earns respect and grabs glory, pass on this. <<less
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Aug 16, 2017
Status: c127
Was one of my favorite stories, until I read till chapter 122. I daresay the MC was amazing and very much to my liking as she displays such domineering aura and shows her competence in deflecting her enemies and regain the things her s*upid family stole away from her. Considering she has a bastard of a father who is totally a sucker for his concubine and ignored her mum's death, I admire how the MC was able to thwart that sl*t with that degree of partiality going on.

But..... there is... more>> always a but! Here comes my complains. The MC and the plotline was splendid. But the mc's past life background was presented in a very lame way! The second point, the villains are a stigma to the name of villain. All of them I've read about so far, literally all of them are those shitty, arrogant, overly shameless, egotistic, self-entitled, idiotic bastards who can only speak rubbish every given chance they are given and try pinning everything on MC while cursing her even though they are the ones at fault!! I get enraged everytime these guys appear and have hard time making sure I don't break the screen of my device! And finally, I hate the male lead!! Well, I liked him fine just before.... until their wedding that is. Afterwards, he seemed to plaster himself to her and goes rabu rabu 24/7 as if there is no tomorrow! Although this was supposed to be fluffy and cute, honestly it's just plain disgusting.....I literally skipped more than half of the chapter as more than 50% of them are filled with this guy kissing her like crazy be it home or in the carriage! It really grosses me out. A little is cute but too much is gross. Also if I might add, their words which apparently have double meanings all the time are very poorly executed as most of the time unless the author mentions the double meaning in next line, no sane person will go that far to poke out those kind of 'sinister' meaning out of it. Bluntly saying, the author is really bad at words with 9 curves and 18 turns thus makes a random hidden meaning out of every normal sentences said, check yourself if you don't believe me.


"Yi Yi has been brought up closely since she was small, of course she can't compare to a xiaojie from an influential family in the capital, in addition to her current young age, when talking about sophisticated thinking, please do not blame her, cousin." The usually silent Yun Yi Heng suddenly said.

The intended meaning in his words was very clear. Firstly, he pointed out that Yun Qian Meng's thinking was overly sophisticated, which set off against the unsophisticated, good, and honest nature of Yun Yi Yi; Secondly, he pointed out that Yun Qian Meng had lost her mother since young, compared to Yun Yi Yi who grew up under attentive care, Yun Qian Meng was more insidious and cunning.

Okay...... so just how is the meaning very clear? Even if I were smarter I probably wouldn't get this kind of impression from what he said.



Okay now I hate this novel even more! As for why then it's as nascentechuva and Ritu says. The Mc's hypocritical mindset and the irrational ML whose unhealthy obsession with MC has caused both of their rationality to evaporate.....I just changed my rating from 3 to 1. <<less
32 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 06, 2019
Status: --
This was one of the first CNovels I ever read in this transmigration into Ancient China genre. Since it was so fresh to me, I read it really fast, even enjoying learning all the pinyin terms because I always found stuff like that fun and interesting - altho I do admit that there was too much used, especially in the beginning.

But now reading back, I can see how shallow and flimsy the whole thing is. Really, the whole conflicts in the story were the MC speaking very long monologues at... more>> her enemies with every thing her enemies said having some type of double meaning -.- It gets tiring very, very fast and there's barely any real scheming that's worthy of noting - then again, this isn't a revenge story, but still.

However, the reason I rated this with one star is for how hypocritical the MC is. She puts on this mask of being a police officer in her past life so she acts as if she's so high and lofty and above it all - even tho she's just as scheming and judgmental as the rest. Also the fact that she literally allows her husband to marry a 13 yr old to her rapist is so disgusting I have nothing else to say, which also shows how disgusting the husband is lol.

The villains are also so s*upid, it's like there's nothing for the MC to go against, so it's no wonder if she seems super intelligent in comparison tbh.

And honestly.... the romance is so boring and with no sense, I really have no idea why she fell in love. The ML falls in love w/ the typical reason that the MC is not like the rest of the aristocratic young ladies *rolls eyes* but I feel like the MC fell in love b/c there was nothing else for her to do. The marriage to the ML was already decreed by the emperor, what else could she do? And when they finally get together.... it's so cringeworthy tbh, and kind of icky b/c the ML can't seem to stop kissing her and the ML's grandpa keeps trying to get in between them, it's so strange and stops being funny.

So yeah, I would definitely not recommend this story, even if it's your first one. There's muchhhhh better ones out there, I assure you. <<less
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Oct 21, 2016
Status: c114
I really like this one. Probably the most realistic and believable reincarnation LN I've read so far.

Read this:
If you want a well-written story about a smart heroine and political intrigue in a traditional Chinese court, read Chu Wang Fei.

Don't read this:
If you want exciting action, bloody fights, heart-rending romance, and OP characters, you will be disappointed.

The quality is pretty good (I'd say 4/5), but the series goes through 3 translators with slight inconsistencies. There is a LOT of Chinese vocabulary to remember. The translators do... more>> a good job of defining the words in the notes, but it definitely makes this a harder read. New chapters are released pretty slowly.

Main character:
One of my favorite main characters so far, but not in the usual way. She's not of my favorites because of her personality (cold, intelligent, well-spoken, ladylike).
I like her because she is one most believable characters I've seen. She only has her intelligence and wits to survive. She doesn't have any really over-powered fighting skills, medical skills, extensive knowledge from another life, or secret powers. She doesn't do unbelievable things to stand out like most female MCs (e.g. killing tons of people, taking over the army, yelling at people, etc) that would normally get them killed in reality. She just acts like a very well-behaved Chinese noblewoman who happens to be very good with words.

This is very much about political intrigue, family power struggles, and ancient Chinese manners. We see a police woman who in reincarnated in the body of a rejected young miss. All by herself, she has to find people she can trust, gain security, and outsmart the people who bully her. She slowly gets involved with the court and several male love interests.

The romance develops VERY slowly and the pace of the story is slow but steady. The events and twists are well-paced and not too predictable, though they are on the small scale (like family drama, not big battles). I wasn't bored and finished all 80+ chapters in a few days. But some more impatient readers might get bored quickly if they aren't in the mood for a more intellectual read.

I give this story a 4.5/5 for now because of how well it's written and how realistic the setting and characters are. Even though I wouldn't say it's one of the most fast-paced/exciting stories out there, the realism makes it excellent.

UPDATE as of Ch.114:

New chapters are released very slowly, and the plot also moves relatively slowly, so after I wrote the review above at Chapter 83, I waited until a lot of new chapters had been released so I could binge them all at once. I'm happy to say that the story is still going strong, the character development is steady, and it's still a very satisfying read. I'm sad to wait again... I really have the urge to read more! <<less
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Nana (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
Nana (ノ◕
May 02, 2016
Status: --
Reincarnated investigator (i guess) who get a body of legitimate daughter of prime minister. But she got bullied badly because her mother is already dead, and the one who control the household her father's concubine. From the title, we already know that she will end up as Chu Wang Fei (or the oficial wife of Chu Wang/ King Chu). Watch our MC as she make way through the mud and storm into becoming Chu Wang Fei. She is your typical reincarnation template, as she overpowered in EQ and IQ. Smart,... more>> charming, intelligent woman which you never can hope to found in era where woman is a possession not a human being. For you guys who want to read it but feel overwhelmed with the bunch of unorganized chapter, please refer here! Https://willfulcasual. Wordpress. Com/chu-wang-fei-by-ning-er/index/ our wonderful translator who fill the gap (so the original translator only do the first few chapter, the make summary in the middle before translate again what she think more interesting).

Definitely recommended as one of the top smart female protagonist genre! <<less
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Jul 20, 2017
Status: c50
A potrait of ancient chinese culture.

The story of an official family in the kingdom where MC is the legitimate daughter in it.

This novel makes me conclude that:

  1. Harem isnt always good. Theres war for the husbands affection all day and night.
  2. When theres no smartphone, tv, or internet. Everyone so idle to the point of just focus on how to scheming and plotting each other with daggers on their hands. So, thank god we have internet, tv, and smartphone now.
  3. Man shouldnt take alot of wives if they are s*upid. Since they can easily be manipulated by their wives.
  4. s*x probably the best weapon for women in ancient chinese. As no matter how insidious and cruelest the antagonist act, the husband seems to takes no mind of it and wants to curry favor to her. Even to the point of allowing the antagonist to kill his legitimate wife (MC`s mother).
16 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jan 02, 2017
Status: c87
It was mildly entertaining for the first 70+ chapters though the story is a bit tedious and slow at times. There are inconsistencies that increasingly creep in that take away from the story more and more as it proceeds. Still it was a fun read until the plot that was crawling at a snail's pace suddenly goes into overdrive. All of a sudden we go from the casual vicious conflicts among the different houses and wives to this obvious poorly written and executed rushed national level conspiracy. The author should... more>> stick to writing about the petty squabbles among the womenfolk as they fail when it comes to writing about actual political intrigue. Another huge flaw in the story is the main male love interest. The guy can fart and it'll create a gale of gold dust blowing all his enemies away in the process. He is the very definition of Deus ex Machina. While I am on that subject, what was the point of the 3rd love interest? He is utterly pointless in the story, a wasted character.

Overall, I'm surprised by the high ratings of the novel as the author starts insulting our intelligence after chapter 76 where the story abruptly takes a nosedive. <<less
16 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jul 16, 2016
Status: Completed
Ok this is less a review a more a rant:
... more>>

This story was marvelous up until it stopped being about Yun Qian Meng (Chu Wang Fei) and become literally about everyone else that I didn't give a crap about.

I give it a 4.5/5 up until Chu Fei Yang and Yun Quan Meng gets married and a little bit after...

When the plots advances to them visiting the neighboring country it went off the rail completely. There were chapters after chapters where Yun Quan Meng barely gets a mention, so much so that anyone that just started reading the story from that point onward would certainly not find it hard to believe that Yun Quan Meng was nothing more than a supporting character. Extremely extremely disappointing to see such a wondering story fall flat on its face.

15 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 28, 2016
Status: --
At first, I didn't want to read this novel since the summary didn't interest me. But what the hell, I'm so glad I tried it out (I kept seeing this being recommended).

Three words: I Love It

For those who are hesitating (like me when I first read the summary), Do Not Waste Your Time. Just plunge in and try reading the first 10 chapters. I've got to say though, just the first chapter got me hooked. I stayed up all night just reading this novel.

Basically, a police woman transmigrated to the... more>> body of a quite pitiful girl. There's the usual Evil stepmother (concubine of the father), Evil stepsister, and Negligent Father going on here. So to say, there's always drama going on.

Actually, A Lot of Drama.

But not in that boring soap opera kind of way. The others just kept on trying to frame the MC, but of course, the MC outwits them.

That's one hell of a birthday party though, it's kinda hilarious. You'll get what I mean when you're already up to the birthday party of the Gu Furen.

Anyways, I don't want to spoil it anymore when you can just go ahead and read it. But ok, just one more spoiler since this is practically what most readers want to know.

Yes, this is a Happy Ending. <<less
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Feb 13, 2018
Status: c135 part2
Initially I enjoyed it. But afterwards it just doesn't seem witty anymore and actually started to seem quite silly and s*upid ?

Spoiler alert!
... more>>

Chapter 136 part 1

"This was merely just a major event in my own life, how could I trouble Wang Ye to have to personally attend it? Moreover, this time Chen Wang only marries Ce Fei, the position of Ce Fei had two slots, in the future if Chen Wang was to marry again, don't you need to attend again, Hai Wang Ye? Furthermore, aside from Ce Fei, there's Zheng Fei, based on these, if Hai Wang Ye was to only attend to congratulate, he will then have to visit Chen Wang Ye for at least three times. Wang Ye isn't your body not feeling well? How can you afford be rushing around? If you got tired, your son-in-law the Crown Prince will be very likely to feel distressed. If Crown Prince is in a bad mood, he might attack Western Chu again, then wouldn't Wang Ye become the criminal of Western Chu? So that was why Chen Wang didn't inform Hai Wang, this is also for the best of Wang Ye and the common people of Western Chu!" For the fear of not putting the world in chaos, Chu Fei Yang not only criticized Chen Wang, he also involved Qi Jing Yuan, moreover he also threatened Hai Wang, with these words, he had involved all those people in power, no one will ever escape from his plan."


Seriously how s*upid was that speech sigh. But until about chapter 130 I still enjoyed it. <<less
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Jul 21, 2017
Status: --
Honestly this story just bored me. The main character is the typical mary sue that can do no wrong even though she doesn't have any experience in this sort of life she can flawlessly adapt and be perfect. And the backstory of her being a police captain in charge of a drug department and a mixed martial arts world champion just made me laugh. The love interest is the typical so handsome that everyone loves while being so talented he can do anything, but for some reason is interested in... more>> the MC even though they never interacted before. The enemies are the usual s*upid people who try to ruin the MC but always fail nothing really interesting about it. Overall a very average story with nothing that makes it stand out. <<less
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Feb 13, 2021
Status: c132
First of reading some of the reviews I wanted to clarify some of the spoilers from my understanding:

YQM is the main character but she’s not set up as a heroine, just as someone who wants to live and get by in a strange world. I did feel like the whole transmigration part felt like it was almost left off (she adjusted super quick etc), it does set up her character. All we know from her past life is that she was a narcotics police officer. What that adds to this... more>> – we then know that she’s seen some tough, brutal people in her previous life, and that she’s going to be very careful about what she does. She treats those who treat her very well, but she is brutal to those who harm her.

As for the questionable events that happen that have caused many people to drop this – I’ve included my thoughts below in a spoiler. My problem with these events is the author – give the character’s ages I don’t think some of the detail of these events was necessary. Because most of the book is from the point of view of YQM it ends up feeling like she’s revelling in these events when it’s the author narrating the events. That’s the problem when there’s not a clear distinction between YQM’s thoughts and the authors. I felt like certain situations would have benefited from another character’s point of view. For example:


We get the point of view of the YQM’s uncle going to the empress dowager but we don’t have any insight into the thoughts of Chen Wang’s increasing obsession with YQM. In the end that makes the whole situation around YQM’s imprisonment and marriage seem weird and out of character (when it could so easily not seem like it if there was more on Chen Wang being impressed with YQM’s plotting abilities, his utter hatred of Chu Fei Wang and his desire to win over him over anything else, to the point he will do s*upid things just to “win”.


Which brings me to – there is way too much time spent on character’s eyes and them creating a chill in the air with just their eyes. Every single chapter their icy coolness is emphasised and it gets old fast. Furthermore the story really could have benefited from more show and less tell. Instead of saying that YQM is looking cute – say how she’s doing it rather than expressly saying it every time.

As for who I’d recommend this to – if you want a rags to riches story with lots of plotting and cunning tricks, political intrigue, a slow burn romance, and morally dubious characters then this one is for you.

If you’re looking for a heroine main character, a sweet romance or lots of battle and actions scenes then give this one a miss.

Now to the questionable events:


About the son of Concubine Su and Yun Xuan Zhi's son and how he starves to death because old madam 1. Deliberately harms him and 2. Leaves him in the Fu when they all get arrested -

1. We aren't told that Yu Qian Meng is aware that the boy has been transferred to old madam's care. Only the scene where the father places him under her care. We definitely aren't told that Yu Qian Meng is aware he's only being fed twice a day - and at this point she's never visiting the old lady so it's not like she's going to find out + her character is one where she's not going to go out of her way to check on the kid of the woman who tormented her.

2. Even if Yu Qian Meng finds out about the kid being moved to the old madam's care - she has no reason to believe that the old madam would directly harm the kid. After all the kid's father places him there and the kid is old madam's grandson. We are aware from Yu Qian Meng's point of view that the old madam is viciously greedy and that she wants to advance the family of her other son and that she hates Concubine Su. However that doesn't mean that she would harm her grandson. So from that information while Yu Qian Meng might suspect that the kid isn't going to have a good time it's not like she straight up knows he's going to be treated badly (as opposed to being neglected)

3. Ok, so say she does know that her father ordered the kid to be moved to the care of the old madam and she suspects that because of the old woman's hatred of the concubine she'll end up harming the kid - what is she supposed to do? We know from the earlier chapters that she never goes directly against her father. To do so when he can basically have her killed is su*cide, and what is she supposed to say if she is to persuade the father that it’s a problem – she has no evidence at this point, just a hunch that the old madam’s character means she won’t let the child of Concubine Su go even if he is her grandson? Throughout the series we’re shown how Yu Qian Meng “crosses her t’s and dots her I’s” – she only makes actions without evidence only in extreme cases. Why would she stick her neck out for the child of the woman who tormented her? (Yes the child is innocent but at this point we’re just talking about YQM being aware of him being looked after by old madam not that he’s not being fed or what happens when they go to prison).

4. Say that all works – who is supposed to look after the kid? There’s no official wife to do so. The next person that the kid would go to would be old madam – there would have to be extreme evidence for the kid not to go into her care according to the family rules. Then who would take care of the kid? The other concubine lady? The one who was tormented by Concubine Su? Like on the face of things she would be even worse – at least the old madam should be tempered by the fact that the child is her grandson.

5. There’s just not enough time – not enough time passes before they’re sent to jail for Yu Qian Meng to find out that the kid has been transferred to the care of the old madam, and that she’s ordered that the kid should only be fed twice a day. I think it’s around two chapters before they get arrested and it’s like maximum a month between the time Chu Fei Yang has left and they get sent to jail.

6. When Yu Qian Meng gets sent to jail, she has enough time to get the token from her box and that’s it – she has no time to check that the child has been taken with them, to order anyone to do so, or to be aware that other arrangements haven’t been made for the child. After all it’s a baby and it’s the nephew of Su Yuan – it would be reasonable to assume that he would take the kid and Concubine Su into care and look after them (instead he lets his sister and child starve to death). Old Madam has some of the blame for not taking the kid with them but given that the guards who were supposed to take everyone in the fu, didn’t take Concubine Su at the time – well wouldn’t anyone assume that the uncle would take care of them? He’s the one who doesn’t care and lets them both starve.

7. Yu Qian Meng is surprised about this situation – she is not aware of it until later and her father has the Concubine’s body thrown out that she finds out that Concubine Su starved to death under the care of her brother.

Given that, it makes sense that Yu Qian Meng shouldn’t be blamed for the situation with the infant. As for the whole it’s his fate – YQM is thinking about karma and directly thinks “Now everything happened because the right time had arrived for God to take their lives”. Concubine Su took the lives of YQM’s mother and brother – that Concubine Su and her son both die is a kind of balancing of the scales – what Concubine Su did is what ends up happening to her. YQM doesn’t endorse this as a good thing, she’s thinking of the situation as a ‘you reap what you sow’ situation.

As for the situation with the cousin of her sister – she has no time to prepare. She gets a sense that something is wrong and that the princess of Qi and the Cousin Su are plotting something and then she is made aware of being drugged. Cousin Su has arranged for her to be taken to a room and r*ped – Yu Qian Meng doesn’t know directly what is going to happen only that she’s supposed to be drugged and left in this room (I mean she’s smart enough to put together that something bad will happen but not what). So she arranges the best revenge – replacing herself with the cousin Su. Whatever she has arranged is what will happen to her. In this case its hardly fair for her to blame YQM for what happens, she escaped from the trap and the one who set it is the one who becomes the victim of it. If she was a heroic figure then we would expect her to rise above and have neither of them in that situation but she’s not, she believes in paying in kind, and really the logistics of the situation becomes rather difficult (if cousin Su isn’t drugged then she’s running around arranging another trap at the party, if she’s not in the room then it’s going to be weird if YQM tries to drag her to another room – and she would get blamed for harming the cousin).

As for the situation with her sister Ruo Xue – she doesn’t know that she’s going to be r*ped by beggars. She sends her off to Cheng Wang because the sister is going on about how she’s his concubine. She leaves her in the care of the steward who Concubine Su promoted, there were guards and she was delivered to Chen Wang. He is disgusted by her, but isn’t going to do anything to her other than not let her in when she literally grabs him and blocks him from going inside. At this point he rips her wedding dress off and leaves her on the steps of her mansion in her underclothing. The people from their home mansion have left (when they should have stayed to check that she actually went in). Then suddenly outside the mansion are beggars (who normally wouldn’t be loitering there – there would be guards who would move them on). We find out later that the whole situation was arranged by the Steward as revenge for his brother who died because of Concubine Su. YQM isn’t aware of what the steward is up to, the sister has been brutal to her and tried to have her killed/raped and the most she has done in this situation is send her sister off to be humiliated by Chen Wang. That she would be taken advantage by the Steward wasn’t in her calculations.

Now for the situation with Yun Yi Yi. The kid is vicious – yes she’s just a child but to the outside world so is YQM – they’re only two years apart in age max. If she was in the modern world then Yun Yi Yi would be diagnosed a psychopath and would be treated. But she’s not, and furthermore she’s got the backing of the matriarch of the Yun family to tear YQM down. YQM dodges all her plotting until they’re sent to prison. Then the kid uses ever insult in the book and then blames her for being bad luck in a special way. The whole 5 generation? Bad luck thing is pretty much the equivalent of accusing someone of being a witch in the middle ages. It’s pretty much ordering a mu*der and using someone else’s hands (especially given the power dynamics at this point – yes YQM has the backing of Chu but everyone is assuming he’s going to die or dead, they don’t know that YQM has the cure. YQM has been neglected by her father and mistreated and is only treated half decently at this point because of Chu. Whereas YYY is the favoured granddaughter of old madam. Anyway nothing happens yet because they’re in prison. YQM gets a better cell and YYY demands to be taken along. Cousin Su comes and arranges for nice food to be delivered and YYY eats it all. Later YQM gets rescued and YYY gets r*ped (we find out later that the food was drugged and the r*pe was arranged by Cousin Su but it was meant for YQM and YYY). Anyway after everything happens with YQM getting married etc she comes back to the fu. All YYY has to do is stay quiet – nobody knows that she was r*ped, worst case scenario is that she remains unmarried and lives with old madam, however given her personality and old madams it is more likely that once old madam got over the situation with her grandson (the kid who she wanted to win the exams) that old madam would marry her off and arrange the situation so that nobody knew that YYY wasn’t a virg*n. So what does she do? She implies that YQM’s husband r*ped her. YYY and her father are warned of the consequences of slandering Chu Fei Wang and still they force the issue.

As for Chu Fei Wang forcing YYY to marry her rapist – on the surface he seems like a complete as*hole because YYY is two years younger than YQM and he should be merciful etc. YYY accused him of raping her and tried to drive a wedge between him and YQM. He’s aware of the sh*t that YYY has been pulling, warned her multiple times and still she went ahead with scheming against him and YQM. Furthermore they warn both YYY and her father against accusing him because it will have national repercussions (accusing a court official). If the accusations come out then the issue will be used by Chen Wang to pull Chu Fei Wang down. It’s not mentioned but presumably some of the supporters of Chu Fei Wang support him because he’s more decent than Chen Wang – if he loses his reputation then he loses that support. Chen Wang and his supporters can argue that Chu Fei Wang is unfit because of his actions etc. So by the time YYY and her father had forced the issue to the justice minister and not backed down – that was the only result that could occur. Chu Fei Wang didn’t recommend it to happen, the justice minister decided that would be the punishment for slandering Chu Fei Wang. As for Chu Fei Wang not arranging for the justice minister to come and just marrying YYY as a concubine out of pity – this is the kid who has already plotted against YQM, the one who tried to blame the imprisonment of the family on YQM and get her killed off because she’s bad luck. Say he’s a saint and had pity and took her in (and that they wouldn’t force the issue to be public) – what would happen later? She would plot against YQM thinking that if she’s out of the way then she (YYY) would have a chance with him. Furthermore with her personality she would blackmail the two of them with him supposedly raping her. Like why would he destroy his marriage, put his job and consequently his life in jeopardy to save a vicious kid from the consequences of her actions? Yes from a modern point of view the kid needs therapy, good role models and so on, but that’s a not an option here. She and her father are the ones to push YQM and Chu Fei Wang to that point. As for YQM not speaking up and recommending leniency to the justice minister – there is no point. YYY is no longer a virg*n and she’s revealed this to everyone in a public situation – legally the only option is for her to either marry the dude or stay at home but never be able to marry anyone else because of it. Old Madam isn’t on the scene, her father is being exiled because he slandered Chu Fei Wang, the only one who can plead for her is YQM’s father because he’s the one who has to taker in. He’s not going to do that because he hates old madam and wants to get in with Chu Fei Wang – not cause trouble for him. Again we have to look at YQM’s character – she’s not heinously bad, but she’s not going to make trouble for herself on modern principles especially when the situations are so messy. There are teenagers planning the r*pes and mu*ders of other characters, there’s no kind of rehabilitative legal or medical system to deal with them. If people are merciful to them then they just keep on getting people r*ped and mu*dered so unless their family steps in and promises to put a stop to it then they have to be dealt with by the legal situation in a way that they can’t keep doing that kind of thing. We only get the “luxury” of being able to treat teenagers as children legally because we have modern systems to rehabilitate them. It’s horrible but necessary in those situations to have legal consequences. Even in modern society, when there are children who for one reason or another are unable to be treated or rehabilitated they are imprisoned so they can’t hurt others.

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Jan 17, 2019
Status: c144
The first 50-60 chapters are really good. There’s loads of outsmarting others by talking and twisting words and stumping others with mc’s sheer eloquence. Not a problem to me. It was well written and was fun to read. My problem with this novel began after the main characters get married. First the romance wasn’t well developed so it was hard to see them become a harmonious couple instantly. And then, there’s more ‘smart’ talking. And there’s more explanation on the ‘smart’ talking.

The worst part though, there was that s*upid ‘smart’... more>> talk even in political scenes. They just keep talking and trying to outwit each other by words- All. The. Time! And when this happened during an army confrontation, I, at last, lost my respect for this novel.

While I could understand talking happening between powerless women of the story, I just cannot see even political savvy characters talking and bickering with each other like those wives who had nothing better to do.

Oh well, it was good for the first hundred or so chapters I guess. <<less
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Aug 17, 2016
Status: c75 part1
This novel is one of the rare novels that actually depicted a life of a fiercely intelligent woman from the future (one who actually think before they act and know the consequences) and reincarnated into the past as a first daughter of a noble but with a tainted name.

Every description of the feelings, environments and plots are on point and not overly exaggerate like certain novels. Although it is in a historical setting, this novel is realistic and every of its character has a role to play including the villains.

The... more>> main character, Yun Qian Meng, is a favourite character of mine. She is not perfect but she is intelligent and knows when to hide her strengths and weaknesses and when to use them. She is like an intelligent war general who knew whom she should trust and whom she shouldn't, what to do during emergencies and very calculative. However, instead of facing a place full of brave warriors, enemies and weapons, her battlefield is a place full of conceited women, calculative concubines, vile family members and backstabbers. She had to face false accusations and frauds while at the same time maintaining her elegant reputation as a first xiaojie of a noble family.

And what I love the most about her is that she is not overly OP. So far, she doesn't have any special powers - only some simple self-defense movements she got from her past life. She is also never arrogant and faced her opponents sensibly.

The author also had made good settings of the Chu Wang Fei by making different plot every time. As the story goes on, the plot and characters level up steadily at a decent pace. New characters appear but no old characters are pushed aside abruptly. The author also knows how to play with the readers feelings and keep us intrigued. To the point, this novel is making me wanting to learn Chinese in order to read Chu Wang Fei in its pure form.

Be warn though, since the genre is historical and time setting is on ancient china, the language and its culture may give some people a headache while reading. <<less
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May 19, 2020
Status: c8
I don't know if it's just me or because I read an extremely great novel before this that I found this boring and s*upid 8 chapters in. Or at least, I could see that this will only irritate me as it goes on. Well, I found her ways of slapping people is really just... nothing but petty stuff. I'm not convinced that her ways of doing this is gonna work out for real but it's those cannon fodders that are making it work and making her sound smart. Maybe not... more>> a lot of people noticed and it was just me being picky but the reviews confirmed my thoughts.

I also just noticed that most people who read 130 chapters in found this becoming sh*tty so no hope. I didn't like how she sounded.

Anyway, I won't leave a rating because I don't unless I'm 100 ch or halfway in. But if I would, I'd have given it a low score. (Dropping this)

Uhoh, same, I couldn't bear to read this just right after Rebirth of the malicious empress of military lineage. Shen Miao just tops a lot of FL for me. <<less
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