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Before her rebirth, Wei Luo was an innocent little girl.

After rebirth, she appeared lovable on the outside but was a different person on the inside.

Those who learned of her true nature yielded to her.

Only the prince regent regarded her as a treasure; no matter how much he pampered her, it was not enough for him.

Anything she wanted, he gave her, including the princess position that she didn’t want, which he stubbornly pushed onto her.

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User Guide to Pampering a Consort
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owlzeyes rated it
December 5, 2017
Status: c54.2
This novel is honestly everything I wanted and more. The female and male leads' love line is so amazing! I love their interactions and those fluffy moments. The female lead is clever, beautiful, and badass (but not in an over the top kind of way which I love). How the male lead treats the female lead is just super heart fluttering. I read the raws and finished it. Really really awesome. It's honestly about to become my favorite novel yet. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  • Great female lead
  • Great male lead
  • Lots of heart fluttering interactions (I'm someone who's entirely focused on the romance part of a novel so this is very important to me)
  • Typical schemes from a historical novel
  • Good plot (Not over the top and overdramatic.)
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arien_maple rated it
July 23, 2017
Status: Completed
Rate: 4.2 (=^_^=) v

Summary: Wei Lou was given a chance to change her past by going back again in being 6 years old. Will she tidy up her stepmother and stepsister? Will she change the fate of her brother? Will she get back what hers? But the biggest question is.... Will she tame the most dreaded Prince in the dynasty?

Comment: It is a good novel. The flow of the story is not drag. It shows well the cause and effect of people's action. I like how it portrays the "Butterfly... more>> Effect". When you don't have anything else to read then you can give this a try. It is not boring but at the same time will not make feel the hype in each chapter. That is why for me it is a good novel... you know... It is not the "best", not "better", but "good".

Romance: I actually love this part since the guy is protective and possessive to the MC, although the MC is also the same. The love scenes for me is really passionate like in Assassins Farmer and Yu Ren. It is not pornographic which will not make you feel uncomfortable. (for some people?)


Wei Lou - I like her character. She is smart, resourceful and an actress. XD

Zhao Jie - He is ruthless, merciless, terrifying and uxorious (don't know the meaning? look it up XD[I also have to look it up.])

Others - Just typical side characters in a novel although some of them have there own love stories. I like the story of Yang Zhen and Zhao Liuli but my favorite is the story of Li Song. His story is some good plot twist. It is unexpected and I am happy that the author did it. Since for me, it is not his fault to fall in love with her, although there are some bad blood between them but I think it is already paid off of what she did to him, So I am happy to sail the ship... :D <<less
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totorototoro rated it
March 24, 2019
Status: Completed
its a light read with nothing too deep or thought provoking. It's something to pass the time on the plane with. Not amazing, not really great but entertaining enough to keep going. But there's so many great novels out there like the rebirth of the malicious empress with military lineage. I would recommend that over this one.

kind of spoiler


... more>> .









I hate how the ML started our pretty interesting and decent but became more and more petty, overly possessive near the end. Unlike the novel mentioned above, the pettiness and possessiveness and EXCESSIVE JEALOUSY was NOT cute nor was it endearing. Even his son wasn't spared and that's just too petty for me. It was down right disgusting that he did not love his child properly and inexcusable. The way he treats his son just shows how much of an ass he is. He is jealous as soon as fl's attention is away from hi. Even for his INFANT SON. Honestly, gross. Barf. Over this ml. It made his character kind of a scumbag by the end for me. His character development was not my cup of tea. It kind of ruined the novel for me near the end.

ALSO the female lead is just too delicate. She can't seem to do anything other than be pampered. Her personality isn't great, she doesn't have an amazing mind for scheming, overall, her character is flat.

By ch 100 I lost my interest and started skimming it <<less
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Silver leaves
Silver leaves rated it
March 16, 2019
Status: --
This story and other kind of rebirth story isnt much different but what I had the most about the story is Ml. To be honest, why does he develope a feeling toward a younger child that didn't even reach adult yet. Isn't this kind of molesting? In short he doesn't even have restraining or self discipline much. Ughhh.... there's a story that has much similar situation but compare to this story. That one is much better, where the ML only express the interesting expression rather that deep feeling.

I don't mentioned... more>> the chapter, because I didn't finish it yet or I could say that I didn't even reach the middle of the story yet. However I rate it 1/5. Anyway hope you enjoy your time reading it, it's an interesting plot anyway. <<less
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earlgreyt rated it
September 24, 2018
Status: c160
Translation is 5 stars. One of the best translators I've seen who makes really good choices regarding the historical terms and actually aims to make the story readable instead of leaving in tons of jargon for 'cultural accuracy' BS. I've read novels that were practically 25% pinyin in historical settings (which is just awful to process, and this is coming from someone who's watched historical Chinese dramas, is familiar with historical terms, and understands pinyin. So I can imagine how much worse it can get for less fluent people!). Love... more>> the translator notes and image links as well.

This book is a fluffy, slice-of-life ish light entertainment in a fictional historical era, which can be quite fun to read if you ignore the problematic parts. The pacing is not bad, and with such excellent translator, it was definitely a smooth read. Be warned though, the MC and ML are both truly awful people. They both have bad morals. The MC is also a very spoiled and vain white lotus type.

I didn't like that the punishments for the villains, minor and major, don't reflect their deeds. It can be argued that this is a reflection of 'reality' where not-so-bad people can have horrible endings while truly-bad people can have happy endings, but it didn't feel like the author wrote that intentionally. Considering the other inconsistencies in the writing, it's more than likely the author was trying to spice up the romance and tried to throw in some revenge spots. Unfortunately, that means truly disturbing paragraphs would appear abruptly in the middle of fluffiness with no transitions.


Things that got pretty old:

    • over-the-top bad cruelty towards women (some people can 'rationalize' this to say that historical eras are commonly misogynistic and women have no power etc. but also keep in mind the author clearly chose to put those things into the novel and chose to write the outcomes of some characters much much worse than other characters. If we look at the male character (Li Song) who helped ruin the MC's family in the past life and also offended the MC a ton of times after her rebirth, he ending is pretty good compared to the ending of MC's half-sister who pretty much only avoided her or sniffed at her after her rebirth; that's the definition of misogyny.)
    • prejudice against children (I get the idea about getting vengeance against bad people that insulted you, but they've literally done nothing to the MC in her past life except exist or were spoiled by the MC's stepmother/enemy, yet the MC still wants to get revenge on 5 year olds?? Is it too radical to want see a MC that is not narrow minded or more generous/forgiving? Even if you disregard basic human decency, from a practical perspective, if you remove the bad influence, you can easily influence your enemies to be good to you since they're so young??)
    • inconsistent characterizations (the MC is reborn, so she's actually close to the age of the ML, but she literally treats all the kids around her like they're the same age as her, so it's clear that the author forgot that the MC is not actually 10-12 and has her flipping between 10-12 or 20/her true age whenever it's convenient. This is especially disturbing when the MC was just reborn and acting like 5-6 yr old... dude you're like 16...)
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xuexin rated it
September 7, 2018
Status: c140
MC and the ML has a 9 year gap in age. This bothers me even though she was reincarnated. I mean, he started becoming interested in her when she was 6. Let that sink in.

Also, character development is nonexistent. MC was good with revenge at the start, but as the story goes on, you realize MC and ML doesn't give a crap about anyone else but themselves. One or two of the "karma" story arc that they show are over the top. That person did not deserve all that.

WARNING: Rape... more>> tag. <<less
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IloveWebNovels rated it
July 22, 2018
Status: c171.3
All I could say is that this had been a satisfying read. If you like 'To be a Virtuous Wife' then you would probably like this too. There are differences between the protagonist though. For example, Wei Luo is not as mature as the FL in TBAVW. She's more selfish and somewhat narcissistic. However, that's what I like about her. She's not fake. Also, the translation is also great, they even have pictures for somebobjects that would be hard to imagine such as traditional cakes *drools*. Read it. Just shut... more>> up and read it. If you don't like it then don't read (〃ω〃). <<less
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Mino rated it
July 19, 2018
Status: c117.1
This is more of a slice of life, slow paced story as the revenge taking takes places directly and the romance only proceeds later on when it's not as pedophile anymore.

I did enjoy the story at the beginning (all the weird things aside that others already pointend out) - the slice of life storytelling and the little dramas here and there where very nice in my view BUT then it came.

The horny dog ML in heat *rolls eyes*

He is constantly forcing his decisions on her, forcing her to touch... more>> him, dangers her reputation and forcefully feel her up all the time.

At this point it's just unbearable and disgusting.

I honestly want to throw him away and become a nun reading this. The beginning and middlepart were quite good if you're not too sensitive when it comes to age difference and common sense but the end is getting worse and worse. <<less
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Dragon_Reader rated it
July 10, 2018
Status: Completed
It's a pretty good book. Decent amount of face-slapping, amazing romance with a clean, crazy-for-MC, possessive and obsessed ML. The MC is smart and cautious, does not take any sh*t and more importantly, dishes it out to those who piss her with regularity.

Her best friend, her brother are really good secondary characters. Even the male antagonist who falls for the MC is suitably pathetic that by the end of the story, you will be more inclined to pity him.

The translator has done an amazing job. Especially while explaining the idioms... more>> and the jargons, the various clothing styles and jewellery that the MC and others wore over the course of the story was really translated superbly. So, a round of applause for the translator-sama! <<less
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Reondell rated it
May 19, 2018
Status: c63
OMG I'm having a bit of a hard time to read this for one simple reason.

The ML is a total creep. A man in his 20s going around trying to get a 13 year old girl to love him.


She's even trying to ignore him but he continues to press on. All. The. Time.
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powpowmeow rated it
January 26, 2018
Status: c74
This series is fun to read if you are shallow or can look past the shallow writing. I can be and do that at times so I will give this a good rating on that basis only.

I don't really mind the age thing between the MLs at all because I've seen an experienced this kind of relationship. The age limit convention/standard and law is to protect those who are vulnerable but it can't be rationalized that such affections cannot and do not exist and aren't genuine and true. For this... more>> alone, I want to see how she writes their HE.

What I struggle with in this novel is the author's constant flattery of her MC at every turn in descriptive detail and for every mundane action. If not for this, the novel could be at least have it's length. The author introduces all other characters through the MC who is a big snob and judgemental to boot.

Pick this up if you don't mind a shallow storyline. <<less
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December 14, 2017
Status: c123
Chongfei Manual has to be one of those books, where you just can't stop reading. Unless it is getting translated. It is a really short read, compared to those novels with 1000+ chapters, and with way less dramatic twists and and barely any useless chapters that are not needed.

The female lead is considered like drop dead gorgeous or at least in the ML's thoughts. She captured the male lead from early on and secured her place in his heart without her knowing. In this relationship, Zhao Jie was the 100% pursuer and Wei Luo had a very tsundere vibe to her. Never less, the interactions between them are considered loving, and Zhao Jie pampers her to no extent. The love rivals didn't make a huge impact on the plot, as Gao Dan Yang (likes ML) is shipped away to a distant country as a bride and Li Song is stuck with Wei Luo's cousin. The engament between the Song House and Ah Luo was cunningly broken by Zhao Jie, so Song Hui disappeared later on.

Well, anyways this novel is a must read and though the romance is a little slow paced cause there is a huge age gap between them, when Zhao Jie starts thinking about marrying her, he starts making advances at Ah Luo.
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Yandere Devil
Yandere Devil rated it
December 4, 2017
Status: c54
Unique novel. One of best rebirth novel with little revenge. MC is ruthless, clever and cute. One of best MC. I like her personalty. She love her brother and protected him from annoying bitch people.

MC and male lead is best and perfect couple of novel. Male lead is caring possessive to MC. He protected her. He is easily jealous when MC pay attention to her fiancé.

Worth to read this special novel. I adored this kind of novel. Deserved five stars
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
XiaoAn rated it
December 3, 2017
Status: Completed
Just finish reading the mtl and I am completely in love with it! The main couple are so adorable together and the understanding between them are to be envied (#^-^#)
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Night Assissin
Night Assissin rated it
December 1, 2017
Status: c58
One of best story of all novel. I will buy this book if they sell book. This novel make me falls for ever chapters.

Love characters interact. I like MC she was cute, clever she can deceived people with her sweet smile. I love the way she protected her family.
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savii rated it
November 27, 2017
Status: c51.1
Im not a big fan of time travel and rebirth but considering all that this was great.. It is a revenge story, the MC is clever and smart, acts very quickly according to the situation. The romance is slow but it is in the air, both leads have not realized it yet. The author shows alot of chapters where the MC is still a child which is very refreshing.

The protagonist is a 16 yr old who gets to relive her life from when she is 6.. This is a story... more>> of how her life and others life can be changed with just simple, unnoticeable moments, where our leading lady acts very quickly and very cunningly, first few chapters is a bit confusing but it flows easier after a while. Our leading lady is strong (for her age), extremely beautiful, way beyond smart and is very very very resourceful (which made the ML falls for her) . Wei Luo seems a bit cruel at times but this is all due to her previous life's suffering, but shes very loyal and kind to people who treats her kindly and is ready to change her opinion about others (esp the ML).

I loved that the Male lead is super loyal to his lady but I don't think he thinks of her as his lady yet, hes more like a protector, and hes just starting to feel jealous about other males surrounding her and believe me theres a lot of other males surrounding her.. Male lead is also very cunning and cold to everyone but her, and she has him in her little finger. I have a feeling that the romance will get out of bag very quickly now that the MC is grownup enough.

Also another great thing about this story is the side roles.. There is enough side characters to make the story more deep and not too much as to steal the limelight from the main couple (I hate when too much importance is given to side roles esp in a romance novels). The little titbit's from author at the end of each chapter makes the story even more interesting.

All in all this is a good read and the translators are doing an amazing job.. Too bad the previous translators could not finish it but Fuyu Neko is doing an awesome job.. And hats off to the team for picking this up.. And I would recommend this to everyone. <<less
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Kanishka Kushram
Kanishka Kushram rated it
November 24, 2017
Status: c45
Way to go! ML treats MC so good😍😍 awesome he is so tempted to have her. MC is so cute, beautiful. How can not he fall in love with such a adorable, intelligent girl looking forward to it
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alexfilia rated it
August 12, 2017
Status: c30
The MC is the daughter of a rich official household but she got sold by her stepmother and adopted by 2 people in some village... turns out thye wanted her to be a ghost bride.... After her death she finds hershelf back at her old house and vows to take revenge at the people who wrong her (mainly the stepmom)

The story is mostly slice of life with a little focus on revenge... its a nice read <3
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Tragically Rad
Tragically Rad rated it
February 26, 2017
Status: c26
First off: Thank you to the translator for the quality translations

Updated review:

Started out AMAZING (great plot, likeable characters etc.) but just goes downhill 😔


The novel is beautifully written I'm just not a fan of the direction it took. At first the relationship between the MC and ML was cute but then the ML started being kind of creepy and obsessed. Actually wish the MC ended up with one of the secondary leads

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Rain Cloud
Rain Cloud rated it
June 12, 2016
Status: c14
So far, this has been a pretty fantastic story. It has drama, some action, decent pacing, and has a very satisfying length for each chapter (meaning you're going to spend more than 30 sec. per chapter, unlike some other novels.... which is pretty great in my opinion). Not to mention that the translation style isn't choppy or weird; it flows very smoothly and the translator paints a pretty picture in my head when showing what the setting may be like by including pictures of objects or places at the end... more>> of every chapter. I would highly recommend it if you spent the time even reading my review :) <<less
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