A Noble Young Lady Who Is Supposed to Be Studying Abroad, But For Some Reason She Is Only Training to Be a Bride


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“It’s over. I hate you! Don’t ever show your face to me again!” “Understood. Let’s not meet again.”

At a school in England, Kudo Sota and Amelia Lily Stafford became close friends. While enjoying their time together, Lily learned that Sota was returning to Japan and, in anger, they parted ways after a quarrel.

Half a year later, Lily studied abroad at Sota’s high school and even chose his home for her homestay. Confused by the sudden reunion and their cohabitation, Sota asked, “Why did you come to Japan?” Blushing, Lily replied, “For bride training…”

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Gogaku Ryuugaku ni Kita Hazu no Kizoku Reijou, Naze ka Hanayome Shugyou Bakari Shite iru
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