Eight Treasures Trousseau


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Everyone in the City of Jing thinks that bestowment of marriage between Xian Junwang and the di daughter of the Yi’an Marquis House is to insert a fresh flower into manure.

Xian Junwang was that fresh flower and the di daughter of Yi’an Marquis House was that manure that was not liked.

It is said that what is heard is false, seeing is believing. Who knows what the truth really is?

Eight Treasures Trousseau average rating 4.7/5 - 275 user ratings
Associated Names
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Bát bảo trang
Bā bǎo zhuāng
ซ่อนรัก​ วิวาห์​ลวง​
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New roake
December 10, 2017
Status: c104
This novel is in fact similar to HTBA Virtuous Wife. I like the almost slice of life pacing. Nothing feels rushed. It's a nice read. A lot of translation are pretty bad that I cannot tell if they story is bad or the translation. I like this translation.
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Khushi Blue
New Khushi Blue rated it
December 10, 2017
Status: c104
I love this novel very much. Good story, but some Chinese world confuse MC, I don't understand some Chinese word. I like this story especially MC she is gentle kind strong and overprotected toward her family. I like how she protected ML from his elder sister. I enjoying MC and ML company and interact between them. I Am so sad this novel going to end.
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willwiz rated it
October 22, 2016
Status: Completed
The similarity between this novel and "To be a virtuous wife" is stunning. Anyone who enjoys TBAVW would absolutely enjoy this one.

Contrary to the translator, despite reading TBAVW first, I actually like this novel a bit more hehe.

As a side note, I don't think the English title for the novel is quite correct. 八宝妆 Isn't referring to a trousseau. This really supposed to be something like "The eight treasure dowry".

... more>>

This isn't up in the story until the second last chapter, when she presents it to the male lead. It has a specific meaning within the story for the protagonist and represents the central theme of the story. However, you are not told of it until you finish reading the story basically. This is no impact on the story itself.


For those who are not familiar with TBAVW. This novel is a Chinese historical political drama with royalties contending for the crown. The plots and schemes within this story tenders to be more realistic than some of it's novel counterparts. Readers are expected to enjoy the characters and their roles in a particular troubled and contentious time within the universe, rather than be in awe at the greatness and brilliance of the protagonists and their abilities.


The Transmigration (more so reincarnation) in this story is mainly used to explain the protagonist's personality and ideals which doesn't not conform to the moral and ethics within the novel universe, while playing no other roles.

The protagonist in this story is one of the more unique one that I've read. She's basically my hero, with her attitude and choice of lifestyle. Definitely the best part of the novel itself. Being able to live the lifestyle that she wants, while showing occasional brilliance when needed to stay safe and protect the ones she cares about.


The story is very very well written, with great pacing, foreshadowing, descriptive language, and a great cast of characters with interesting personality.

This is one of the very few novels that I would expect almost all readers to enjoy. Absolutely give this a shot if you have the time. <<less
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Ruyi rated it
November 8, 2016
Status: c6
I like this story, and I'm surprised by how calm the elements play out. I expected intrigue and backstabbing and plots, which seems typical of tales in this genre, but there's something very relaxing about this story and its MC so far. You get a sense that she and her husband are capable, calm people with common sense who are equipped to face any troubles befalling them in the future. It's almost... comforting, and a refreshing change from the constant Drama - Tension - Shock - Tension - DRAMA you... more>> see everywhere else. To be honest, I've yet to finish TBAVW so I can't speak on their similarities, but I like the refreshing twist on atmosphere in this one. Looking forward to future chapters! <<less
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Xing rated it
October 22, 2016
Status: c3
As far as I know Dream of Jianghu always pick good quality novel n for this novel...

She pick a good one again ToT *all hail wyhcwe I luuubbhh uuu

The story written well and the pace just right--It's not draggy nor it's too fast.

The male lead is similar to "To Be a Virtuous Wife" male lead who respect his wang fei but... it's not revealed that much yet n the cliff atm (c3) really killing me 😭😭😭
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KKristen rated it
February 23, 2017
Status: c21
As most people have said, this story has some similarities to To Be A Virtuous Wife:
- The premise is similar: a woman from the modern entertainment industry is reincarnated in the body of a new wife in a country similar to Ancient China.
- The tone and pacing are similar since it is the same author and translators.

However, there are some noticeable differences so far:
- The main character's personality is far more casual and laid-back than in TBAVW. She's lazy, less firey, and also is an extremely rare... more>> "calamitous beauty."
- This story is already beginning to be darker and bloodier than the previous one. Nothing too extreme yet, but I can predict it coming...

I'll post a more full review later, but for now here's what you really need to know:
- You can enjoy this series without reading TBAVW first. However, I would recommend starting with that, since it's already complete and this one has just started.
- The translation quality of Dreams of Jianghu is great as usual. However, as usual, there's a lot of Chinese vocabulary to used in the beginning that can make it a challenging read for readers new to this sort of Chinese light novel.
- Overall, this series looks promising and isn't a clone of TBAVW (yet). Give it a try if you like stories focused on female main characters in the fu and imperial court. <<less
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dysry rated it
November 1, 2016
Status: c20
Written by the same author as TBAVW, it's easy to get your hopes up for ETT. And if you liked TBAVW, you'll like this - only not as much.

Generally speaking, ETT is a dumbed down, in your face version of TBAVW, with maybe half the charm. The female lead is beautiful and whimsical, while the male lead is cunning but devoted to his wife, and the two navigate through the political landscape with ease. In terms of background, the female lead has it a lot easier (so it was... more>> a little forced to give her the exact same views and doubts as Qu Qing Ju), but her husband's position is less stable, allowing for more cloak and daggers.

Overall, the author has decided to play it safe and stick with what she knows, so ETT doesn't really bring anything new to the table - to the point that barely anyone can review this without mentioning TBAVW. Hopefully it will develop into a story in it's own right, but right now it's exactly what it's described as - TBAVW 2.0.

In terms of translations, it's easier to follow since I've already read TBAVW, but for someone just starting out, it'll be very confusing and take a lot of patience. 3.5/5 <<less
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MisheruBookish rated it
January 30, 2017
Status: c108
This is my favorite novel after To be a Virtuous wife.

Dreams of Jianghu really knows how to pick treasures among those numerous novels.

I read novels with almost/ the same genre and I still find the two novels (ETT, TBAVW) highly favorable with its stable flow of story and high quality of characters, plot and theme.

... more>>

I really love that HXW is an intelligent woman whom one should not underestimate albeit that she always does not care about anything but eating and sleeping. She is from a loving family and does not have to fight concubines which is in contrast of TBAVW. Though It seems to be bit lacking with the ending (atleast for me), the story is still worth reading for.

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fan63 rated it
November 29, 2017
Status: c101
This novel demonstrates that truth may be hidden in plain sight. No one is what they portray themselves to be. Look for the alternatives in all situations. The story is centered around two people who are polar opposites. Who are forced into a marriage that neither wanted, but, accepted it. And agreed to work to live peaceably. They are attractive and physically indulgent of one another. He is a scholar with an outwardly docile appearance. In reality he is truely brilliant and masterfully vicious. She is a beauty with out... more>> rival concerned with her own leisure and dining. Under all this she too is skillful in reading personalities and actions of others. She has excellent martial art skills which she keeps hidden. Hah! Until she really needs them. This couple will support the other in all things. So there is no separating this couple. No matter what happens they are "one". Cast in ancient China this couple manuevers their way through the battle field of the royals of the Imperial Palace and it's relative Wangfus.. They are envied and feared by most because they move as a forged unit which is inpenetrable. This novel gives a snapshot of life with the royals. You see how a misplaced word may lead to death or a surprise alliance. You see how love is always sought after, but, rarely obtained because position is more relevant to your needs. Read this novel for the adventure of a life time in one short book. Follow the grandeur of life in and near the palace. It is not at all what it seems to be. <<less
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Fathom rated it
May 31, 2017
Status: Completed
A bit on the dry side. Not so much for the plot, but because of the romance. There's plenty of political conspiracies, and social backstabbing play, but the romance was a bit lacking.

Female lead is a transmigrated soul who used to be an actor of all things in modern times. After transmigration, basically all she does is sleep and eat. Of course, she is so beautiful that it doesn't really matter that she has a sloth like personality. Throughout it all, the female lead is not only super smart, but... more>> she has uber martial skills. Most of which is barely used at all, as she prefers to just sleep and eat all day. It's a different change in pace from the usual OP female leads in other novels. However, her lazy personality makes the story drag because she has absolutely no interest in any of the events around or what her husband is doing. Not only that, she basically doesn't even show much emotion towards her own husband.

Perhaps, the story would have benefited with another narrator, but the lack of interest in the machinations of politics causes me as reader to also feel ambivalent about the story plot or any other character as well.

It isn't until maybe around the last chapters that the female starts to believe in love, but really it was just practically in a summary at the end.

If you like "To be a Virtuous Wife" you may like this, but TBAVW is far much better because there is more emotional input and more in-depth conspiracy play. <<less
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Mikleo rated it
May 20, 2017
Status: --
Normally, I'm pretty lenient when giving out ratings and reviews.

However, I just find this novel to be pretty Boring. Yes, Boring.

It seems that majority of the reviewers here gave out reviews and ratings because this is a 'TBAVW 2.0' as they like to say, but really, with the current pace, I had a hard time liking this novel.

I read plenty of novels, whether it be Chinese, Korean, Japanese and others. I also don't categorize the word 'Boring' because of this novel's lack of action. I find it Boring because hell,... more>> there is mostly nothing happening in the 'Dialogue' department. The Author just like to explain things and write 'This Happened', 'That Happened', and then the Dialogues were even cut short. Another thing was, there is almost No Hype at all.

I guess I would've liked this novel if I didn't read novels like Chu Wang Fei, or maybe even Demon Wang's Golden Favorite Fei. But ultimately, even though I love Lazy Main Characters (aka The Lazy King), I am quite disappointed that the story became dragging in the end.

There is Almost No Chemistry with the Female MC and the Male Lead. It's like, ok, they kissed, and yeah, they had s*x. But there is often a dead air when those two get together.

I don't know if it's the Translator's fault that the 'original' feeling that the Author wanted to portray to readers was Dampened severely... or this was just the way the Author intentionally wrote it. <<less
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Littledragonlady rated it
October 11, 2016
Status: c108
Review after completely reading this novel.

Despite what the TL said about how this novel is heavier, more sinister, bloodier than TBAVW, don't let it hinder yourself from reading 8TT. It is indeed bloodier, but at the same time, feels more realistic as battles for throne shud be.

Pst. 8TT is still much milder than the vicious political battle in Princess Wei Yang.

MC is a somewhat gentler, more forgiveful than her ... more>>

savage, merciless husband who keep a dungeon wherr he torture his enemy

and somehow, these contrasting characteristic blends very well, presenting us with sweet, lovey dovey scene.

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MondSemmel rated it
November 6, 2017
Status: c89
This is a great, slow-paced palace intrigue. The cast is comparatively small but very inter-connected, and no day goes by without plenty of scheming.

Hua Xi Wan, the protagonist, "actively tries to be passive", i.e. she's smart but lazy and wants nothing to do with the scheming, but of course things aren't that simple. In fact, it could be said that for most of the story, and with some notable exceptions, the protagonist is just an observer of all the scheming, and her strength lies in not being pulled in... until... more>> it invariably happens, from time to time. With that said, the story isn't told exclusively from her perspective, but devotes plenty of time to the other schemers (characters), as well.

The protagonist has an almost completely superfluous reincarnation background, but at least her modern values contrast nicely with her reality of being reborn as a noble lady in an ancient China with typical ancient hyper-patriarchical values (of the "men rule, women bear children" variety). Her background as an actress, at least, results in plenty of comedy when she repeatedly internally praises all the members of the nobility for acting outraged or distressed whenever something bad happens.

Overall, this is a slow-paced but intriguing story, with a heavy touch of romance. It's certainly action-light but scheming-heavy, so I recommend only reading this story if this genre focus sounds appealing to you. <<less
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ljin75651 rated it
June 20, 2017
Status: c40
I really liked reading this so far, but probably not for the reasons I expected to. Usually when I read novels with transmigration and these types of court intrigue, I expect a really outgoing and determined lead. Definitely not what I got so far. Actually, the author seems to enjoy pointing out how lazy the MC is.

This story is so full of little details that you need to pay attention to, to understand the overarching events. In many cases, many of the starting appearances of affection that the ML has... more>> for the MC are pretty unclear. They can actually be identified as carefully calculated moves on the ML's part if the reader so chooses, rather than real affection. He is definitely a very good actor, ambitious and hiding a darker personality. So as someone who enjoys questioning and taking note of these little details, I had fun puzzling out the meanings for actions between the characters.

But as for those who gave lower ratings, I do also understand some of their POV. The MC is so easy-going and lazy that the story seems to drag on for those who came looking for the more generic ancient transmigration stories with bloody fights between princes and vicious women fighting over men. But in this case, the MC is well-protected and doesn't seem to be faced with any troubles that cannot be quickly overcome...

So my recommendation is to read this with an open mind, because it goes on more of an unexpected route than most other transmigration stories. <<less
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New Moon
New Moon rated it
December 7, 2017
Status: c104
One of best ancient china novel. I like how lazy clever kind and strong MC is. She is protected toward her family. She is my fav character. I like her and ML interact. They are prefect couple.

great unique story that hook you in. I love this novel very much. Worth to read this novel.
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Nah3sa rated it
August 22, 2017
Status: c59
Here I go for my first review.

I am really fond of this novel : no foolish harem plot, the MC still has her mother and a loving and strong family. So, we escape from the stereotype of "poor heroine, who is all alone, but who is so smart and talented (and cruel) that she can seize the power in her household and attract the typically arrogant and powerful male lead".

In this case, the MC is smart but doesn't try to fight to gain power or prestige or whatever. Just to... more>> gain the upperhand when needed, and act according her status. The story has such a good flow, that almost everything seems really natural and the plot doesn't seem forced.

It's nice to read and interesting, mixing bits of romance and political intrigues. I really recommand it. <<less
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meiberry rated it
May 28, 2017
Status: c34
Ahhh I LOVE Dream of Jianghu's translations. They are such high quality, and they pick such good stuff, too.

I absolutely adored TBAVW, and Eight Treasures Trousseau is similar in that one, they're quiet transmigrations where the dynamic between the female lead and the male lead feel similar. The female leads are REALLY similar, which I enjoy since I rarely get to see such cool as a cucumber female leads who are so dang smart and yet stay in their lane in literally every aspect. If you liked TBAVW, I think... more>> you would like ETT even more. Number one reason is that there isn't already a fully formed houyuan to screw with the female lead. Number two reason is that the female lead comes from a nice family... uwwuuhhuuuhuhu never knew how much I longed for the female lead in these stories to have a bearable family that actually likes her, after coming from Chu Wang Fei and Rebirth of a Malicious Empress of Military Lineage (both highly recommended by the way)...

The male lead in this one, however, I think is what makes Eight Treasures Trousseau different from TBAVW. Unlike TBAVW, where He Heng is sort of mysterious and yet basically not really, I think the author actually made a bigger effort to shroud Xian Junwang in more mystery. Still not sure what all is happening, but you can kind of get the idea.

Can't wait till everything is translated, this looks like a great story. <<less
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jkmessah rated it
October 19, 2016
Status: c3
When the wonderful translators at Dreams of Jianghu said TBAVW 2.0, it really got me excited.

The vibes that just the three chapters bring is quite impressive. It is definitely on par with TBAVW for now and the scenes are easily imagined. Once you're familiar with the terms, it's not that hard to get into.

As another reviewer has mentioned, there has yet to be typical tropes common in historical, royalty romance such as scheming relatives, and horrible parents. Quite refreshing for now. I can't say too much within these... more>> 3 chapters but it's looking to be a fantastic read.

Translation is most definitely top notch and won't be a hindrance to reading and understanding the nuances. <<less
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18Yuki rated it
November 28, 2017
Status: Completed
Beautifully written. Much like Yue Xia Die Ying’s other work, To Be a Virtuous Wife, it follows the story of how a woman who transmigrated into the body of another and lived her life in the Ancient Chinese world. Transmigration plays a role, but it is much more subtle then that of other novels, it shows in the MC’s mentality more so then her actions.

Unlike To Be a Virtuous Wife (TVW), the plots and schemes, the underlying plots and steps taken, is more obvious in comparison, not to say it... more>> is predictable but more so that it is unveiled in more detail, hinted with more foreshadowing then TVW where much of what happens underneath the surface is inferred but never directly shown or hinted at or revealed long after.

The MC is, ironically, more active the TVW’s Qu Qing Ju, she’s more involved in the plots and her relationship with the ML, Yan Jin Qiu, contrasts that of Qu Qing Ju and He Heng. They have a level of communication, of open secrets and plots and understanding, which is different from QQJ and HH, not in a good or bad way but while similar, it is interesting to see the differences between the two couples. The Hua Xi Wan is much more relaxed, it’s easy to liken her to a lazy feline but never doubt that she has the claws and teeth that came with being a predator rather then prey. In comparison Qu Qing Ju is more mature, jaded, yet when she moves she is lively and majestic, if I were to liken her to an animal then perhaps a lioness or a nightingale?

If I were to have one complaint, it’d be the abrupt ending, Eight Treasure Trosseau’s ending is satisfying, but not as satisfying as TVW. (I don’t want to spoil it so that’s all I will say but if you are after a spoiler...


Predictably, Hua Xi Wan and Yan Jin Qiu ascend the throne to become Empress and Emperor respectively, much like Qu Qing Ju and He Heng. In TVW that’s far from the end, we got to read how their relationship grows further. We got to see Qu Qing Ju get pregnant and give birth to Tun Tun and later meet her other children. We got to watch as they overcame more plots and schemes, as they overcame the challenges that came with the being the Imperial Couple. In Eight Treasure Trosseau, Hua Xi Wan and Yan Jin Qiu ascending the throne marked the end. Not to say Yue Xia Die Ying didn’t tie up all the loose ends but it was too succinct, the crowning and life after was concluded in the last 2-3 chapters and while sweet, much less satisfying. Basically they were crowned and most of their life after was summarised by a few paragraphs at fhe end which tells their story from the modern point of view (like in a history book) although one part that amused me was when they (modern people of the novel) wondered if Yan Jin Qiu had transmigrated from their time... to put it simply, he’d done what most transmigrated in other novels (usually Japanese world building ones) do.


Overall, I highly, highly, highly recommend this novel. Good for a light read, good for a not-so-light one, and if you are ever confused or if you ever feel like you’re missing something while reading it, I suggest reading the comments below each chapter written by other readers. I got a lot of insight into the story, to see the full effect, read through the novel once without reading the comments and then read it again while reading the comments. It’s unbelievable, and amazing, how much you can miss that others haven’t. (I recommend doing that for To Be a Virtuous Wife too) (^ω^) <<less
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rheaaa rated it
October 9, 2017
Status: c62
Love love love this novel so much. I've been reading countless stereotyped settings of women becoming Wang Fei, beautiful, cunning, rose above the top, but the author of this novel purposefully set out two main characters who are so unique and un-stereotyped (the female lead is lazy, just like me, prefers to avoid drama and hassle whenever she can). Not only that, the supporting characters are all likeable -- no matter whether they're the enemy or not. Everyone has their own reasons for what they've done: I love how the... more>> author gives perspectives outside of the main characters' thoughts. Great characters, including supporting ones as they're grey characters, and are not entirely black nor white. Above all, like some have mentioned, this is a feminist novel -- it is, above all (yes, even above the romance), a story about how women were struggling to survive amidst a very patriarchal society. Do not be deceived by the Romance tag and setting, just like the main characters, you have to really read between the lines to see what is the true central theme of the story -- the story of strong and intelligent women and their struggles in ancient China. <<less
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panisa365 rated it
October 9, 2017
Status: c77
This is, by far, my favorite ancient-era Chinese novel.

What I love the most about this is the female lead or the main character. Her character is so unique that I don't think I can find another similar. It can be summed up in two words - lazy and gluttonous. Her favorite things to do are eating and sleeping. Unconventional, yeah, particularly for the era the book is set in where talents and virtues are everything for girls, but the MC always gets away with it due to her beauty and... more>> brain.

Her character makes the whole situation so damn funny. And I might add that her family, and later her husband, also spoils her a lot which makes her laziness incurable.

Besides the MC, other characters are all very well-developed. Each has their own back-story and logic for what they do. None is just out to be the bad guy. They all have reasons for horrible things they do, no matter how terrible their reasons are. One could even say this is a feminist story with all different types of female characters it featured.

And the author didn't judge. - This is very important. The author let the readers make their own decision without being in our face that we should like or dislike a particular character.

I also love the male lead. He's shady af but that's what makes the story so enjoyable. He also makes for a good partner with the MC. The imperial family is also interesting as you will learn as the story progresses.

I highly recommend this story to everyone. Also if you enjoy To Be A Virtuous Wife by the same author, you will like this one even more. <<less
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Alina Moktan
Alina Moktan rated it
September 6, 2017
Status: c60
this is cool with similar author tbvw. I kinda like this more than to be virtue wife. I like MC she is cool strong kind she has great family and strong personally when she was angry no one can stop her. I love her lazy personally and also like ml

i recommend this worth to read.
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