Heavenly Divine Doctor: Abandoned Concubine


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He was the cold-blooded prince of the Jin country. Decisive and smart, he had looked down on the world with apathy and disdain.

She was his Wang fei, a person who had saved him in the past, but even he wouldn’t look at her.

When the fire raged and death claimed her, it was only then that she realized her existence was nothing but a joke from the beginning.

She opened her eyes once more after spending two years as a roaming, vengeful ghost. In this lifetime, Ye Zhen promises that she will be a different person. With a slight smile, she will ruthlessly trample on those who had schemed against her and lied until her demise!

Most importantly, she would let him experience the pain of an unrequited love; the bitterness of seeking something you cannot obtain!

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Shényī Líng Quán: Guì Nǚ Qì Fēi
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New Bkgksan rated it
February 11, 2020
Status: c120
Rebirth story with a twist. She gets a second chance but as her identical twin. The writing describing her time as a ghost is pretty poignant. I liked how she slowly develops herself so it won’t look odd when the tomboy twin turns elegant and beautiful. The little interactions between the ML and MC is already getting him interested in him. There is 2000 and odd chapters to go. The translator does a good job. I like the story and sometimes wish I could MTL to read faster but that... more>> would give me a headache.

I see lot of hatred for the fact that the ‘scum’ emperor is the ML. I personally feel that when we read a book, we should respect the books author. The perspective is theirs, path of the story is theirs. If every story was exactly as we want it it, we would be the authors. I don’t understand this kind of anger against an authors choice. If you don’t like the storyline, don’t read. <<less
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V_ince23 rated it
April 30, 2019
Status: --
i honestly think this novel is among the best divne doctors chinese raws I read and support. MC and ML are both victims which make it more catchy. The plot appears interesting to me at first and reading more made me hooked! The most interesting part was when all the lies the ML was told to is uncovered]


ML discovers MC identity is very satisfying. Rrrrrrrrrrrrr


5 stars for the good translations
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Rahan06 rated it
April 26, 2019
Status: --
There are many misunderstandings about the ML still I really don't like this ml.

Thought it was interesting. But unfortunately not. The chapters are so long. So many twist turn in there. The MC reborn to have revenge but what is these things. agh.

The most disappointed thing is The ML is the scumbag emperor. What kind of MC is she. You were dead because of him but forgive him. The ML decreed MC to become a princess which way they are siblings but that scumbag think that he can... more>> have her another way. What kind of disgusting thing is this?? Seriously. I am glad I just read some chpaters in raws. The MC is really disappointing. Magical beast gods.... blah blah. So many new things. <<less
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Avidreadr rated it
August 17, 2019
Status: c198
Trust me when I say I am very meticulous in picking the novel I would spend time reading. I stumbled upon this book on jingyu and good lord, this is a brewing masterpiece! This is like a drama, fantasy, medical novel fitted into one book of awesomeness. I am also surprised to see that the translator put harem on the genre w/c is just fitting. Theres lot of surprises in the novel which readers should see for themselves.

... more>>

The MC is only a human, a realistic character who underwent struggles and faces the man (emperor) who caused it all in her next life in the body of her separated twin sister. Her whole family is massacred before her rebirth the she woukd unravel truths bout her family on the way. THAT DOESNT END IN THIS, the man (emperor) is in search of the child, the young MC, who saved him when he was still a child & begin to notice the transmigrated MC

theres so much more I want to share but heres my rating:

Plot: 5/5

Characters: 4.5/5

Romance: 5/5

Writing: 5/5

Overall Enjoyment: 4.9/5 <<less
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kiti rated it
April 28, 2019
Status: c6
Description is inaccurate. It starts off as a palace drama but morphs into some kind of Xianxia type story. I didn't stick around till the end to find out if it morphs any further. Spoilers upto the point I stuck through it below:

... more>>

The husband from MC's first life ends up being the ML. Also, MC starts off smart and standoffish but ends up the kind of person who would unironically say "Without him, there is no point in me being alive." about the same guy who ignored her to the point of death in the previous life. I gave up right then.


2 stars because the translator has put in effort into translating this reasonably well. The other 3 stars were deducted for the plot hole filled story. <<less
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Bennybig_12 rated it
July 5, 2019
Status: c27
I just found novelupdates and searched for my favorite novel! I DEFINITELY love love reading this novel. The character development is just amazing. I specillay love the family concept along with the miraculous experiences MC has. This is not one of those dumb revenge novels but a little bit realistic as the MC will slowly build her life while morphing her way slowly inside the imperial palace where her ex-husband I think. Emperor resides

Also, this is indeed a perfect fantasy novel everyone will crave for

Though I wish for more chapters... more>> to be posted. <<less
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Queen Satan
Queen Satan
June 29, 2019
Status: --
I have no idea why the heck did I pick this story. Although I am an ardent believer of true love, this pathetic shitty story made me believe that I am better off single cuz people I aint patient or for that matter stupid enough to shamelessly hold onto a love that has its roots entangled with misunderstandings. Even if the oh so pitiful ML was kept in the dark, it still doesn't change the fact, he literally had no concern whatsoever for FL. That's it folk, it was a... more>> nuh-uh for me at that point. The FL lived a life of ghost for 2 years and that wasn't even enough for her dead brain cells to come online. Talk about being scattered-brain. And whatever happened to the revenge thingy. When the FL declared her oh so pure and unrelenting love, I lost my patience. I would however like to recommend this novel to those readers who are masochistic enough to tolerate a hopeless Fl. I came here in hopes of meeting a strong FL who doesn't need a man a.k.a a scumbag who ignored her all damn life but I was thoroughly disappointed. <<less
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usag1 rated it
September 14, 2019
Status: c2088
i love this novel as for me... both of them are victims but the ML is stupid, stubborn and actually in previous life.. it would solve if the ML was given her a chance to show herself... but he didnt... read the spoiler so you will understand the reason that I said.. ML deserved a 2nd chance

I know this novel is super long but I am happy as its really good one....

So many sweet moments between them and as they love each other.. so sweet

... more>>

the reason she can reborn again because ML was traded his life.... She was not alone when she was a spirit... ML was there as well as spirit but she could not see him.. He saw her story from the 1st day met till her spirit born again.. I did MTL so.. she got everything from him


Some people gave very bad rating based on couple hundreds chapters.. but as this novel is very long.. the story will be clear by the time

I even feel ML is very poor to love her so much as she starts to take is as granted


She left him for 2 years to achieve her dream. ML was waiting for her.. loyal on to her.. his love only for her... They will have 2 kids and the phoenix born as their son.. ML trusted her unconditionally.. support her too... spoiled their kids to max



get frustrated when they jumped to xiantian continental.. ML real body hmn. being denial... ML is a avatar from the real body.. so...🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️



he sacrificed so much for her.. 😭😭😭😭

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Beccablue rated it
June 29, 2019
Status: c23
This has potential, but I think this really should have been a short story. Not a one shot, but 20 chapters for the whole thing. It just feels like its dragging. By chapter 5, I just wanted to have her get to the palace and do a reveal and get revenge or closure or whatever. All this drawn out story telling and build up would work if it was more interesting. Or had more intrigue. It's just that after finding out what happened to her before she transmigrated, I really... more>> just wanted a fast pace story that got straight to the face slapping. I actually dont really care about the journey. I think its because there was nothing between to give you anything to think about. It's just here is why she wants revenge, now wait until it happens. And wait. And wait.

This requires either a lot of patience, or waiting till it's fully translated so you can skim chapters until you get the good parts. And just by saying that would be the proffered option, kind of makes it a sad reading experience. <<less
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