Abusive Characters[ ]

CN (3.3)
1457 Chapters Every 3.3 Day(s) 6798 Readers 83 Reviews 12-06-2022
She is the Crown Prince’s fiancee, but on the night of their wedding, an edict was made and she was given off to marry the crippled and paralyzed God of War.... more>>
CN (4.2)
1265 Chapters Every 0.8 Day(s) 8211 Readers 166 Reviews 12-06-2022
Ning Shu had dropped dead. But in a burst of good fortune, she became a task-taker in charge of counterattacking for the pitiful cannon fodders. Thus, Ning Shu, in one world after another, took all kinds of life roles and encountered all kinds of “you’re heartless, you’re ruthless, you’re making trouble for no reason” people. She encountered all sorts of white lotus flowers, green tea b*tches, scheming b*tches, by the batch.... more>>
KR (4.1)
186 Chapters Every 3.2 Day(s) 5608 Readers 19 Reviews 12-06-2022
“You shouldn’t have crossed this line, Elisha, if you didn’t want it to be like this.”... more>>
CN (3)
184 Chapters Every 3.1 Day(s) 275 Readers 3 Reviews 12-05-2022
When The Bloodline Limit was developed to its peak, he found out that everything was just a new beginning.... more>>
CN (3.6)
74 Chapters Every 4.5 Day(s) 831 Readers 3 Reviews 12-05-2022
Yang Nainai has been having s*x dreams lately. In the dream, someone does whatever he wants to her, causing her to have strong orgasms and wake up with wet underwear. She always thought that it was because she secretly photographed handsome guys too much, and she was thinking about it day and night, until one day when she was blocked in the alley by a man who almost stripped off her clothes and make her pay.   ... more>>
CN (4.3)
91 Chapters Every 48 Day(s) 2883 Readers 22 Reviews 12-05-2022
The everyday life filled with heavy smut between a pro-dom boyfriend and a debt collector, a relaxing and warm route.
CN (2.7)
55 Chapters Every 4.5 Day(s) 923 Readers 14 Reviews 12-05-2022
For the world to function and sustain, it has to be inevitability built on hierarchy. As precious, rare resources, high-grade omegas are kept in captivity by powerful, elite alphas in order to reproduce the next high quality generation.... more>>
KR (3.9)
88 Chapters Every 5.7 Day(s) 1228 Readers 12 Reviews 12-05-2022
The only flaw of actor Lee Wooyeon, who is on the road to success without facing a single slump, is that his manager never lasts.... more>>
JP (3)
3 Chapters Every 1 Day(s) 159 Readers 0 Reviews 12-05-2022
The defendant Kiska is hereby banished to the interior of the dungeon for the crime of murder.... more>>
CN (3.6)
93 Chapters Every 1 Day(s) 207 Readers 6 Reviews 12-05-2022
Xie Changgeng, the governor of Hexi, married Mu Fulan, the princess of Changsha.... more>>
CN (4.5)
50 Chapters Every 1.3 Day(s) 548 Readers 7 Reviews 12-05-2022
From the outcast of the imperial family to the emperor, Wei Chongrong’s path to the throne took thirty years.... more>>
CN (4)
61 Chapters Every 6.7 Day(s) 2330 Readers 25 Reviews 12-05-2022
The long lost daughter of the Lu Family had been found!... more>>
JP (4.2)
50 Chapters Every 9.7 Day(s) 1430 Readers 3 Reviews 12-05-2022
Miltia was treated as a servant and oppressed by her stepmother and her stepsister because there was no blood relation between her and them. She was having trouble getting enough food to survive every day. Somehow she was able to get by through cooking whatever thing she could find herself.... more>>
CN (4.1)
142 Chapters Every 10.9 Day(s) 4705 Readers 17 Reviews 12-05-2022
Ever since Su Tian had transmigrated, she received a “Villain Bosses Mentoring System” that could automatically identify villainous bosses IN THE MAKING.... more>>
KR (3.9)
41 Chapters Every 2.3 Day(s) 584 Readers 1 Reviews 12-05-2022
The sword of my closest friend and trusted adjutant pierced my body. When I opened my eyes again, I had become a noble lady of... more>>
CN (4.3)
9 Chapters Every 7.9 Day(s) 626 Readers 8 Reviews 12-05-2022
From childhood to adulthood, Luo Zhi didn’t seem to have done anything right.... more>>
KR (4)
76 Chapters Every 8.9 Day(s) 2316 Readers 13 Reviews 12-05-2022
I was just sleeping, but when I opened my eyes, I've become someone else in a white bridal dress.... more>>
CN (4.3)
18 Chapters Every 1.5 Day(s) 273 Readers 2 Reviews 12-04-2022
One day, Jiao Bai went home and passed by the small bookstore, walked in. The boss recommended a batch of new goods to him with a fatherly face, all of which were rotten. He went home happily, but was hit by a car at the intersection in front of his house, and as soon as he opened his eyes, he was in a BE scumbag.... more>>
KR (4.2)
64 Chapters Every 6.7 Day(s) 1138 Readers 7 Reviews 12-04-2022
*Celeb: short for celebrity.... more>>
CN (4.7)
228 Chapters Every 13.2 Day(s) 12911 Readers 169 Reviews 12-04-2022
Chi Xiaochi: fourth-rate citizen at birth, three-time award-winning film emperor, second-rate temper, first-class looks.... more>>
JP (3.7)
268 Chapters Every 0.7 Day(s) 2994 Readers 25 Reviews 12-04-2022
The Struggle of a guy who remembers his previous life and realized he reincarnated into the world of a dating sim he used to play.... more>>
KR (3.6)
138 Chapters Every 3.5 Day(s) 2913 Readers 7 Reviews 12-04-2022
“Sin… it’s a word that suits me, not you.”... more>>
KR (3.8)
96 Chapters Every 1.6 Day(s) 1663 Readers 6 Reviews 12-04-2022
My lover lost his memory. It was a common horse accident. However, the man seemed to have lost his personality along with his memories.... more>>
CN (4.1)
55 Chapters Every 11.7 Day(s) 2383 Readers 25 Reviews 12-04-2022
After retiring from the military, Qin Ge was diagnosed with PTSD. Despite being able to recover with the help of psychotherapy, he was still a little more aggressive than ordinary people.... more>>
CN (4)
76 Chapters Every 2.2 Day(s) 2594 Readers 16 Reviews 12-04-2022
When he woke up, Wen Chi transmigrated into a book.... more>>
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