I Woke up and Was Pregnant


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At the age of eighteen, Fu Zhen’s father brought an illegitimate daughter from outside.

The father and elder brother who loved him so much since childhood seemed to have changed from then on. For the sake of an illegitimate daughter, his elder brother rebuked him for being an inters*x monster. His father even drove him out of the house after breaking his leg.

In order to avoid offending the illegitimate daughter, Fu Zhen lived a miserable life in the outskirts of Pinghai city for two years. He had a hard life and after being secretly plotted, got drunk and slept with a strange man.

And he had just gotten accustomed to living this way.

One day, his father and elder brother came to his door, and he thought that they were going to drive him further away.

​Instead, they told him that they regretted it.

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hy-d-ra rated it
November 2, 2020
Status: Completed
The novel makes a take on: how a system can f*ck up someone's life and the consequences when it leaves.

SAME AUTHOR HAS SIMILAR NOVEL, WHICH CONTENT-WISE IS MUCH BETTER. At least I find it so. I made a spoiler thread on the Forum, anyone is welcomed to judge. But all the unnecessary stuff and reverse cards were cut off. The only common thing is author gets tired by the end of both novels :'D

Ok. It's not spoiler, it's written in the summary (the title of the novel is totally off).... more>> If I'm not wrong it's based on another novel? Not sure I saw it in author's notes. But basically from one side we have "a story of success", Tang Wanwan (FL), with the use of her system gets into a rich family, who, with their minds muddled, don't even question her origins. FL absolutely hates MC just because she is simply jealous of his happy life and decided to ruin it, instead of simply charming him. On her part if we omit the system part, she got a loving father and brother, who could do anything for her, she got an acting career, she is loved and praised and gets a man who fell in love with her. This is a Cinderella story. But on her wedding day the success plot ends and people wake up from their nightmare.


    • People will never be able to revoke the feelings of the past. MC was truly loved in his family. Even his special body wasn't treated as anything strange. He may had a temper sometimes, but he was practically a harmless person. When FL appeared, he couldn't understand how everyone unconditionally believed her and treated him with scorn, it deeply hurt him again and again. He basically lived in a family that forgot everything about him, as if he doesn't even exist. If he's sick, what he wants for dinner, how he feels, everything was treated as air. Because MC doesn't know about system it deeply hurt his feelings, he really thought his dearest father and brother lost their love for him, that's why he believed that if they can lose it once, he doesn't want to risk it again. Deep in his heart he's really hurt by these events and a tiniest part of his heart actually missed those times. But not anymore. He lived hardest two years of his life, he even started to believe that this is his retribution for living happy 20 years in comfort, it deformed his character. When he was pushed down the stares his leg was broken and later he was simpy pushed out of the house, he left with nothing, he had no money to treat his leg and missed the best time for treatment (even if his leg will be re-broken and fixed again it may not bring ideal results). He lived in pain, lived in a tiniest place, because he couldn't find a normal job due to interference of FL and use of their family. His borther, who he accidentally met, told him he's going to break his other leg, while MC is not walking due to his leg, he is limping, everyone calls him a cripple. To other people outside of system spell, people like MC family are similar to lunatics, they don't question anything, they just do everything for her. That's what I found impressive about it, this whole take from the other side.
    • For father and brother the consequences are heart-shattering. You know they were under system control, they couldn't do anything about it and it's heart-breaking, because they were puppets who simply ruined their lives under that control. It's interesting how getting closer to the wedding day the spell of the system was getting weaker and weaker. Though they still did and say hurtful things, they started to feel how it's wrong at the same time. And when they woke up they started to realize what horrible things they did. For father, the dearest child he cherished, he pushed him down the stairs, watched him lie in blood, chased him out, never saw him again if it wasn't for FL's taunting, when MC was kidnapped and was close to his death he never cared to check and believed in FL's story that Fu Zhen self-directed it, being heart-broken after seeing MC's photo of being tied and beaten up. For brother he said a load of hurtful things, told him to never appear again, promising to break his leg, calling him a monster who is neither man nor female etc. These are all the things they did and which could never be turned back. There will be no dumb - ok, now I see you feel remorseful, I forgive you. Absolutely not. For MC these people haven't left the shadow of those times when they were cruel to him and treated him like that, it all still exists in his heart. With only tiniest bit of left warmth that may help him mend the relationship with time.
    • Another side-episode, which shows the ruinous power of the system is MC's ex-friend who suddenly appeared. He was happy with his gf, they were planning to get married, but under FL's system control he chose to chase her. His gf, who was pregnant at that time, couldn't accept it and after (aborting the child) left the country. Can you imagine? Imagine how unscurpulous this FL is that doesn't care who she attracts, but as a result ruined someone's happy relationship to this point.
    • The only person who can't get away from love for FL is her husband, he fell in love without system control and basically to whatever manipulation she presents him he basically eats it with grain of salt. Here you know that FL basically doesn't love anyone, she only uses people, even the one who really loves her she manipulates with words and guilt.
    • To make it short, no one's life will be the same and things won't be able to be turned back to their initial stage ever again and how horrendous the effect of the system is.

    • MC and ML hit it off rather quickly. It felt novel-y since they basically fell in love at first sight. They had a little misunderstanding before finally getting together. ML is really a caring and loving person, his family is basically a safe station he found after struggle. ML may not be as prominent in the story though, since he doesn't act domineering, he is helpful, caring and all the sweet things that exist in a good and understanding person.

  • Unsatisfactory. I'll be honest with you. While the story should have ended at some point and it would have been a good weight drama (for example, time healing and some attempts to explain what happened instead of dead silence), but author pushed some reverse card on those things and everyone became happy, slapped another ton of chapters with MC's career where you don't really give a damn about the movies he takes, since they don't have a solid base, it turns into tedious reading. Poor ML is almost neglected in this whirpool btw, I'd say their child (I have no idea why the author decided for mpreg even) serves as a cute mascot that appears from time to time suffered same fate. The whole system thing in the end was also kind of meh. Like some characters were coming and going. How Fu Zhen brilliantly filmed all his movies and they were box office winners is also one of those things that make everything plain, like we get it, let's move on? Like last 40 chapters were really not good.
I gave this 4 stars (while honest rate should be around 3, 5) just for the idea and the beginning and good drama. But I definitely won't pull this into must read, only the first part deserves some thought, but not the last part that's for sure. <<less
108 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
February 2, 2021
Status: c72
The story is great. MC and ML relationship is sweet.

But the chapter list of the translator is misleading. They probably split one chapter into 2 but post them as 2 separate chapters. I found the raws and chapter 72 of the translators is actually only the bottom half of chapter 39.

I sincerely appreciate the translator for picking up this novel and working hard on it but I hope the translator at least lets people know about this. You're kinda getting sponsored twice as much for the one chapter..........

52 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Qwex rated it
January 8, 2021
Status: c93
The first half was great. The second half was so boring, I couldn't force myself to finish.

What I liked in this story:

    • MC is a strong character who did not give up on himself and was slowly climbing up from the pit he was thrown into.
    • It's really nice that he is inters*x and has a right equipment to give birth. No babies magicaly pulled from someones ass.
    • Him being inters*x and pregnant was theated like a normal thing by MC, ML and ML's family. (No drama at all. Oh, he is pregnant? Great!)
    • Relationship between MC and ML were sweet from the start (nearly from the start - later about that). No misunderstandings, no drama - just two characters who really like each other.
    • MC and ML are content without having s*x. Apart from accident mentioned in the summary, for a very long time they are living their best lives w/o s*x, because they don't need it to express their feelings.
    • It was fun to read them face-slapping MC's cheap sister - for a while.
What I didn't like:

    • ML is your tipical faithful husband, nothing wrong with that, but this is his defining characteristic.
    • They fell in love really abruptly. It makes sense why MC would have a crush on ML after the first meeting, but his crush is theated like a 100% real love, no development here. I still do not understand why ML fell in love with MC. Maybe I blinked and missed something, but the order of the events seems like this:

ML does not reciprocate MC's feelings (he doesn't know that it was MC who he had s*x with) ;

MC was kidnapped;

ML saves MC;

ML reciprocates MC's feelings.


    • Also, they had maybe 5 short conversations before establishing relationship.
    • Pacing in the second half of the story is simply off. The focus of this part is on MC's career - which is not very interesting in the first place (he is a MC of the story and a spource of a businessman - am I really supposed to worry if something goes wrong?). But after a wile the style of the novel became like this: a couple of scenes - timeskip of several mounths - a couple of scenes - timeskip of several mounths. For me it was really hard to be invester in the novel if it constantly jumps.
    • After a while MC's sister stopped being that big of a threat. Also stopped being an interesting villain. Too bad, since she and her system are the only villains here.
    • Once again, there is absolutely no reason for this novel to be 140 chapter long.
Now, about something I hate with all my heart: MC's father and brother.

To tell the truth at first I empathized with them and hoped that they would reunite with MC. After all, they are also victims of cheap sister and her system. But I recognized that it would be not a simple matter. The description of the novel was not telling the whole truth: MC's father did not just "broke his leg", he pushed him down the stairs. People die from that.

So, how does one apoligises for attempted mu*der? The answer is - nohow!

They pretend that nothing happens and constantly stalk MC, occasionally inserting themselves into MC's life, despite repeatedly promising to leave him alone. WHAT. THE. f*ck?

And I didn't want much, just them saying to MC: "I'm sorry, I don't know what happened to me, I will never do this to you again". But nope! MC's family don't have such scenes. You know who does? MC childhood friend. A character so insignificant, he has less than 10 lines of dialog throughout the whole novel.

MC's family's strategy it to stand in the sideline and pitifully stare at MC. And worse of all - it seems to be working. At later parts of the novel MC seems a bit reluctant to drive them away not because he accepts them, but because he pities them: "oh, my father aged alot in past mounths", "oh, my brother looks so lonely standint there"...

No. They had a lot of opportunities to apologise - they did not take a single one of them. Now they and their manipulations can go to hell.

In conclusion: 4 stars are for MC's and ML's interactions - they are done right. But I can't recomment this novel in good conscience - there are alot of things done wrong. If you are curious maybe give it a shot - you can always drop it if it's not to your liking.
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jadelin rated it
July 11, 2020
Status: Completed
This story starts off very sad, almost as dramatic and dogblood as 'Rebirth of a Cannon Fodder from a Novel', but mostly the damage to the MC was done. Thankfully, MC is able to pick up the shambles of his life with the help of the ML. How the 'illegitimate' daughter was able to turn the MC's family against him is explained under spoilers.

... more>>

The truth was, Tang Wanwan, the 'illegitimate' daughter of MC's dad wasn't even blood related, but she a malicious system (System 886) to control the hearts of his father, brother, and others. She was raised in an orphanage, one day saw the love that MC's family gave to him. System 886 popped into her mind then, and she used it to jealously steal MC's family love and benefits for a 2 year period where MC suffered a lot. After a she achieved all her goals and married, MC's father and brother are freed from the 'spell', as System 886 then goes dormant. They all eventually realize they were being controlled by outside forces.

Thankfully, she gets karma returned, as all her 'achievements' come at a price... all the suffering MC had received is returned back to her under different circumstances. Not due to vengeance caused by the MC being vengeful, but just pure karma. Apparently all her 'achievement' values also came at a price of a 'misery' value. System 886 also later on gets punished for his malicious behavior. Though Tang Wanwan is never jailed or caught for her behavior completely, she becomes embroiled in more drama from the family she ends up marrying into, so her ending is still more or less a fitting end.

MC later briefly gets a system as well, System 233, who explains this to him. However, the MC wants nothing at all from System 233, so System 233 erases his memories of their interaction, fixes the lameness in his leg, and leaves. Then two days later, System 233 restores MC's memories of the existences of systems, since it was worried about leaving a shadow in MC's heart over how his leg suddenly was fixed. LOL ? fickle things, these system plot devices...

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Tsuren rated it
April 2, 2021
Status: c127
Faulty systems? Someone call Su Luxia lol. Sorry, fan of Cheating Men must d*e. Currently in chapter 127, binge read. I got to say, the Fake White Lotus ruined everyone. I feel bad for the family since they are victims of the system. Really, Su Luxia should visit this world as a crossover.
18 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Crystle940 rated it
August 10, 2020
Status: c60
Relatively interesting plot line, but not very memorable. The summary was what caught my attention.


The premise of this story was that MC was thrown out of his house and disowned by his father once his father brought back a supposedly illegitimate daughter whom I'll call the FL. (I can't remember exactly but I believe she turned out to be just a random roadside girl?)

FL is basically the pretend white lotus who complains to the older brother and father about MC, causing his father to disown him and brother to hate him. MC also turns out to be an author/script writer (or something like that).
After some years, MC is living poorly on his own, working in a bar and living in a small room Harry-Potter-style, where he meets the drugged ML. FL wants to act in a script that MC wrote, so she asked asked the brother to buy the rights for it. MC sold the rights in exchanged for cutting off all relationships with brother and father, thus treating each other as strangers on the street. Stuff happens and oh brother and father start to remember the happy times they had with MC when he was younger and realised they had mistreated the treasure of the family (or something like that) and treated a stranger better. During the wedding, FL's system left her and so they stormed midway through it to find MC, only to realise the MC moved in with ML. MC doesn't want to be associate with them anymore.


Something like that. I didn't really like this because tropes that were overused. By midway through, I was expecting it to end already, but the author decided to drag that FL in again for some revenge or something.

FL's husband turns out to be the only one who loves her for who she is/married her without the system's intervention. She treats him as a tool though. So she had the support of his family, which is why MC's family couldn't do much against her (until where I had stopped at least.)


I gave up after reaching that point because the plot just got quite draggy and became more like a certain shoujo romance story on webnovel. Characters:

The MC was fell flat. He had a lot of promise but I didn't relate to him at all. I'm pretty sure he was meant to be multi-faceted, but to me, he seemed to function only in 3 ways: being shy/sweet with ML, lonely and independent by himself or cold with his old family. Which really just seems kinda like an overused trope.

ML was kinda like those OP ML in the romance genre,


who somehow just fell in love with someone he had s*x with in a bar. Oh and he called the one he met in the bar his siren/mermaid/treasure or something like that. Oh and ML worked at a construction site despite being rich. I still have no idea why he did that. He didn't even know MC = woman (inters*x but he thought it was a woman) he had s*x with in a bar, he just joined it. There was literally no character development.


Brother and father

just suddenly realise they miss the MC, after the FL lost their system. So they regretted it. Yeah I don't remember them taking much action considering ML was there to do everything before they do so. Also the only thing I remember about the brother was that he seems like a natural sibling-con. Like he just likes spoiling the MC and FL. Otherwise he abuses the MC for the FL.


I know it's meant to be deeper, but I was getting tired and annoyed with how long it was dragged on. The internal monologue of the characters, which is meant to add more depth in them seemed repetitive. I remember skipping 5 chapters, yet they were still having the exact same conversation, in almost exactly the same setting.

Maybe it's my prejudice and expectations for this novel, but I was quite disappointed. I was going to give this a 2.7/5 so I'll round it up to 3. I just treated it as a light read and didn't use my brain while reading it.
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qpzmal rated it
March 7, 2021
Status: Completed
This is actually really sad. I cried a lot while reading this. I expected it to be the typical one night stand and getting pregnant novel, but there's no time skip over the whole pregnancy progress, like most novels, and the plot is mostly during those 8-9 months. The synopsis doesn't hold up to how heavy this novel is. The romance was well paced and realistic and I really liked how their relationship gradually progressed. The MC is so pitiful and I just want to hug him. The dad and... more>> brother are redeemable, and the sister is... annoying. Also like a few other reviews, the plot at the end is pretty much meh. Overall angsty with a lot of fluff.

But about the daughter: I want to sue the MC and ML for child neglect.

1st: her name is literally the MC and ML's names combined. At least have some originality

2nd: they leave her with her grandparents or side characters 24/7 and rarely spend time with her

3rd: she has literally no cameos at all and is treated as a lightbulb

10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Yokishko rated it
July 24, 2021
Status: c153
So... how many chapters are there really?
Or was it the translator that split up chapters that’s why I’ve gotten to chapter 153 that ended in a cliffhanger but here it says that the novel only has 141 (+9 extra) ?

The story itself though is quite interesting, and while the antagonist FL is really scum, it’s an interesting take on what happens once a system’s cheats were abused then when the system disappears. Sure it’s not the main point of the story but that’s what stuck out to me the most.
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
applebeans rated it
November 16, 2020
Status: Completed
The author tagged this as 'sweet romance' which is usually really smooth and everything goes well for MC novel lolol. ... more>>

and uh first 20 chapters is actually a charcoal marshmallow.



This has an unforced chemistry between the MC and ML, kinda absent baby, a good wrap to a story, the author writes it with a clear logic, so it doesn't feel brainless. I also like film plots that are actually good and not just unrealistically putting MC on pedestal for no reason.

Side note, When I Woke Up, I was Pregnant is slightly incorrect as title because it takes some time until MC finds out, and he didn't go to sleep and not know next morning he had a busy night.... later, the baby is not a big part of the story, author even implies if it wasn't for the accident, they would get together and won't have baby at all, just normal guy-guy romance. It's more appropriate to call it something like fairytale romance, prince and merman prince, reaching for moon and seas, etc. Hahah I have this same problem with Li Jin's farming life.

I only have a problem with the finer details. A good director is not necessarily a good artist. A good artist is not necessarily a good Art director. Making an (groundbreaking) animation is also very laborious and won't be finished in few months if the makers sleep normal hour and lives healthy lives (except if it's 3D shrugs but I believe it's 2D or mixed because they say MC's drawing looks exactly like the characters). I can accept that MC can draw well. I can't accept that his drawing is of groundbreaking animation quality. This is possible, but it's more belivable if MC studied animation and art and have dedicated his years to studying animation, and not movie directing. I can accept he can create great original contents, I can't accept he can switch movie genres without experience shooting that genre, luckily get good shots, and only need to change screenwriters each time. But aside from specific stuff, the plot and human logic is alright.


MC-ML behaviour make sense. They put their time into work, take care of baby, make sure baby is taken care of when they have plans. They accept when work has to separate their time together. The way they fall in love is very natural. Author compares them to prince and little mermaid. At first prince is curious and moved by the beautiful stranger, but then when they got to know each other, he becomes attracted to the 'transformed' merman.

Author pays attention to continuity and foreshadowing. It's quite intense and deep sometimes, but maybe because it's a 'sweet' novel, in the end author ended up waving all the drama away with a magic wand. Which is quite unnecessary but I appreciate it because MC doesn't have to suffer from the villain's sin. It's an enjoyable read, I read all the chapters.

Author makes a point about 'plagiarism' rife in china, that supporting plagiarism will kill original and daring artists, which I really really like and support. The plots in MC's movies can belivably win awards (in cn especially) and they have elements that I like in literary movies.

Side characters are not brainless/faceless/nameless. Their names are considered well, author really pays attention to these details. I can understand villain's jealousy, I think it was slight envy at first but grows deeper as she becomes greedier, power can corrupt. It's nice to see author acknowledging that not everyone in the entertainment industry has a 'backer', sometimes they're art and film students, sometimes they graduated from other majors, and they can all have dreams to be actors.

The use of system on main villain is quite interesting too. The way author wrote it really does seem like she was enjoying love that dad and big bro has for MC instead. When it's time for her karma to hit, I was so happy. I'm also happy because MC becomes aware and mature, but not distorted and vengeful. It's harder to read when a main character is very vengeful or author contrive the plots to justify their cruelty.

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December 23, 2020
Status: Completed
the concept is pretty interesting. at first you will wonder what the hell happened to MC's parents but as the chapter progresses, it's actually the villain who has the system! (or rather THE SYSTEM IS THE VILLAIN!) which caused a lot of drama and heartaches especially from MC's family's side. I cried at those parts where they really regret the things they did as they woke up from the system's control. Pretty horrible. This sh*t System is the best candidate that MUST be destroyed (like what they did in quickly... more>> wear the face of the devil). And I'm glad that...

the Systems Manager were able to found out this little electronic waste before the whole mess became permanently irreversible. Turns out the little sh*t illegally ran away to earth thus the unethical moves.


I recommend reading the 9 chapter fanwai, it's very cute and fluffy. It's the "could have been" if there is no shitty villain system around. No trauma, FL and MC's lives never crossed and most of all, there are no lives that were destroyed. <<less
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lian lian
lian lian rated it
April 21, 2022
Status: Completed
I put off reading this story for a long time thinking that this was a tragedy and I won't be able to handle the heartache. The beginning was really sad and my heart was bleeding for Fu Zhen. The story is basically good. At least in the beginning. Fu Zhen's dark times don't last that long and after that brief angst, then comes the fluff. But towards the ending, it kinda got boring, because it mostly explains Fu Zhen's carrier which I found very boring. But overall the story is... more>> good. <<less
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xuexxi rated it
October 7, 2021
Status: c120
I went into this hoping for something dramatic but this was anything but.

The plot is starts off slow and bland (and doesn't really improve much later on). One of the biggest issues is the romance, which suddenly came out of nowhere. I have nothing against fast-paced romances but the development of feelings here literally doesn't make any sense and is neither interesting nor convincing.

... more>>

On their second encounter, MC and ML has a one night stand and is suddenly in love with each other the next morning, which is fine as a plot device, but the problem is that this part was quickly glossed over and there were no descriptions of their interactions whatsoever. Sequence of events literally went like this: MC carries ML to the room -> he blacks out (?) -> wakes up next morning and kisses ML. What's even worse is that both the MC and ML were drugged (by a third party) so I'm assuming neither of them were in the right state of mind, so how is it even remotely convincing that they fell in love with each other literally instantly?


Even if this part was overlooked, the subsequent interactions between the MC and ML that supposedly illustrate their development of feelings are ironically almost nonexistent and extremely bland. These two barely talk to each other and when they do, conversation adds pretty much nothing to the plot and lacks any charisma and chemistry whatsoever. Up to their confession, I seriously do not see why or how the two leads end up liking each other.

Moving past that, the individual characters are pretty tolerable. I like that the MC is not come cookie-cutter character and actually has some backbone and sensibility, especially the way he's apathetic to others' opinions of him. ML, on the other hand, is as interesting as plain bread; he doesn't have much of a personality except being caring towards MC. Nevertheless, it's nice that he's not too overprotective, and instead lets MC does his own thing and supports him from the side.

Another gripe I have is that there's quite a significant focus on MC's passion/career ie. Animation/art, which would be fine except that it's presented in an extremely unrealistic way which in turns leaves this b-plot fall flat and unconvincing (granted, I'm no expert on how animation works). MC tries to "continue his original donghua/anime" but from my limited knowledge, animation requires a large band of talented people, a lot of time, coorperation, advanced technology and money, which makes it practically impossible for MC to achieve all of this on his own especially with his poor financial situation and whatnot.

One other thing that kinda irked me was the revelation of the "this actually takes place in the world of a novel" idea. This would have been interesting if it wasn't for the poor presentation. The biggest problem was that this idea of living in a novel and existence of systems or whatever is never actually introduced by the author; it was revealed through the translator's notes. The first half of the novel has no hints about this plot whatsoever and suddenly it's shoved in our faces in the middle with little elaboration (by the TL). If I hadn't briefly read the other reviews prior to starting this I would've been so confused.

While I'm only about halfway through the novel, I'm still on the fence about continuing this. The main reason why I kept reading despite the numerous plot holes is the portrayal of the MC who's inter**x. I don't dabble in this tag much but I believe it's pretty rare to see a non-fetishised portrayal, which is what this novel does, so kudos to that.

tldr; I wouldn't really recommend this unless you're just looking for a simple time-killer. Otherwise, if you were searching for an interesting plot or even good fluff, this probably wouldn't be too satisfying. <<less
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DubiousWaterMelon rated it
August 20, 2020
Status: --
This novel is a very good take on the wreckage a 'system' could inevitably cause without transmigration, rebirth or finding out the world is a novel setting.

The pacing is slow and the romance is slightly on the faster side, yet the emotional weightage of the characters keeps the reader's interest, especially in the first half of the novel. The later part is just focused on the protagonist's career and I admit, here I finally lost interest in reading further.

I especially liked how steadfast the protagonist was with his estranged brother... more>> and father.


Rather than play an emotional ping pong game, the protagonist truly showed how sometimes, once something is broken, no amount of adhesive can work. And if there is any chance for repair, it can only be rebuilt ground up, slowly.

I was a little dissatisfied with how blatantly the 'sister', the villian and her system is made evil, just for the progression of events to be easy. It made me wonder how the story would have turned out if she wasn't actively malicious but her small actions with the help of the system unknowingly gave large consequences that kept building up. To a certain extent this was showcased but not entirely, especially as the system kept appearing and dissappear, only to turn against her. I din't entirely understand the logic behind that. Not to mention, the irregularity with her story arc was also quite random. The Qin's story seemed to have little to no relevance to the protagonist.

The appearance of the second, non malious system to help the protagonist came too late in my opinion. And the backstory behind the systems and its existence, for me made no relevance.
The addition of bi-g**italia to explain away the element of pregnancy in a bl novel is aptly used here. The character developemnt for the male lead is almost non existent but the relationship dynamic exhibited by the protagonist and the male lead is healthy and engaging.

I would recommend that you read this, especially if your looking for a feel good tear-jerker with fluffy romance. (Especially the first half of the novel) <<less
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Soleus rated it
July 12, 2020
Status: Completed
Hmm... the story is ok. MC has gone through a lot after he was kicked out of the house by his father due to false accusation of attempting mu*der on his false 'stepsister'. MC cannot bear the betrayal as his father and brother had loved him so much before. They even try to supress him from getting up (mostly by his stepsister).

Well, if u are a fan of quick transmigration novels then you might find out why the sudden change of heart by his father and brother.

Ok, moving to the... more>> next part, I'm really dissatisfied with Ml. I don't know... he just feels monotone. You get what I mean? No? Ok. Like he is just there just only for the sake of romance. Maybe that's why I think the romance is just so bland. Maybe the author wants him to be a cool type and only shows affection to his lover but I think something is just so.... uhm off.

Nevermind that, I will say that it is good read especially the sad parts in the beginning. <<less
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rihan839 rated it
April 25, 2022
Status: Completed
Loved this novel, so heart breaking and felt the loneliness of the MC when he was left all alone for the earlier part of the novel.

This novel shows how a wild system can ruin so many peoples' life.

Apparently this was supposed to be a sweet fluffy novel according to the author and that did come through towards the middle and end. The start is a quite an angsty tragedy but you will be rewarded will cotton candy happiness later ;)
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Flex4EvrytigBL rated it
April 19, 2022
Status: c72
I remember that I picked up this novel when I was transitioning from two BL novels and I remember how much I was heartbroken in anguish and in tears when I was feeling this he really didn't deserve to live such a life I remember hearing his father and his brother and everyone who had abandoned him and even hated the ML of it when he was acting cold to him I

but everything is all well now since they are together.

This novel will literally abuse you make you black and blue inside and out then take you out for dinner now nothing ever happened.

Basically this novel is like a toxic relationship that you were with a scum man and broke up with him and he changed for the greater good... more>> then you have an HE.

Like TF, but you can't escape because the is a bit like drugs you can not hit it then quit it.

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monokuma_xd rated it
December 18, 2021
Status: c173
Gosh this made me shed tears. Truly pity MC to have everyone around you turn on you so sad. The romance is really cute and fluffy. Zero XXX scenes. The MC family deserves what is happening but deep down in my heart I hope that they can at least be cordial again I feel bad for father Fu
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psychofreak rated it
July 19, 2021
Status: Completed
This story really stuck to me since the early parts were just heart breaking. I just wanted to give the MC a big warm hug and cheer him on.

What I liked here is how the MC slowly got his life back on track and live better, thanks to the ML's support. Speaking of ML, I liked how supportive and caring he was towards the MC after learning what had happened. And continued to do so. Because holy sh*t dude what happened was just brutal and cruel as f*ck, and I'm... more>> really glad the MC at least had a pillar to lean on.

Then there's the regret part. Boy oh boy was it beautiful. I also loved how the MC didn't just cave in easily after a few apologies. I don't like MCs that's like "k lol we gud" after their tormentor cries a bit and apologizes once. Or twice. I mean, what the father and brother did was just too f*cking cruel.

Even if they were influenced by the system, they still did what they did and said what they said. All that sh*t happened because of their actions. No one told the father to literally throw his own son out and down the stairs which broke his leg, then disown him while he's at it. Nobody told the brother to say those awful things to the MC and even threaten to fully disable him. So yeah, not feeling sorry for them even after they were freed. The whole experience was just too traumatizing.


What I disliked though was the whole system thing. It just felt so out of left field, at least for me. The story could still go on a dramatic direction even without it, but that's just me.

Another thing was MC's career arc. Tbh, I think the story could have just ended after the leads start a family. Also speaking of family, I honestly don't think the baby was even necessary. She pretty much just became an accessory being tossed between the family home and the ML's family. The story pretty much focused on MC's career on the later parts. Which brings me to the part that I disliked about our dear MC.

He got so engrossed with his work that he even ignores the ML. At least be sensitive enough to your own better half. This was the guy who stood by you through everything, and now you're living your dream, you start to ignore him? Wew lad. I was expecting for the ML to start treating the MC coldly, but alas, he was written to be the ideal and perfectly understanding husbando, thankfully (else this story might get longer).


Also, so the animation studio was just forgotten? Really? I honestly would've preferred if the MC focused on that instead of being the bestest film director evar.

The social media/internet bits could've been cut. A lot. Or at least just some snippets here or there.

In conclusion, I liked the first half, didn't like the career arc, and I hope that one particular cannon fodder side character (Xu Yuan?imbadwithnamesoops) gets a spinoff. Do I recommend this? Just the early parts if you want to hurt your heart. Or at least up until sh*t hits the fan for the dearly beloved sister. <<less
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byunnie rated it
July 12, 2020
Status: c73
I loved this novel with a really strong start I was getting really confused when most of the plot was settled by the 50s and the later part started getting really draggy I understand that it's a slice of life but personally for me it was a bit too draggy so I stopped at 73 I'll probably read it with the translation again.

The main characters are really mature and their relationship is amazing top notch communication, trust i.e the things you'd rarely find in danmei AND the ML isn't a... more>> s*x crazed monster who leaves the MC paralyzed on the bed for days.


i was just ready for the ML to leave him after the baby announcement because he didn't remember their first time so he assumed the baby wasn't his and the MC having to trudge it out again but OMG he said he'll help raise the baby like his own!!! Then I expected the MC to run away or something BUT he told him then and there about their first time and was like " This baby is yours tf it can't be anyone else's don't you remember that night????? " And ML was like ohhhhhh AND WE SOLVED THE PROBLEM!!!



ngl I felt really bad for the father and brother because they were controlled by the system and when the plot ended they got their agency back but it was too late what can they do now I'm hoping they make up by the end because there is still more than 70 chapters remaining after almost everything is settled (forgive me I haven't finished it so idk if there's another big boss)


All in all maybe a 4/5 for the beginning then a 3.5/5 for the rest (I'm baffled because by c73 almost everything seems to be done with the relationship with the dad and bro will obviously take time but a little more that 70 chapters remaining is just uhhhh)

The English translation is quite good and I can't wait for more! <<less
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Lumie101 rated it
January 26, 2024
Status: Completed
As every reviewer had written, this novel is about the aftermaths of people who were affected by a person with a system. The novel starts off with our MC struggling to survive on pennies after being kicked out of his own home.

Of course, it's a great premise. As the story unfolds, we see the chaos of a broken family and broken relationships. We get to see the MC thrive on love, but sadly, after the MC and ML gets together, which is extremely quick, the novel slowly dwindles at the... more>> halfway point and becomes the common chinese entertainment novel.

This novel is an okay read. Do I recommend? Yes. Is it a book worth picking up to read again? No. <<less
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