The Cannon Fodder and Villain’s Happy Ending


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Second title: “Everyone Gets Scared When the Consort Gets Fierce”

Qin Jiu transmigrated into a switched-at-birth novel.

She became the first daughter of a marquis’ household. She was swapped out maliciously at a young age and raised in the countryside.

The fake young mistress female lead was a rebirthed girl. The pearl of the capital, and the future wife of the second prince.

In the original novel, Qin Jiu had been jealous of the female lead and kept going against her, trying in vain to frame her. Unaware of her lacking capabilities, she even tried to steal the male lead from her. Eventually, everyone turned their backs against Qin Jiu and she was killed by an arrow to the heart.

After reviewing the plot, Qin Jiu tore up the script–She doesn’t want to be this villainess cannon fodder! Then in the next moment, she jumped into the arms of Regent Gu Zezhi.

Qin Jiu, “Sob sob sob…golden thighs!”

Gu Zezhi, “I’ll let you hug them.” The regent of the dynasty had a fierce reputation of great power and heartless killings. Many people hated him, feared him, and wanted him dead. Then, one day, someone saw the infamously fierce regent holding a little girl in his arms with a pampering expression. Gu Zezhi kissed her hair and spoke in a gentle voice. “You can get rid of anyone you want. I’m here.”

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Honey B
Honey B rated it
October 24, 2020
Status: Completed
It might be a bit cliche, but it's was hella worth it.

Other than her acting skills, and quick thinking, the MC had nothing really special about her. She didn't use a lot of modern knowledge, in fact she was too lazy to even remember the novel's storyline sometimes. BUT THAT'S ONE OF THE REASONS I LOVED HER!!

I liked that not every man in the book fell in love with her. And I loved, loved, loved the relationship between her and the ML.

And might I add, her blunt responses were hilarious.... more>> In most of these stories, the female tries to play word games to appear clever. But she was so straight forward that most people didn't know how to deal with her and it was refreshing.

Even if you don't read it for the storyline, read it for the MC's antics, her reactions, and the ML's scheming plots! They're both beautifully sinister.

Definitely going to re-read it when it's fully translated. <<less
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Kaylee rated it
March 16, 2021
Status: Completed
Can I say that the MC is the ML?

The FL is QJ, ML is GZZ, their stories are intertwined, and it felt like I read a two part novel. One is where FL dealing with her story: her family, her enemy, and capturing ML. The second part is ML's turn to deal with his family, his enemy, the kingdom politic, and live happily.

But, for me even the FL's part is so weak to read, since ML is always there to help her. Yet, she's not present in ML's story or... more>> being involved with his business. Also from the middle to end, FL/QJ existence is like... a sidedish, even if she's not there we wouldnt miss her since she's basically useless.

Oh right, she's a transmigrated character, a modern person so I understand if she'd feel all these ancient custom, society rules are so out dated and difficult to follow. But gosh, she's just that lazy and not willing to remember them, even all the capital's nobility names/relationship, she doesnt want to remember and cant bother to remember. Again, she's basically useless.

That's why I say, the MC for this story is ML.

FL character slowly turns into a boring character. I even more interested with female villain/QX's story and fate rather than QJ. <<less
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DubiousWaterMelon rated it
October 25, 2020
Status: --
I really like the FL in this novel, as a transmigrator from the future, she doesn't go around imparting knowledge nor does she actively seek out vengeance for the original body owner. She's low key, not romantically muddled headed, opinionated and confident to live as herself by adapting yet retaining her essence in Her current environment.

The story mid way turns more into a political intrigue where the FL kind of fades into the background especially as we head to the climax. The romance aspect is unhurried yet smooth. The female... more>> and male lead's romance is build on mutual respect and trust rather than sappy cliché so if your looking for the typical "swoon" worthy romance, this isn't it.

I personally read this in one go and didn't feel tired, so I give a definite 👍 towards potential readers.

The author does have a tendency to repeat things but it doesn't hinder your reading experience too much. I appreciated that there wasn't men falling for the FL everywhere and other than the ML, there really wasn't any peach blossoms around. I feel like this novel is more of a family drama based rather than romance. The novel never really delves into emotional explanation so you have to infer things especially for the ML. It sometimes seems bland in the emotional department, and seem to just relay events in chronology. <<less
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Miss Ruby
Miss Ruby rated it
September 18, 2021
Status: c147
I read up to chapter 57 in the raws but I couldn't continue. This novel leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

As with most historical novels, women barely have any say in their lives and they have to plot and scheme to better their lives in any way.

Despite this novels efforts to paint these women as villains, I found myself feeling bad for them. Of course, I recognize they are terrible people but they are a product of their time.

One thing I couldn't really stand was when ... more>>

Lady Su (the Madam of the second branch) tries to put the MC is terrible marriage but her plan is foiled by an imperial decree. Then because of the MC, that terrible marriage was given to one of Lady Su's daughters. I just don't understand why this has to be the case. The man concerned is a sleazy bastard, who would certainly make anyone's life a living hell. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy and to make things worse, this girl has barely done anything.


The MC is cruising through life because the ML and the Empress stand behind her but if they weren't here, she would be scheming and plotting as much as these women she seems to look down on, if not even more.

It's an okay story. If you read this without thinking too much, you'll enjoy it. <<less
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gryffinpuff rated it
December 15, 2020
Status: Completed
Yet another 'MC transmigrating into a book' story, but what makes it different is that the MC is not some super genius, flaunting her talent/modern world knowledge, or using the original book as a cheat sheet, making money here and there, or guys falling for her left and right. Her initial feelings about leaving a family/world behind are not explored, but otherwise the MC is well portrayed as a witty quick thinker - she's blunt when needed and quite scheming at times. Her relationship with her aunt and siblings is... more>> well described - especially her relation with younger bro leads to many hilarious moments.

There's lot of wit, humor, political intrigue, villains in the story to keep the reader interested, and yes, there's some decent enough romance too (though ML falls for her too fast). The ML is not overbearing jealous character, he enjoys watching MC outwitting everyone, genuinely respects and trusts MC. Another noteworthy character is the Emperor, unlike others, he actually trusts others with power and respects their opinions and really cares for relationships instead of calculating everything and everyone.

Easy to MTL, definitely a good time pass novel. <<less
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whitespade rated it
December 15, 2020
Status: Completed
Highly readable MTL. This is a great story for anyone loving ancient China story involving emperors and family harem drama.

The best thing about this novel is that it's fairly straightforward and you will feel refreshed constantly as there's nothing hindering our FL. However, its is NOT because our FL have too much golden finger or she's so brilliant or she's so cool everyone lick her feet. In fact its because it's the opposite and a lot of people are against her, and the refreshing part is she doesn't give a... more>> f*ck. She doesn't play tricks, she doesn't bully people - she just treat everyone sincerely, if people don't give her face she doesn't give them face, if people are nice to her she will be nice to them. And its not like she act wildly out of the ancient people norm like in other novel where FL cavort with men willy nilly. She act in the boundary while still true to herself.

Anyway, let's talk about her golden finger which is the ML. He is a strategiest, and always calm so don't expect any wild possessive ML here.

All other characters are great too. I like how author try to portray that old people are not necessarily malicious when they favour one person or the other - they are just old and forgot and become muddled lol. Other novels have so many malicious grandmas and grandpas hindering ML and FL here and there. In this novel they still hinder them, but only due to being muddled.

Anyway, read this great novel to pass time! <<less
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Gardner Rain
Gardner Rain
October 26, 2020
Status: Completed
The MTL was almost totally understandable.

Was a good story, realistic to a certain extent.

Loved 😍 the Female Lead, face slapping was totally epic.


The male lead got his revenge on the brother was poetic


Overall good story but the ending was very flat. He just took his wife and went home.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ainslee rated it
June 29, 2021
Status: c113
This was a split translation, chapter 113 in the translation is only chapter 35 in the real novel.

MTL up to Chapter 52.

╮ (╯_╰) ╭

The translation need proofreading, as it had frequent typos.

The story itself was average compared to other novel of the same genre and setting.

The characterization felt lacking in creativities and personality.

┐ (˘_˘) ┌
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Flying Jade
Flying Jade rated it
May 13, 2021
Status: Completed
A nice book to pass the time. The writing style at the start is quite amateurish (more of a narrative with little dialogue) but the storytelling is great nonetheless. In fact, after reading the first few chapters, the story settles in and the writing improves immensely.

The characters, to be truthful, are not super unique but they leave a warmth behind. They are quite humane, not extremely bloodthirsty, violent and such. In fact, they advance and retreat and handle situations with common sense and a grasp of social property for the... more>> era they live in.

The villains... admittedly, the villains are dumbed down a bit, but it is still satisfying to take them down.

And the world background, there is a sense that the world is ACTUALLY being lived in by the characters, instead of a prop or setting for the MC to start her story and act as she like. The view and expectations of the people in the story's world affect how the characters behave.

One of the most unique traits of this story is that the MC's identity as a transmigrator doesn't give her super IQ, culinary skills, or scientific knowledge that drastically affects the technology tree in this ancient world or make people awe at her. The singular new thing she brings in is basically something she only knew the simplest concept of.


A very simple, basic compound bow she made as a toy for her cousin (putting aside the issue of the one-size-fits-all, instead of different bow sizes for children and adults). In the end, the ministry of industry researches the bow concept and come up with a very formidable product that plays a part at the end


In this way, the MC is a very normal person that is relatable to most of us modern people. Modern people don't have encyclopaedia of knowledge stored in their heads waiting to pop out once they transmigrate, but a simple concept thrown out by a modern person in ancient times might just have a butterfly effect.

Really, good, the story is able to let the reader have a suspension of disbelief (especially in the dry parts or hiccups) and create an interesting story. I recommend to read. <<less
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BobChan rated it
February 10, 2021
Status: c52
I really adore this novel. It has similar vibes to 'The Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage', although it's not about revenge and the MC transmigrated in. The characters are dynamic and they're all rather interesting in their own way--although some of their cannon fodders are generic, however, they don't take away from the story and still add to the plot.

... more>>

The only thing I would have like to have seen was a follow up with what happened to some of the minor villains, like the prince from the neighboring country or the princess married to him, the Fang girl that married the Second Prince Gu Jing, etc.


I really like the relationship between the MC and ML, I adore, adore, adore their interactions. They're pragmatic and best of all, they're rational and not stubborn.


The only problem I have is the pregnancy. We don't get to see everything: the MC gets pregnant and comes back at five months, but that's all that we get to see. The extra only shows the one-month celebration for the little princess. I really wanted to read about it... because their love is just so sweet~


Overall, I think it's a fantastic read. The face slappings are satisfying, seeing them receive karma is satisfying, and the ML is hot, smart, good eye candy, rational, but best of all, he's not a douche bag to the MC (who is equally cunning and beautiful). MTLing the novel isn't bad, it's readable--however, there are parts where it gets confusing because of the word translation error. (i.g. some time Gu Zezhi calls his older brother 'son' in the MTL and the concubines, their titles and what they call each other are just chaotic)

The current translator, ShainaG, has solid translation. But I do think that you should wait because they split the original chapters into smaller chapters (i.g. chapter 52 is only chapter 19). You'll probably avoid so many cliffhangers that way and the story wouldn't be dragged out for so long. <<less
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parasiticgiant14 rated it
October 15, 2020
Status: c59
Yes this is cliche and repetitive but I have learn many things from this novel. The novel is persuasive and empowering. I can relate to the original FLs very much.
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September 14, 2021
Status: c1
IMO it's very good for a 'transmigrated into ancient china novel.' It's not senseless and full of passion and insane love. There are a few 'convenient' things that take place, such as the MC originally running away in a direction that takes her to her aunt's side, who is the empress, but it isn't obnoxious. If you like the summary at face value, then you'll like the story!

The MC originally doesn't want anything to do with the plot of the novel, and her attitude really shows - she never gets... more>> involved in something unless it's reasonable for her to be involved, and she never fights for power (although arguably, she has the affections of the Emperor and Empress, plus the 'Big Villain' so... her back stage is already strong enough). She's happy enough to read books, learn a few boudoir skills, and watch a few fools put on a play... but that doesn't mean she's can't whip a person, separate the family, and choke others with a few words!

She has no need to prop her ML up, and even when you consider their relationship from the angle of him recruiting her as a powerful partner to deal with his family, you don't feel like she'll be wronged. They first spent some time together without their identities, and he always takes very good care of her, letting her vent her anger and protecting her well. She also takes care of this 'golden thigh' and even when she's shocked to receive their marriage edict, she recovers and figures that it's "cool to lay down and win!"

Things basically won't go badly for the MC and ML, or if they do, then misfortune will turn into fortune.

Someone said that this is 'taking turns fixing each other's family' and there is a LOT more going on besides that. Unfortunately, it is true that the MC more or less disappears during the last... fourth of the book, but that's because the book is resolving kingdom-wide problems and doing a war. I don't feel like this is wrong, because the plot lines resulting in the war were a big part of the early stories that the MC nearly got caught up in. This is one MC I don't really feel bad that she basically just turns into a wife though, since she really isn't ambitious and really just wants to live well and realistically really does love her husband and he definitely shows enough care that as a blackbellied person, you feel he also loves her deeply. At least twice in the narrative, he himself acknowledges that if he hadn't met her, his ending probably would have been very bad.

really the only time he schemes against her is when he leads the emperor to send a marriage edict down, but then he promptly runs over to check how she's taking it and is relieved when she's in good spirits and happy to see him haha. I don't really consider them 'falling in love' until after the edict, which is probably for the best, but they're very sticky haha.

This book is really good at having villains who do a lot of evil shit, and then blame others when the consequences come lmao. The reborn Fake Daughter killed people, and when others turned against her for it, she's like 'THIS IS ALL [True Daughter's] FAULT!' and 'how can I not measure up to [true daughter]?!' and 'a tiger won't eat their own cub!' BUT SHE KILLED THE GRANDFATHER, and advocated the second aunt to kill the grandmother!!! but of course none of it is her fault.... tsk. <<less
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timefigment rated it
July 17, 2021
Status: c88
I'll give this one a 3.5/5

The story is focused on revenge much more than the romance. From the fake young mistress, the Qin family, the royal family, and pretty much everyone got involved.

It's quite repetitive with the way FL mostly reporting every little thing to officials and have it judged, but if you're looking for tons of face-slapping, it is quite fun to read. Although, it does feel rather unrealistic. I can't remember how many times FL already sounded the drum to report cases lol I mean, it is just... more>> a story, and there are many things not realistic, but they way FL really make rackets of things are just quiteeee a bit too much that I went kinda umm..

The FL herself had many people help her, including the ML's help. However, she's not a useless FL imo as she never lets herself be pushed over, and she did scheme quite a lot in retaliation. It's just as only a girl, she doesn't have much power against the villains who are mostly above her in social hierarchy. I see it as her being the brain, and making good use of others' favour towards her.

Talking about the FL, I quite like her character. She is not one with great ambition, and only wants to survive and have a good life. As you read, you will see that she's mostly a carefree girl and won't do bad to others, if they didn't try to do so first towards her.

As for the ML, he's smart, good at martial arts, secretly hides his talent, and etc. Typical of a male lead in this kind of stories.

However, one thing I really like about him is his attitude towards the people he loves. He appears cold and arrogant at times towards his enemies, but to his people, he's kind and helpful. I really like his interactions with FL. Both of them have a tacit understandings of each other's thoughts, they are helpful to each other, and it's just lovely to see them together.

There's no sort of super romantic scenes or anything so far, but you can see their relationship growing closer and the trust they have with each other.

I also quite like how they both meet each other early on with fake identities, and later on after meeting with their real identities, the ML didn't bother to pretend not to know her. In fact, he went ahead first to greet her even knowing the difference in their hierarchy. It's just refreshing to see an ML that doesn't hide himself, use fake identity, being all mysterious for so many chapters.

Other than both MCs, other characters aren't bland as well. Some of them are quite engaging to read as you discover more of what kind of people they truly are, and their relationships. I really like the emperor and empress' <3

As for the villains, hmm... unfortunately, most are rather boringly s*upid. Some did have a bit of brain here and there. But the more I read, the more I realize they may have something wrong with their brains. Kept blaming others, thinking everything is about you, and so on.

As for the translation,

a chapter is divided into several parts, so it's actually still far from the end. (at ch. 123 now)

The translation needs some heavy editing imo. There's tons of typos: inconsistent name translations, he/she mixed up, and a few other things. Some of the terms used are also weird: noble male heirs being called crown prince (i think it was "shizi" in mtl), elder people calling those younger with "sister (name) " e.g grandma qin calling her granddaughter sister jiu. I think these type of translations are too direct from mtl as I find a lot of them from reading the mtl.

These are mostly what is recurring in the current translation.


I'm impatient, can I read the mtl?

It's superr easy to understand. Much easier than than the usual easy mtl I read. It doesn't give me a headache at all :D

If you often read this type of novel with ancient setting, it'll be even easier as there's a few things translated too directly on mtl and a few still in pinyin. But you'll understand what it means as it's often explained in ancient setting novel translations.

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gzd132 rated it
June 22, 2021
Status: Completed
My rating is a 4.5 actually. I quite enjoyed the twists and turns that the novel presented. There was court intrigue and face-slapping, romance and regret. All around a fun story to pass the time. Nothing absolutely spectacular to point out, but it was definitely an enjoyable read.

The female lead's name (which has been translated as many different names) will be known as Qin Jiu. She was a bright and funny character. And the the male lead Gu Zhezhi is your typical cold, but loving male lead. Nothing special about... more>> them, since they were your standard power couple. Fun to read and see their story to the end. Truth be told I would like to know more about the FLs family. Since their stories were slightly rushed, but oh well.

I don't have too much else to say except, read this and you won't be disappointed. It was a sweet and entertaining novel.


Although it is a romance novel, it was heavy on the revenge aspect. Mainly avenging the original hosts grievances from the past life. So if you don't like heavy revenge and face slapping stories then this isn't for you. <<less
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Suyo rated it
May 28, 2021
Status: --
IT IS A MIRACLE!! Our MC is clever even in front of our ML until the end.

The MC is so normal just like any person in 21 century. She has no gift or golden finger. The most thing I like about her that she didn’t treat people as a character in the novel but as a real people. She used the novel as basic knowledge but didn’t believe it blandly. She regards the original owner as herself and never mentioned she’s from another world. She liked this world. She liked... more>> her family. She never attacked anyone until they attack her.
The ML was so good. I really liked him. He is very smart. His relationship with the MC is the best. He respects her and values her existence. The love between the FL and the ML isn’t a passionate love but that kind of calm love. The love makes you feel it would last forever. Their love is built on their communications. As the ML said there’s no one how can understand him like the MC. They love each other because they understand each other.
now let’s talk about things I hated in this novel. This novel was for sure unnecessary long.

I didn’t like how the MC always hit her brother to the point he can’t express his opinion because he’s afraid.


the original FL and her parents are so brainless.


honestly, I can never understand the original Fl. She always says that our MC stole everything from her! Is she crazy?!! Does she forget that she’s the one who stole her place?!!

I don’t understand her hater towards our MC but I understand her pain. In her first life, she was just a child. She did nothing wrong but lived her whole life in pain. I understand her fair of our MC. In the end, she wanted to protect herself I understand that. But she just did that to another victim like her!!!
The girl was abused by her parents but she never felt any sympathy. She thinks she’s the only one who suffered.


I like the relationship between the emperor and the empress but every time I remember he’s other women I feel a little uncomfortable. But the writer never mentioned his relationship with them which is great.

Also, I feel uncomfortable with the punishment of the people in this novel. I know it’s historical but still, I didn’t like it. Every time It’s mentioned that the emperor is soft-hearted but the facts tell us otherwise.


especially what he did to his daughter. What his daughter did was her only way to survive in her opinion. If the empress didn’t deceive her and told her the emperor wouldn’t marry her off she wouldn’t have done that at all!!

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Smtha rated it
December 8, 2020
Status: Completed
This is good to read. The plot or story is fast paste no unnecessary misunderstandings or drama dragging. The MC is also very lucky. And she is not op. Just straight forward and face slapping the villains. Lol. Because she had the op golden tights she doesn’t need to fear and no need for her to do anything. Even she a transmigrated there no bg info her former life. She doesn’t know how to cook or any warfare cheats. Her golden finger is the golden thighs that pampers her very... more>> much. Its a good light read. There are a few plot holes but you probably don’t care about it. Just enjoy her Happy life. <<less
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October 31, 2020
Status: Completed
3 stars

Not a romance novel

All of them is about revenge. Piuh,

Why not the evil antagonist (Qin Xin) just go to hell. She implicated everyone good. Poor everyone implicated by her.

The plot is boring...... Eventho everyone is smart and scheming, the fact that Qin Xin (the demoness) can manipulate everyone into bad...... Gosh, she is not even great..... IS so disappoimting.

Yes, we tend do evil not because of our circumstances but because of our wicked heart..... But damned who Made US More Evil!!!
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waterplease rated it
April 22, 2021
Status: Completed
Great read! Although it may be your typical original ML-and-FL-turned-villains-novel, this one makes sense and its really interesting to read. The MC isn't trying hard at all. She's just dealing with whatever comes her way calmly, she avoids drama, and minds her own business. The ML is very smart and calculative but he's very sweet and caring especially to those who are important to him like his mom and MC.

I mtled the novel and it wasn't that confusing and pretty easy to read. I will definitely re-read it when the... more>> translation is complete. <<less
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March 7, 2021
Status: Completed
I say, this is the first time I like the ML more than the MC.

And more than romance, this is more of a political, tactical book (?)

But why do I ship the male lead more with Yu Fuyun than the FL?

Anyway, I like that this book have a fair share of good and smart women instead of just portraying them all as brainless idiots and cannon fodders. And also that comeuppance for MLs father was satisfying. But at the end was sad.

Also, in the epilogue, the 2nd prince got reborn, yeah? But he was too late.

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silent hobby
silent hobby
November 19, 2020
Status: Completed
It was straightforward plot. Although there were scheming, political, power struggles and a bit of war. The problems resolved pretty quick and no dragging which is to my taste.

The MC solved all the problems without twist and turn, just go straight to the problem and confront her enemies directly. I think the MC's method was unsual in the ancient china's rebirth or transmigrated plot with round about schemes.

The ML was blackbelly type of character.

It was not a high literacy novel but I'm sure it was a pleasure reading, that's why... more>> I give 5 stars because it was an enjoyable novel and the readers no need to think to much about the story line/plot. <<less
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