The Cannon Fodder and Villain’s Happy Ending


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Second title: “Everyone Gets Scared When the Consort Gets Fierce”

Qin Jiu transmigrated into a switched-at-birth novel.

She became the first daughter of a marquis’ household. She was swapped out maliciously at a young age and raised in the countryside.

The fake young mistress female lead was a rebirthed girl. The pearl of the capital, and the future wife of the second prince.

In the original novel, Qin Jiu who had been jealous of the female lead and kept going against her, trying in vain to frame her. Unaware of her lacking capabilities, she even tried to steal the male lead from her. Eventually, everyone turned their backs against Qin Jiu and she was killed by an arrow to the heart.

After reviewing the plot, Qin Jiu tore up the script–She doesn’t want to be this villainess cannon fodder! Then in the next moment, she jumped into the arms of Regent Gu Zezhi.

Qin Jiu, “Sob sob sob…golden thighs!”

Gu Zezhi, “I’ll let you hug them.” The regent of the dynasty had a fierce reputation of great power and heartless killings. Many people hated him, feared him, and wanted him dead. Then, one day, someone saw the infamously fierce regent holding a little girl in his arms with a pampering expression. Gu Zezhi kissed her hair and spoke in a gentle voice. “You can get rid of anyone you want. I’m here.”

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New aeralockhart rated it
May 1, 2021
Status: Completed
Love it. Such a fun read. I'd say that it's a light read, especially at the beginning. Slice of life feel was very high but once the plot started rolling, it rolled. It's very entertaining. There's a lot of drama surrounding the court and the story focuses on that later on, politics and family conflicts. It's like the story's main character in the first half is MC, ML in the latter half.

I really like the MC. She's very clever. Any attempts to attack her was easily countered. In fact, as... more>> long as they don't provoke her she wouldn't do anything but if they did, hers would be vicious. MC and ML really suit each other lol. ML is amazing. A true golden thigh! I'd like to have half of his brain. Lol

Romance may be slow but the it's clear that ML fell first and MC gradually followed after. It's very sweet cause there's a lot of communication and honestly involved. They showed their black sides early on to each other after all haha.

I mtled it cause I couldn't wait but I'll definitely reread one day.

As a spoiler, my fav part is

Chapter 113

Qin Jiu's heart is warm, as if ripples are rippling layer by layer in Xinhu...

Suddenly, she stood slightly up from the bed, and in his shocked eyes, she kissed his thin lips gently, like a butterfly playing on the petals.

Then, she backed away, sat back, and looked up at the unforgivable pleasure of his eyes, like a child who had succeeded in a prank, and said with a smile:

"I do!"

These three words are her truest thoughts.

How lucky, she met him in this world.

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New ricachuu
April 27, 2021
Status: Completed
This story is definitely more on to family and politics rather than romance. Though if you're looking for romance, you'd also love the romance aspect of the story. The FL and ML's relationship was so smooth without any ups-and-downs. No obsessive second ML or second FL even though both were described to be incredibly attractive (though I guess it could be credited to the fact that from the start FL and ML showed everyone how close they were to each other). FL was straight to the point and doesn't give... more>> a sh*t about schemes and roundabout conversations. She is very cunning and knows when to act pitiful or arrogant lol. ML is definitely a perfect match for FL as he is also very black-bellied and also often deceives people with his gentle and calm looks. He is an amazing strategist that the plans he made in the novel were just... wow. That guy can really plan and he clearly knows what he wants (like how before truly falling in love with FL, he tried to stop FL from being married to someone else since he knew he would want to marry her).

Also, this is one of the few novels where the Royal Family Heads (Emperor, Empress and Empress Dowager) aren't evil or muddle-headed. I like how a lot of people were still there to support both ML and FL. Some of the villains were actually given reasonable thoughts.

Like how ML's father was too blinded about his love for his 1st son that he subconsciously neglected his real wife and ML. Also, oriML used to not have thoughts about fighting for the throne and even initially wanted to support the 6th prince and live idly. However, upon meeting oriFL, he was brainwashed to think that he was gonna be the future emperor by her. I also think that the MC's original body married the oriML in the original timeline but at that time the 6th prince died and oriML wasn't greedy of the idea of being emperor. Still, FL and ML definitely perfect for each other.


MTL was pretty understandable so if you're craving for that ancient setting romance with the right amount of scheming and less drama, read this~ <<less
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Honey B
Honey B rated it
October 24, 2020
Status: Completed
It might be a bit cliche, but it's was hella worth it.

Other than her acting skills, and quick thinking, the MC had nothing really special about her. She didn't use a lot of modern knowledge, in fact she was too lazy to even remember the novel's storyline sometimes. BUT THAT'S ONE OF THE REASONS I LOVED HER!!

I liked that not every man in the book fell in love with her. And I loved, loved, loved the relationship between her and the ML.

And might I add, her blunt responses were hilarious.... more>> In most of these stories, the female tries to play word games to appear clever. But she was so straight forward that most people didn't know how to deal with her and it was refreshing.

Even if you don't read it for the storyline, read it for the MC's antics, her reactions, and the ML's scheming plots! They're both beautifully sinister.

Definitely going to re-read it when it's fully translated. <<less
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DubiousWaterMelon rated it
October 25, 2020
Status: --
I really like the FL in this novel, as a transmigrator from the future, she doesn't go around imparting knowledge nor does she actively seek out vengeance for the original body owner. She's low key, not romantically muddled headed, opinionated and confident to live as herself by adapting yet retaining her essence in Her current environment.

The story mid way turns more into a political intrigue where the FL kind of fades into the background especially as we head to the climax. The romance aspect is unhurried yet smooth. The female... more>> and male lead's romance is build on mutual respect and trust rather than sappy cliché so if your looking for the typical "swoon" worthy romance, this isn't it.

I personally read this in one go and didn't feel tired, so I give a definite 👍 towards potential readers.

The author does have a tendency to repeat things but it doesn't hinder your reading experience too much. I appreciated that there wasn't men falling for the FL everywhere and other than the ML, there really wasn't any peach blossoms around. I feel like this novel is more of a family drama based rather than romance. The novel never really delves into emotional explanation so you have to infer things especially for the ML. It sometimes seems bland in the emotional department, and seem to just relay events in chronology. <<less
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Kaylee rated it
March 16, 2021
Status: Completed
Can I say that the MC is the ML?

The FL is QJ, ML is GZZ, their stories are intertwined, and it felt like I read a two part novel. One is where FL dealing with her story: her family, her enemy, and capturing ML. The second part is ML's turn to deal with his family, his enemy, the kingdom politic, and live happily.

But, for me even the FL's part is so weak to read, since ML is always there to help her. Yet, she's not present in ML's story or... more>> being involved with his business. Also from the middle to end, FL/QJ existence is like... a sidedish, even if she's not there we wouldnt miss her since she's basically useless.

Oh right, she's a transmigrated character, a modern person so I understand if she'd feel all these ancient custom, society rules are so out dated and difficult to follow. But gosh, she's just that lazy and not willing to remember them, even all the capital's nobility names/relationship, she doesnt want to remember and cant bother to remember.

That's why I say, the MC for this story is ML.

FL character slowly turns into a boring character. I even more interested with female villain/QX's story and fate rather than QJ. <<less
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gryffinpuff rated it
December 15, 2020
Status: Completed
Yet another 'MC transmigrating into a book' story, but what makes it different is that the MC is not some super genius, flaunting her talent/modern world knowledge, or using the original book as a cheat sheet, making money here and there, or guys falling for her left and right. Her initial feelings about leaving a family/world behind are not explored, but otherwise the MC is well portrayed as a witty quick thinker - she's blunt when needed and quite scheming at times. Her relationship with her aunt and siblings is... more>> well described - especially her relation with younger bro leads to many hilarious moments.

There's lot of wit, humor, political intrigue, villains in the story to keep the reader interested, and yes, there's some decent enough romance too (though ML falls for her too fast). The ML is not overbearing jealous character, he enjoys watching MC outwitting everyone, genuinely respects and trusts MC. Another noteworthy character is the Emperor, unlike others, he actually trusts others with power and respects their opinions and really cares for relationships instead of calculating everything and everyone.

Easy to MTL, definitely a good time pass novel. <<less
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whitespade rated it
December 15, 2020
Status: Completed
Highly readable MTL. This is a great story for anyone loving ancient China story involving emperors and family harem drama.

The best thing about this novel is that it's fairly straightforward and you will feel refreshed constantly as there's nothing hindering our FL. However, its is NOT because our FL have too much golden finger or she's so brilliant or she's so cool everyone lick her feet. In fact its because it's the opposite and a lot of people are against her, and the refreshing part is she doesn't give a... more>> f*ck. She doesn't play tricks, she doesn't bully people - she just treat everyone sincerely, if people don't give her face she doesn't give them face, if people are nice to her she will be nice to them. And its not like she act wildly out of the ancient people norm like in other novel where FL cavort with men willy nilly. She act in the boundary while still true to herself.

Anyway, let's talk about her golden finger which is the ML. He is a strategiest, and always calm so don't expect any wild possessive ML here.

All other characters are great too. I like how author try to portray that old people are not necessarily malicious when they favour one person or the other - they are just old and forgot and become muddled lol. Other novels have so many malicious grandmas and grandpas hindering ML and FL here and there. In this novel they still hinder them, but only due to being muddled.

Anyway, read this great novel to pass time! <<less
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Gardner Rain
Gardner Rain
October 26, 2020
Status: Completed
The MTL was almost totally understandable.

Was a good story, realistic to a certain extent.

Loved 😍 the Female Lead, face slapping was totally epic.


The male lead got his revenge on the brother was poetic


Overall good story but the ending was very flat. He just took his wife and went home.
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BobChan rated it
February 10, 2021
Status: c52
I really adore this novel. It has similar vibes to 'The Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage', although it's not about revenge and the MC transmigrated in. The characters are dynamic and they're all rather interesting in their own way--although some of their cannon fodders are generic, however, they don't take away from the story and still add to the plot.

... more>>

The only thing I would have like to have seen was a follow up with what happened to some of the minor villains, like the prince from the neighboring country or the princess married to him, the Fang girl that married the Second Prince Gu Jing, etc.


I really like the relationship between the MC and ML, I adore, adore, adore their interactions. They're pragmatic and best of all, they're rational and not stubborn.


The only problem I have is the pregnancy. We don't get to see everything: the MC gets pregnant and comes back at five months, but that's all that we get to see. The extra only shows the one-month celebration for the little princess. I really wanted to read about it... because their love is just so sweet~


Overall, I think it's a fantastic read. The face slappings are satisfying, seeing them receive karma is satisfying, and the ML is hot, smart, good eye candy, rational, but best of all, he's not a douche bag to the MC (who is equally cunning and beautiful). MTLing the novel isn't bad, it's readable--however, there are parts where it gets confusing because of the word translation error. (i.g. some time Gu Zezhi calls his older brother 'son' in the MTL and the concubines, their titles and what they call each other are just chaotic)

The current translator, ShainaG, has solid translation. But I do think that you should wait because they split the original chapters into smaller chapters (i.g. chapter 52 is only chapter 19). You'll probably avoid so many cliffhangers that way and the story wouldn't be dragged out for so long. <<less
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Smtha rated it
December 8, 2020
Status: Completed
This is good to read. The plot or story is fast paste no unnecessary misunderstandings or drama dragging. The MC is also very lucky. And she is not op. Just straight forward and face slapping the villains. Lol. Because she had the op golden tights she doesn’t need to fear and no need for her to do anything. Even she a transmigrated there no bg info her former life. She doesn’t know how to cook or any warfare cheats. Her golden finger is the golden thighs that pampers her very... more>> much. Its a good light read. There are a few plot holes but you probably don’t care about it. Just enjoy her Happy life. <<less
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waterplease rated it
April 22, 2021
Status: Completed
Great read! Although it may be your typical original ML-and-FL-turned-villains-novel, this one makes sense and its really interesting to read. The MC isn't trying hard at all. She's just dealing with whatever comes her way calmly, she avoids drama, and minds her own business. The ML is very smart and calculative but he's very sweet and caring especially to those who are important to him like his mom and MC.

I mtled the novel and it wasn't that confusing and pretty easy to read. I will definitely re-read it when the... more>> translation is complete. <<less
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silent hobby
silent hobby
November 19, 2020
Status: Completed
It was straightforward plot. Although there were scheming, political, power struggles and a bit of war. The problems resolved pretty quick and no dragging which is to my taste.

The MC solved all the problems without twist and turn, just go straight to the problem and confront her enemies directly. I think the MC's method was unsual in the ancient china's rebirth or transmigrated plot with round about schemes.

The ML was blackbelly type of character.

It was not a high literacy novel but I'm sure it was a pleasure reading, that's why... more>> I give 5 stars because it was an enjoyable novel and the readers no need to think to much about the story line/plot. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
parasiticgiant14 rated it
October 15, 2020
Status: c59
Yes this is cliche and repetitive but I have learn many things from this novel. The novel is persuasive and empowering. I can relate to the original FLs very much.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Miyahhh rated it
March 13, 2021
Status: Completed
I read the MTL because couldn't wait for the update since I liked the bits I read. I'll definitely reread the better translation later.

The novel is your typical transmigrator meet rebirth character novel. There are some cliches you find in the genre, vindictive sisters who are out to get MC etc, but the writing and developments are enjoyable enough that it doesn't matter if it's a trope.

What I like is how the MC transmigration helped saved the ML and steer his life in a new direction from the original novel... more>> plot. It shows how often good and evil is dependent on the perspective since the ML actually wasn't very much of a "villain" but he was made out to be one since the original novel was written from the original ML and heroine's perspective as an obstacle on their romantic rise to power. It was clear after seeing the original ML's faults and his personality spiralling out of control when he doesn't get what wanted that the ML was the prince regent in the original novel because he couldn't leave the country in the hand of someone incapable. He wasn't some power hungry regent trying to take over the throne so it was sad that the ML's reputation was tarnished and ended up dead in the end of the original novel. I'm pretty sympathetic of the ML in this novel

The MC isn't super powerful. She admit she forget some plot details while skipping through the novels (relatable). Her character is funny because she respond in unexpected ways when people try to step on her.

The romance of the book is not too fast instalove or slow burn. You can feel their relationships grow at organic pace. They're a cute couple.

Overall pretty good read to kill time <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sour_candy rated it
February 23, 2021
Status: Completed
I love this novel so much, I completely read this novel in 3 days

I highly recommend this novel to everyone...

Okay so MC got transmigrated in a novel as Qin Jiu who got swaped by nanny with her child Qin xin, so Qin xin is a FL and 2nd prince Gu jing is ML in novel that our MC got transmigrated into and and yess Qin xin is also reborn, I really find her so annoying like she blamed others for her mistake, she got a golden chance to reborn... more>> but she just wasted it.

I really find empress and MC interaction so cute

Gu zhezhe is ML <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ReadBhell rated it
February 21, 2021
Status: Completed
To pass the time it was very good, I liked how everything developed with regard to political, military and family conflicts. I liked how Gu Zhezhi maintained the relationship with his father, how I align his feelings of love and disappointment with his father. The fact that King Duan preferred his eldest son by hurting his youngest son and his wife and his princess, so that in the end she would be left with nothing, was sad, but I understand Gu Zhezhi's position. It was a novel not with many... more>> twists but to be enjoyed as good triumphs over evil. <<less
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ashc00 rated it
February 17, 2021
Status: Completed
I really enjoyed reading this novel! It's quite refreshing since the battle is between a reincarnate and a transmigrator. Both ori!FL and MC have cheats but one is narrow minded and the other looks at thing in a bigger picture. You could see who would win in the end.

So much face slapping thus making the story very entertaining and quite satisfying. The story is fast pace and I do feel it's quite rushing nearing the end of the novel, but still, it's wrapped up nicely. All villains received the retributions... more>> they deserved for whatever misdeeds they have done. It's the definition of "You reap what you sow".

I think, I am so in love with the MC and ML in this novel. MC is cunning, witty and black belly. She conformed to the norms and rules in her current setting and rarely push her modern understanding and ideals into her character and to others, except under certain issue, like how the divorced women should be portrayed in the ancient China society. She knew how to defend herself using her cunning mind and wicked tongue, and only occasionally she was saved by ML (but very rarely). Usually, ML just sat aside and watched the show 😂.

ML has the same descriptions like other novels as being someone with heavenly handsome face and gentle character, but behind the smile, he is a black belly person and very far-sighted. He is a strategist and so calm, rarely show nervousness and anxiety. He is also a gentleman to the core. He didn't slip into MC's room at night nor he showed possessiveness openly. Besides, the way he shower his feelings towards MC is very subtle but so sweet. But he does have golden fingers and MC once wondered, how much ability did he possessed 😂 I am very satisfied with this couple. There's no second ML nor FL to break the couple's and readers' hearts, only passerby who wants to get benefit from MC and ML.

Almost all the villains in this story are quite s*upid and narrow minded. Because they are obsessed with their own greed, they couldn't see the whole situation in a bigger picture and ended up destroying their opportunities and hard work miserably with their own hands. Some lost the chance and people, some got beheaded and some was thrown aside because of their s*upidity.

All characters are lovable even the emperor and empress are wise. No gruesome plot and nasty schemes (rape, kidnapping, torture). I think the plot is quite light but so moving. Just love the antics between MC and ML and how MC hold ML's golden thigh and wanted him to compliment her when she did a great job 😂😂

I think I will reread again when the novel has been fully translated. A very very good novel 👏🏽👏🏽 <<less
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seishoku rated it
January 28, 2021
Status: Completed
While this story isn't going to win any literary awards, it's a fast read that is pretty refreshing for the genre. The FL is a nice blend of modern sensibilities and ancient know-how. She doesn't have any super cheats like super etiquette, martial arts, cooking, etc. She's just a quick thinker with some pre-knowledge of the people/world around her. This knowledge becomes less useful over time, which brings me to what I like most about this novel:

Even though FL knows she's inside of a book, she sidesteps the trope of... more>> over-relying on that knowledge. She recognizes very early that she has derailed the plot with her presence and doesn't feel that she MUST adhere to the plot from the book or that the book events HAVE to happen. I hate it when FLs make assumptions just because of what they remember of the plot, constantly downplaying their own influence. I like that this FL realizes quickly that her "villain" might not actually be so villainous at all, but was more a victim of circumstance. She uses her knowledge of the plot to her advantage, but lets it go when the characters start to really change from what she knew. About halfway through you kinda forget that she's even a transmigrator. It just loses its importance.

I appreciated that conflicts were never black and white. There were always reasons for the villains/cannon fodder to do what they did, even if they were in opposition to the main couple. But everyone got what was coming to them in the end. There weren't a lot of characters, so there weren't really any loose ends left, which I liked. The story had basically no filler and was easy and quick to read, though I honestly wish the final conflict could have been expanded more (and FL more involved with it). And more epilogues would've been nice! But FL played to her strengths from beginning to end and was never OP enough to be involved with absolutely everything—and wise enough to realize and admit that!

She and ML both relied on each other and had lots of trust and affection. I think it was a very well-developed and well-paced romance. They're a perfectly matched pair of black-bellied people and it was a lot of fun watching them coordinate and faceslap their enemies together. No major misunderstandings, no love rivals or constant jealousy/possessiveness, just sweetness and mutual plotting. They each recognize the cruel streak (villain tendencies?) in the other and love BECAUSE, not "in spite of" it. I love when FL thinks to herself that because ML is always behind her, she can be totally free to do what she wants at all times. Meanwhile ML always thinks that his life only has color and happiness because of all the ways she's influenced him and events in his life. He can imagine his life if they'd never met and it would have been awful. That's real trust. That's love.

Overall a great little novel that is wonderful to read for stress relief. <<less
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January 9, 2021
Status: c47
While this novel is not the best, it's also not a total piece of garbage.

MC is quite likable, but although she does have some smarts in the beginning, she soon morphs into some sort of OP character, the specific type that is young and lovable to adults but actually really cunning and black belly inside. There are just too many of those MCs in novels already, so this one is nothing new.

There is the typical reconciled reborn Og!FL, who sets herself up against MC. She too is a typical c*ckroach,... more>> even though she suffers all the time from getting face slapped by MC, she still makes it out alive. It's really tiring watching her just not die. This novel also has the typical dead/absent parents, and the evil grandmother and extended family. Now that I think about it, this novel isn't actually that great... <<less
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ak4hoshi rated it
December 17, 2020
Status: Completed
Its decent story with likeable characters and funny situations.

I can see why Qin Xin was so overconfident and acted as if everybody owes her something, and truthfully I just can't sympathize with her. All in her life happened according to her own choices. Gu Jing blamed all on her, but he is just as guilty of his sins as Qin Xin, he had a choice at the end of the day, but chose wrong.

For me, the most hateful character in this novel is the previous Emperor. And the most pitiful... more>> is Princess Yongle. She didn't live a single peaceful day in her life, lived and died miserably. The emperor is the one I like the most, he's sincere, kind and considerate, yet sharp and ruthless when needed to. He could still get the throne and stabilised the country, he knows to listen and to talk, really an awesome man who deserved more place in this novel.

Overall a good read. <<less
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Honefuusen rated it
November 15, 2020
Status: --
It kinda wholesome simply because the villain is so much more happier because he met cannon fodder FL. And somewhat regretful because the second prince got duped by the fake heroine and become what he is from the original idle and carefree prince.

Because how malicious fake heroine is, anyone and anything she touches became the worst of itself and got the worst ending they could. Really unbearable.

Overall, it wasn't a good ancient-esque novel because FL butchered everything that doesn't conform with her modern people cognition, but it's an enjoyable read.... more>> Villain ML is a particularly dazzling character. <<less
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October 31, 2020
Status: Completed
3 stars

Not a romance novel

All of them is about revenge. Piuh,

Why not the evil antagonist (Qin Xin) just go to hell. She implicated everyone good. Poor everyone implicated by her.

The plot is boring...... Eventho everyone is smart and scheming, the fact that Qin Xin (the demoness) can manipulate everyone into bad...... Gosh, she is not even great..... IS so disappoimting.

Yes, we tend do evil not because of our circumstances but because of our wicked heart..... But damned who Made US More Evil!!!
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