The Tragedy of The Villainess


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Seria, a social outcast, has changed.
Seria Stern, the wicked woman who made everyone tremble with fear, was now calm.

In fact, she wasn’t just changed, she was a completely different person.

The moment she realized that she had possessed the body of the villain Seria, in a romance novel, she had a hunch about the future and decided to live low.

She would avoid kidnapping and harassing the original heroine, hence preventing her death by decapitation at the hands of Kalis, the second male lead.

In order to avoid that, she had to fix her bad relationship with Kalis and even healed his injured arm.

Thanks to that she got engaged with him, so it’s all worked out.
Finally, the original heroine returned, and her husband, Lesche, should be on good terms with her now.

“I’ve been waiting to escort her, so…”

Lesche asked, resolutely cutting off Kalis’ words.

“Miss Seria, it would be better for you to choose. With whom would you want to go with?”

Something was strange.
The original, wasn’t it perfectly fine?

Associated Names
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Circumstances Of A Real Villainess
I've Become a True Villainess (Official Manhwa)
Seria Stern
합법적 악역의 사정
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Slowday rated it
February 23, 2021
Status: c65
It's frustratingly good. I'm already at ch 65, or chapter 5 (or 6????) of the book, and so far still enjoying it. There's still a little to no romance, yet I have no regrets. It's slowburn since the marriage's somehow like a contract marriage, but I really wish the MCs would kiss already lol. Each chapter makes you wanna read more. I love it that it's not always drama, but there's mystery and a lil bit thriller in it.

I love the FL so much!!!! Originally Seria thought that if she... more>> acted differently from how the villainess behaved, she'd be safe and sound, but nah. She at last engaged to Kalis, but when she saw him with og FL, she tried to understand and accept everything bc she thought that it's a force majeure where the MLs would always be attracted to the of FL, but slowly she realized that her feelings were important too. She tried so hard to live but when something happened on her wedding and it almost took her life, she understood that she needed to take actions. She doesnt want to easily forgive and forget again.

The ML... Lesche is a typical korean novel's ML I guess? At first he wasn't interested in Seria, but slowly found himself always taking care of her. They got married because

THIS MF KALIS DIDN'T COME TO THE WEDDING BECAUSE HE WAS TRAPPED IN A BLIZZARD IN A HUT TOGETHER WITH THE FREAKING ANNOYING OG FL. A Stern wedding is time limited, and both of the couple shouldn't be late and actually would die from blood loss if one doesn't come. So Lesche came to the rescue and took the groom's place.

He's lowkey a tsundere lmao. I love that he doesn't even interested with og FL, even annoyed, due to her antics.

About the og FL, you know that blue haired FL who's always protected from When the Villainess Loves? Lina, the og FL, is exactly like that. Easily shed tears, not understanding common sense, truly naive, thinks about everything in her own way, and behave like a spoiled child who doesn't know how the world works. I understand that she's from another world, but after few months and lessons, shouldn't she adapted already? When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

She wanted to be Seria's friend, adored Seria who's a Stern to the point she even wanted to be like her, and well, later it was found out she's actually a Stern too.


I have no opinions about Kalis. He can go to hell 🙂🙂🙂 even if he repented I won't want him to be with Seria!!!!

Also it's from the same author of Princess Shu. <<less
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Skite rated it
June 18, 2021
Status: --
What I like:

Bibi is a treasure. May we all have a Bibi in our lives.

The MC, Seria, has very real, palpable emotions and feels like a full person. She feels fear and worry as a constant undercurrent, and we feel it, too. Other stories with heroines trying to avoid "death flags" don't really touch on how unstable, uncertain, and simply how scary, that situation would be. After reading this, the protagonists in other stories feel a bit fake in comparison: they know they'll die in a year if they fail,... more>> why aren't they more stressed out, like this MC? She also falls in love, despite knowing it's probably a bad idea, and her love and her feelings about it when the object of her affection turns out to be a "Nice Guy" (you know the type), are messy and human.

The transmigration aspect is handled in an interesting way: MC not only has her original body's memories, but is also influenced by her emotions, motivations, and aesthetic taste from those memories, to a certain degree. For example: the original body's mother was much maligned, so when anyone insults her mother, MC will become absolutely enraged, from the influence of experiencing those memories. This will also make you wonder why other story's MCs aren't the same way; they are literally viewing a person's memory, why aren't they more affected?

Seria embraces her dark side (as needed). She does not overcorrect into saccharine sweet doormat-hood. She will go full scary villain if and when she needs to and others deserve it. The MC and the OG male lead's relationship progresses at a natural pace. There is no instant switch. She is still recovering from her previous relationship, which he allows her to do on her own time, with minimal male posturing or possessiveness. He respects her, which is wonderful, and they are friendly, soon becoming friends. They make each other laugh. They tease each other cutely. They understand and accept each other's scary, bad sides, which complement each other's. They communicate well on the big issues, but not so well they feel like a stuffy example couple from a marriage counseling flier. They are one of my favorite, healthiest, couples on here and they are absolutely adorable together, making you want to go awwww!

The Saintess is absent most of the story, which you'll understand why that's a plus below.

What I dislike:

Sweet jeebus, can NONE of the door guards or servants do their actual jobs?? They're like automatic doors, opening whenever someone approaches! You'll get very tired and irritated when the MC is in her private room, maybe changing, maybe injured, and the the OG female lead just busts in AGAIN, despite there literally being guards on the door to prevent MC from being bothered.

Even when doors are not involved, there is lots of bursting-in-with-sudden-drama! To the plot. Which can keep you on your toes, but feel a bit exhausting if you are binge reading. Despite the wonderfully nuanced job done with the MC's character, the OG female lead, Lina, is the epitome of every bad stereotype associated with young, teen girls magically transported to new worlds and assigned a special, super powered fate. I guess you would have to be a certain, (extremely high,) level of oblivious, bold, and self confident in order to pull off a "Saintess" fate, but holy crap, is she annoying as she simply does not understand why Seria, or anyone else, doesn't want to be besties and doesn't think she's the cutest thing ever. She is block-of-wood s*upid, which is good, since you'll want something dense to beat your head against in frustration at her newest antic.

Were she back in her original world, I could see her as the "social media influencer"/ "if you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best" type: convinced everyone likes her, if they don't, it's because they're mean haters, nothing she does is wrong, and all her little character flaws are darling 'quirks' people have to accept, rather than changing and improving. She's got a bit of entitled, jealous dark side under the naivety, but this is no white lotus or green tea b*tch. Still, it makes her very, very fun to hate, which I guess is the point, but wow, do I hate her a lot and look forward to Seria utterly destroying her and making her stop crying for once. The entire "Stern" thing is not explained very well (seems to be a special class of magic wielders afforded significant rank and privilege?), and it feels like the author is doing that on purpose so they can add things as they go, in case it's needed.

I had previously praised the translation, but as it went on, that degraded to a tiny step above MTL, with some smoothing. You can still understand it and it's fine, but if you compare with how they translated things for the webcomic, it becomes apparent how much finesse was lost. Verdict:

Definitely among the better/ best of the translated light novels, with detailed writing and an engaging plot which focuses on complex, interpersonal relationships, while not neglecting the occasional spot of action and drama. It does not shy away from mess, or take the easy shortcuts to a happy ending. Not pure cotton candy fluff, but not fully adult and depressing bitter chocolate: something in between, like maybe a wine gum candy. <<less
42 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
znukhsoc rated it
December 31, 2021
Status: c15
I don't know how people can manage to write characters like this. Pettiness and annoy in full force... I'm in awe. Excuse me for being harsh but this is certified tr*sh. It's not even worthy of me to rant or review. Can't believe people can give this story higher than 2 stars.
21 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 22, 2021
Status: c19
Imma write a short review since there aren't many, hope it helps.

Well, I've just read 19 chapters but the plot is roughly like this:

A college graduate transmigrates into Seria's body, who is a villainess in sum classic romance novel. You know, a Mary Sue protag titled "Saintess", beyond devoted love interests, Grand Duke ML blah blah...

We start the story 1 year after our MC is transmigrated, so she's already quite used to her new world so we can avoid the cringe. I gotta mention, she's smart in her own right,... more>> she didn't directly transform from the " most treacherous woman in 10000 miles" to "white lotus that could melt glaciers with her global warming-like smile, " no. She aims to rebuild her reputation little by little, as to not appear suspicious (which most transmigration protags don't really care about, protag halo is the only thing that protects them) and cares most about avoiding death flags, not making herself to be sum angel on earth. She just fixed the most pressing issues in the one year time she was there, and didn't go out of her way to dunno, fix OG!Seria's shitty family relations? Avoid the ML only to become even closer to him? Choose your pick of these most basic mistakes lol.

Anyways, she's fallen for the 2nd male lead and was gonna marry him. She's a poor villainess, he's a tragic 2nd male lead that committed su*cide after has given his all to the Saintess only to see her marry ML, they deserve this much happiness right? Alas, Saintess appeared 1 week before the wedding was held...

Stainless, as the title suggests, is a pure woman with holy powers at her disposal. She supposedly falls from the sky, well, another transmigrator but she's not aware that we're in the book. If I were to describe her, "tactless 5 years old child" would be the politest words I could use lol. I don't expect her to know noble etiquette, she comes from modern times, but complete lack of common sense on her part... You just get the urge to crack open her skull to see if there is anything in it other than water. I mean, she's not tr*sh like most "transmigrating into the villainess" type of novel's original heroines are, those that make you think og villainesses are much better. She doesn't go around digging pits for others to fall or black-bellied, no, it's just as I said; she acts like a 5 years old.

Ugh, I don't wanna spoil much, what I have written above is a matter of few chapters. I think it's pretty good, I can't wait to see drama queen Saintess's tears form a river- wait that's not it.

Saintess gives me minor headaches so I would give this novel 4 5/5, considering we're just 19 chapters in I'm quite optimistic. <<less
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HentMas rated it
May 7, 2021
Status: c16
Now now, comparing this to "Remarried Empress" is a bit much, the focus of both stories is quite different, in "RE" the story focuses on giving the reader the full experience of being in a relationship without love, the portrayals focus on a more mature emotional portrayals.

On here, well, it's a completely different beast, with a completely different premise and intent from the author, and quite frankly it's more immature (seriously the amount of comments that mention "immature" and "childish" is a testament of this).

But setting the differences aside.

I am... more>> enjoying this novel very much, the progression and the plot points are competent and well crafted, although a bit short sighted, it's focused on "shock value" that sometimes pushes the common sense a bit to portray a tragedy, it's a bit too on the nose for me, but it works within the story.

The characterizations are well portrayed and understandable, although some of them feel a bit too forced, they work "within" the story, you have your "oblivious cliché Isekai" heroine and our MC who is the reincarnator in the body of someone that was a Villainess... but the story starts after she's already shed some of that image because of her knowledge of the future.

The story haves a few chapters of clunky exposition dump that help proceed with the world building, but it's sometimes a bit bothersome because it repeats a few of those in different POVs, at least in the characterizations it's all well understandable and follows a very clear line of what "is" and "isn't" right, you can clearly see that the road to hell is paved by good intentions.

It's a nice novel, some of the set ups feel a bit rushed, and some of the characterizations are purely for shock value because they shatter common sense, so just be aware that it's gonna be a bit annoying from time to time to read them, but once you keep on reading it makes sense... if you squint a bit...

BTW: the romance... is... secondary, you're here to see her be punched and healed a bit each time by the ML, but back to punching, because this IS a tragedy and that's the focus... so reader beware, it's "not" a slow burn romance, it's a punching bag taking all the tragedy she can till the author is satisfied so that the ML looks magnificent (when he really doesn't do much outside of making sarcastic remarks). <<less
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Potatoteeth rated it
October 5, 2022
Status: Completed
TL;DR: MC is frustratingly weak in the first half, then suddenly competent in the second. Some casual racism. Quite a lot of fragmented exposition. Read at your own risk.


For the first half of the book, MC is a toothless female who lives with her head down. She knows she's in a pretty desperate situation but she doesn't gather information, doesn't train, doesn't take protective measures, doesn't gather allies. She doesn't hone her skill and she doesn't make Plan Bs. She has amazing resources in her hands, enough for any other... more>> transmigrator to do a speedrun, but she just hunkers down with hands over head thinking she'll come to a good end that way. This is a wet noodle personality with no initiative at all. All she knows is to hack away at her designated job and live like a mouse.

Sometimes, this trait saves MC from the pitfalls of the villainess trope, but most times she's rushing to put herself in passive situations. Her sphere of concerns are terrifyingly narrow. She runs headfirst into hostile territory while rejecting help, without a lick of preparation. Granted, she seems good at admin, and can be said to be the ideal employee, but she fails as an individual and as a scientist. The simplest of deductions take her months to process. All of her feats are an accident.

Perhaps this kind of MC is attractive to some, but she doesn't remind me of any graduate student I've known. Graduate students know how to reason, how to negotiate, how to experiment. These are BASELINE skills, but somehow the author only remembers the concept of "experiments" in chapter 93. Do graduate students in Korea not have to fight for funding? Is there no competition for projects? And, when dropped into a world where the science operates on different rules, are they completely NOT CURIOUS AT ALL? The character would have worked better if the author had made her some low-level corporate drone, the kind who womans the photocopy machine and is bullied into making coffee all day.

Anyway, an MC like this is clearly not postgrad material, so here's a story where she gets carried around barefoot by a man. She improves by the second half, breaking character by suddenly becoming able to

maul and torture

. It's bad writing but great news for the reader, even though getting up to that point is a pain and a half. The last third of the book is exciting enough, standard fare with some cribbing from much more worthy authors.

As for the rest -- the characters are mass-produced, the antagonists are brain-damaged, and the institutions are impotent. There are some ridiculous twists that have no impact and no meaning. It's quite undisciplined. On the whole, this story reads like a first draft. It could have been polished into something great after about 15 rewrites, but wasn't.

What pissed me off THE MOST, however, was the throwaway insult to an already persecuted ethnic group. To describe them factually as "the abomination of the continent"? This writer has some very problematic beliefs! Thank goodness it only happens once in this novel. But once is too much, please, thank you very much.

2 stars. <<less
14 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Demonqueen26 rated it
August 11, 2021
Status: c56
I naturally assumed that this was going to be similar to many other transmigration stories where the girl becomes a villainess. But I LOVE this one. The Female Villainess is likeable. She's not completely naïve or arrogant like some Transmigration characters. Bravo to the writer and translator. I can't wait for more.
14 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Drenlith rated it
October 11, 2022
Status: --
The story starts off at the speed of light, with information overload and plot convenient potholes littering the starting point.
It seems to be a poor attempt at something like 'remarried empress', cutting the frustrating part short, but instead ended up more unreasonably frustrating for nothing.

It's so highly watered down, lacking substance and direction.
What makes it more immersion-breaking are the bizarre details like how the author calls a side character 'Alliot (Angel) ' every time he's mentioned and then narrates how much of an angel he is and lets... more>> MC sing praises directly in his face on top. Or how she named her horse, a horse, Rottweiler. Yeah, let's name my bunny 'Russian Blue' and call my bird 'Cobra' because that's cute and not weird at all.
There are more random and immature moments that become more and more like fanfiction than its own novel. (E.g.: MC is depressed and disappointed at the scene of her fiancé choosing the ogMC over her for the Xth time but is suddenly immersed in the beauty of ML and starts to narrate his beauty. Out of all times, the worst time to start describing him. It crushes the character of the MC.
It was an important sensitive moment, just to be ruined by the author themself.)

All characters behave extremely strictly under the force of plot convenience. MC would act like a doormat, when she can and has stood up for herself, just for ML to swoop by and save her.
The ML, IDK, is simply acting how MLs should, there are no discerning factors of what could make him a unique character.
Her loving fiancé/2ndML becomes a chauvinistic hypocrite/simp when the ogMC gets involved, throwing all kind of 2ndML mannerisms away by constantly swaying between ogMC and MC.
The ogMC who supposedly to be innocent and naive is on inexcusable levels of ignorant and self-centered.

MC has already made enough efforts to have BG characters stand on her side regardless so what's the point of this story, exactly?
Pampering waifu and living life in luxury and punishing side characters that have 0 importance? Yeah, that sounds about right.

TL;DR: it's a bunch of loose threads

Oh, P.S: Translation sucks. Besides fighting with the over literal translations there are sentences that are not even sentences like 'Did you perhaps teleportation?' But tbh, the story's bad enough that there's reasonable doubt that the story was originally written that way. <<less
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
keikomushi rated it
May 26, 2021
Status: c56
This story is an exciting, engaging read so far. The world-building (including magic, religion, demon cult war, etc...) is dished off in small doses when it is relevant to the storyline. Seria and Lesce are neat leads that I found myself easily rooting for because they are worthy of love. There are a handful of side characters, such as Abigail and Alliot, whose part in the story was meaningful rather than feeling like filler. Whilst I did not hate Kalis, he was an infuriating second male lead that made me... more>> feel like slapping repeatedly due to idiotic actions towards a woman that he supposedly loved.

As for Lina? Hoo-boy! We see Lina going from a character that could be shrugged off as an entitled, idiotic teenaged girl to somebody willing to get people killed and also consort with demons. It was a gradual build-up that also included plenty of clues as to what is going on. And then - BAMM!! - sh*t went down. Characters that we'd come to briefly know were killed because of Lina's malice and folly. It was confronting and foreshadowed more horror before the end of the story. Whilst there are plenty of clues for what is motivating her, she is still a character that takes deliberate actions, showing agency in her sh*tty, villainous behaviour.

10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
xuexin rated it
September 23, 2021
Status: c101
I really recommend this. The author did a great job, especially with that kind of plot. Reading the synopsis does not prepare you for what the story has in store. This should honestly be made into a webtoon (if that hasn't happened yet). The plot is NOT like your usual villainess trasmigration storyline. It has bits and pieces of the usual cliché train of thought, such as the villainess trying to change her fate, etc. However, the the author really did an amazing move with the storyline on how the... more>> FL and ML get intertwined. That by itself is already a full 5 star from me. Plus, the translation is also great.

I'm very happy with how the FL stood her ground against her former fiancé. FL and ML's relationship is blossoming very well, and the plot itself does not focus solely on romance. There's actually a story besides the romantic relationships between the characters, which is as interesting, if not even more than the romance aspect. <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Elladrienna rated it
April 30, 2021
Status: c14
This novel is one of my favorite. It's 'Remarried Empress' which you didn't have to wait until chapter 140 for our MC to break up with some tr*sh lover. I like the slowburn of this story and it really made me love MC and the real ML in which I hope they would find happiness together soon.
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
berriesnsunshine rated it
December 25, 2022
Status: Completed
This is one of the best novels I have read. It is a slow burn, I hope you understand this before reading as I read many reviews that were unfair to this novel, it does give a lot of focus to the overall story and development of the characters, however, the romance still exists and when it finally happens, you will be thankful for your persistence in continue to read this. The romance is not forced, it grows slowly but in such a sweet and healthy way that you can’t... more>> help but wish that you were inside the novel. ML is sexy as hell, but the author doesn’t go into too many details (unfortunately lol) but everything is still described in a way that leaves you wanting for more.

Don’t expect to read this and have the characters happily ever after right at chapter 10, it takes an adequate amount of time given the tragedies that Seria goes through, I guarantee though: it is worthy! Her relationship with ML is beautiful, he is honestly one of my top two favorite MLs after reading this and so is Seria, she is probably my favorite FL now, or at least she is tied up with my other favorite FL. Seria is the kind of FL that you can’t help but love. She is not weak and never likes being the poor victim, so if you want a story where the FL truly does her best to achieve what she wants, this is for you.

You will come to hate the true villains of this story, the author was phenomenal in making you feeling the right things for each characters. Honestly, I have never seen everyone agreeing on the hate about the “OGFL” as much as I have seen here. You will know what I’m talking about quickly as you read this novel, lol.

Overall, I’m seriously thinking about reading this all over gain because I just miss Seria and ML already. That’s how good this novel truly is! <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Veevee19 rated it
October 13, 2022
Status: c204
Would just like to say that there are some incredibly harsh reviews here. Please give the book a shot and don't let the negative reviews deter you from a good reincarnation/ fantasy forward story.

Translation is okay and improves over time. There are some issues where the story feels choppy or the translater made some typos/ or words used are a bit strange but it's not a deal breaker and I'm always greatful that ppl take time out of their lives to translate great stories. The translater mention several times that... more>> the original text was difficult or confusing so it is what it is.

For the story itself, the MC tries to change the plot by not acting like a villainess and using her brain. After her terrible experience with her first partner (not the ML) she is very hurt but moves on with her life like a healthy person and isn't brain dead about getting revenge etc. I thought her actions made sense and were logical by distancing herself from the drama and toxicity of the other characters but from some of the reviews here, did you expect her to be a face slapping revengeful villainess? I like this story more because she wasn't like that an she has better things to do like protect her country 🤷🏻‍♀️

This was definitely enjoyable and while there are some story telling issues overall it's a good read with a happy ending with a wholesome sweet non toxic ML

Anyways overall a good read, would normally be 4/5 but I gave it 5/5 to boost up the negative reviews

6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Evellyn rated it
September 28, 2021
Status: c1
I must first say that the translator work is really good

But Omg the story destroyed my heart in only 17 chapter. Please just don't it but please it's so awful I don't understand why it's so well rated do people have joy in the suffering of the fMC ? Do they like when the world itself and absolutely all the character doesn't care about her feelings ?

... more>>

Her fiance litteraly called another girl by her name when it's a thing only to do with family and lovers and when he had to myary with the fMC a few days later and any interference, even minor, would have caused her to blood due to the power which run in her family : if she's affected near to the marriage it's nooot good.

Then he promised to be there on time for the wedding and knew that if he didn't come she would have litteraly died !! But didn't come 'cause he was with that other girl, then another man married her 'cause she would have died if he would have not married her but the other who dumped the fMC, married THE GIRL HE WAS WITH to not die to.

And then what the fMC has already blood a lot but with a lot of humiliation, survive, and her ex fiance come to her and litterally take her arm, angry that she married another guy when it's because he didn't come at time and she would have died.

And after that the famoux bi*** lady come and cry because the fMC tell her never to be friend with ex fiance if she was sincere and they see her bad because she just said that ?? And after that what NOBODY (even the MC) care about the horrible thing that happened to the fMC and the story resumes as if nothing as ever happened.


I'm sorry even if there is revenge later, even if he excuses all he want, even if it finish well I do not understand at all how the fMC can remain that calm even if I like her, and how all the other characters just did'nt kill the other man.

Truly if you want to suffer go there, if not do not go !! <<less
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FreyjaVanadis rated it
November 8, 2022
Status: Completed
Honestly this one was AMAZING. I do not understand the negative reviews because man, there's a lot of depth to this story. It's confusing and there's a LOT of plot to it, and I think that can be hard to convey. Even the translator said they had to reread sections a few times to understand everything. There are a lot of layers to it, and it is absolutely NOT what you think it will be based on the blurb. There's kind of a story within a story within a story... more>> here, similar to how I Became the Wife of the Monstrous Crown Prince or I Don't Want to be Loved are. In short, there's the story you think it is/will be, and then it throws you about 3-5 curveballs and becomes a totally different story. I LOVE that.

Seria and Lesche have such a great rappaport - they tease and flirt with each other, and are so very in love. Seria is such a strong, take no sh*t kind of character, and I am HERE for it. I kinda feel bad for Kalis at the end, but also not - he made his choices and ended up paying the consequences for his actions. Lina annoyed the everloving bejeezus out of me, and at the very end I understood COMPLETELY why her character is like that. There's a LOT of character development, and I am a huge fan of that. I HIGHLY recommend this story. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
maven.kyland rated it
July 3, 2022
Status: c188

Finally finished the main story!!! This story is a great read. Well-written and well-translated. Love the characters, love the plot, and definitely loved the conclusion of the main story.

... more>>

I was a bit scared while reading the last few chapters (of the main story) thinking that Lesche was going to die because I remembered that the title of the novel was Tragedy of the Villainess. TRAGEDY!!! I was scared for a moment and was already preparing my heart just in case the author pulls a Nicholas Sparks on us and kills the main lead. Good thing that the author didn't, so my heart can rest easy.


I can't wait for the side stories. (I'm not sure if there are side stories. I hope there is since I want to know their life as parents. Can't wait to read about their kids 😉). <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
LadyLuma rated it
September 19, 2021
Status: c86
This is probably the best novel I have ever read. The character development is amazing, the plot twists leave you on edge, and some of the characters are so shameless you can’t help but hate them. Whenever this novel updates I get so excited I stop what I am doing to read it.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ConsiderableWave rated it
May 13, 2021
Status: --
Very much drama and the main action has yet to come up, but the protagonist is responsible and dignified and very calm- I love when the og heroine gets jealous of the would be villainess
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hyldrklein rated it
October 19, 2022
Status: Completed
The story isn't as bad as people say. I actually think its more of a fault in the translations that makes it look like its poorly written.

The story is a bit of a mix between "Remarried Empress" and "Living as the Villainess Queen".

In Remarried Empress, we have the MC's spouse getting stolen by a seemingly innocent outsider which is reminiscent of Lina and Kalis.

Then in Living as the Villainess Queen, Eugene, the MC also transmigrates into the body of a villainess fated to be killed by their spouse as punishment.... more>> Just like Seria, Eugene is also a cunning woman trying to evade their death flag and is also in possession of some form of holy power. Their difference is, Eugene pretends to have memory loss and tries to mimic the previous villainess' personality, while Seria chose to change immediately to improve her reputation. <<less
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Adira rated it
June 15, 2022
Status: --
Overall good plot, but what killed my mood is the way it’s written. I don’t know if it’s the translator or the author itself. Because I was confused as hell after the bloody wedding arc everything felt like offbeat.... more>>

Whether it’s during a scene being played (turban space talk with lesch dead body or FL venturing to experiment with circlet or the fighting sequences or the FL side family actions after callis being thrown to jail) or interaction between characters (which in my opinion was really bizarre and cringing at the same type, especially the romantic scenes). However, it’s really overhyped and all the characters felt like children and bland at some point, especially that f*cktard (thank god! At last dead) lina who thinks she hides her two faced actions really well.


Nothing impressive, nor did the supposedly funny scenes made me smile and neither did any sad scenes made me gloomy cause I couldn’t connect with any of them at all to begin with. <<less
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