The Tragedy of The Villainess


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Seria, a social outcast, has changed.
Seria Stern, the wicked woman who made everyone tremble with fear, was now calm.

In fact, she wasn’t just changed, she was a completely different person.

The moment she realized that she had possessed the body of the villain Seria, in a romance novel, she had a hunch about the future and decided to live low.

She would avoid kidnapping and harassing the original heroine, hence preventing her death by decapitation at the hands of Kalis, the second male lead.

In order to avoid that, she had to fix her bad relationship with Kalis and even healed his injured arm.

Thanks to that she got engaged with him, so it’s all worked out.
Finally, the original heroine returned, and her husband, Lesche, should be on good terms with her now.

“I’ve been waiting to escort her, so…”

Lesche asked, resolutely cutting off Kalis’ words.

“Miss Seria, it would be better for you to choose. With whom would you want to go with?”

Something was strange.
The original, wasn’t it perfectly fine?

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합법적 악역의 사정
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3 Reviews

New HentMas
May 07, 2021
Status: c16
Now now, comparing this to "Remarried Empress" is a bit much, the focus of both stories is quite different, in "RE" the story focuses on giving the reader the full experience of being in a relationship without love, the portrayals focus on a more mature emotional portrayals.

On here, well, it's a completely different beast, with a completely different premise and intent from the author, and quite frankly it's more immature (seriously the amount of comments that mention "immature" and "childish" is a testament of this).

But setting the differences aside.

I am... more>> enjoying this novel very much, the progression and the plot points are competent and well crafted, although a bit short sighted, it's focused on "shock value" that sometimes pushes the common sense a bit to portray a tragedy, it's a bit too on the nose for me, but it works within the story.

The characterizations are well portrayed and understandable, although some of them feel a bit too forced, they work "within" the story, you have your "oblivious cliché Isekai" heroine and our MC who is the reincarnator in the body of someone that was a Villainess... but the story starts after she's already shed some of that image because of her knowledge of the future.

The story haves a few chapters of clunky exposition dump that help proceed with the world building, but it's sometimes a bit bothersome because it repeats a few of those in different POVs, at least in the characterizations it's all well understandable and follows a very clear line of what "is" and "isn't" right, you can clearly see that the road to hell is paved by good intentions.

It's a nice novel, some of the set ups feel a bit rushed, and some of the characterizations are purely for shock value because they shatter common sense, so just be aware that it's gonna be a bit annoying from time to time to read them, but once you keep on reading it makes sense... if you squint a bit...

BTW: the romance... is... secondary, you're here to see her be punched and healed a bit each time by the ML, but back to punching, because this IS a tragedy and that's the focus... so reader beware, it's "not" a slow burn romance, it's a punching bag taking all the tragedy she can till the author is satisfied so that the ML looks magnificent (when he really doesn't do much outside of making sarcastic remarks). <<less
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New Elladrienna
Apr 30, 2021
Status: c14
This novel is one of my favorite. It's 'Remarried Empress' which you didn't have to wait until chapter 140 for our MC to break up with some tr*sh lover. I like the slowburn of this story and it really made me love MC and the real ML in which I hope they would find happiness together soon.
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Feb 23, 2021
Status: c65
It's frustratingly good. I'm already at ch 65, or chapter 5 (or 6????) of the book, and so far still enjoying it. There's still a little to no romance, yet I have no regrets. It's slowburn since the marriage's somehow like a contract marriage, but I really wish the MCs would kiss already lol. Each chapter makes you wanna read more. I love it that it's not always drama, but there's mystery and a lil bit thriller in it.

I love the FL so much!!!! Originally Seria thought that if she... more>> acted differently from how the villainess behaved, she'd be safe and sound, but nah. She at last engaged to Kalis, but when she saw him with og FL, she tried to understand and accept everything bc she thought that it's a force majeure where the MLs would always be attracted to the of FL, but slowly she realized that her feelings were important too. She tried so hard to live but when something happened on her wedding and it almost took her life, she understood that she needed to take actions. She doesnt want to easily forgive and forget again.

The ML... Lesche is a typical korean novel's ML I guess? At first he wasn't interested in Seria, but slowly found himself always taking care of her. They got married because

THIS MF KALIS DIDN'T COME TO THE WEDDING BECAUSE HE WAS TRAPPED IN A BLIZZARD IN A HUT TOGETHER WITH THE FREAKING ANNOYING OG FL. A Stern wedding is time limited, and both of the couple shouldn't be late and actually would die from blood loss if one doesn't come. So Lesche came to the rescue and took the groom's place.

He's lowkey a tsundere lmao. I love that he doesn't even interested with og FL, even annoyed, due to her antics.

About the og FL, you know that blue haired FL who's always protected from When the Villainess Loves? Lina, the og FL, is exactly like that. Easily shed tears, not understanding common sense, truly naive, thinks about everything in her own way, and behave like a spoiled child who doesn't know how the world works. I understand that she's from another world, but after few months and lessons, shouldn't she adapted already? When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

She wanted to be Seria's friend, adored Seria who's a Stern to the point she even wanted to be like her, and well, later it was found out she's actually a Stern too.


I have no opinions about Kalis. He can go to hell 🙂🙂🙂 even if he repented I won't want him to be with Seria!!!!

Also it's from the same author of Princess Shu. <<less
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