After Transmigrating into a Short-lived White Moonlight, had a HE with the Villain


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Sang Yuanyuan transmigrated into a sadistic romance ancient fantasy novel, becoming the male lead’s ill-fated beautiful white moonlight that died early.

The male lead loves her, the male supporting character loves her too.

The female lead was injured and broken-hearted because being loved, trampled and abused by all men for she had a face that was similar to hers. The relationship with male lead was full of twists and turns, tortured between life and death, and finally had a Happy Ending.

Sang Yuanyuan : “I’m sorry, I 一 first don’t want to die, second don’t want to be abused. So I choose to run away with the villain. Excuse me, goodbye.”

The villain squinted his long eyes, with a lazy posture and lips smiling like a spring breeze——

“Beside me… is nothing but hell.”

She contemplated for three seconds.

“Does the hell have land?”

“… There’s a wasteland.”

“Does it have water?”

“… Only blood.”

He wants to see her panic and lose her head, waits for her to scream and escape, but after blanking for three seconds the woman’s eyes instead shine faintly.

“What a good opportunity to try a new variety!”


He who always lingers in the deepest darkness, has never thought that there would be a person who can fill a whole wasteland with flowers and grasses.

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New paputsza
September 12, 2021
Status: c77 part1
The part that makes this story good for me is the setting. It's a fantasy setting with different animals and an overall unique religious system central to the plot. The characters are pretty compelling also, like 4/5. Our first villain is the "female protagonist" and she's an imposter because the MC is still alive, and she's just insanely annoying and she does her little r rated smut plot thing slightly off screen.

My only criticism of it is that the MC is kind of weak. She has no offensive abilities and... more>> doesn't even kill a person for a very long time. TBH she is the cause of death for a lot of demons, and she's out there with a sword at first fighting the monsters, but eventuallly she just stands there as her summoned plants do all the work and gets protected by the ML every chapter and is just 100% a support class. We never see her pick up a single sword again. She just buffs and heals people. The reason I'm not docking points for this is because she is a white moonlight character originally, and white moonlight characters are angels from heaven in general, so being the support is kind of the card that she was dealt. Plus, she's a very good support. It's just kind of inconsistent, and it feels like the only reason the MC was a sword-wielding warrior princess at the beginning is to insult the wannabe who kind of looks like her. Plus the MC is aware she's leaching. <<less
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New Wynter rated it
September 11, 2021
Status: c76 part6
I can’t help but fall in love with this novel. At first I thought that this novel would be about a FL running away from the world’s problems and maybe hooking up with the ML villain.

This novel is so much more. It is about a female protagonist who wants to save her loved ones. The villain isn’t so much a villain or a yandere type character but rather the product of all the treatment he had tossed at him. I think I would be just like him if I live... more>> in his shoes:


You Wuming’s father was murdered in cold blood because of him. He was his father’s weakness. Apparently his and his father’s bloodline is able to give a stranger their cultivation and spiritual root... however said person must be willing to give it up to said stranger.


This story reminded me of the Ancient Greek myth of Persephone and Hades. Hades (YWM) saw Persephone (our little mulberry) and fell in love with her. A god of darkness fell in love with a goddess of nature.

please give this novel a try. The translated does a wonderful job of keeping us readers entertained. <<less
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lazykitty_99 rated it
June 30, 2020
Status: Completed
I didn't get low rating. I guess many did voting just by reading first few chapters.

Story is more than a "villian" ml.

The novel has good world building and story. There is political struggle and many mysteries that uncovers as story continues.

... more>> ML never "abused" MC. At start both are testing each other. Their relationship is very sweet.

MC is strong psychologically even though weak in physical strength as tag goes she gets strong physically too.

ML is "villian" due to what happened to him. He got blackened due to many bad things happened to him in past. He is very insecure guy. A softie inside not only to MC rather to all his close ones. He is so insecure that he would rather kill them before they betray him at start.

There are even extras of him "not blackened" one, he is just a cute shy guy in them.


MC originally belonged to "transmigrated" world. Her consciousness went to modern world and her original body became puppet following "path" set by "fate".

Ml's mom - reason for ML start of "blackening" is a transmigrator who comes later. She becomes "female emperor" but never did any thing good for women despite the self righteous flag of women empowerment, she is even hostile to a very capable female regent of a state. She is greedy woman for power, killed a 5 year old ML for clearing her path.

Romance of MC & ML isn't dragged rather near 40+ chapters both of them have opened up with true feelings. And the scene in summary is basically is their flirting after establishing their relationship.

What I like is in this novel MC doesn't go from a mature woman to a child/naive idiot in later stages. Her character remains consistent. ML doesn't comes out as an annoying guy rather a mature guy who sees the big picture even though he is awkward to show his good intentions to others. Where everyone is thinking of "topping" the world, he is thinking of ending the roots of "underground" problems once for all which he tried to do in novel world by becoming "villian".

Story is guided by plot. Side characters aren't 2D. Even oriML apart from his "mary sue" novel ML love brain, he does has his own little merits. He would rather not have "luck of world" then to see humanity gets destroyed because of him. Many characters at first you don't like them but at their end, you feel they aren't wholly bad.

In novel there are many mysteries and it's fun to read how they unravel.

Story is xianxia plus political struggle on country level not at those cliche "official" level. Much of it surrounds fighting demons and ghosts. I like there is a reason for everything that happens in story. There weren't any loose ends. There are 18 independent states with their kings ruled/supervised by Imperial city (female emperor). Every state has black iron Great wall that stops devil from invading. When there is no current demon danger of high intensity, states starts fighting each other.

Original novel

I like how original novel isn't of any use except at start. It only gave MC some knowledge about general outline. But what goes about inside is much more deep that the so called "golden finger" of oriML & orifl. Original novel was written by ML original mom who was thrown to modern world and she is so fun. Good thing she met ML dad who was killed in her world too.


ML is King of You. For many chapters it isn't clear he is the ML until MC thinks of him as the "villian". But he is far away from any villian. He is a genius guy who remembers everything since his birth. So to him a gentle mom who ran away when he was two months old and the one who came back after 5 years killed his father and him leaves him with love and hate for her till he finds out new one is transmigrator. He due to his blood could hypnotize and transfer body so he took over prince of you body but his senses were still attached to the body that was buried with hot iron rods so he has to feel pain of being buried alive at 5 year age. He isn't a distorted character rather filled with hate for those who killed his parent.. In other novels ML though "genius" but never knew MC was cheating feelings at first but he knew when exactly when MC actually start loving him.. I just love how he calls MC by her nickname "little mulberry"

I am not giving any major spoilers as it is more fun to read through the process


I hope translator continues translations. I wanna reread after mtl... <<less
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ak4hoshi rated it
December 29, 2020
Status: Completed
MTLed it, the quality was so-so.

There's a lot of things I like about this book. Like how down-to-earth is the FL, how the author didn't keep mentioning and mocking the original novel, how it was actually explained everything.

I don't think the ML is tr*sh with a pitiful backstory, like others said. I think he's a person with traumatic experiences. And after all, he had his bottom line. The people who died in his hand weren't innocent.

... more>>

Like the first guy, he was a soldier by the ML's side, but when MW (or whatever) tried to kill YW, he chose to protect the one who threatened the life of his lord, what should he have done? Forgive his subordinate bcs they're siblings? Hell no.


And I'm not saying he's a good guy, because he's not. I'm just saying he's no tr*sh. He's a person who had to make difficult decisions.

It's not the kind of plot where the good girl changes the bad guy, but how a person helped another to overcome his traumas.

It's a pretty good novel, and I recommend it.

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heyitsmichele rated it
December 31, 2020
Status: c172
This is one of my favorites! The male lead is a yandere, so be prepared for that, but this is surprisingly one of the sweetest romances I've ever read. There are plenty of tense and exciting moments, and every plot point serves to further the romance in some way. It's quite well written, and the translation is reliable. The whole "reincarnated heroine running away with the villain" trope is pretty popular within the niche of translated novels, but this is still somehow refreshing. I totally recommend reading it!
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IloveWebNovels rated it
July 31, 2020
Status: Completed
I mtled the whole story and I liked it. Although there's politics, it's not boring because of the revelations and plot twists. I also love that although the main couple are powerful, they don't indiscriminately kill people.

... more>>

In addition, the so-called protagonists [who are somewhat mentally ret*rded and conceited] were actually given the chance reflect on their actions before dying. At least they're not branded as complete evil


Also I like the relationship between the main couple. You can see that they gradually grew on each other and fell in love. The both of them also had character growth throughout the story. Plus the fluff and the cute side characters such as the puppet and the fluffy dog.

I recommend it 9 out of 10. The remaining 1 is because I can't find the extra chapters. <<less
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koco2018 rated it
April 30, 2021
Status: c56 part5
I love this.

The male lead.... just turn off your morals for a bit, you'll love him and his cuteness. He was completely screwed by the adults in his childhood, grew up only wanting revenge. NO do not think of him as a sweet pitiful child, he is cruel weird hilarious and loves to do things you can only think "ah yup, crazy lol". I love him nonetheless.

But. 1000%. If I was transmigrated into this story. I would 1000% avoid this lunatic. It works for MC, but anyone else would be... more>> killed so fast. Plus, MC is a master actress, I could never hide my fear that well, or be that bold. ML is crazy, a terrible childhood, but you cannot deny he is a nutcase. Still love him XD.

The female lead is funny, she looks at the 'OG female lead of the novel' as a complete idiot XD. She is a perfect match for our ML, she helps him plot for revenge and heals his scars (quite literally lol). She never tells him to forget his revenge and instead helps him, I love that they are soulmates XD. At the moment our MC, a master actress, awakens in the body of Sang Yuanyuan, she had her life threatened and confessed she liked the ML (OG novel's villain) to save her life. Let me clear this up, no she doesn't like him (doesn't hate him either), she chose the only person scary/perfect enough to scare her murderer into leaving her alone. ML, our darling crazy villain, is confessed to through a communication jade (used as a one-time-use phone, that you break to hang up), and he responds with "good"... lmao he is crazy, btw he came right away to pick her up XD. It scared everyone, but the novel doesn't drag on, so that's good.

LET ME STATE THIS, I absolutely hate when an ML shows domestic violence; choking, throwing, mental abuse. IT IS NOT MY CUP OF TEA, I HATE THOSE TYPES AND REFUSE TO READ ON. Let me reassure you, this ML is okay. He is a villain and yes, threatens to kill her (like villains do, I'm not reading about a good guy here lol), BUT he doesn't force dominance by forcing her into submission, he doesn't force s*x (like other tr*shy dogs) LMAO I'll place a cute spoiler, don't worry you can read it without having the joy of surprise ripped away. It's more of a "look here, this is our ML, you'll love him". Anyway, you'll think he is crazy but also love him. Trust me.


The very first time they did 'it' was after so much relationship building (happened around ch 50), they both already liked each other mutually and the scene was very cute! Embarrassment, shyness, awkwardness yes lmao, just two virgins with a complete loss of knowledge. He put it in, she said it hurt, he didn't move and tried his best to tell jokes to make her comfortable. IT WAS UNDENIABLY A FAIL LMAOOO he is so sweet though.

LOL he is running around buying 'lotus rouge' which is supposed to help with the pain. I love him so much, they haven't done it again yet but he is already thinking about how to not hurt her. SO DAMN CONSIDERATE unlike other MLs who are like "I already did it once, it shouldn't hurt after I've molded you into my shape" like stfu you ass. You know what? Let me mold your body and you can tell me if it still hurts. If it still hurts, I guess you haven't been molded enough yet. Look at our ML, saw that MC was hurting and IMMEDIATELY was worried for her, she even tried to seduce him after the pain subsided but he, lmao, was so nervous he couldn't think of anything but how to not hurt her.

I just remembered LMAO, the ML and the MC's brother (at the time, ML was a virgin, MC's brother just had s*x for the first time) somehow got on the topic of sex, and the brother asked for advice from the ML. WHO AT THE TIME was still a virgin, but he hahhahahahaha pretended like he already did the deed and gave advice XD

It was a very adorable "I'll give you advice, so confide in me, so I can take notes from your experience and improve my plan" HAHAAHAHA I love him XD what a genius! LMAOOOO


MC and ML have the same Wood spiritual power so he helps her cultivate and she grows stronger faster with his help. I love this novel, that couple is so darn cute, their flirting, fights, insecurities, love.. Our villain ML on his path of revenge.. he laughs until he gets a stomach cramp so often I'm so grateful our MC has given him so much love and happiness. Our precious crazy lunatic. <<less
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[email protected] rated it
November 28, 2020
Status: c34 part4
I can definitely agree with the author and translator when it comes to having a history of hating certain female leads. Sometimes it's the author that makes the female lead terrible in character, such as them claiming their MC has a specific personality when they don't and it ruins the story for some readers (My Wife is Cold-Hearted is a wonderful example), or making their MC do ridiculous things with the pretext of 'doing it for the male lead.' I also hate female leads like Meng Wu, the ones who... more>> act rashly yet never think of the consequences; the ones who choose not to stand up for themselves in the face of the villainess but can argue all day with the male lead; the ones who can, for SOME reason, never help themselves out of their own messes and have to depend on a member of their supporting harem to get them out of it! So believe me when I say, I, as a reader, can relate to how you may feel.


By the way, am I the only hoping that our male lead intervenes with Meng Wuyou's plans of using that man's life just to save Han Shoaling's? I could care less how he does it, but I just really can't stand that girl and her recklessness. Hopefully, in order to make sure Han Shaoling doesn't get any help, someone gets to that guy before he can save him.

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MiyaMira rated it
July 6, 2020
Status: Completed
Read the whole novel with MTL, my brain is a bit fried (no shiz author used a lot of unique name so it's kinda jumbled) but the story and plot is understandable.

MC is an acting queen and ML is a genius and a great master of chess. ML has an eccentric personality so his friend is probably only his riding beast (and his best friend is his wife XD) so he always talks by himself whenever he's alone. MC is someone with high EQ and above average IQ, so although... more>> she have empathy towards others, she doesn't make rash decisions and actually use her brain to think reasonably. Together, the two are invincible.

It was a nice read, cultivation plus politics plus war plus romance. Also plus points to MC and ML letting the ori!ML&ori!FL to do a thorough self-reflection on themselves before dying. BTW this novel's real antagonist is not the ori!Leads but the Female Emperor. Her end is kinda anticlimatic tho, and she wasn't really involved in the plot except from some mention of her name in almost every chapter to tell us readers that the Emperor is Evil. <<less
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crystalwings rated it
June 12, 2021
Status: c63 part3
My fingers are so tired from liking all the 5 star reviews. Yes this novel is so good, funny MC and adorable (but crazy) ml.

This is awesome, just needed to say that :)
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judeiiro rated it
November 12, 2020
Status: c30.1
This is probably one of the easiest and funnier reads I've had 😂 MC is just the best at twisting her way out of situations and interacting with ML. Love them! ML is absolute wife s*ave material gosh

I especially love the relationship between ML and his fluffy mount, Duan Ming! Absolute bros and hilarious together.

... more>>

on a side note though, ML is such an insecure guy that he takes everything to the extreme (cry)

Duan Ming survives being frontier sacrifice? "Why didn't you die? I'm gonna have to worry about when you'll die."
ML is in a coma and his subordinates do not rebel? "Why doesn't anyone rebel when I'm so weak?" they love you, bro
MC tells ML she'll like him everyday, yadda yadda because he doesn't believe anyone will like him forever. "Maybe I should just kill her right now." bro

yo, let me give you a hug from 200km away because I'm scared of you


og!FL and og!ML can just go get buried lost and stop disturbing MC for all I care 😂 og!FL is a loose cannon that can't be turned into fodder and og!ML is just a pitiful face-con with too much power <<less
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toumatoes rated it
September 1, 2020
Status: Completed
The highlight of this novel is definitely the romance between the MC and ML. It's truly a memorable WN in terms of dialogue and characterization because it's actually fun and engaging to read. Both the MC and ML are absolutely hilarious, excluding the writing on the relationship between them that actually includes some common sense and basic communication for a realistic portrayal of a couple (that many WN lacks).

Also, adore how MC and ML both have flaws that actually makes them more endearing characters. I think I fell for the... more>> ML and constantly just want to give him hugs while I want to kneel and worship MC for her guts. Aside from the two main characters, the side characters, even the antagonists, are actually pretty fleshed out. Some relationships and funny antics are memorable and made me laugh repeatedly. Love the tension, heartache and laughs this WN brought me. It's truly a gem in the sea of other CN romance WNs and deserve the MTL.

There are also politics and world building (lots of this actually) that's pretty decent for a 100 chapter romance novel.

One thing I wish the author had given in the end are kids and the headache they would give ML because I just know the antics would be absolutely amazing (yes, I love the ML but I want to bully him a little too because he's cute). Just absolutely love the romance, characters and development in this novel, truly worth the read! <<less
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July 15, 2021
Status: c68
Anyone who likes to read stories with a sensible, street smart, humble, lovable and well balanced FL will love this novel.

The FL is one of the few protagonists that does not wait for the ML to rescue her in every chapter. She's able to stand her ground and has a very consistent character development.

On the other hand, the ML is someone you can depend on and is very dedicated to our FL.
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May 11, 2021
Status: c58 part4
There's many things to like about this novel, here are my main ones:

    • The FL is a special kind of brave. She never tries to act the "moral superior" and ask the ML to forget his quest for vengeance. And a lot of the time getting vengeance means they will be in danger, fighting against people with much more backing and almost insurmountable power. A weaker protagonist would persuade the ML out of fear if nothing else. She also commits wholeheartedly to the revenge, actively thinking on the ML's behalf of what to do and how best to achieve it.
    • The ML. His "craziness" isn't a one-time fix. He's written to be truly teetering on the edge (well in most cases past it) and both the ML and the FL acknowledge this. His psychological wounds run deep and explain (though not excuse?) his violence and ruthlessness, which, you know, is the definition of a well-written character?
I agree that the transition from fake-love to true-love on the part of the FL was fuzzy, and you could basically still take it as the FL acting if you wanted. Though, I think the biggest marker is her fear of the ML falling away.


At the beginning, for example, she would pussy-foot around the ML scared of making a false move that could lead to her death (ex. When he first abducted her and they blew up the cloud beasts; when he came into the room at the border after she discovered the pearl etc.). In the middle she was still scared but actively trying to bring him back from the edge (ex. After kissing her and just before he told her about his past - can't be more specific, big spoilers). By the end she would face him head on without truly fearing for her life (ex. When she scolded him after finding her brother in the capital, the whole flame situation)


Oh, and can I just add that her brother is hilarious? Lol

I'll come back to add more as I read.
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alwayscolder rated it
January 14, 2021
Status: Completed
I don't know how to start my review, I feel good after reading this novel. The conspiracy was good, all the planning to "save" the world. Almost everybody was good in a way, and many people were just used without their knowledge. ML's childhood memories and experiences were so bad, sad, so it's obvious that he would grow up to be a lunatic "villain". MC was an actress, gets thundered and wakes up in another world (not really). The relationship between them is so nice to read, you can see... more>> how they get closer, share their secrets, fight together... That other guy, the "hero" hmm, in the extra storyline he gets a second chance, even after being reborn and having all his memories, he still makes the same mistake, or even worse.

MLs parents are probably the most innocent in this novel, so the extra stories are the perfect closure for the family. Of course it would be better to have an extra chapter with MC, ml, and their kids :b

An honorable mention for Short Lived (i think that was the dog's name) and the little puppet, the greedy cute doll.

Her brother was also an interesting person haha <<less
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whitespade rated it
December 22, 2020
Status: Completed
The MTL is hard to read but I presevere because of the story.

This is a really interesting novel with colourful characters and deep world building. It reminds me more of a Japanese shoujo old school manga with how well thought of most things are. The plot is exciting and ever changing, however everything that happened is not random and all will be tied together in the end. So unlike the usual where the protagonist go from one quest to another, all these adventures serve the central plot.

The world remind me... more>> more of attack on titans because humanity is relagated into a small space and hounded by monsters by the wall. This is not the typical xianxia because there's actually no immortals here and they all still wear armours, ride horses, and depend on huge military to fight. But don't fear, you will not be bogged down by military details and there's still heroes that fight individually.

The ML and FL are pretty typical eventhough the story try to present itself as hating the typical Mary Sue protagonist and the overbearing ML. Because that's what exactly our ML and FL are. There are all sort of DV scenes between our ML and FL but the author just hand wave it over and say its because of our poor ML background etc etc. Yeah whatever your past don't excuse you from torturing others sorry. But if you able to ignore that (I did, I like the typical posessive ML) their interactions are fun and all the other supporting characters are also interesting and lively in their own way. There are various assortments of them and except for the select few that's truly evil I love that MC and ML acknowledge that people who are antagonistic with them are not actually 'bad' people, just sadly in opposite sides. These kind of looking at every POV is what I like about this novel.

Overall, a really good read, with good characters, great plot, and interesting world! I hope you like some DV! <<less
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MusicFromMiles rated it
September 5, 2020
Status: c32 part6
I frikkin love the male lead, he doesn't follow common sense and play by his own rules. I just love the fact that everytime the supposed to be male and female lead are having a moment he just doesn't stay at the side and take the dog food, no he always finds an insanely hilarious way to sabotage it.

Update: This couple has officially become my no. 1 favorite couple in all the novels I have read
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LyciaLush rated it
April 19, 2021
Status: c54
I can honestly say this story is by far my favorite on here or any webnovel for that matter. The FL is very unique and relatable while the ML is probably the best written one I have ever read. They really are perfect for each other and their relationship isn't too fast or slow paced like many other romances. Plus their antics with each other and others are always hilarious. Though sometimes I feel bad for the original fl, I honestly would recommend to any mature readers that dont mind... more>> a slightly sadistic male lead! <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
milkcat19 rated it
September 17, 2020
Status: Completed
One of my favorite novels. The plot and character are on point. I really like to read & imagine the journey of ML & MC. It's not just a fluffy-sweet things, but also the mystery-politic-conspiracy side. LOVE IT. ❤
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
sayalr rated it
September 2, 2020
Status: Completed
Goooshhhhh!!! This is an VERY AMAZING read. You wouldn't expect what's going to happen next. Other reviews already mentioned how great this novel is you must read it ASAP!!!

Ps. This entire novel really hits the song from vocaloid "I'm Glad You're Evil, Too" which is one of my favorite songs ever that it's uncanny and amazing at the same time XD
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
July 17, 2020
Status: Completed
It's a rather light story to binge through MTL, at least for me lol.

From 1 to 10, I would recommend it to others with a strong 7.5 with a fluffy dessert on the side.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Purple Lotus
Purple Lotus rated it
April 3, 2021
Status: c52
I don't really know how to feel about this novel. Sometimes, I don't understand how the FL can love that psycho ML, and sometimes I just feel they are cute.

I thought the plot would be the cliche ori ML in love with the white moonlight along with a horde of suitors. Actually the ori ML is just plain scum, totally not in love... and the ML is a true pyscho... not the deeply-misunderstood-but-secretly-good or whatever kind... no... he is very crazy...

... more>>

At least, it's understandable that ML developed such a personality due to his trauma... and unlike several other ML... he has reasons? for acting so ruthless.

I think the interactions between FL and ML were very funny but sometimes so disorderly and also kind of heavy...


Sometimes, I feel very confused with the novel... and tbh I want to rate it 4 but it's better than novels I rate 4 so... anyway it's definitely not bad :) so do give it a try. It might be to your taste! <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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