The Yandere Came During the Night


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Two families’ children were switched at birth. One of the families is a household that does business, and the other is a household of a marquis. There is a vast difference in status.

Unfortunately, Yu Xiang transmigrated as a person that was originally from a business household and was brought up in marquis’s residence. As soon as she arrived, the truth about her lineage was exposed, her legs were disabled, and she was still bearing the reputation of “the unlucky star”. In desperation, she had to hug her elder brother’s thigh firmly and attempt to live her days first. When the original daughter of the marquis’s family returns, Yu Xiang will return the position to her.

A few years later, the original daughter returned, Yu Xiang was prepared to leave, but she found that her technique of holding his thighs was too professional. Her older brother refused to let her go!

The marquis concealed his smile with the wine cup: How can his pampered wife, that grew up with him, leave whenever she wants?

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Brother's Sick Love (Manhua)
Một Đêm "Bệnh Kiều" Đột Nhiên Tới
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184 Reviews

Apr 12, 2020
Status: Completed
Hi, I am one of the translator of this novel. Thus, this review may be a biased review.

This novel is one of my favourite "Fake siblings romance". It is sweet and the male lead pampers the female lead a lot. Honestly, this novel may not be as realistic as the other novels that I have read but I enjoyed how endearing both of them were. They faced situations together no matter what happens.

Also, unlike what the author has said, I don't find the female lead much of a Yandere nor... more>> someone who has gold fingers (a cheat). I feel that the Yandere should be referring to the male lead instead

since he really did whatever he can to make everyone accepts the female lead and since he was the person with power in the family. The family members had no choice but to listen.

She is determined to live her new life regardless of any troubles that she faces.

As for the male lead, *cough* he is the typical male lead that is cold to everyone except the female lead. Haha. So that may be a con to some. But, as a reader, I enjoyed it a lot. He is possessive and confident person. He assured the female lead several times that she can do whatever she wants because he would support her no matter what. He ignores the traditions and cultures for her.

For their relationships, it is a slow romance in the beginning and

they would only be together when the female lead is considered an adult in the ancient world.


All in all, I think this is a great novel if you are looking for a novel that is rather much simpler (compared to those novels that has politics) and if you are looking for a sweet romantic story. However, if you are looking for a smart protagonist or a novel that has many plot twists, this novel wouldn't be for you.

Also, I will summarise the pros and cons of this novel (that I can think of) below:-


-Sweet and romantic love

-Fake siblings relationship (a pro to some that likes this type of novels o///o)

-There are no female supporting characters that are involved in their romantic relationship. Thus, 1v1.
-Possessive male lead


- some may find it creepy/disgusting because of the fake sibling love

- may be a bit unrealistic

-It isn't a novel on politics amongst family members nor imperial court.

Thank you for reading my review. And, I would like to take this opportunity thick-skinnedly to thank readers in advance for bearing with my grammar and/or mistakes in translations. Finally, I hope you will enjoy this novel. <<less
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Apr 15, 2020
Status: Completed
Now THIS is an enjoyable Yandere.

They're partners, they express love and are HONEST and just, ahh dying in sweetness despite the extremes of their possession. Both are possessive to the Nth degree for the other but anger and aggressiveness are for enemies. When they're together only love is on the table.

Tyrannical yandere love that accepts the other in all aspects, pampers, and trusts 100% after expressing their bottom lines up front, be still my heart. This is everything Raiding the Wolf Boss isn't. Partnership, face slapping, and intimacy that isn't... more>> forced or awkward but enjoyed by everyone hohoho~


In case it bothers you, yes she does eventually regain the ability to walk. Not by magic but in a legitimate way.

I wouldn't focus much on their prior lives, they don't get into it much at all. While it's possible the brother reincarnated into this world, it's clear he doesn't have a memory of a past life or anything of the sort. Consider her connection to her new brother a golden finger won by the fact she gave up her life for her prior brother. It's a guarantee for the original brother that she'll be taken care of once again.
I personally would not say that the ML is her original brother because on his end it wasn't love at first sight. Like he says later, one day he picked her up and just knew he loved her and that was that. The FL herself repeatedly says in the beginning that the man isn't her brother (hence her own confusion about the connection). I think the actions of the monk in the beginning of this story probably have more to do with this connection than anything.
I know one reviewer was disappointed there was no IRL extra, but considering that she is already super dead, never to come back, in the original world I can understand why there isn't. We already get marriage, babies and a side story for the brother/princess so plusses all around otherwise. C:
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May 06, 2020
Status: --
For once the female lead isn't an agent, or assasin, or miracle doctor/ poison expert. She doesn't aim to be over ambitious or become the empress. For once we have an honest FL who just wants stability and then stands her ground to save her love. The female lead is plenty brilliant, straightforward, and willful! With a great green thumb, knowledge from the novel and a few god given dreams, she's paves her way to make sure they all know to not to mess with. Really a FL who doesn't... more>> plot in the dark or aims to make those who cross her fall. If she fights back, she makes sure to stand proud and claim it.

5/5 for a good chill read with no super intense slaps or super fight <<less
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Sep 17, 2020
Status: c139
Initially intriguing, the story started to fall flat about 1/3 of the way. There are somethings that aren't just quite believable about their situation and things begin to follow the cliche popularity.

... more>>

The author wrote that the MC, Yu Xiang has no awareness between men and women when it comes to her older brother as a way to build some sort of development/ interest between the two.

I find it unbelievable; especially since she came from modern times. Just because she relied on her brother for support in her previous life doesn't mean that the lines were blurred. It also wouldn't be so unbelievable if Yu Xiang didn't talk about her older brother in reverence, and when mentioning their past, their siblingship being repeated more than once. Therefore, it's a little weird as YPY was attracted to her emotionally, but she was kind of worshipping her brother like he was a deity.

If the author had left more ambiguity and didn't state many things, I believe that things wouldn't feel so inconceivable. But they wanted to put emphasis on how good and close their relationship was the MC and ML being separated, their souls knew each other. It's also a little weird for me as I consider this true in*est--they were (blood) related at one point and were raised alongside each other as siblings--just because they aren't related in their current life, doesn't erase the past the author gave us. But it's a novel and anything can happen... I guess.


The male lead and villains are rather normal, you see them in most CN novels. The male lead, Yu Pin Yan, is the typical cold, ruthless, and only good to his 'di' 'sister', Yu Xiang. Although I would say that his love is more obsessive and he's not a true yandere, due to many of his actions and thoughts. One of the minor villains, Yu Si Yu, was the typical envious, hateful girl. The cannon fodders and mobs are basic--being one-dimensional--at best.



Finishing the novel, it's even more ridiculous that the main villain, the blood daughter/ real sister, Yu MiaoQi literally ran amok upon her return. Not only did Yu Pin Yan fail to keep his promise of getting rid of her if she attempts to mess with Yu Xiang, the female lead herself doesn't do enough to deal with her. It's quite frustrating to read about very silly schemes from a single character that should have been dealt with when she attempted to scheme against Yu Xiang the second time.

I feel my brain hurt after reading about YMQ and her c*ckroach life. She's literally written just to create drama--there's no growth in either one of the main characters by her disturbances. The two's very odd romance was progressing by itself without her around.

Also, I found it a little conflicting as I was reading because the author was using Buddhism as a way to 'whitten' the MC and make her a 'good' person.


In the end, it's not a unique read as it follows the typical revenge/ transmigration/ rebirth plotline. The plot armour is thicc and the MC, Yu Xiang is your definition of Mary Sue. It's an average read and I highly recommend that if you're interested in the novel, wait until it's completely translated. You'll save yourself a lot of trouble. <<less
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Sep 28, 2021
Status: -
Full of spoilers!!!

A veryy weirdly disturbing novel. Idk this novel made me uncomfortable af for more reasons than one,

-the relationship between the two main leads felt unnatural, unnecessarily se*ual, and just overall really fricken weird. The male lead was just an overall creep thirsting over his very much a minor sister, going as far as even sniffing her period blood.

-more on the male lead. He was portrayed as a woman hating psycho who killed left and right and was obsessed with his sister. He was hella bland and the only two primary emotions he showed were crazily doting on his sister, or being psychotic with everyone else. Overall 2.5/5

-the FL... well she’s weird. Firstly, she’s a b*tch, who whips out her whip at any given time at anyone. She’s also very very very veryyyytt OP which brings out all the fun in a novel for me personally. Secondly, it’s very very clear that eventhough she knows that ML isn’t really her real brother she still treats and regards him as her actual elder twin which makes things so 𝑤𝑒𝑖𝑟𝑑. Why? Because she’s non stop sitting in his lap comparing themselves to actual couples, taking her clothes off infront of him, and being so crazily obsessed with his love life which no actual sister ever is??? I mean I can’t imagine taking my clothes in front on my sister let alone brother. Also personally for me the way she naively disregards basic morals and proprietary is nauseating, and I’m pretty sure if the FL hadn’t died in the og life she would’ve crossed the line with her actual brother as well. Also her character was admittedly very enlightening in the beginning with all the face slapping and coquettish act and being the lucky charm but with time it all seems very repetitive boring and annoying. Overall 1.5/5

-lastly the braindead villains. The main ant. Shen Miao Qi or the og FL is pretentious spoilt brat who thinks the world owes her, her way of making her life better is just... disturbing and plain s*upid and obviously she fails. With that being said, I just don’t get one thing tho, why did the author have to paint SMQ so bad? She’s got super bad luck, she’s got the attitude of a spoilt princess when she’s anything but that and everyone hates her. What happed to the FL halo? What happened to the fact that fls like yu xiang have a very strong plus point to them, where’s her plus point? She’s literally said to be a hapless mess prepared solely for the big no sib revelation of the main leads, and honestly that’s so basic????? Where’s the flavour?????

ALSO HOW TF DID YO SIYU PULL A 180?????? she literally went from ‘I hate u yu Xiang !!!!’ and having a messy life to ‘ I love u queen yu Xiang!!!!!!’ And suddenly her life becomes better than ever.

overall the novel is wayyyy to OP, there’s no yandere only a sick groomer step bro lusting over his little sister who truly treats him as a brother but also her boyfriend at the same time???
I didn’t necessarily hate the novel like I hate s*upid braindead plots like Trapped With The CEO or such but this one made me feel really bad on the inside, it really made me feel very disgusted and weird. And im no saint I’ve read and enjoyed questionable plots but this book in particular is for the lack of a better word fking weird

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Jan 05, 2021
Status: c12 part2
This is such an irritating story, I don't understand why so many people like it. I stopped reading at Chapter 12, where the 10-year old MC is describing an 8-year old child as a cute ball and thinking that she has always liked to scare children. Excuse me? But aren't you a child as well! The author keeps on throwing various skills to MC just to save the plot.

... more>>

She suddenly has the skill of being able to see if something bad will happen to her brother which just sounds unreasonable.


All in all, please don't waste your time if you don't like to read about a white lotus because that is what MC is in this novel. (No female friends, everybody seemingly plotting against her, pitiful in front of her brother, throws food just so that her brother can pamper her.) <<less
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Dec 10, 2021
Status: c139
The novel isn't bad but the vibes around it is very weirdly in*esty??? Like the way they interact with each other as "siblings" has already been very weirdly s*xual from the start. Like how does no one realize that the relationship between these two are NOT NORMAL??? LIKE HELLO???? THIS AINT HOW SIBLINGS INTERACT. The story is just like weirdly disturbing. The plot itself is pretty much nonexistent. Like they villainize the original female lead so much and made the current female lead super OP. Like there's literally no obstacle... more>> whatsoever and everyone just loves her so much for no reason. <<less
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Nov 17, 2020
Status: Completed
It isn't YANDERE people. So if you are here for the YANDERE then take your leave. If you want a decent cute story then read it.

I mtled it. To tell you the truth from the name alone I was expecting something yandere in this novel. But guess what there was nothing yandere in it. Sure the ML had the possibility to be a yandere but didn't need to do anything yanderish since the MC also loved him early on. Heck there was even no vinegar eating moment. So yeah I... more>> don't know why the name had yandere in it when it doesn't even have anything yandere in it. They love each other and that's that.

For the story I can say is that it's a cute short story that I will not re read. The story is fairly simple with 2 dimensional characters. But still a good read for one time. Just not memorable. so for the story alone I will give it 4. For the YANDERE part that I came for I will give it 0.5 <<less
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Jul 11, 2020
Status: Completed
I really love this book. The MC is witty and adorable while the ML is cold but not overbearing. Their relationship is unique, as I have not read a cnovel where ... more>>

it's in*est because it's implied that their souls are that of twin siblings who grew up together but has feelings towards each other that seem to go beyond that of siblings... but also not in*est because their bodies are not blood-related.


I love how devoted and true they are to each other. In a way they are both yandere. There arent really any misunderstandings. It's both a fluffy and mature relationship. I already MTL'ed this thrice, and I'm gonna read this again once the translation is done (thanks for youe hard work). <<less
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Sep 30, 2021
Status: --
I'm going to be honest - I can't finish this. I understand that this is set in a time when minors were married, etc, but I am not living in that time. Neither is the author. So why is the author trying to tantalize the reader with a child's body?

I can't read a book constantly sexualizing a pre-teen to young teenage girl. I could maybe grit my teeth and move past it if it wasnt made to be a point so often. The servants feel hungry looking at her butt.... more>> The princess feels hungry when comparing her own pre-pubescent breasts to the FL. The amount of time and energy the ML spends fantasizing and touching the body of a child... I can't. I can't do it. <<less
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May 10, 2021
Status: c90
I see where the Yandere came in, as the FL and ML is both obsessed and possessive of each other. They eliminate the problems as they come and has a deep understanding of the under current.

The reason I give it 3 stars is because of the age.

... more>>

By chapter 90, she is 14 years old, and the ML is 21 (?) years old. I do understand that back then, females married young such and such, but it's a little too much for me to be reading a passage about the ML pining for her lips and leaving hickies on a 14 year old girl. pe*o.... much?

Also, the ML knows that his sister is not actually his sister, but... he gets her to kiss him, and it just gives me that feeling that he is raising her... similar to g*ooming.


Anyway, besides the age and stuff, it's a fun read. Very predictable, thus making the story not that dramatic. <<less
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Jun 13, 2022
Status: --
ok. I love the MC. I truly do. did not expect much from a yandere love story. I just expected to shut off my brain and call it a day but gosh darn it! I love yu xiang!

she uses her disability to her advantage. if people are just going to be foul because of her disability, why not?

she is not powerless. she know her strengths and her weaknesses.

i'd go out and say that she'd be a perfect villain. cold-hearted and really leaves no room for error. isn't afraid to kick... more>> someone when they're down. but at the same time, won't really bother you unless you are a threat to her brother.

she's not kind and she knows it and I prefer that than a lot of MCs that their authors make out to be these goddesses of virtue but their actions say otherwise. perfect example of this is elena gilbert from vampire diaries.

this is why I like morally grey characters. they are so much fun and their authors tend to explore more interesting concepts.

she's op but also not and fits really well with a yandere.

my issue with yandere stories is that most of the time I cannot see the MCs willingly staying with their yanderes. the text might say that said MCs have fallen in love but the progression of the relationship usually aren't convincing.

but with her? hell yeah! she's just a unhinged as him. a yandere! or at least has yandere tendencies.

with thoughts like, "elder brother is mine. no one can have him"

and to those who say she isn't:


she was literally said if he died, she'd look for his corpse and f*ck it.


both are f*cking gremlins! I love it.

authors should just let yanderes be together.

their relationship is kinda dicey but you know what? this is a yandere romance story what do you expect?

to quote laylasbrooke,

"if the in*est have chemistry, I can't make them not have chemistry. take it up to god y'all. "

in*est doesn't bother me in fiction if it's written right. what does bother me is the age. I know people like to harp about in ancient times the age if consent were different but it still does not erase my discomfort.

she was 14 and he was 20 when he started thirsting over her. i—

i truly wish they'd just age up their characters. f*ck historical accuracy. it's disgusting.

anyway, let's talk about the villians. frankly speaking they are dumb. the kind of dumb that reminds you of real life people you know.

i can't speak for everyone but I have met relatives similar to Yu Miao Qi, Lin shi and Yu Si Yu.

Yu Miao Qi and Yu Si Yu are the ones who are never satisfied always want to take, take and take everything. think that if you don't back them up, you are against them and are out to make their lives difficult. and if you do help them, they are ungrateful and think you should havr done more.

lin shi, I have a bit of sympathy. if I knew her irl, I would have suggested her going to therapy. she's in deep depression to the point that she cannot even care about her own son and only focusing on her dead husband. it's been more than a decade and she's still in a state if depression. she's easily manipulated because of her broken psyche.

she is described as a ghost haunting their manor. kinda sad but if she wasn't so annoying I would have been soft for her but yeah, too annoying. I cannot deal with her.

but to be fair, none of this family is normal. only the grandma is normal. the rest? two are yanderes, one is a sociopath.

they all had every chance for a better life but greed tends to block their sights. the fl, Yu Xiang would have left them alone had they just realized that she never been out to get them. when they scheme against her first, she'd throw it back to them. in fact, she even tried to help them out but bc of their preconcieved perception of her they only think she wants them to suffer. though, to be fair, yu xiang doesn't have a nice personality so I doubt i'd believe her if I were in their shoes and just as less perceptive as them.

though I am very suprised and pleased that one of them wisened up.


yu si yu actually realized that yx never felt anything but indifference towards her. no malice just plain indifference.

she's still an ungrateful brat but she feels shame for it as well. so props to author for having at least one of them repenting. other novels would have just made every female antagonist mindlessly evil with no room for character development.

she feels like a revenge rebirth villianess main character without the rebirth part. I love that she grew up once she got a huge shock of her life. making her storyline as an example of it's never too late for change.


lastly, let's talk about the ml.

my dude was built different. i—

if you have gotten this far and are willing to read spoilers...


when the FL first got her period, he wanted to sniff it.



i can't with this man


i'll definitely reread this one. <<less
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Nov 22, 2020
Status: Completed
Who doesn't like to read a MC with strong character and backbone to stand against anyone who try to cut her. Hehehe it was fun to read everytime MC Intimidated the people around her who underestimated her because her legs were paralysed. It was even more fun to read when people legit trembled everytime MC entered in their vicinity (lololol). It was a good read and all the characters were well written. Author has given equal importance to side characters too.

I'm cutting one star because no mater which era it... more>> is if a brother and sister display such affection publicly then its obviously not a pure relationship. But everyone in the story just accepted their affection as normal.. Blehhhh my brother hardly ever wants to hug me affectionately. So that was the only thing which was written over the top. But the rest was good to read.

Definitely recommend. <<less
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Mar 01, 2021
Status: c95
MTL completed.

Sickeningly sweet fluffy story. It's bearable on the common sense because both FL and ML knew that they're not related by blood.

I was wondering what happened to her real brother in the first life. No side story about him and that young mischievous monk who messed up her reincarnation cycle. How I wish author could elaborate about them.
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Dec 25, 2021
Status: Completed
Is a good novel overall, but I would like to point some things.

1. The interactions between the main couple during their 'sibling period' can be weirdly suggestive, and considering she transmigrated into the body of a 10yo girl while the ML was 15 at that time, it can be very awkward. More so when these interactions became more intimate while she was 14 and the male lead almost 20.

2. The author tried to keep track of how the OG novel would go comparing it in some points to the current... more>> plot, but it kinda backfired since at those points signaled our ML was dead or would die at that time. So I think he died like 3 times on the OG novel, which I found very funny tbh xD

3. Human lives don't really weight much here. The mention of war and families being exterminated are present and talked about as if you were talking about the weather, so 🤷🏻‍♀️

And lastly: the Golden finger of our MC could be also viewed as Mary Sue since everything she does and says is accepted and applauded, which can be annoying to some. Not to me, though, I enjoyed that Yu Xiang was ruthless, brutally honest and fiercely loyal.

Still there was some points that did disappointed me regarding Yu Xiang oh family and the OG female lead of the novel, but can't disclose it without spoiling a good chunk of the plot, but nevertheless it was a good novel. <<less
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Oct 20, 2021
Status: Completed
Thanks for translating ✔️

I expected more from the yandere tag, but overall this is a must read novel.

Small Reminder: This novel is a fiction! Its not real. Basically its made of story. So, pls read the tags/ genre again before reading this.

P. S. Don't bring up stuff like 'this is morally wrong' 'minor' or whatever.
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Mar 14, 2021
Status: c62
It is very bland. A straight shot story of two "siblings" so attached and possessive of one another. The pace is very slow. I gave it an another star just because it is consistent. All the characters are flat. I didn't find any comedy to this as it is boring. The first several chapters started out interesting then turned stale. Reading this far, they are still "siblings" so the intimacy with each other is actually gross. They each know they aren't related but others such as the maids don't know---so... more>> yes the maids are in their right mind to think it is inappropriate! The ML watches his 14 yo "sister" undress and she doesn't mind --- that is beyond sister/brother complex.

I read this far because the rating is high but Im going to drop it now. <<less
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Feb 24, 2021
Status: c103
The novel's characters are honest, they are intelligent and wise.

1. The Yu family understands that hiding an issue will cause a bigger problem later.

... more>>

Other novels would have the family hide the 'switched at birth' issue out of fear/greed, but this Yu family tells the imperial family the truth and earns trust even though the family's disorder is seen.


2. They can see through a person's facade with ease.


THANK GOODNESS AM I RIGHT?! How many times are we going to watch broken-brained elders fall prey to the scheming white lotus b*tches?!

1. Yu Pin Yan can see past the facade and *ahem* he actually notices Yu Xiang's schemes but ~The heart grows fonder~~ At least he isn't an idiot who is moved like a chess piece just because someone sheds tears or shakes an ass.

2. Grandmother can see past the facade... she notices Yu Xiang shedding fake tears but laughs and lightly scolds her. She doesn't trust the Shu daughter's lies and is smart and aware of the political situation outside when deciding marriage prospects.

3. Yu Xiang clearly isn't fooled.


3. Ma Momo is clearly the novel's mascot. Indisputable.

Ma Momo is the truthful smart servant of Grandmother. She has great insights, ISN'T s*upid, clear-headed, and STRAIGHT UP MY MASCOT. She isn't one of the main characters but she appears enough to be a side-character. She is basically the spokesperson for all readers, what we want to say is transferred to Ma Momo, she is a living divine legend that possesses the intelligence of the gods. She is truly one of the greatest characters.


At first, I didn't like the Grandmother (she was hella annoying like any other old madam of ancient times), but after getting to know her I started to like her. I've always liked Ma Momo though.

Chapter 1 help: (This is bc when I attempted ch.1 it was boring, and I set the novel aside for months)

In the first life, she had a caring twin brother who would give the world to her and vice versa, when his heart failed she traded her life for his. When he woke up, his precious sister was already cremated so he went to a Buddhist temple to pray for her reincarnation to be full of good fortune. (It's so heartbreaking, but the first ch. is really confusing so this should help). Among the properties of his sister that he brought to the temple, there was a novel that had a cannon fodder character with the same name as her, she ended up transmigrating into that novel and becoming the 'merchant daughter that was raised in the Marquis's manor' a switched at birth story with the real Marquis's daughter as the female lead. Her 'mother' had her daughter's fate predicted and she was fated with 'the unlucky star', she was unloved at the manor and unwanted. She accidentally saves the Marquis's son from an attack that cripples both of her legs, she curses him -> he overhears it which kills his sorrow and guilt for her. When the real Marquis's daughter returns to the manor she is spoiled and the cannon fodder 'daughter' places her hatred on the real daughter, becoming a cannon fodder villainess. Sold off and dies.

She transmigrates after her legs are crippled and right before she curses out her brother. She did not curse her brother and instead garnered his pity and indulgence. (She did save his life at the cost of her mobility after all). While holding his golden thigh, they realize they are really compatible and comfortable around each other... as siblings. The Grandmother, Mother, Shu daughter, and Young master Yu Pin Yan all know that Yu Xiang is not the real daughter, however, Yu Xiang turns out to be a lucky star and is discreetly accepted into the manor by the Grandmother and Yu Pin Yan (The only two that matter on authority).

The funny thing is,

  • Yu Xiang knows she isn't the real daughter (she transmigrated into the novel character and has knowledge of the novel's story). AND.
  • The Grandmother, Mother, Shu daughter, and Yu Pin Yan know Yu Xiang isn't the real daughter.
Since no one told Yu Xiang that she isn't the real Di daughter, Grandmother and Yu Pin Yan are under the impression that Yu Xiang believes she is the real daughter lol. It's quite a circle, Yu Xiang pretends she doesn't know and Grandmother & Yu Pin Yan deliberately hide the truth from her.

This situation is good for MY heart since I don't have to anxiously worry because the cat is already out of the bag. It's cute to see Yu Pin Yan reassure Yu Xiang that they are blood-related, even when he knows they're not blood-related. Little liar lol. It's definitely sweet. Ah, I forgot about the mother again.

The Di Mother is a broken person who lives in the fond memories of her deceased husband. She had my pity and condolences at first, but her repeated pity parties, escapism, idiocy, and neglect garnered my disappointment and disgust. Many wives lose their husbands, lose their children, they mourn and stay strong for their family. This woman... haah, let us not mention her.


During chapters 60-70, Yu Miao Qi has officially earned my malice. I never liked her, I was always on the verge of detesting her. She has finally snapped my last string of patience. She is a vile roach that truly only bears grudges and holds no gratitude.

Ever since she sent two maidservants to Yu Pin Yan's courtyard to 'wash face' and 'grind inkstone'... grrr, she dares to place miscellaneous women near Yu Pin Yan. I'm pissed, TEAR THEM UP.

That audacious blackhearted scheming unlucky star. She is ruining the Yu Manor. Ruining the Yu Manor's carefully crafted prestige. Sowing discord everywhere in the manor. SHE NEEDS TO BE YEETED OUTTA THE HOUSE. Throw her away, don't look back, that little hell bringer is so vicious and insatiable she will bring down everything because the world owes her. Disgusting. I really dislike this character.

Ah. By the way, Yu Miao Qi is the original female lead of the novel Yu Xiang transmigrated into.

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May 28, 2020
Status: Completed
A sweet and lighthearted romance with a balanced plot, dynamic characters, and a bit of political intrigue towards the end. The pacing is just right, and the ending and the extras are satisfying. However, if you're iffy about the whole "fake siblings" thing, then this won't be for you.

I just have to say that they're both aware that they're not related by blood early on in the story.

The MC is clever and straightforward, and not scheming and vicious. Her disability never holds her back from doing whatever she wants. She... more>> confronts people head-on and makes them choke on their words, her sass unbeatable. She's also extremely carefree and has a terrible reputation for being a mean girl with a poisonous tongue, but she absolutely doesn't give a shit. This is a charm unique only to her, and she wins over some prominent and significant people because of it. She's such a refreshing and lovable character.

ML is your typical handsome and powerful lead, cold to others and warm only to his beloved (and maybe his grandma). You also understand why he's so callous, as he's lived quite a tragic life so there's bound to be a justifiable amount of angst. However, he's never pushy and overbearing. He and MC are mutually super clingy to each other, even in public. Despite this, he never crosses the boundary with MC while still under the pretense of being siblings.

Both leads are quite passionate and are extremely possessive towards each other, and they don't even hide it. They literally tell each other (and even other people) to stay away from certain people, otherwise they'll go bat-sh*t crazy and end up doing some unimaginable things. And it's mutual. They're unquestionably and wholeheartedly devoted to each other to the point of death.

Overall, I love both leads. They're written well and are consistent throughout.

It also doesn't have a lot of unnecessary drama, and the only villain in this story that's worth mentioning is the sister. She's extremely ambitious and malicious, and will do whatever means to reach her goal.

Other characters, I really like. Most of them, I find their feelings to be very real and rational, as they're quite well-written.


The grandma is an absolutely badass character. She just really loves her grandchildren, especially MC despite knowing that she isn't of the same blood. Later in the story, she is initially really unreconciled when she finds out that MC and ML are in love, which is totally understandable as she's watched them grow up as siblings. However, after MC and ML weather through some life-threatening events with only each other as support, she realizes that there's nothing she could do about their feelings and happily accepts. She loves both of them sincerely and just wants what's best for them.

I also really enjoy characters who were initially supposed to be dumb cannon fodders but redeem themselves after thorough introspection. The shu sister in this is an example. She starts off as greedy and ambitious, but she later on really reflects on herself after certain events teach her a harsh lesson. Her change is also gradual, as old habits die hard after all.


A really good read if you're looking for a light romance with not a lot of intrigue and drama. <<less
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May 04, 2020
Status: Completed
Yep. This novel is good. MC is so straightforward and always say what she wants. And ML? (ノ´∀`*) Ahaha. He pampers MC a lot. I like how both are possessive towards each other. It's pretty light read. Though there's some plot holes, it didn't really bothers me or affects the main story. I recommend this if you want some fluffy and medium drama story.
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